Book 11 Chapter 27 - A Legend That Brings Fear

Lin Xi looked this Yunqin phoenix in the eyes.

Its eyes were also entirely golden, its appearance just like cold and hard gold. Seeing any type of emotions from these eyes was extremely hard.

However, in this instant, this Yunqin phoenix only made an extremely simple movement.

Its body shook. That pure phoenix golden egg it had just laid, only the size of a fist, rolled out from between the thick metal columns, rolling towards Lin Xi.

Lin Xi lowered his body. The instant he touched this warm phoenix egg, he immediately sensed that this Yunqin phoenix’s metal-like golden pupils were filled with endless emotions.

In that instant, he knew that this Yunqin phoenix was extremely intelligent.

The head of this Yunqin phoenix inside the cage hung slightly. When Lin Xi raised his head to look at it again, its head and its entire body began to rise once more.

The chains that locked down its body became taut again.

However, this time, it still didn’t stop. Its entire body still continued to rise up.

The chains snapped its bones, its entire back bursting apart. Crushed flesh and bones poured out from the gaping wounds, flowing out along its body, making it look incredibly bleak.

However, it still stood up once more.

Lin Xi knew that this was its final dignity and pride, so he bowed towards this Yunqin phoenix in respect.

Then, he didn’t stop at all, placing this pure gold phoenix egg into his clothes. After leaping out, he picked up the longsword that flew out before, directly leaving through this tavern’s entrance.

The ferocious scream of that Purgatory Mountain Emissary, as well as the exceptional noise and brilliance that erupted in the tavern made all of the two thousand Great Mang soldiers frantically gather towards this tavern.

Even though this area that served as the central military tent instead became the most vacant area because of Lin Xi’s previous diversion, in that instant, a group of Great Mang soldiers already rushed to the entrance.

For some reason, even though they already knew that the cultivator inside was extremely powerful, the instantaneous eruption of an extremely dangerous aura still made these dozens of Great Mang soldiers break out in sweat.

When the first Great Mang soldier’s foot had just crossed over the doorstep, before he could even see Lin Xi’s face clearly, a shadow already rushed into his bosom.

This soldier felt his body quickly becoming weak, the tremendous force making his body fall backwards uncontrollably.

The hair of the two soldiers behind him all stood on end, but the training they received as elite soldiers still made them aim their weapons accurately at Lin Xi’s body.

However, in that instant, Lin Xi’s figure vanished from their line of sight.

Lin Xi’s body suddenly huddled together into the embrace of that soldier who was previously smashed flying, taking that soldier with him as he quickly charged. The instant he passed by the two soldiers who brandished their weapons at the same time, his sword swept out.

The head of the soldier to the left of the entrance was directly sent flying. At the same time, Lin Xi’s other hand also already grabbed this headless soldier’s body. Under the force of his dragging, the powerful impact of this headless corpse instantly sent many people behind it tumbling outwards.

He didn’t fight any tangled battle. Lin Xi directly broke out from the left, making the soul force within his body instantly erupt to the limit. Blasts of air continuously surged within his body. He only stood straight, crazily running in the direction where there were less weapons in his way.

He had seen the scene of the Yunqin army surrounding Master Painter, so he understood extremely well that if he was tangled by something even slightly, surrounded by the enemy, then he would definitely be directly exhausted to death.

However, his advantage was that the other party wasn’t a cavalry army. Without horses, it was hard to catch up to his speed. As long as he broke out, there was no way this army could catch him.


When Lin Xi had just rushed out a few dozen steps from the main entrance, leaping from the roof of a shop, the rear wall of that tavern was first pierced through by a red chain, and then blasted through.

The red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary immediately saw the corpse of that silver clothed sword master.

“Even Sword Master Yan was killed!”

In that instant, this red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary released a cry of alarm. The rage in his eyes decreased slightly, displaying true alarm and fear. However, when he looked at the air streams that erupted from the steps that just left this tavern, he immediately said “Only a cultivator who didn’t even reach mid stage State Knight yet?” to himself. The arrow and burned face of the silver clothed sword master appeared in his mind. “It is just an ambush, chase!” The fear in his expression completely vanished, his sleeves surging with heat waves. His figure instantly accelerated. In just a breath or two of time, the air streams that surged from his sleeves actually began to vaguely carry fiery red radiance.

After this Purgatory Mountain Emissary already rushed out several dozen meters of distance, the other two Great Mang cultivators also rushed in through the opening in the wall.

“It’s him?”

The instant they saw that black metal arrow in the silver clothed sword master’s chest, these two Great Mang cultivators immediately felt their scalps turn numb. They recalled that powerful Yunqin archer who only assassinated high ranking Great Mang officers these past few weeks.

The silver clothed sword master’s cultivation was even higher than that red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary’s. When they saw this corpse, there was no way they wouldn’t feel fear. However, in the end, the two of them were Great Mang soldiers, and they knew that archers were the most powerful when carrying out hidden assassinations. Together with the fact that even the Purgatory Mountain Emissary already chased after him, after exchanging a look, apart from fear,  they also saw resoluteness from each other’s eyes.


The two instantly pushed their soul force to the limit, rushing out of this tavern. Only, the instant they rushed out of this tavern, they saw from the corners of their eyes that the Yunqin phoenix’s back was torn open, about to die as a result, and only then did the two of them both release an overcast and furious howl.

The red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary’s sleeves continuously released vital energy that carried fiery light. His red robes slowly moved backwards, actually looking like a glider, making his speed shockingly great. It was only because of the fiery light that shone in the darkness that the two Great Mang cultivators did not get left behind.

Lin Xi’s arms spread out, his toes continuously tapping against the ground just like a water bird walking on water. Using the experience he gained from how Master Painter fought against the army, he also only charged in the direction where there were the least people. Even if he encountered any troops, he only evaded, not stopping in the slightest. In a dozen or so halts of time, before the army had a chance to completely close around him, he rushed out of the restricted zone, rushing into the open farmland outside the town.

The red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary’s speed was even faster than Lin Xi’s. It looked like they were getting closer and closer, the Emissary feeling like the other party already had no chance of getting away, as a result saying with an ice-cold and dignified voice, “If you are willing to surrender now, I can grant you a path of life.”

An explosive chi noise sounded.

What he received in reply was a cold black metal arrow that tore through the air.

Lin Xi was still running forward, his body twisting sideways and releasing an arrow, but this arrow was still extremely accurate, shooting at this red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary’s chest.

The Purgatory Mountain Emissary released a shout of anger. His body fiercely leaned backwards, this arrow flying into the distance while brushing past the tip of his nose. The air streams carried by the shaft of the arrow brought his eyes piercing pain, instantly filling his eyes with tears.

By borrowing this instant, Lin Xi already continuously leapt out, pulling open another thirty or forty meters of distance.

After experiencing that arrow, this Purgatory Mountain Emissary became even more furious. He didn’t speak again, only continuously sneering. He maintained this distance, chasing closely behind Lin Xi.

This became a war of soul force attrition.

This Purgatory Mountain Emissary was already close to mid stage State Master level cultivation, his soul force cultivation a whole level higher than Lin Xi’s. Even if he was angry before, as a result blasting apart all the houses in his way out of fear of stepping into Lin Xi’s traps again, exhausting a large amount of soul force, in his eyes, Lin Xi’s soul force naturally couldn’t last as long as his could.

When the other party’s soul force was consumed, that was when he would lose his life!

The Great Mang younger officer and middle-aged grim faced man’s speeds were a bit slower than the Purgatory Mountain Emissary’s. For the sake of catching up, both of their soul force were surging to the point where their mouths were filled with a bit of a bloody aura. Despite this being the case, the fiery light released from the sleeves of the red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary also gradually decreased. After continuously running crazily for more than twenty minutes, the skies finally displayed a bit of fish maw white color. At the same time, the two’s bodies also became like cars that ran out of gas, fiercely stopping. Their faces also revealed a hint of helplessness.

The soul force within the two individuals’ bodies was also close to being completely exhausted, their bodies starting to feel as heavy as molten lead. Even their breathing filled their chest with a painful scorched feeling.

The red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary raised his head slightly to look at the distant fish maw like white color, his face became filled with a taste of cold mockery.

Even though after his leg was cut by Lin Xi’s trap, he already stopped the bleeding by wrapping it up and using medicine, later on even using the soul force that poured out from his sleeves to advance, the previous blood loss and pain brought by his movements also consumed quite a bit of his stamina, already making him a bit weary at this time.

However, he knew that Lin Xi’s cultivation was about the same as that of the two Great Mang cultivators behind him. Using them as comparison, Lin Xi’s soul force should also be close to its end.

After continuously chasing for two or three halts of time, the sky in the distance became brighter and brighter. As the sun rose, for cultivators, their line of sight would become more and more clear. The white jade-like complexion of this Purgatory Mountain Emissary completely turned into callousness and viciousness. It was because a halt ago, the two Great Mang cultivators whose cultivation levels were similar to Lin Xi’s already completely stopped, powerless to continue this pursuit.

Even he himself was close to running out of soul force.

In his perspective, the other party might very well fall headfirst after another step. Then, he would be just like a sheep waiting to be slaughtered, like the serfs who were starved for several days because they didn’t work honestly.

However, the coldness and viciousness on his face once again changed to shock, and then slowly to fear and utter disbelief.

Lin Xi was still in front of him, still running like a water fowl on water. He ran towards the plains that gradually brightened as if he was running towards the radiance of the sun.

Meanwhile, his soul force already reached the very brink.

After just several breaths of time, the mountainous feeling of fear and disbelief completely overwhelmed this Purgatory Mountain Emissary.

Suddenly, he thought of a certain legend.

A legend that was related to someone who completely changed the structure of this world.

Without this person, fifty years ago, the Nanmo Army Purgatory Mountain supported should have already been able to defeat all of Yunqin.

His body began to tremble intensely. He couldn’t help but turn around, and then just like a dog, he began to flee as if he completely lost his mind. That dignified tall hat on his head even became crooked.

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