Book 11 Chapter 24 - Encounter

For Windstalkers, the darkness that surrounded the world before dawn was an extremely favorable domain for taking action.

Moreover, Lin Xi always felt disinclined to guess at some questions there was no way he could get an answer for, instead preferring some simple and direct methods.

His tightly furrowed brows quickly loosened. The mask he wore to prevent being bitten and stung by some small bugs was also removed. After slowly adjusting his breathing, his body curled up, following this embankment and slowly moving towards this town.

At the end of the embankment was a village.

In this village that was made up of single-story small courtyards, on the roof of a field facing bungalow, sat a Great Mang soldier covered in a gray blanket.

This Great Mang soldier who was in this sentry post was completely unremarkable, just like the grass covering the roof. Moreover, his body was always a bit taut, able to quickly react. Even in this type of situation where it was extremely easy to get sleepy, this Great Mang soldier’s eyes still stared straight at the spacious and empty field region ahead.

Lin Xi’s figure suddenly appeared behind this Great Mang soldier. The instant this Great Mang soldier sensed a bit of an abnormal wind sound, Lin Xi’s left hand already landed on his shoulder. At the same time, his right hand’s two finger joints struck this Great Mang soldier’s neck artery.

This Great Mang soldier fainted before he had any time to make any type of retaliation movements. Under the support of Lin Xi’s left hand, his body was still sitting normally.

Lin Xi’s figure was just like this Great Mang soldier’s shadow, silently sliding down the darkest area of the back of this house. After experiencing Great Mang’s search, most of the doors in this village and the streets behind it were left open, the courtyard walls broken, this situation was actually even more favorable for Lin Xi.

After less than seven halts passed, Lin Xi climbed up to a private school’s roof, already seeing all of the Great Mang tents set up on the stone streets at the heart of the town.

Judging from the tents that covered the entire main street, it wasn’t hard to deduce that this army’s size numbered at least two thousand five hundred.

Together with the several thousand Great Mang troops he ran into a hundred li out, the amount of Great Mang troops roaming about inside Yunqin’s borders seemed to become more and more concentrated. This made Lin Xi really want to know just how much more military force Wenren Cangyue already added apart from the hundred thousand Great Mang army he already prepared beforehand.

He didn’t see any horses, only infantry. There wasn’t any large scale military equipment either. However, just like the soldier he previously knocked unconscious, making him quickly die from the blood clotting if he didn’t receive any treatment, all of the soldiers he could see in his line of sight were dressed in golden scaled armor with leather lining the inside. That was why the first impression this army gave Lin Xi was instead that of a special troop similar to Dragon Snake Black Snake Army.

The steel prison carriage striking sounds came from a large tavern hall at the center of this main street. According to the arrangement of the military tents as well as the patrol routes, this three floored tavern seemed to have been treated as this army’s central military tent.

While Lin Xi was thinking to himself, a sentry noise suddenly sounded from the village he just passed.

It should be that his luck wasn’t good, just happening to come in when it was time to replace sentries. That unconscious sentry guard had already been discovered.

The guards already noticed that there was an intruder. Lin Xi’s brows furrowed slightly, no longer thinking about other things. All of the sweetly sleeping Great Mang soldiers were awakened. The instant they all rushed out, his body quickly slid down from the side of the wall. Just like a wolf moving towards its prey, he continuously moved on the ground. After rising and falling more than ten times, he arrived at a house that was only two alleys away from the main street.

Then, according to his plan, he was going to first continuously rush through these homes, quickly approach that tavern that continuously released strange noises.

A search over the entire town was definitely going to be carried out soon. If he couldn’t approach the center of this army within this brief period of chaos, it would definitely be even harder for him to move around afterwards.

However, what exceeded his expectations again was that a wave of strange wind sounds swept into this house’s main entrance at this time.

Without the slightest hesitation, Lin Xi’s body seemed like it was sliding on ice, quickly arriving at the corner of the courtyard along the courtyard wall.

The instant his body stopped momentarily, a wave of extremely fine pi pa noises instantly sounded next to his waist.

This was the sound of air exploding.

Even without using his eyes, Lin Xi already knew that there was a weapon stabbing towards his waist with astonishing speed.

Lin XI’s body was just like a huge tree that was being cut down, fiercely falling backwards. His back smashed heavily into the wall.

The sharp blade entered Lin Xi’s waist, cutting into his flesh.

The instant he felt that the short sword in his hands already pierced flesh, the brown chain armored forty something year old yellow faced woman’s mind relaxed slightly.

She was a Great Mang cultivator who knew how to fight extremely well. Some extremely fine sounds made her quickly deduce that there might be something wrong with this courtyard. The instant she broke into this courtyard, she also accurately judged where Lin Xi was based on the flow of air, thus stooping down and releasing this sword strike.

Her lowered body moved almost parallel to the ground. This type of stance could evade the opponent’s subconscious retaliation, moreover allow her to quickly rush into the courtyard. The short sword in her hand could also instantly drag out a longer wound across the other party’s abdomen.

The only thing she had to worry about was if the other party wore armor her short sword couldn’t stab through. This way, the other party’s counterattack wouldn’t be that rushed, so she had to worry about a strike down on her back from above.

Now that her short sword penetrated flesh, the only thing she was worried about completely disappeared. Moreover, now that the sword penetrated the other party’s flesh, the other party lost the initiative, their body’s conditioned reflex would even make it safer for her.

In this type of situation where there was clearly only a small amount of enemies that infiltrated the army, she definitely didn’t hold her expectations too high, seeking to kill her opponent with one strike. She still put her own safety first.

However, what this Great Mang female cultivator who was skilled at fighting didn’t expect was that in this instant, the other party seemed to be completely oblivious to pain, nor was he scared of her short sword dragging out a larger injury. With speed far exceeding her imagination, her opponent’s entire body fell backwards. The instant his back smashed into the wall, Lin Xi’s foot already left the ground, the tips of his toes fiercely kicking towards her throat.

This yellow faced female cultivator’s pupils rapidly contracted. In this instant, she didn’t want to use her own life to exchange for a larger injury. She forcefully twisted her body, becoming like a dough twist, her left arm blocking the tip of the other party’s foot.


However, the soul force at the end of the other party’s foot surged with speed exceeding normal reasoning. This Great Mang yellow faced female cultivator’s arm directly snapped while releasing bone fracturing noises. Lin Xi’s foot pressed against her broken arm, carrying a terrifying wave of energy, still fiercely pressing down on her throat, and then he crushed her body down against the wall.

This was an extremely strange scene. One was lying flat in the air, only using a single foot to support himself, while the other individual whose body was completely twisted was being stepped on between a foot and a door.

The entire wall shook, a large amount of debris starting to fall from the roof.

The instant the tiles fell, Lin Xi’s hands pressed against the ground, his entire body already suddenly tumbling out.

The female cultivator’s body twitched. Her throat released a gulu noise, wishing to make some noise, but a large amount of blood surged out of her lips. Her eyes were completely filled with despair and unwillingness.

Following the noises of tiles shattering, this female cultivator’s body also slid to the ground along the door frame.

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