Book 11 Chapter 25 - Vanished

In just a dozen or so breaths of time, three individuals were already standing next to this Great Mang female cultivator’s corpse.

One was a forty something middle-aged, gloomy expressioned, green gowned man. The wide sleeves of his gown were completely made from metal threads. The purple petal-like decorative streaks didn’t seem like decorative motifs, but rather like streaks of runes, flickering with a type of luster similar to ceramic and metal.

Of the other two, one was a young Great Mang officer dressed in dark red chain mail armor, on his back were two chain spears. His face’s lines were sharp, as if sculpted by a blade, full of killing intent.

The other was a tall man who had a snow-white complexion, his appearance extremely feminine. In addition to the red thick robes he wore, he also wore a circular and sharp tall hat, his appearance quite similar to a priest who didn’t see much sunlight all year round.

With just a glance at this Great Mang female cultivator’s broken arm and crushed throat, this snow-white faced, priest-like man said with an ice-cold voice, “A cultivator who is at least a State Knight. Both of you are to search together.”

When his voice sounded, this priest-like man already instantly left behind a streak of red afterimages. He jumped into the rear side room of the courtyard. With an explosive pa sound, he instantly shattered the window, rushing out.

“His cultivation is only a bit higher than ours, yet he puts on this type of superior appearance, giving us orders…” The young Great Mang officer with the two spears on his back couldn’t help but say this with a frown.

Before he even finished his sentence, he was cut off unhappily by the grim faced middle-aged man on the side. “Sir Tie, when facing an enemy attack, it is best if we don’t speak these types of words for now. Moreover, you know that he isn’t this arrogant purely because of his status.”

The young Great Mang officer’s face became cold. As soon as they stopped talking, they heard continuous ka ka ka sounds from the distant roof.

This noise was clearly that of an individual who, because he was in a rush, accidentally smashed some tiles to pieces. Then, because of their impatience, they couldn’t control their strength and footing, thus continuously trampling several more tiles.

The two’s expressions changed. Their figures immediately rushed out as if they were launched by a catapult. They stepped on the courtyard walls of the other residences one after another, the two both passing a courtyard with each step, the only difference being that the middle-aged grim faced man’s figure was more graceful, while the young Great Mang officer greatly preserved his soul force, mostly using his own body’s strength. As a result, each step from him produced loud noises and caused blasts of earth and rubble, extremely explosive.

Suddenly, the expressions of both of these Great Mang cultivators froze.

This was especially the case for the rather domineering Great Mang young officer, his eyes producing a bit of fear.

It was because right at this time, a red figure swept past their sides with a gust of crazy winds, instantly overtaking them.

This red figure that overtook them was precisely the priest-like red robed man.

The direction this red robed man previously searched was clearly wrong, so he instead rushed in this direction. However, despite doing this, he still quickly overtook these two.

The red robes of This priest-like man who was currently rushing past a house above an alley actually flowed extremely smoothly, like a waterfall behind him, just like when he stood calmly normally, not disorderly at all. It was full of a dignified, mysterious and divine type of feeling.

Right now, several hundred Great Mang soldiers already quickly rushed towards the place where the noise came from. Many of them also saw this red robed priest who seemed to be frozen in midair, their eyes all revealing expressions of respect and fear.

On this priest-like man’s tall hat and the red robes he wore, were flame and magma-like symbols. In Great Mang, this represented Purgatory Mountain Emissaries.

In Great Mang, Purgatory Mountain’s emissaries and elders were precisely the symbol of power and transcendence.

The red robed Purgatory Mountain emissary’s body was perfectly straight. Even while rushing past roofs, it still looked as if he was just walking on a main hall’s smooth floor. His figure didn’t move up or down, waves of powerful aura carrying heat continuously poured out from his spacious red sleeves, propelling his body forward.

He was now less than twenty steps from where the noise sounded.

Right at this time, several extremely fine black lines suddenly appeared in the world before this Purgatory Mountain Emissary’s eyes.

These black lines were extremely fine. In the dim light of night before daybreak, ordinary people couldn’t see them at all, not unless their eyes were right in front of these black lines. Even if it was this red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary, he only noticed these extremely fine black lines when he was only a few feet from them.

The red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary’s snow-white face changed greatly, a hint of bluish-gray color emerging on his skin.

In this extremely short amount of time, he couldn’t even jump to evade. It was because there were two black lines that intersected right above his head.


In that instant, this Purgatory Mountain Emissary’s sleeves swept out as if they were alive, fiercely striking against the black threads in front of him.

With a zheng noise, several black threads were snapped by his strike. However, the roof beneath this Purgatory Mountain Emissary couldn’t bear this type of tremendous force, coming crashing down.

An expression of anger was just about to appear on this Purgatory Mountain emissary’s face, but then in the next instant, his eyes couldn’t help but become filled with shock and horror.

Beneath the collapsed roof, within the even darker room below, there were also several criss-crossed black lines.

Chi! Chi!

Two threads cut through his red gown, embedding into his right leg. They instantly cut through flesh, only stopping when they reached his leg bone.

Even though his falling momentum wasn’t enough to allow these black threads to cut through his sturdy bones, the pain of the black threads cutting against his bone, as well as the anger towards the injuries caused by the opponent’s traps still made this Purgatory Mountain Emissary’s entire body start to shake intensely.

Ka! Ka! Ka!

Right at this time, on a certain roof in the distance, there were already several more footstep trampling noises that sounded again.

This noise made many Great Mang soldiers who approached that roof release a loud shout at the same time.

This shout was originally meant just to inform their colleagues of the enemy’s whereabouts. Moreover, under the command of numerous officers, there were many Great Mang soldiers who already lit torches, even burning down some homes to create more light.

However, the anger from pain and being schemed against instead made this red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary momentarily lose some of his rationality.

“All of you, shut up!”

Under this extremely aggressive roar, a scarlet chain shot out from the right sleeves of this furious red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary. The soul force he originally should have carefully preserved poured out from his body. Under this terrifying power, the scarlet chain continuously swept about in front of him, destroying several homes one after another.

This red robed Purgatory Mountain Emissary seemed to have become a giant red python, furiously crushing all buildings in his path.

All of the Great Mang soldiers looked in the direction this Purgatory Mountain Emissary rushed towards in horror, momentarily not daring to utter a sound. The two Great Mang cultivators who were leaping past courtyard walls didn’t know what exactly happened, but they both keenly sensed the bloodiness in the wind.

The instant most Great Mang soldiers’ attention was drawn by that furious Purgatory Mountain Emissary, Lin Xi who was calmly and gracefully moving in the darkness was already only two or three buildings away from that tavern where the strange striking sounds came from.

This troop’s extremely fast reaction, as well as the number of cultivators, made Lin Xi feel even more clearly that this troop was definitely different, not a troop that carried out a normal mission.

After slowly taking a deep breath, he stopped. He continuously produced small rocks wrapped under cloth, and then he raised his bow. Within two breaths of time, these small stones were all fired out.

His fingers nimbly adjusted the strings. When these stones were fired like arrows, while these strings were released and then went taut, there was actually not any noise created.

Ka! Ka! Ka! 

In the distance, several sounds of footsteps vaguely sounded.

Apart from the first footstep sound that was purposely released by Lin Xi to guide the Great Mang cultivator into his trap, the other two ‘footsteps’ noises were all created with special archery skills.

After firing several rocks, Lin Xi’s toes tapped gently in the shadows. His entire figure became like a sheet of paper, quickly moving along a wall. He then quickly rushed past a narrow alley, arriving at the rear walls of the tavern.

The very instant several patrolling soldiers turned the corner in front of him, Lin Xi’s fingers dug into the uneven stone wall surface’s cracks. After exerting a bit of force, his entire figure already reached the shadows of the second floor’s eaves like a gecko.

These Great Mang patrolling soldiers didn’t notice anything abnormal, continuing forward. Lin Xi silently flipped over the eaves, quickly arriving in front of a window where he could see the situation inside the hall.

Between the wooden lattice windows that weren’t all that tightly shut, Lin Xi saw that there was a black and red metal forged prisoner carriage parked at the center of this tavern’s lobby.

With just a single look at this prison carriage scene, Lin Xi’s body went slightly rigid, his breathing stopping, pupils unable to help but contract.

As he advanced, the furious Purgatory Mountain Emissary continued to tear through buildings.

The two Great Mang cultivators behind him tacitly agreed to quickly follow close behind.

Judging from the bloodiness along the way, these two Great Mang cultivators both knew that this Purgatory Mountain emissary fell into some of this assassin’s traps, moreover successfully inflicting injuries that affected his strength. In this type of situation, moving through the destroyed ruins was naturally the safest path.

Close to a thousand Great Mang soldiers already completed a roundabout outflanking of this area. The Purgatory Mountain Emissary crazily charged towards the last location where there was a noise. However, even under his violent rage and searching, as well as the army that also began a destructive search, that enemy seemed to have vanished into thin air.

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