Book 11 Chapter 32 - This Land of Death, is Instead My Way of Retreat

A Great Mang cavalry fleet that spread into a circular formation quickly passed through the small town’s ruins.

This fleet had seven hundred cavalry in total, all of them dressed in dark red chain inner armor and light armor.

Apart from their similarly dark red three-edged spears, this light cavalry army was still equipped with arm crossbows, lassos, ground nail nets, and other seemingly random equipment that hung from their horses.

It was clearly that even if they were facing cultivators, this Great Mang light armored cavalry still possessed powerful strength.

The entire Great Mang cavalry fleet didn’t have any special officer armors or helmets. The only ones at the very front of this cavalry troop were three hunting dogs that were the size of young cows.

These three hunting dogs were all Purgatory Mountain Infernal Hounds. They were entirely black in color, their black fur extremely short. From the distance, they looked as if they didn’t have any hair, only as if a layer of oil was applied over their black skin.

The tail of this type of massive Infernal Hound was also extremely short, almost just like a swollen lump, also as if it didn’t have any tail, but their heads were extremely massive. Their teeth were also massive and sawtooth shaped, exposed outside, white and terrifying. Purgatory Mountain’s Infernal Hounds were fed with meat on bone from the moment they were weaned. Their natural disposition is extremely savage, biting strength astonishing, able to bite through the thighs of ordinary serfs with a single bite. Even three or four ordinary soldiers together can’t deal with a mature Infernal Hound.

There was a man in this cavalry army who looked to be about thirty something years of age, his aura nothing out of the ordinary, nothing strange about his appearance or build either. However, the moment these three calf-sized Infernal Hounds had just passed through the small town ruins, a wave of chilliness suddenly rushed through this man’s eyes. He fiercely raised his head towards the skies.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The instant he raised his head, three white air streams descended from above.

In that instant, this middle-aged man understood extremely clearly that these three streams of air were three arrows. However, in terms of their visual appearance and power, they were not like three arrows at all, instead more like three ferociously spinning white iron rods.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Three muffled drum striking like sounds erupted from the ground. Three square meter sized patches of grass were directly sent flying. Meanwhile, the three black Infernal Hounds didn’t have any arrow holes, but rather completely lost the front half of their bodies. Even their massive heads and forelimbs were completely crushed by the tremendous power. What remained of their bodies flew out from the earth explosions, foul smelling blood and internal organs scattered everywhere.

“Falling Moon Archery!”

This middle-aged man’s pupils instantly contracted, inwardly thinking these three words.

“These arrows were fired from the mountaintop ahead!”

In that instant, not far from him, a handsome man with a longsword at his waist released this type of loud shout.

The middle-aged man’s expression suddenly turned pale. 


He released an extremely cold and fierce shout. Even so, no one knew what this ‘don’t’ that suddenly erupted from his mouth was trying to stop.

However, in the next instant, everyone immediately understood.

Tong! Tong! Tong!

When the three Infernal Hounds’ bodies had just landed on the ground, the word ‘don’t’ just released from the middle-aged man’s mouth, another streak of white stream descended with a terrifying roar. Under the crazy winds, that handsome man with the longsword at his waist had just wanted to jump off his horse, but right when his bottom was just about to separate from the saddle, his head already completely disappeared.

A black metal arrow that spun to the point where it was about to explode, turning into wisps of metal, after exploding his head, it fiercely smashed into the ground. Under shock and fear,the warhorse behind it raised its front hooves high into the air, almost standing up straight. However, it couldn’t maintain its balance, collapsing with a loud noise, throwing the soldier tumbling out.

Everyone heard the extremely fierce ‘don’t’ that sounded from the middle-aged man. Most people here knew that this middle-aged man was precisely the older brother of the officer who was just killed. However, in that instant, none of them had time to see the expression on that middle-aged man, because right at this moment, another arrow sound already erupted.

It was another white stream, at the middle was a black pistil, smashing into the middle-aged man who already leapt off his saddle with incomparable precision.

Grief and shock flood this middle-aged man’s mind.

However, right now, his most powerful emotion was still that of disbelief.

There were at least eight hundred steps from where the arrow was released from. The other party actually possessed Windstalker archery! Being accurate was a natural thing, but even when it was this far, the other party’s sight could still see the minute changes that took place here, instantly deduce who the commander of this troop was?

Previously, it was precisely because of this Yunqin archer that Great Mang’s army were all forced to wear armors that weren’t special in any way, hide their statuses this way. However, it was actually still useless even under this type of situation?

Moreover, when he clearly recognized the other party’s identity, he already reacted.

There was no way the other party’s reaction speed was double that of his own.

These two arrows were fired continuously without the slightest pause. The instant this arrow was released, his body already began to move. According to normal reasoning, this arrow had no way of knowing what kind of speed he had and what kind of direction he would evade in. There was no way it could accurately lock onto his exact location.

The reaction speed and movement speed of cultivators was something hard to understand for normal people. However, to put it simply, the second arrow of this second wave was like firing with your eyes closed, yet this arrow still hit him with incredible precision, just like two irrelevant meteors colliding.

Even though he couldn’t evade it, he could still face it head-on.

The soul force within his body poured into his right arm with crazy power. An expanse of blue radiance surged from his right arm.

A special collapsible shield unfolded on his right arm, cutting through his right arm’s chain armor, becoming the size of a human, completely covering him.


This collapsible shield was only the thickness of three sheets of paper, formed quickly from copper coin sized metal plates. However, when the terrifying white stream smashed into this thin blue shield, a streak of light erupted from this thin shield, the fiercely spinning black metal arrow was actually unable to penetrate this thin shield. It was instead this arrow that began to actually bend, splitting into thin strips of metal.

This middle-aged man used his entire body to press against this shield. After releasing a muffled groan that was completely suppressed by this strange collision noise, his body flew out diagonally, smashing into a warhorse behind him.

The warhorse’s entire body immediately collapsed with a loud noise. Meanwhile, this middle-aged man instead stood straight on the ground.

“Kill him! This is the Tile Metal Mountain! The other side is all precipices, he won’t be able to escape!”

The instant he landed, this middle-aged man already released a fierce roar.


These Great Mang light armored cavalry came with the resolution to sacrifice themselves to defeat powerful cultivators to begin with. Under this loud shout, the ground began to shake. All of the horse hooves struck against the ground, the entire light armored cavalry turning into a powerful current, pouring crazily towards that sparse mountaintop up ahead.

Chi! Chi! Chi!...

A wave of concentrated sounds of arrows tearing through the air continuously sounded.

Lin Xi’s figure was already vaguely visible. However, in the eyes of these fearless Great Mang soldiers, this Yunqin cultivator clearly didn’t have any plans to run, only continuously drawing his bow and releasing arrows with astonishing speed.

In the leather quiver on his back that was twice the size of a normal quiver, black metal arrows were rapidly decreasing in number.

Whenever a black metal arrow left his fingers, a heavy falling sound would erupt in this Great Mang army, as well as the cries of surrounding warhorses.

“Could it be that you are arrogant to the point where you think you can take on our entire army?!”

When he saw figures around him suddenly go rigid and then fall, a Great Mang officer raised his head in anger.

The instant he raised his head, a black arrow was added to his forehead. Then, his body seemed to have been pulled by an invisible rope, falling backwards from his horse.

Lin Xi’s quiver had a hundred or so arrows in total. Even though this Great Mang cavalry’s wills were tough like iron, not fearing death, rushing up a slope was still much slower than running on flat ground. That was why he had enough time to fire more than seven arrows with ordinary firing methods.

After continuously shooting down more than seventy light armored soldiers, his entire right arm’s joints already numb, unable to ensure accuracy, only then did he put away the bow, carrying it on his back.

Then, he turned around, directly jumping towards the cliff behind him.

The bodies of cultivators were all weak. Unless it was a Sacred Expert whose soul force was strong enough to the point where it could help one decelerate, not a single cultivator could endure the falling force. However, this was an escape path Lin Xi prepared for himself to begin with, because he had already jumped from this type of cliff that could take the lives of cultivators many times before…”

The expression of the middle-aged man with the special blue collapsible giant shield in his hands suddenly turned snow-white.

Right now, he was already less than ten steps from Lin Xi. However, Lin Xi actually directly jumped down.

“Fire the arrows!’

At this moment, he didn’t feel like Lin Xi was committing suicide. That was why when his breathing almost stopped, he used all of his strength, his throat about to rip apart as he screamed this out.

All of the archers with bows in this light armored cavalry fired arrows with the fastest rates they had ever fired in their entire lives.

A concentrated arrow storm descended from above.

This middle-aged man holding the blue giant shield surged with soul force. With just a single step, he arrived at the edge of the cliff and looked downwards.

In that instant, his pupils rapidly contracted and then enlarged.

He saw the dense rain of arrows descend with Lin Xi. One arrow shot into Lin Xi’s right chest, blood flying outwards. However, at this moment, Lin Xi instead extremely steadily faced the sky as he fell, holding his giant bow with great stability, releasing the bowstring in his hands.

This middle-aged man saw Lin Xi fire with swapped hands.

Then, he couldn’t see anything else.

It was because in that instant, this arrow Lin Xi released passed through his head which was exposed above his shield, going straight between his brows, blasting open a huge hole behind his head.

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