Book 11 Chapter 26 - Yunqin Phoenix

Could this be considered a phoenix?

Or was it something else?

The reason Lin Xi was shocked was because what was inside this prison carriage was something he had never seen before regardless of whether it was his previous world or this world.

What was inside this tavern lobby wasn’t an ordinary prison carriage, the size double that of a normal prison carriage.

Inside the prison carriage was a golden bird.

This bird looked a bit like a peacock from its external appearance, but its body was three or four times larger than even the largest peacock Lin Xi has ever seen.

Its long tail feathers were like pure gold, like long and narrow eyebrows, also entirely different from the tail feathers of a peacock.

This was clearly a fiend beast.

In Lin Xi’s mind, the only word suitable to describe this giant golden bird who had such a powerful presence was phoenix.

After that momentary instant of extreme shock, Lin Xi saw that there was some silver colored, teardrop-like natural coloring on this bird’s body and feathers. There was also a sharp silver crystal that seemed to have been produced from within its body on this bird’s forehead.

“Meteor Sky Phoenix!”

Lin Xi finally realized what this bird was.

In his previous world, phoenixes were the king of white birds that existed only in legends. However, in this world, there really was a powerful bird species with the name ‘phoenix’.

This type of bird was named by Principal Zhang. Meanwhile, in this world, perhaps only Lin Xi knew that Principal Zhang most likely named it ‘phoenix’ because of how much it resembled their past world’s phoenix.

During the past battle of Meteor City, there was a Nanmo Country naval fleet that crossed Meteor Lake to ambush the Yunqin army, but they ended up being completely wiped out in Meteor Lake.

The ones who killed Nanmo Country’s naval fleet weren’t those Green Luan experts Principal Zhang led, but rather this kind of Meteor Sky Phoenix.

It was only after the several thousand membered Nanmo Country naval fleet was wiped out that the cultivators of this world discovered that on some uninhabited islands in Meteor Lake, there was actually this type of extremely rare, but extremely powerful Fiend Beast that existed.

This type of fiend beast’s bird feathers that had a bit of silver in their gold color could refine many antidotes for curing toxins. That crystal that was naturally produced on their foreheads could be grinded up into the most solid and sharp arrows, able to penetrate most armors in this world.

Even though this type of fiend beast was most likely defending its own territory, or perhaps that Nanmo naval fleet accidentally encountered this type of fiend beast, thus incurring being slaughtered by this type of fiend beast, for the sake of commemorating this type of fiend beast’s achievements, when Meteor City’s battle ended, Principal Zhang still designated this type of fiend beast’s region of reproduction and inhabitation as a forbidden area, allowing this type of fiend beast to thrive freely in this area without disturbance from humans.

No one from Green Luan Academy had tried to face this type of fiend beast either, only having records that described this type of fiend beast’s outer appearance, moreover roughly estimated by Principal Zhang that this type of fiend beast’s strength shouldn’t be lower than that of Heaven’s Lens Mermaids. In that case, what did this Great Mang army capture this type of fiend beast for?

For a cultivator, living fiend beasts only served two uses. One was for soul merging, the other was to subdue them as servants.

Lin Xi quickly calmed down. The soul force in his hands slowly flowed out, pushing the crack in the windows a bit wider.

This way, he saw even clearer that this Yunqin phoenix was covered in wounds. There were four chains that pierced its two wings, most likely penetrating several bones in its body. Under its struggling, the areas where the four chains penetrated its body were already badly mangled.

The inside of this entire tavern, apart from this prisoner carriage, was already completely empty. However, when Lin Xi saw these four chains, his brows furrowing, a figure slowly entered from the entrance.

This was a silver clothed swordsman with a longsword on his back. Judging from his appearance, he looked to be around twenty something years of age, but upon closer inspection, he seemed like he was thirty something, or even forty something, extremely hard to tell. This type of feeling of mysteriousness normally only appeared on the faces of some high level cultivators.

The scabbard of the longsword on his back was made from black beast skin, the sword hilt carved from a whole piece of gemstone, looking extremely bright and dazzling.

Right now, his face seemed a bit overly pale. His right hand hung powerlessly, seemingly suffering some injuries.

When it saw this cultivator slowly walk in, the Meteor Sky Phoenix in the cage immediately began to struggle. However, its body trembled, quickly restrained by the four chains, only making the cage releasing guang guang noises.

What Lin Xi heard before was precisely this type of sound.

The swords master with the longsword on his back didn’t try to provoke this Meteor Sky Phoenix either. He only walked behind this Meteor Sky Phoenix, and then stood still with his hands behind his back, unknown what he was thinking.

Within an expanse of debris, that Purgatory Mountain Emissary whose red robes were cut through, his entire leg bloody, had an even uglier expression on his face.

The other two Great Mang cultivators always remained at least two hundred steps from this Purgatory Mountain red robed Emissary.

Purgatory Mountain was a place no other faction in Great Mang was willing to provoke. This was especially the case after Li Ku’s death, with even Thousand Devil Nest being purged, Purgatory Mountain’s apostle position became even more extraordinary.

For these two Great Mang cultivators, approaching this Purgatory Mountain Emissary at this type of time would only result in bad things.

“Where is the enemy? Don’t tell me he took to the skies?”

This Purgatory Mountain red robed Emissary lowered his head in rage, inwardly thinking this while starting to treat his leg’s injury.

As luck would have it, the instant he lowered his head, he saw a rock within the debris.

This rock that wasn’t all that remarkable, yet only at this type of distance, would one be able to see that it was wrapped in cloth.

In that instant, the position where Lin Xi killed that Great Mang female cultivator appeared within this Purgatory Mountain Emissary’s head.

“Luring the tiger from its den!”

This Purgatory Mountain red robed Emissary immediately reacted. He released a vicious roar and then his entire figure became like a red python once more, charging towards the tavern.

Lin Xi was thinking, momentarily undecided as to what he should do.

Should he just kill this person?

While hesitating, he heard the ferocious roar of that Purgatory Mountain cultivator.

His disorderly mood instantly became completely calm.

In the end, his luck today really wasn’t all that great. He was first noticed because of the sentry he knocked unconscious, and then he just happened to run into a Great Mang female cultivator. Now, the other party quickly noticed his plans. However, what he had to do in this type of situation became extremely simple.

He originally only came with the plan to kill Great Mang high ranking officers.

In this type of situation where he didn’t have time to do anything more, he only needed to kill the other party’s high ranking officer.

Lin Xi’s body went slightly taut. Extremely gently and quickly, his hands  raised his longbow, picking up a black metal arrow.


The window in front of him was instantly smashed to pieces.

Under the explosion of wooden fragments, a vicious black metal arrow carrying an extremely shrill screaming noise descended upon that silver clothed swords master who turned his back towards Lin Xi.

He fired under such close distance, moreover, an arrow suddenly released by a powerful archer like Lin Xi was something a normal cultivator had a chance of evading.

However, in that instant, this silver clothed swordsman forcibly completed a sideways twisting motion.

The arrow that carried a powerful stream of air only brushed his right shoulder, drawing a bloody groove.

Lin Xi didn’t have the excessive expectations of directly killing this cultivator whose aura was still not weak even after fighting that golden phoenix. Almost the instant this silver clothed sword master turned around, his entire body already fell fiercely like an artillery shell, the black metal arrow in his hands already smashed fiercely towards this sword master’s eye socket.

The silver clothed sword master’s eyes narrowed slightly, a hint of a sneer appearing at the corners of his lips.

In the extremely short amount of time ordinary people couldn’t react to at all, in his perception, every movement Lin Xi made was extremely slow and clear.

His right hand was injured, but his left hand reached out, drawing the longsword on his back and trusting it backwards at Lin Xi’s eye socket.

His longsword was entirely red like rubies, sparkling and dazzling. Streaks of red radiance seemed to quickly flow along the blade like flames.

However, in that instant, a scene that made his breathing stop appeared at the corner of his eyes, leaving him shocked. The sneer at the corners of his lips instantly froze.

The long cloth strip on Lin XI’s back suddenly exploded. The light green longsword, under a shake, flew out on its own. It was covered in silver radiance, arriving first despite rushing out later, directly stabbing at his central artery!

Even in this rapid change in scenery, this silver clothed sword master could actually still react in time. The entirely red gemstone-like flying sword also left his hand, flying out and striking Lin Xi’s flying sword with a ding noise, knocking Lin Xi’s flying sword away.

In that split second, that silver clothed sword master’s narrowed eyes even more so became permeated with disbelief. It was because he was certain that Lin Xi wasn’t a Sacred Expert level cultivator!

However, his expression of disbelief also instantly froze, or perhaps it could be said that his expression was left scorched within his eye sockets.

A wave of terrifying golden lightning flowed out from Lin Xi’s hands. When the black arrow from Lin Xi’s hands was still a few feet from his eye socket, the lightning already blasted his face, instantly blasting everything within his eye sockets into nothing.

This silver clothed sword master screamed in fear. All of the soul force in his body blasted out in front of him and beneath his feet. His entire figure seemed like a jet aircraft, flying out backwards.

However, Lin Xi didn’t chase after him, instead removing the longbow on his back in a fluid motion. He added that arrow that was still flickering with electricity, firing it out with incredible accuracy.


A blast of bloody mist erupted in this silver clothed sword master’s chest. The arrow tore apart his heart, instantly making his body quickly sink into death.

It was also in that instant that following a sad cry,  a light pu sound sounded from the prison carriage.

Lin Xi’s body once again became a bit rigid.

He saw an egg.

An egg that was like pure gold.

Then, he sensed this Meteor Sky Phoenix’ gaze. He raised his hand, looking into this Yunqin phoenix’s eyes.

In that instant, for some reason, before he could even sense what kind of emotions lay within the other party’s eyes, he already mysteriously thought about Lucky who he had already been separated from for a long time.

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