Book 11 Chapter 31 - Important Intelligence

Lin Xi was lying low over an ice-cold rock, watching this small town that had already long turned into ruins.

More than ten individuals appeared in his line of sight, judging from their clothing, they were all Yunqin soldiers. These individuals’ movements were all extremely swift, but through just his intuition, Lin Xi was already sure that these people already experienced an extremely long journey, that they were already extremely exhausted.

On an extremely distant path, there was an abnormal hubbub going on. Only someone on a summit like Lin Xi could see that this was a cavalry army whose scale was already not small.

Soon afterwards, Lin Xi saw that within these dozen or so individuals, there was one who leaned down onto the ground, using his ears to listen. Then, these dozen or so individuals clearly became more rushed, their speed of advance faster.

Even though because of the wind direction, he only saw some floating dust and smoke, unable to see that cavalry army yet, judging from these traces, if these dozen or so Yunqin soldiers weren’t mistaken, then they were already targeted by a Great Mang cavalry troop behind them.

A few halts later, the brows of Lin Xi who was still coldly watching this scene jumped slightly. Then, he began to quickly descend the mountain, heading towards the dozen or so individuals who were making their way through the small town ruins.

It was because these were definitely true Yunqin soldiers.

It was because within these dozen or so individuals, the two at the very front were people he recognized -- Black Tiger Slayer and Earth Wolf Deng Shoucheng.

These two were two of the ‘ten wolves’ who set out for Jadefall City with him. Even though both of them already told him their true names, after being together for so long, out of habit, many times, Lin Xi would still call them Black Tiger Slayer and Earth Wolf.

However, almost a year had already passed since Jadefall City’s battle.

It had already been a long time since someone called them this.

This was especially the case after they experienced so many bitter battles, moreover now at this type of time where they were fleeing for their lives.

“Black Tiger Slayer… Earth Wolf…”

That was why when someone suddenly appeared before their line of sight, moreover suddenly called out to them like this, the emotions the two of them felt was naturally hard for them to describe with words.

Lin Xi didn’t hide his face.

That was why the moment he rushed out from the mountain forest and called out to them, they also saw Lin Xi’s face clearly.

The two of them suddenly went rigid.

Shock, joy, surprise at the turn of events… many emotions instantly appeared. The two of them momentarily forgot the soldiers that were chasing after them, bowing respectfully, “Lin…”

When they released a single syllable, both of them suddenly stopped themselves.

“It’s fine.”

Meeting his old subordinates at this type of time also couldn’t help but made Lin Xi feel deeply moved. He knew what these two were worried about, so he quietly said, “Since I made an appearance again, then I’m not scared of people knowing.”

Black Tiger Slayer and the entirely black-armored ‘Earth Wolf’ who now didn’t have half a trace of his precious ‘peasant’ aura were both moved beyond words. They bowed again. “Sir Lin!”

When the two raised their bodies again, they saw the giant bow on Lin Xi’s back, their eyes flickering with strange radiance.  “Sir… Could it be that your respected self is precisely the archer who has been assassinating high ranking Great Mang officers?”

The black armored Yunqin soldiers all had expressions of shock and respect as they looked at this young Yunqin cultivator with that longbow on his back.

The moment Black Tiger Slayer and Earth Wolf uttered the word ‘Lin’, these Yunqin elite soldiers all already vaguely knew who this resolute Yunqin young cultivator’s identity was.

The things the other party did before, in the eyes of these lower level Yunqin soldiers, were already at a legendary level. Meanwhile, at this time, the words Black Tiger Slayer and Earth Wolf spoke even more so made their eyes widen in disbelief.

It was because ever since a few weeks ago, from some of the intelligence Yunqin received through spies and some captured Great Mang soldiers’ mouths, there was already one fact proven: there was a powerful Yunqin archer whose whereabouts were unknown, he had already successfully taken the heads of more than ten high ranking Great Mang officers. Two Yunqin troops even ran into this Yunqin archer.

In this type of situation where the battle situation worsened by the day, even to the point where it affected Yunqins’ glory and confidence, when even Meteor City was taken down, the existence of this powerful archer that made the other party’s officers all feel fear was undoubtedly heartening news for every Yunqin soldier, extremely inspiring. This was especially the case in the eyes of most of the lower soldiers and officers, this type of Yunqin assassin was naturally a hero.

Meanwhile, right now, this archer, this assassin that made the other side’s troops all feel fear was precisely this legendary Sir Lin?

Lin Xi was quite the easy-going person. He never looked down on others because of his own status or ability. After many things happened, as if they had been separated by many centuries, to be able to reunite with Black Tiger Slayer and Earth Wolf, these two who he had braved many dangers with naturally filled him with things to say.

However, he knew that the current situation was extremely pressing.

“There is a Great Mang troop chasing after you all?” That was why he only bowed towards these two, returning the greeting, and then immediately asked, “What exactly is going on?”

Black Tiger Slayer and Earth Wolf gave each other a look.

Black Tiger Slayer licked his dried lips, saying with a bit of difficulty, “Meteor City has been taken down.”

Lin Xi nodded. “I know.”

“Most of Meteor City’s provisions and equipment has been destroyed, but there was also a large amount of provisions and some formidable Yunqin equipment that was brought out, included in that equipment are Mountain Piercing Crossbows and other crossbow machines. There was also Yunqin’s newest model heavy armor that was pushed to be finished, just about to make a first appearance on the battlefield.” When Black Tiger Slayer saw that this Green Luan Academy disciple Lin Xi could handle this type of information, he calmed down, quickly saying to Lin Xi, “Great Mang’s troops withdrew by waterway. Great General Hu wanted to surround and wipe out this Great Mang troop, so we are precisely a troop sent out to find out where that army is landing.”

“You all found out where they came ashore? How did you find out?” Lin Xi’s eyes immediately became filled with shock.

He obviously thought to himself before that if Yunqin army could stop this returning Great Mang naval fleet, then they would recover quite a bit of their losing momentum.

Otherwise, much of Yunqin’s army provisions, especially large amounts of powerful military equipment, would end up in Great Mang’s hands, this would truly be their side losing while the other side benefited. The greatest difference between Great Mang’s army and Yunqin’s army was precisely in the quality and quantity of military equipment. Without large amounts of formidable military equipment, in a head-on battle, Great Mang would still suffer losses. Meanwhile, if they obtained large amounts of perfectly intact Yunqin military equipment, under the use of a leader like Wenren Cangyue, they would display terrifying effects.

Only, just like that Purgatory Mountain red robed emissary said, that fleet would leave by water. Yunqin didn’t have a naval fleet to chase after them. As long as they chose a place with less Yunqin troops to climb ashore, moreover this troop able to make adjustments along the way, finding out this fleet’s landing point was a near impossible matter.

“It is precisely because they have large amounts of large scale military equipment.” Black Tiger Slayer gave Lin Xi a look, quickly explaining, “If they want to use these large scale military equipment… then they have to transport it. That is why what we investigated all this time wasn’t the direction the naval fleet went, but rather Great Mang’s transport troops. Our small troop already discovered many traces of Great Mang fleet with astonishing carrying capacity, already deduced this Great Mang naval fleet’s… even if we can’t say it’s exact location, we at least know their approximate location of landing!”

“That is why what you all need to do is bring this information back to the military, allow Hu Piyi to transfer an army to intercept this Great Mang army.” Lin Xi frowned, calming down. “That is why Hu Piyi didn’t actually experience total collapse… Meanwhile, your trail has been discovered by Great Mang troops, and they are pursuing you relentlessly.”

“This is precisely the case.” Black Tiger Slayer licked his dry lips, looking at Lin Xi and saying, “The carrier pigeons carrying the information have already been released, but your respected self also previously served as a military commander. You should know that armies will normally raise large amounts of falcons precisely to intercept enemy carrier pigeons. For the sake of ensuring that this piece of important information will definitely be transmitted back, we must walk both paths. We have to personally deliver the information to the scouting troops at the next receiving point. Only…”

“Only?” Lin Xi asked.

“Only, this troop has already chased us for a long time. We do not know how they are always able to remain on our trail. Breaking free from them is extremely difficult.”

“Great Mang also has military hounds, this type of tracking method. I believe it should be something like this.”

Lin Xi nodded. Just like before, he patted Black Tiger Slayer and Earth Wolf’s shoulders out of habit. “You all should go. I will try to help you all hold up this army.”

“Sir Lin!”

Black Tiger Slayer, Earth Wolf and the other dozen or so Yunqin elite soldiers all felt their hot blood surge up to their chests. They only felt as if their throats were choking on something, finding it a bit hard to speak.

They all knew that Lin Xi possessed extraordinary strength, but right now, what he faced was a cavalry troop. Most importantly, this was a flat plains region, apart from two or three mountains, there was almost no landforms for a cultivator to easily exploit in escape. Moreover, those two or three mountains were all sparse with trees, releasing a single arrow would easily give away their exact location.

On top of all of this, it was daytime. This cavalry fleet definitely had Brass Hawkeyes, this sort of equipment. Once an archer exposes his whereabouts, they will be fiercely targeted.

“Just go, if we tarry for any longer, it will instead make things more dangerous.”

Lin Xi nodded towards these Yunqin soldiers, gave them a serious military salute and then directly turned around, heading toward a mountaintop that faced this small town’s ruins.

When between life and death, anyone would become weaker.

Black Tiger Slayer and Earth Wolf’s eyes instantly became a bit blurry. “Go!” The two didn’t hesitate at all. After releasing this low shout, they began to run with speeds even faster than before.

The dozen or so Yunqin elite soldiers following them also began to crazily run. When they looked at Lin Xi’s lone rear figure, these people’s eyes also became a bit blurry. They only thought that this person was indeed just like the legends, filled with radiance and glory. Yet even so, his majesty actually still wanted this type of person dead. However, even though this person received such unfair treatment, he instead still didn’t care about his own honor and disgrace, still walking on this battlefield with a longbow on his back… Right now, he went to face an army, decisively facing it all by himself.

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