Book 11 Chapter 14 - The Battle Changes

Radiance shone in the sky.

Hu Piyi’s golden figure instantly seemed even more dazzling.

However, in this instant, his expression instead became unprecedentedly pale.


A vicious roar louder than ever before erupted from his mouth. The aura surging from this extremely mighty giant golden war chariot instantly blew away the stream of flames created from that fluttering fragment.

Then, even if they were crushed to pieces, those fine granules still continued to burn and release terrifying heat.

The bulging on Moon Seizing City’s surface began to swell even higher, releasing flames that reached a zhang in height.

The black snow that fluttered down almost surrounded the entire Moon Seizing City.

For a powerful Sacred Expert level figure like Hu Piyi, just the aura surging from his body could easily blow away the black snow drifting towards him and the war chariot.

However, those ordinary Yunqin soldiers and those ordinary low level military cultivators whose soul force was already practically spent definitely couldn’t.

The scattering black snow quickly turned into bursts of flames. It landed on their bodies, stuck to them, and then burned intensely.

Soon afterwards, all of Moon Seizing City began to burn, the entire city turning into an erupting volcano.

Countless brave Yunqin soldiers became human torches, not even rolling on the ground was able to put out the flames stuck to their bodies.

Hu Piyi ordered the entire army to withdraw from this city. He originally didn’t want to retreat with them, but the Salt Frost Apes that were pulling the war chariot, when facing this burning city and the descending flames, already couldn’t break free from their instinctive fear. They were already no longer under those priests’ control, frantically shrinking back in panic.

The giant golden war chariot began to rush out of the burning city with a type of staggering stance.

The deathly pale faced Hu Piyi, while shaking uncontrollably all over, turned around to look at the city behind him.

The several thousand Yunqin troops who guarded the northern gates fearlessly were cut through by Wenren Cangyue’s troops like tofu.

The one who served as the arrowhead was Wenren Cangyue, an individual unmatched among Sacred Experts, as well as a group of cultivators who still had abundant soul force.

That was why all of the blades aimed at him and the warhorse beneath him were completely shattered by the terrifying power his body released and the horrifying sword energy surging in front of him, blown outwards, and then with chi chi sounds, they impaled the bodies of the Yunqin soldiers in his way.

All of the pursuing soldiers behind him were devoured by raging flames.

Those thousand membered Yunqin light armored cavalry were also eaten alive by the sky reaching flames before they could even approach the northern gates.

As he led close to a thousand troops behind him, Wenren Cangyue remained expressionless. He charged into the wasteland, fleeing west.

Even though right now, he was truly fleeing, the Seven Planets Devil Sword’s sword radiance was suffused with an even stronger feeling of contempt and mockery.

Scarlet tongues of flames swept out from Moon Seizing City’s northern gates.

Some of the flames in the city even rushed past the city walls, lighting up the skies bright red. The entire city seemed to have become a giant flame stove.

Not many people were able to escape from the city. All of the Yunqin people outside the city couldn’t help but start to tremble.

More than a hundred thousand Yunqin soldiers were devoured right in front of their eyes, devoured by the burning city. Meanwhile, they who were still alive, couldn’t do anything about it, only able to watch as this type of thing happened.

When the black snow drifted down, an entirely white haired, extremely aged Yunqin Spiritual Sacrifice Priest who was in the giant imposing golden war chariot already seemed to have become petrified. His originally rosy complexion became dark gray like rotten wood.

When the golden war chariot was pulled out of Moon Seizing City by the Salt Frost Apes, finally stopping, when all of the Salt Frost Apes began to tremble upon seeing their own burns, this aged Yunqin priest that was already petrified suddenly reached out a hand. He opened his mouth, seemingly wishing to say something, as if he wanted to shout something. However, the moment he opened his mouth, a blast of blood sprayed out from his mouth.

No sounds were released at all.

When this blast of blood sprayed out from his mouth, his hands suddenly reaching towards that burning city, his mind already carried endless pain and despair. It hung down, never to be raised again.

While all this was happening, in the hundred li wastelands’ hilly region between Devil Altar City and Moon Seizing City, another Yunqin army was still currently heading towards Moon Seizing City according to deployment instructions.

This Yunqin troop was a provision escort troop.

The amount of provisions a Yunqin army of two hundred thousand needed was extremely astonishing. While the great army continuously advanced, behind Yunqin’s Thousand Sunset Mountain, troops that delivered provisions would also follow continuously.

Right now, this two thousand or so Yunqin fleet was still a few dozen li from Moon Seizing City. With layers of mountain ranges between them, there was no way they would know what was happening in Moon Seizing City right now. However, all of these Yunqin soldiers still couldn’t help but raise their heads towards the skies in a bit of alarm.

It was because even while a few dozen li away, they could still see that the skies above Moon Seizing City had already become scarlet red, becoming even more red than the reddest sunset.

The moment these soldiers raised their heads to look towards the horizon, their minds horrified as they made all types of suspicions, a shrill air tearing noise descended.

A dark red arrow landed in this Yunqin fleet.

The power of this dark red arrow was too great, most of the people here only felt a crazy gale sweep in. This dark red arrow’s speed was just too shocking, practically none of these Yunqin soldiers saw where this arrow arrived from, only vaguely sensing the direction the crazy wind descended from.

Cries of alarm and howling sounded from within the fleet. Most of these Yunqin soldiers turned around in shock, but they only saw that the entire head of the highest ranking officer of this fleet, that black armored individual seated on a large and tall warhorse, was hacked into a pile of rotten flesh.

Several officer attendants held weapons in hand, their faces pale as they looked at the headless corpse, in shock and horror as they looked into the distant mountain forest.


When these officers finally believed what they were seeing, believed that this extremely powerful cultivator leader who they normally couldn’t fight back against at all was assassinated by an arrow, they began to use distorted voices to give out military orders. However, at this time, in the forest, the archer who had a dark red longbow on his back, face covered in a red fine scaled mask already turned around to leave.

Waves of great power rushed out from his hands and feet, just like formless wings, they granted his body speed several times that of a speeding horse, quickly disappearing into the forest.

Right now, Wenren Cangyue was still doing his utmost to flee.

There were only close to a thousand mounted troops that followed him. When facing Yunqin’s ruined army of tens of thousands, if they were surrounded, he would still die.

However, at this time, on the borders of Great Mang’s Devil Sea Province that was closest to Moon Seizing City, within Black Yarn Mountain Region, there was a Great Mang Army that had already camped here for more than ten days. Now, the bugle horns had already sounded, all of them quickly leaving this mountain region, advancing towards Moon Seizing City.

When this army’s vanguard troops officially left the mountain region and poured into the plains, the army behind them was incredibly dense, covering two whole hills behind them.

The numbers of this Great Mang army already exceeded a hundred thousand!

There were trained eagles that flew even faster than vultures circling the skies above Great Mang’s northern wasteland. On the flame ravaging world, there were fast horses that were running crazily despite everything happening around them.

Everything that happened this day on the southern front battlefield, sprinkled across the world  through all types of channels.

Great Mang King City was closer to where this great battle happened, so voices of praise quickly sounded in the main discussion hall of Great Mang King City. In Purgatory Mountain’s highest peak Black Jade Hall, a dignified sigh of admiration also sounded.

Soon afterwards, everyone in Great Mang’s military and royal court learned of the newest battle situation, knowing that Yunqin’s great army of two hundred thousand took down Moon Seizing City, but Wenren Cangyue burned the entire city with raging flames, burned down a hundred thousand powerful Yunqin troops.

Great Mang’s people, especially those of Great Mang’s royal court and military, understood the bitterness of war clearly. Yunqin was Great Mang’s enemy country to begin with, the two always fighting during these years as well. That was why at this type of time, most of them wouldn’t feel anger that too many Great Mang soldiers died. Instead, they were only thinking that Wenren Cangyue’s army of seventy thousand, when facing more than two hundred Yunqin soldiers, in the end, Yunqin’s army only had less than fifty thousand left. Seventy thousand soldiers killed a hundred and fifty thousand Yunqin troops, just how shocking was this type of battle accomplishment?

According to the exact military report, from the beginning when Yunqin launched an expedition against the south, officially entering Great Mang’s territory, they already invested over four hundred thousand soldiers. By now, the amount of Yunqin soldiers that died already exceeded two hundred and fifty thousand. Meanwhile, Great Mang’s total casualties numbered less than a hundred and fifty. Right now, Yunqin’s total forces in facing Great Mang only numbered at a hundred and fifty thousand. Everyone in Great Mang began to learn that Wenren Cangyue already had a hundred thousand troops start a counterattack!

Previously, most of Great Mang’s people only doubted Wenren Cangyue because of his status as a Yunqin individual, only doubting Wenren Cangyue’s ability to control troops, doubting that this battle, under his command, there was no way they could win against Yunqin Army whose military equipment was unmatched under heaven.

However, now, when Great Mang’s troops began a counterattack, all voices opposed to Wenren Cangyue in Great Mang’s royal court and military instantly vanished without a trace.

The things that happened this day arrived in Central Continent City a bit later.

In this world’s most grand and imposing great city, within a luxurious study, an elder with a similarly stalwart build as Wenren Cangyue received news a bit earlier than even the Imperial City.

The instant he obtained these news, this tall and sturdy elder’s mouth also released a blast of blood.

This elder was Grand Secretary Wenren who always reported sick, the one who didn’t make an appearance all this time.

Parked not far from his study was a black gold carriage.

There were nine black gold carriages in this world in total, representing the highest reward and greatest glory bestowed by the late emperor. They represented the nine powerful families that supported Yunqin since its establishment.

However, this elder knew that following that elder surnamed Huang’s death, Huang Family being exiled to Jadewater Province and losing most of their authority, perhaps another two of these carriages will completely leave Yunqin Empire’s stage.

The more powerful Wenren Cangyue was, the greater the damage to Yunqin, the less confidence he had in facing Yunqin’s people.

Meanwhile, Hu Family’s relations with the emperor, because of Hu Piyi who already completely relied on the emperor, already practically ruptured, yet they still had to endure responsibility for Hu Piyi’s great defeat.

This elder who sprayed out a blast of blood raised his head in pain. Inside the courtyard, that parasol tree the late emperor personally planted for Wenren Family the year Yunqin was founded fluttered about unsteadily under the spring winds.

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