Book 2 Chapter 21 - How to Finish a Bit Faster

This tender faced Natural Arts Department student directly walked up to Lin Xi, giving Lin Xi an extremely serious and sincere bow of respect.

“You are?” Lin Xi looked at this Natural Arts Department student who was suddenly bowing seriously towards him, just feeling that this youngster was a bit familiar, but momentarily unable to react in time.

“I am Zhou Zhou, thank you for saving me.”

Only after he heard this youngster say this, did Lin Xi completely react, remembering that this was the Natural Arts Department new student that he had saved from the flames.

When he saw that this individual took the time to seek out the Self Department Freshman Dormitory, as well as his serious appearance, Lin Xi immediately got up in a bit of a flustered manner, returning the greeting. However, he forgot about his body’s injuries, his face immediately twisting in pain.

The change in his expression immediately landed in Zhou Zhou’s eyes who came specifically for Lin Xi.

When he saw the burn marks on Lin Xi’s hands, he deeply bowed once more towards Lin Xi, saying, “I owe you a life.”

His sincerity left the entire dining hall momentarily silent.

“It’s not that big of a deal, we’re all Green Luan Academy students after all…” Lin Xi was a bit embarrassed.

“This might not be much for you, but for me, it is completely different.” Even so, Zhou Zhou still shook his head, interrupting Lin Xi and saying, “You saved my life, and even allowed me to learn about my own weakness and cowardness, turns out I am still so far away from the valor I boast about… I believe that among all of the students there, even if they knew I was inside, there might not be many who would throw aside everything, charge straight in to save me. Not only have you allowed me to survive, you also allowed me to learn what I need to do from today on.”

This dining hall continued to remain silent.

Many of the Self Defense Department new students who sneered when they saw Lin Xi limp in had a bit of shame in their eyes. When they thought about how if it was themselves in that situation, they realized they really might not be able to do what this good-for-nothing heaven’s choice did, charge straight in.

“I owe you a life.”

Lin Xi opened his mouth, not knowing what to say. However, Zhou Zhou also only looked at him, repeating this line, and then turned around to leave.

“He is also quite the arrogant person.” Tang Ke looked at this Natural Arts Department youngster who Lin Xi wasn’t acquainted with previously at all, and then said quietly to Lin Xi, “This type of person, the words they speak will always be comparatively more rigid.”

“Hey, you were there too at the time, why didn’t you charge straight in too?” Hua Jiyue stared at Tang Ke who, despite being in the dining hall, still had a rather stooped posture.

Tang Ke turned around to look at Lin Xi, saying, “Actually, I am also wondering about something. Lin Xi, back then, we were together with you, so why didn’t I hear Zhou Zhou’s cry of help?”

Bian Linghan also frowned, saying, “I didn’t hear anything either.”

Lin Xi stared blankly for a moment. He really didn’t know how to explain this. After thinking for a bit, he really couldn’t find an excuse, so he could only act stupid and said, “Did you two really not notice the voice inside? I clearly heard the sound of someone seemingly knocking into something inside.”

“But even if something was knocked over inside, it might just be something falling from being burned.” Hua Jiyue gave Lin Xi a cold look. “If you are going to play hero next time, please use your head a bit, don’t blindly run in just because your head is a bit heated.”

“Of course I knew that he was definitely inside.” Lin Xi muttered inside, but now that he finally muddled his way through with difficulty, he obviously didn’t dare say this out loud, just uttering two en en sounds, and then lowering his head to console his completely empty stomach.

Jiang Xiaoyi, who was moving through the new student training valley forest, felt a bit fidgety.

After the Black Flower Pike he was familiar with lost to that black-armored ‘Silver Fox’, he had searched all over for the past few days in the training valley, but he never saw that ‘Silver Fox’ who was impossible to see through again.

Even though even if it was a Self Defense Department student, they had to enter the new student training valley at least six times, almost all of the new students, as long as they had time, they would enter the training valley every day. It was because almost every Green Luan Academy student, after attending a single Martial Skills class, they would all understand that only true combat could temper real fighting skills extremely clearly, that this was the real most important martial skill lesson.

The less of a foundation the student had, the more often they would come here to fight and temper themselves, or else the difference between themselves and others would only be dragged further and further apart.

Towards ‘Silver Fox’, apart from his desire for revenge, most of his interest was also because that day, he also hid in the distance, watching the entire process of ‘Silver Fox’ defeating the ‘Wolf’ Mu Shanzi, later on removing a pentagon emblem from Mu Shanzi’s body. Meanwhile, Silver Fox’s hidden assassination even more so made him feel that this individual was mysterious and powerful, which was why he desired a rematch against this type of opponent, to see if, apart from the bow, there were any other surprises this opponent could bring him.

However, he still didn’t run into this opponent!

Right when he was starting to feel a bit vexed, he, who held a black standard longsword this time, stood still. An opponent holding a battle-axe suddenly emerged from his left, a Dark Bear symbol on his chest.

His pupils narrowed slightly. Without any hesitation, Jiang Xiaoyi instantly silently charged towards his opponent.

What Jiang Xiaoyi didn’t know was that right at this time, the opponent he was searching for was currently sitting upright in the medicine room of Medicine Department’s youngest associate professor in history.

In front of Lin Xi was a small red clay furnace, next to him a small pamphlet with beautiful handwriting. What he had to do was separately refine more than ten types of medicinal herbs into thick syrup according to the time length recorded on the pamphlet, and then carefully transfer it all into porcelain bottles, then apply the proper labels.

Currently, there were still more than twenty areas with purple bruises on his body. If a finger pressed down on them, it would still bring back an intense pain.

However, despite this being the case, he still didn’t have any thoughts of giving up.


Regardless of whether it was the Black Flower Pike wielding Jiang Xiaoyi or the spears in that stone temple, whenever he thought back to the meaning behind the advice that middle-aged uncle left him… despite them possessing unique abilities, there were still too many places that were unknown in this world, too many powerful individuals that were unknown, too many dangers that were unknown, no one in this world was completely invincible.

If it was on a true chaotic battlefield, if he just faced a few dozen ordinary pike wielding soldiers, then even with the ability to turn back ten minutes of time, it would still be useless. He would still be killed, because with his current strength, if he got caught in an enemy formation, there was simply no way for him to deal with several dozen spear wielding ordinary soldiers.

Only by cultivating could he obtain the strength to protect himself in this empire that seemed calm from the outside, but was actually filled with dangers, only then could he obtain brilliance.

If he could, he would enter the training valley every day, but his body didn’t recover during these past two days at all. The academy’s unique black armor didn’t stop pain, likely to imitate the true influence of pain on oneself on the battlefield, which was why if the current him, who couldn’t move freely, entered the training valley during these past few days, there would be only one possible result: He would first be making a delivery for others, having all of his golden pentagon emblems seized, and then he would be impaled even more miserably by the spears in the stone temple.

That was why in the following two days, Lin Xi only obediently followed the Medical Care and Toxicology lessons that were delayed a day because of the fire, as well as the windstalker special training.

This was the first day he began to assist An Keyi in her medicine room.

Even though An Keyi who was always immersed in books and drug ingredients directly told him that the research project she was working on was level five confidentiality, something only professor level individuals had access to, Lin Xi naturally didn’t ask much, not knowing the exact direction this research was headed in, what made him feel like he was well qualified to be An Keyi’s assistant today, was that the calculation of medicine refinement times was extremely easy for him.

Ever since he came to this world, discovering that he could display the ten minutes time rewind special ability, he had carefully counted the flow of time countless times. That was why towards the grasp over the flow of time, he might be even more precise than the hourglasses used to calculate time in this world.

This made it so that even if he didn’t always stare at the hourglass next to him, he could still completely control the amount of time each type of medicinal liquid was refined for.

“You’ve done quite well.” After he completed the compounding of more than ten bottles of medicinal liquid, the medicinal strength tested, An Keyi organized her hair that was a bit messy, complimenting Lin Xi. In addition, she handed Lin Xi a small sheepskin scroll, on it some medicinal herb diagrams and annotations. “There are some medicinal herbs in the training valley that can be used to treat injuries and as painkillers. I can not privately offer you the academy’s resources, but when you are training inside, you can gather some yourself. There are some simple applications written here.”

“Thank you Teacher An.”

Lin Xi accepted the small sheepskin scroll from An Keyi’s fine white fingers rather excitedly. This was definitely much more practically useful than the two strange forms Luo Houyuan taught him. During these two days, whenever he had time, he would also practice those strange awkward movements Luo Houyuan taught him, but each time, he would only feel like his wrists and joints would become extremely sore, not knowing just what kind of benefits this type of training brought exactly.

It really was vexing… whenever he thought about the Direct Spear Strikes, Lin Xi would feel a bit anxious.

“Teacher An.” With the completion of today’s odd jobs, Lin Xi looked at the female associate professor who continued to bury her head in books, asking, “Teacher An… you should be familiar with the Direct Spear Strikes in the training valley, right? Say, apart from immediately deciding which direction to evade in, the body can never stay still, the long blade in hand should only be brandished in the most natural direction towards the spears, each attack just enough to prevent the spears from hitting oneself, not trying to forcefully clash with the spears using the blade each time… each blade strike should not influence one’s next movements… what other essential points are there to take note of, allowing me to last a bit longer inside, pass a bit faster?”

“The Direct Spear Strikes Trial, hmm…” The rather quiet and gentle natured female associate professor didn’t raise her head, her brows furrowing and thinking to herself, but she continued to use her customary reading tone to slowly say, “What you have considered is already quite comprehensive… if you are to ask me what else, with the restriction of cultivation and reaction speed, there is temporarily no way to go faster, so let me think… along the way, if you speed of brandishing your blade is a bit faster, then that should be able to allow you to knock aside some more incoming spears, right? It should help a bit… allow you to pass a bit faster, right?”

Lin Xi stared blankly. In his mind, he immediately recalled the scene of this seemingly harmless, powerless looking female associate professor with that ice-cold, water-like dark blue long blade wrapped around her jade-like arm.

“Teacher, can you teach me how to attack faster with a blade?” He immediately took a deep breath, looking towards An Keyi, asking seriously and full of expectations.

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