Book 11 Chapter 29 - The Place That Represents Glory

“What main army?!” Lin Xi suddenly looked into Lian Xinyu’s eyes. Even when he might have been completely surrounded by a great army in the town before, he still remained extremely calm, yet at this time, his hands began to shake uncontrollably.

Lian Xinyu revealed a bitter smile. “Naval forces.”

The words ‘naval forces’ carried many different meanings for Lin Xi, but for this world, there was only one meaning.

Lin Xi’s heart suddenly sunk.

Lian Xinyu removed the hat on his head without the slightest bit of pride. In reality, this type of priest hat in Purgatory Mountain, apart from giving off a type of dignified and divine feeling, it didn’t have much use. Meanwhile, after discovering Lin Xi was someone with ‘Divine General’ talent like Principal Zhang, as a Purgatory Mountain disciple, his natural pride of being superior to others completely vanished. This was a type of reaction of a fake deity meeting a true deity, and not because of the true threat of death.

“There isn’t enough time.”

After removing his hat, Lian Xinyu who felt much more relaxed looked at Lin Xi, still saying this with a bitter smile.

Lin Xi didn’t say anything, only looking at him. It was because he could tell that Lian Xinyu had more things to say.

“During these years, Yunqin’s three border armies guarded the whole world, which is why all Yunqin officers subconsciously believed that all battles had to be dealt with through these three border armies. That is why what all of these Yunqin officers consider is just how to resist enemies from these three borders.” Lian Xinyu needed more time to calmly face death, and he also knew that Lin Xi wanted more details. As such, he explained in a manner that wasn’t too rushed or too slow. “Towards battles and defenses outside these border passes, Yunqin’s preparations are severely lacking. That is why our Great Mang army didn’t act before our forces were strong enough previously, not only could we gain a stable footing in Thousand Sunset Border Pass, we could even obtain many benefits through a series of battles in South Tomb Province… During the battle of Meteor City back then, Nanmo Country also had a force that wished to cross Meteor Lake and then launch an ambush that way. However, that fleet encountered the Meteor Sky Phoenix race, this unfortunate loss instead costing Nanmo Country dearly. However, this matter also made many of Yunqin’s officers overlook something, which is precisely that it isn’t that Meteor Lake cannot be crossed… As long as this type of Yunqin phoenix can be dealt with, the military can naturally cross it. In this type of situation where Yunqin military has no awareness of this fact, they will suddenly appear in the backlines of many Yunqin forces.”

After a slight pause, Lian Xinyu looked at the silent Lin Xi, continuing to speak slowly, “According to our Great Mang’s military report, after all these years, even though every single person in Yunqin Empire remembered Principal Zhang’s glory in Meteor City, because of this glory, their defenses over Meteor City have instead been overlooked. This is especially the case for Meteor Lake, this region, the defenses even more negligent.”

“Meanwhile, we already understand extremely well what kind of route Nanmo Country took last time. That is why in order to avoid clashing with the majority of the Meteor Sky Phoenix race, we just need to make a detour around the most dangerous regions.”

“The reason why I said that it’s too late just now is because according to their itinerary, right now, our Great Mang’s army should have already reached Meteor Lake’s northern shore four hours ago. If nothing unexpected has happened, Meteor City should already be occupied by our Great Mang military.”

Lin Xi listened quietly, his hands becoming more and more cold the longer he listened.

“How many people are in this army of yours?” His breathing was a bit cold as he asked this.

“Thirty-six thousand.”

Lian Xinyu’s eyes produced a bit of a deeply moved expression. “As early as this winter, Wenren Cangyue has already ordered the seven armies to gather leather. He claimed that it was for making military tents, and since war was near, no one paid much attention. However, when they entered the military, most of the leather was made into river crossing leather floats.”

Lin Xi remained silent for a moment, and then he asked, “According to your military intelligence, how many troops from Yunqin’s side are stationed in Meteor City?”

“Only six thousand.” Lian Xinyu said, “Moreover, most of these are garrison troops who have just arrived. The previous garrison army has already been transferred to South Tomb Province’s south.”

“Even if you take it down, there is no way you can hold onto it.” Lin Xi looked at him. “What is your tactical objective?”

“Meteor City is the entire province’s northern central. Yunqin’s supplies, provisions and equipment along the border all have to pass through Meteor City. Meteor City is where enough provisions and equipment to last the front lines seven days lie.” Lian Xinyu didn’t refuse to answer Lin Xi’s question because he knew that in a few days, this information wouldn’t be a secret at all. “They will bring away what they can, while what they cannot, they will burn down and destroy.” Lian Xinyu looked Lin Xi in the eyes. “Yunqin doesn’t have enough boats in Meteor Lake’s shores, so they cannot stop our Great Mang’s army’s retreat at all. My Great Mang army’s force can then retreat to this southern half of the province, choose a place to return to shore, and even cooperate in a decisive battle.”

“You definitely understand as well that if all of the forces fighting in the front line suddenly lose the support of provisions and military equipment, what kind of result it will lead to. The limit for Great Mang’s military is three or four days. The forces Yunqin is transferring over now are mostly from local armies, and this is the best they can gather. Their strength and ability to deal with this type of situation shouldn’t be greater than Great Mang’s army.” Lian Xinyu added, “Seven days is an extremely terrifying period. Moreover, they might not even reach seven days, because you can also imagine that Wenren Cangyue definitely won’t be in this army of thirty thousand. He will attack with a separate troop and penetrate deeply. The provisions transport path behind Meteor City… some deeper regions’ warehouses might all be destroyed.”

“It is because ultimately, Wenren Cangyue was originally a high ranking general in your Yunqin Empire. He understands many aspects of Yunqin military like the back of his hand. Meanwhile, your Yunqin, towards the way the Great Mang military and he think, does not know much at all.”


Lin Xi entered a state of silence again.

The emotions in his eyes were extremely complicated, no words in this world able to describe them. This bitterness, anger, sorrow, killing intent, helplessness…

He could relate to Principal Zhang’s emotions back then, moreover, he sensed the true emotions behind those words Principal Zhang left him even more clearly.

This entire world was a great river. Meanwhile, even if it was Principal Zhang, he was still only a large fish in this river.

Even if he had a powerful ability, he could still only change some things. There was no way he could follow his heart’s desires, control everything in this world. Even if he was a Sacred Master[1], there was no way he could reach the level where he could take down a place like Purgatory Mountain alone, kill all of their experts.

That was why even if it was Principal Zhang, back then, in Meteor City, even though he had seventeen Green Luan Academy experts who followed him, in the end, only a few of them returned to Green Luan Academy together with him.

Turns out that in that stele, not only was there deep reminiscing, there was also endless sorrow and lamentation.

“Is this the true reason why you headed deep into Heaven Ascension Mountain Range?”

“It is because you want to become even stronger, strong enough to make this entire great river move according to your will?”

Lin Xi slowly exhaled ice-cold air, silently saying this to himself.

Lian Xinyu spoke in great detail, so for him, this battle situation was already extremely simple. The front line Yunqin forces, because of their military equipment and provisions being cut off, would suffer a great defeat. Forget about all of Thousand Sunset Border Pass, even the entire South Tomb Province might be completely lost, cleaved through by Great Mang’s army.

Like this, it was unknown just how many Yunqin troops would fall in battle, unknown how many more civilians would die.

Moreover, for everyone in Yunqin Empire, it also carried a deeper layer of meaning.

Meteor Lake was all of Yunqin Empire’s glory.

In Yunqin Empire, Meteor Lake was like the cornerstone Principal Zhang established back then in this place. The status Meteor Lake represented in the hearts of the people of Yunqin Empire was something no other place could compare to. Even ten other cities added together couldn’t compare to Meteor City.

Back then, Nanmo Country’s army of three hundred thousand invaded, blood dyeing almost every single brick red, yet they still couldn’t take down Meteor City. Now, if they were taken down by thirty-six thousand Great Mang troops… even Lin Xi couldn’t imagine what kind of seed this would plant in the hearts of Yunqin Empire’s people, what kind of consequences it would trigger.

After Lin Xi slowly took a breath, he raised his head, looking far towards Meteor City’s skies.

The sky already completely brightened.

Right now, he understood Principal Zhang’s emotions more clearly because he shared the very same emotions.

“Wenren Cangyue’s troops, that archery master named Xu Qiubai, where is he?”

After remaining silent for a bit, he looked at the almost completely transparent faced Lian Xinyu whose eyes were greedily taking in this final sunrise.

“I know about your conflict with him.”

Lian Xinyu looked at Lin Xi, shaking his head. “However, his whereabouts are known only to Wenren Cangyue alone. That is why even if I want to tell you, I am powerless to do so.”

“Why did you all capture a Meteor Sky Phoenix then?” Lin Xi nodded. He couldn’t obtain any response regarding Purgatory Mountain and Great Mang’s military secrets, so he could only ask about this type of trivial thing. “According to what you said before, your Great Mang army should be focusing your efforts on avoiding this Meteor Sky Phoenix. Just what kind of strength does this Meteor Sky Phoenix have?”

“We just happened to run into one that was left alone. You shouldn’t underestimate it just because you don’t see any penetration wounds on its body. For the sake of preventing it from calling more Meteor Sky Phoenixes, our Great Mang army used Purgatory Mountain’s Incarceration Flame Crossbows, things with power  that is similar to your Meteor City’s City Defending Crossbows. With this type of crossbow to exhaust its soul force, together with our Sacred Expert Southern Path Great General Qilian Bao personally taking action, only then did we ultimately capture it… It’s level should be that of the sacred level, which is to say it is one of the most powerful fiend beasts in this world.” When Lian Xianyu spoke up to here, his hands suddenly touched the ground. His body lay on the ground, kowtowing. “I have a final request… I ask your distinguished self to agree to it.”

“What is it?” Lin Xi frowned with a bit of puzzlement as he looked at this kneeling Purgatory Mountain Emissary.

Lian Xinyu raised his head, his voice sincere and humble, carrying a bit of bitterness as he said, “This war will ultimately be a battle between your respected self’s Green Luan Academy and Purgatory Mountain… Previously, I shared the same opinion as everyone in Purgatory Mountain, that Green Luan Academy was like a setting sun, already at its final moments, that we will definitely win. However, with your respected self’s existence, I now feel fear. That is why if there is a day that your respected self faces Purgatory Mountain… I plead you to please spare my family.”

“No problem!” Lin Xi didn’t hesitate at all, nodding.

Lian Xinyu’s head touched the ground again, almost kissing the ground as he quietly said, “Being able to die under someone like your respected self can also be considered my glory.”

After saying this, his hands landed on his own forehead. Then, his forehead and eyes released fiery light. He fell on his back, his body gradually wrapped within flames, burning fiercely.

Lin Xi stood up. His brows jumped. Within his heart, for the first time, he felt a deep sense of loathing for Purgatory Mountain.

1. Highest known level of cultivation in Yunqin

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