Book 11 Chapter 28 - Two Hearts That Have Become Completely Cold

The dignified, divine and mysterious Purgatory Mountain Emissary began to flee for his life like a dog, that tall hat on his head already crooked. He even felt regret, because he discovered a secret that was enough to shock this entire world, yet he couldn’t tell anyone about it, thus starting to shed bitter tears.

His body that was shaking intensely even began to twitch.

Lin Xi stopped.

When facing this red robed priest-like Emissary who had chased him until dawn, but was now fleeing for his life, he only turned around and then removed the giant bow on his back.

He breathed heavily and then his hands instead became exceptionally steady.

The black metal arrow turned into a black line in his world of perception, linking up to the bitterly weeping red robed Emissary’s twitching body.

The instant he let go, his brows furrowed slightly. The giant bow in his hands was lowered slightly.


The black metal arrow instantly tore through the air with terrifying wind noises, fiercely penetrating the thigh of that red robed Emissary, sending him smashing into the ground.

The world brightened a bit, but the two Great Mang cultivators in the distance couldn’t see Lin Xi clearly, only able to see the red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary didn’t know what happened at all. The two could only raise their heads towards the sky with confusion and shock. They repeatedly thought to themselves, wasn’t this the time when this Purgatory Mountain Emissary captured this Yunqin assassin alive or killed him? Why was it that it instead became the Purgatory Mountain Emissary who was fleeing for his life, and then there was even this type of arrow noise?

The red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary fell to the ground.

He finally felt despair, accepting reality. He no longer wept bitterly, only wishing to turn around to see the other party’s face, see just what other existence in this world could be like that legendary figure.

Then, he saw Lin Xi’s young and clean face.

Lin Xi didn’t immediately bother with this red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary who was already exhausted to the extreme. He calmly stepped past this Purgatory Mountain Emissary’s body, continuing forward. Then, when he reached firing range, he raised his bow towards the two confused Great Mang cultivators.

Chi! Chi!

Two intense air exploding noises sounded at almost the same time.

Then, the two Great Mang cultivators only felt as if their bodies were struck by a charging bull.

Two muffled groans sounded and then these two Great Mang cultivators fell at the same time.

The two black metal long arrows separately entered two people’s thighs. The rapidly spinning arrows completely crushed these two’s thigh bones, and then came out of the other side. The arrowhead carried many pieces of bones and flesh, this scene extremely terrifying.

When they realized they still didn’t die, but then saw that both their comrade and their own bodies were hit in the thigh, the chain armored young Great Mang officer immediately understood what Lin Xi was trying to do. Without any hesitation, he released a furious low roar, drawing the two chain spears on his back. With a pu noise, one of his spears directly stabbed into the chest of his companion next to him.

When facing his own comrade’s strike, the stern faced Great Mang middle-aged cultivator only stared blankly. Then, he revealed a bitter smile, instead pushing his body into the attack, allowing the speartip to completely penetrate his body.

The young Great Mang officer’s eye sockets were a bit red. The spear in his other hand instead stabbed fiercely into his own neck.

Blood gushed out crazily from his neck. The strength he used against himself was extremely great, making the spear directly pass through his neck.

Lin Xi slowly lowered his longbow.

This was a bitter battlefield.

Even though he still had some soul force left, if he continued to release arrows, there was a chance of stopping these two Great Mang cultivators from committing suicide. However, these were opponents deserving of respect, so he chose to allow them to retain their final dignity.

The hot blood pouring out from the two Great Mang cultivators’ bodies became cold. The sky finally brightened.

Lin Xi gave the pretty dawn a look, and then he slowly turned around, walking up to the red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary who was staring at him rigidly this whole time. Then, he directly sat down, looking at the other party’s eyes that were filled with fear, despair and many other complex and indescribable emotions, calmly saying, “How about we have a chat.”

Chat, for these two unfamiliar people, this was instead an extremely vague concept. This was especially towards enemies, what was this chat going to consist of?

However, as if he was already completely impatient, this red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary who was always pressing hard against his thigh’s wound, doing his best to stop the bleeding instead used an almost pleading stance to say, “Who are you?”

“Green Luan Academy, Lin Xi.” Lin Xi calmly replied.

The red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary’s body shook fiercely. He raised his head to look at Lin Xi’s eyes, saying with a trembling voice, “Green Luan Academy’s heaven’s choice… Jadefall City’s Windstalker…”

“Correct.” Lin Xi directly cut him off, saying calmly, “Then, who are you?”

The red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary felt more and more fear. Countless possibilities appeared in his brain. However, regardless of which possibility it was, in the end, the scene of Purgatory Mountain’s collapse actually appeared in his head. This made his trembling even stronger. He used the expression of looking at a demonic god statue to look at Lin Xi. “Lian Xinyu, I am someone from Purgatory Mountain.”

“No wonder you are wearing these priest-like clothes.” Lin XI gave Lian Xinyu’s robes a look, saying with a bit of mockery.

Most people in this world didn’t know what Purgatory Mountain was really like, but this didn’t mean Green Luan Academy didn’t. In Green Luan Academy’s records, it was clearly stated that Purgatory Mountain always had a serf system. Some of Great Mang’s serious criminals, as well as people who offended Purgatory Mountain would become serfs in Purgatory Mountain, even their posterity like this. Only if cultivators were born among later generations, would there be a chance of changing their situation.

Meanwhile, in Purgatory Mountain, those with the most venerable statuses were the apostles and various elders, and not the disciples who were sent into Great Mang’s royal court.

This was especially the case for Nanmo Country before Great Mang dynasty. According to the descriptions of Green Luan Academy, Lin Xi also understood easily that it was theocracy. Purgatory Mountain was the ruler of all of Nanmo Country. Even Nanmo Country’s ruler still had to obtain and undergo the recognition and ceremony of Purgatory Mountain, only then would he be crowned, officially rise to the throne. Everyone in Nanmo Country could be viewed as Purgatory Mountain’s free-range slaves.

When Great Mang Dynasty emerged, Zhantai Mang[1] and Li Ku[2] formally made an appearance. Thousand Devil Nest thus obtained the strength to suppress Purgatory Mountain. After Purgatory Mountain couldn’t suppress Zhantai Mang, the situation changed slowly. Today, in Great Mang, Purgatory Mountain’s apostles truly recovered some of their past statuses, becoming true divine priests, moreover the type who grasped ultimate power.

“You…” The red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary didn’t care about the mockery Lin Xi carried towards his attire at all. There was a question that was even more difficult and bitter, hard to ask, but he still finally asked it. “You are someone with the same talent as Principal Zhang?”

“It seems like your Purgatory Mountain knows quite a bit.” Purgatory Mountain was a place that even Principal Zhang had to treat with apprehension, so Lin Xi wasn’t that shocked. He also knew that the other party might only know that his soul force was double that of others like Vice Principal Xia, but there was no way they knew his and Principal Zhang’s true secrets. As such, he directly nodded. “Your deduction is correct.”

The red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary Lian Xinyu’s body immediately went rigid. The other party’s sentence weighed down on him like a brand new world. He was a core disciple of Purgatory Mountain, so he understood extremely clearly that Purgatory Mountain’s patriarch and those elders only had confidence in fighting against Yunqin, against Green Luan Academy and the entire world because Principal Zhang wasn’t here. However, Green Luan Academy obtained a new person with Principal Zhang’s abilities?

A new Divine General now existed?!

“If you are willing to tell me some of Purgatory Mountain’s secrets, I can even bring you into Green Luan Academy as a refugee, ensure your safety.” Lin Xi looked at this Purgatory Mountain Emissary whose faith even seemed to have been shattered, directly and seriously saying this.

“It’s useless.”

Lian Xinyu recovered from his absentmindedness and blankness, swallowing bitterly.

Lin Xi frowned slightly, not knowing what these words meant.

“I cannot betray Purgatory Mountain, it is not only because Purgatory Mountain is my school.” Lian Xinyu looked at him, shaking his head and saying, “You don’t understand what kind of place Purgatory Mountain really is, nor do you understand how Purgatory Mountain handles matters.. Purgatory Mountain isn’t as benevolent as Green Luan Academy and the other cultivation lands of this world. If I betray Purgatory Mountain, all of my loved ones and even some of my friends will forever become Purgatory Mountain’s slaves. Even their later generations will live lives worse than death.”

Lin Xi’s face began to turn hard and cold. “It was quite the place after all, a perfect match for Wenren Cangyue.”

“I can give you a death that is a bit more dignified.”

Lin Xi remained silent for a moment and then looked at Lian Xinyu, saying, “You can at least endure a bit less suffering, a bit less physical torment. Moreover, I already honestly told you this much, allowing you to die knowing a bit more. In return, I feel that you should tell me some things unrelated to Purgatory Mountain.”

Lian Xinyu loosened his hand that was gripping his thigh, grabbing the earth instead, and then slowly nodded.

“What did this army of yours really want to accomplish? Could it be that it was just to catch a Yunqin phoenix?” Lin Xi gave Lian Xinyu a look, and then slowly said, “If this really is the case, what kind of important figure is it that needs this Yunqin phoenix, able to even make this type of force and someone like yourself work for him?”

Lian Xinyu felt a bit of hesitation, but he understood that answering these questions should already not be much of a big deal. As such, he forcefully swallowed again, raising his head to look at Lin Xi, and then said while shaking his head, “Our mission wasn’t to capture a Yunqin phoenix… our army’s first mission was only to purge the Yunqin scouting troops in Meteor Lake, not allow Yunqin’s military to discover the movements of our main forces.”

When he heard this, Lin Xi’s expression suddenly changed, a wave of coldness spreading through his heart  uncontrollably.

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