Book 11 Chapter 16 - I Want One of His Arms First

Under thick and heavy clouds.

A group of cave barbarians were digging up a swamp region within Great Desolate Swamp.

Just like how many ordinary Yunqin people couldn’t understand that Purgatory Mountain was a place that could be placed on the same level as Green Luan Academy, these cave barbarians also couldn’t understand what kind of connection the honeycomb-like green stones had with Yunqin’s soul weapons that could even cut through tempered steel. However, when they thought about how these things could be exchanged for rice that was even more white than vine tubers, thought about the fragrance of slightly sweet roasted flour loaves and preserved meats, their stomachs and minds seemed to have obtained a bit of warmth, their hands and feet in the ice cold muddy water also no longer seeming that cold.

Yunqin’s ordinary rice flour, edible salt, granulated sugar, preserved meats, jerky, and other things, for the cave barbarians, were extremely precious, things that they had to exchange for with their lives.

It was because before, due to food shortages, the cave barbarians all had to use many clansmen’s lives as the price to attack some of Yunqin army’s graineries or climb over Dragon Snake Mountain Range and undergo long and difficult treks to steal from Yunqin’s territory.

However now, they didn’t have to pay the price of many clansmen, yet in their underground world, they could already obtain some of this type of precious food.

Apart from the precious food, there were some precious medicines that already allowed many clansmen that were about to die to become healthy again.

They didn’t know where this precious food and medicine came from, the elders in the tribes also strictly demanded each person to guard this secret with their lives, to not allow any of this food to leave the underground caves, but they naturally assumed that this was a present from heaven. That was why every one of them guarded this type of secret with their lives, moreover carried gratitude in their hearts.

The border trade between Yunqin Empire and the cave barbarians was already slowly carried out without the notice of the world’s royal courts.

From Yunqin’s territory to East Forest Province, and then to Dragon Snake Border Army, the consumption of the underground black market, the cleaning of silvers obtained there, ensuring some foodstuffs could avoid the detection of some of the scouting troops and enter Great Desolate Swamp, this was an extremely complicated matter as well. When the first batch of foodstuffs and medicine entered Great Desolate Swamp, there were also many issues that arose. Encountering Liu Family’s forces was but a small segment of many incidents.

However, with powerful cave barbarians coordinating with them, moreover individuals like Zhantai Qiantang and Nangong Weiyang overseeing things, dealing with some issues and fully making it past this critical phase was merely a matter of time.

At the very least, after taking down Turtle Edge Mountain, Nangong Weiyang not only became the leader of the eastern bandits, completely subduing all of the bandits in this eastern region and obtaining the loyalty of most people here, the tremendous amount of wealth and resources accumulated in Turtle Edge Mountain made it so that Lin Xi didn’t need to use Auspicious Virtue’s wealth at all.

After Guo Dongshen spent twenty years to continuously fortify Turtle Edge Mountain’s defenses, he already felt like Turtle Edge Mountain already became a country of its own. However, when he was forced to kneel before Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi in front of his own subordinates, forced to vow loyalty and devotion to these two, this type of thing that had never happened before and after Yunqin was established, yet Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi managed to accomplish it, only then did he realize that he was nothing more than a frog at the bottom of a well.

He thought that he was the king, but then discovered that he was nothing more than a superficial frog, this type of awakening dealt a severe blow to his confidence. However, this made it so that after he woke up from his extreme shock, Guo Dongshen began to consider whether a leader like Nangong Weiyang was worthy sincerely following.

Lin Xi could see the change in Guo Dongshen and these bandit leaders’ attitudes.

From saving Nanshan Mu, leading a Yunqin army in breaking through Jadefall Border Army’s blockade and then fleeing into Sanskrit Passage, from when they seized territory in Xiyi Fifteen Divisions, she already continuously did things that left both all of Yunqin and himself shocked.

This was especially the case when she was dealing with Gong Tingjue who believed himself to be the king of the black market, he saw that Nangong Weiyang actually made these bandits that normally never saw the light make Stone Catapult Carts, and then even made them transport them to an ambush point like an army. He already understood that Nangong Weiyang wasn’t only a cultivation genius.

Someone who could make even those who were already quite strong feel helpless, this type of individual normally easily subdued others.

Now, this type of powerful individual gave people hope, giving them a feeling that they were a part of a great undertaking, it even more so made one unknowingly pledge their loyalty.

Nangong Weiyang, himself and Zhantai Qiantang had the ability to grant these bandits that originally lived like rats a proper lifestyle, even make them feel as if they really were establishing a new country. From Guo Dongshen, and even Liu Family’s Cheng Zijing and other’s slight changes in expressions, Lin Xi knew that for Nangong Weiyang and Zhantai Qiantang to subdue these people, it was only a matter of time. After all, aside from Nangong Weiyang, Zhantai Qiantang who had the status of an exiled monarch was even more worthy of attraction and hope than Liu Family.

People always lived in dreams.

A small dream would often be defeated by a greater dream.

That was why at Turtle Edge Mountain’s highest point, while looking at the heavy dark clouds that seemed to almost be within reach, when he saw the densely packed towers on Turtle Edge Mountain, those Stone Catapult Carts, criss-crossed sliding paths and countless powerful crossbow machines, Lin Xi even felt an urge to properly run this place, to turn this Turtle Edge Mountain more into the outer space fortress of his imaginations, create a powerful army and then slaughter his way into Great Mang, kill Wenren Cangyue.

With the large amounts of resources from Dragon Snake Mountain Range and Great Desolate Swamp, as well as this place as the foundation to establish a powerful private army, this was something that was full of temptation.

However, this type of temptation only moved Lin Xi for an instant. It was because in this world, every day was full of changes, the outside world wouldn’t stop moving, it wouldn’t wait for him to slowly build up a powerful army.

He had Nangong Weiyang and Zhantai Qiantang, they will also do the things he thought about.

Moreover, in this eastern part of the empire, despite being remote, even though information was harder to access than in many other parts of Yunqin, such huge news in the outside world could still reach this place.

“What kind of substance can set an entire city on fire so quickly, to the point where the great army cannot rescue their own forces at all, unable to escape?”

Lin Xi stood by a cliff on Turtle Edge Mountain, crushing this small scroll Zhantai Qiantang gave him to pieces, scattering it into the wind.

He previously never truly viewed himself as a Yunqin soldier, but he had spent some time in the military. Towards those soldiers who carried true glory, not only willing to sacrifice their lives for the empire, he carried the utmost respect. For him, that southern expedition army of over four hundred thousand was like countless Sheep Point Field Mountain Patrol Armies.

That was why right now, he could imagine what kind of blow this type of news would have on the obstinate and self-opinionated Yunqin Emperor, he could also imagine how ugly Yunqin Emperor’s expression would become after seeing this. However, he instead didn’t feel the slightest bit of schadenfreude.

Zhantai Qiantang understood Lin Xi’s current mood well. He revealed a slightly bitter smile, slowly explaining, “According to some information I previously learned, Purgatory Mountain has a type of weapon refinement material called Ghost Oil Wood. The type of fuel this type of substance could prepare with Black Phosphorus can release extremely high temperatures, able to melt metals even normal flames cannot melt. However, this type of thing is extremely precious. Even if some of Purgatory Mountain’s weapon refinement places wish to use some, they have to be withdrawn from the storerooms according to the Patriarch’s approval. The amount Wenren Cangyue used up this time is an amount Purgatory Mountain needs to use up who knows how many years before they can replenish it.”

“He used two hundred thousand Great Mang soldiers as bait.” Lin Xi shook his head and then quietly said, “This is precisely the kind of counterattack Wenren Cangyue used an entire fall and winter to prepare for.”

Zhantai Qiantang said with a bitter smile, “I have to admit that he is indeed this world’s most outstanding commander, strictly in terms of obtaining victories in war.”

“According to your estimations, what is your Great Mang’s northern region battle situation like? What do you feel like the following battle situation will be like?” Lin Xi took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled, turning around to ask Zhantai Qiantang. It took quite some time for Moon Seizing City’s results to reach Yunqin Imperial City, while reaching them, it would take even longer. Now that so many days already passed, Great Mang’s northern situation was already definitely not what this military intelligence portrayed.

Zhantai Qiantang already thought over these things a long time ago. When he heard Lin Xi say this, he said calmly with a quiet voice, “Hu Piyi was definitely like us before, feeling that Wenren Cangyue’s retaliation should be to guard Moon Seizing City to the end, wait for a large reinforcements army to arrive and carry out a pincer attack. This was why Yunqin’s large scale supporting force is definitely split from the front line. This current situation should be that Wenren Cangyue’s great armies are already doing their utmost to devour the retreating Yunqin army. Even if it was me commanding the army, in this type of situation where Yunqin’s main forces are already crippled, the interception and pursuit of the army I am leading will be able to take out over half of Yunqin’s remaining hundred something thousand army.”

“Wenren Cangyue had long planned everything. As such, the army he commands will naturally lead to even greater Yunqin casualties.” After a slight pause, Zhantai Qiantang’s voice became a bit heavier. “Moreover, previously, Yunqin’s military definitely didn’t expect the casualties to be this severe, so the military equipment and transport of provisions will still be continued as if they are supporting a great army, while Great Mang experienced favorable weather the past few years, so they definitely don’t lack army provisions. Yunqin’s great army’s strength lies precisely in their military equipment, Wenren Cangyue will definitely obtain quite a bit of powerful military equipment. As this continues, Wenren Cangyue’s army recovering lost territory is already certain. Now, the only point that is unknown is if Wenren Cangyue wishes to cross the Thousand Sunset Mountains.”

“If it was any other Great Mang general, they definitely wouldn’t, but if Wenren Cangyue wishes for Yunqin to bleed, then he has to cross the Thousand Sunset Mountain. In the Thousand Sunset Mountains Hu Piyi is familiar with, he might be able to fight Wenren Cangyue. However, without the troops he is most familiar with, even if he didn’t suffer any harm to his mental state, he still isn’t Wenren Cangyue’s match.” Lin Xi nodded. “He will definitely cross the Thousand Sunset Mountains.”

Zhantai Qiantang nodded, momentarily not knowing what to say.

Even though towards this war between two massive empires, Moon Seizing City’s battle was only a single defeat, far from harming either side’s foundation, if this continued, Wenren Cangyue would receive more and more support from Great Mang, become more and more powerful.

“I will leave soon.” Lin Xi turned around to look at Zhantai Qiantang, calmly saying, “I am heading to the Thousand Sunset Mountains.”

Zhantai Qiantang was startled. “If you go now…”

“I know that I am not Wenren Cangyue’s match right now. Don’t worry, I am not going because I want to kill Wenren Cangyue.” Lin Xi’s voice was calm, but continuing with a slightly cold tone, he said, “I am going to kill Xu Qiubai.”[1]

“On the military report you gave me, there was news of more than ten Yunqin high ranking officials being assassinated by an archer. That person can only be Xu Qiubai.”

“I am going to kill him, take one of Wenren Cangyue’s arms first.”

1. The most powerful archer under Wenren Cangyue

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