Book 11 Chapter 13 - Loneliness Amidst the Greatest Brilliance

For some reason, even the black cloud-like vultures circling above Moon Seizing City suddenly scattered into the distance, as if they were scared of Wenren Cangyue.

Standing on the extremely tall city walls, Wenren Cangyue was extremely far from that golden expanse and the massive war chariot pulled by Salt Frost Apes. However, because of the Brass Hawkeyes Principal Zhang introduced into this world, in that golden tide, many people could see Wenren Cangyue make this type of movement on the city wall, including Hu Piyi who was standing on the two floored war chariot.

When faced with Wenren Cangyue’s appearance, Hu Piyi only calmly gave the Order Transmitting Official next to him several orders.

The tens of thousands of sieging Yunqin troops began to temporarily retreat under his orders, getting some rest and waiting for night to descend.

Regardless of whether it was in cultivation or leading an army, Hu Piyi was a true genius, or else he wouldn’t have risen above all of Hu Family’s children, moreover directly become one of Yunqin Empire’s three great generals at the prime of his life. However, in the past, no matter how much outstanding military service he contributed, how great his accomplishments were, no matter how truly exceptional he was, Wenren Cangue was always a shadow that crushed down above his head.

Wenren Cangyue’s achievements were even more illustrious than his.

Wenren Cangyue was unmatched among Sacred Experts, his individual strength was greater than his.

Wenren Cangyue took less time to rise up to the position of the west suppressing great general than him.

It was to the extent where almost everyone in Yunqin believed that the Jadefall Border Army controlled by Wenren Cangyue was the most powerful army in all of Yunqin.

All of this vaguely pointed out a reality… which was precisely that even though they were both similarly part of the three great generals, he was inferior to Wenren Cangyue.[1]

Under this type of background, right now, Wenren Cangyue’s undisguised contempt naturally left Hu Piyi far more furious than anyone else. However, he wasn’t a young general who was still young and wet behind the ears. He knew that before victory, everything else was meaningless.

As long as he could win this war against the south, all of the shadows that previously loomed over his head would naturally vanish like smoke into thin air. That was why right now, he was more cool-headed than anyone else.

For the sake of preventing these Yunqin soldiers from doing anything too rash under their extreme anger, when facing Wenren Cangyue’s disdain, he instead temporarily chose to withdraw, choosing to make these Yunqin soldiers calm down first.

The hundred heaven supporting giant-like Yunqin Stone Catapult Carts seemed to be voicing Hu Piyi and all of Yunqin army’s anger, bombarding through the night.

In the middle of the night, Moon Seizing City’s southern wall that was already in tatters finally released a world shaking collapsing noise. Another part broke off, another twenty something meters long opening appearing.

However, Yunqin’s military wasn’t in a rush to launch an attack at night, only adjusting the Stone Catapult Carts to continue a concentrated bombardment on the walls around this opening.

That night, Yunqin’s Moon Piercing Crossbow Carts and Mountain Piercing Crossbow Cart’s terrifying metal ringing noise also sounded throughout the entire night.

Yunqin military sent large amounts of expensive large scale crossbow arrows that were only brought to the front lines after paying a tremendous price, all of this only to prevent Great Mang’s forces from establishing effective defenses around this opening.

Under the descent of a new day, when the first glimmer of dawn shone down on Moon Seizing City, Moon Seizing City’s southern wall had already collapsed close to a hundred meters. The black, infant thick steel crossbow arrows that were nailed on the city’s walls and a long distance inside the city are all already concentrated like a black jungle.

All of the crossbow carts and blade carts stopped, starting to uniformly reload.

All of the still intact sky supporting giant-like Yunqin Stone Catapult Carts also stopped, all of them also joining the preparation.

In that instant, the entire battlefield became mysteriously peaceful.

However, even the lowest level Great Mang soldiers, from these two days of Yunqin army attacks, knew that the final decisive battle was imminent.

This type of momentary deathly stillness before the great battle made even the vultures flying above the city feel a crushing terror, all of them scattering away.

This type of peace didn’t actually last that long.

The ground began to tremble again, starting to tremble with greater and greater intensity.

In Yunqin army, that golden sea-like heavy armored cavalry army began to uniformly move and advance.

A row of heavy armored soldiers flickering with cold radiance appeared at the very front of the army.

Only, this row of heavy armored troops weren’t the remaining Green Wolf Heavy Armor army.

Those remaining Green Wolf Heavy Armor soldiers assembled into small groups, mixed within the infantry army of tens of thousands. This row of heavy armors at the very front were covered in armor that was shockingly thick, every set covered in mysterious runes that were like exposed blood vessels.

This was Yunqin army’s most powerful, world shaking soul weapon Green King Heavy Armor Army!


Suddenly, all of Yunqin army’s war drums instantly erupted.

While the tremendous rumbling noises that even made one’s blood seem to surge sounded, the thunderous sounds of horse hooves sounded.

The war drums, horse hooves and war cries Yunqin army instantly erupted with condensed into a sound wave, reaching a level no one in the world could even imagine.

Even the most mediocre and cowardly soldier, under this type of sound, might feel their blood boil to the extreme.

Several rows of golden cavalry army suddenly accelerated.

These thousands of golden heavy armored cavalry were in groups of four, raised between them were massive heavy spears.

While these cavalry troops were charging with these five or six meter long giant spears, several hundred sets of Green King Heavy Armor’s runes instantly shone like they were turned on, releasing dazzling yellow radiance.


The radiance these heavy armors instantly flickered with and the light the giant spear tips reflected made it seem as if an expanse of shining lightning descended from above Moon Seizing City.

Like a landslide, all of these Green King Heavy Armors flickering with radiance began to brandish the axes in their hands, starting to charge ferociously with furious roars.

The charging speed of these sets of soul weapon heavy armors seemed to be kept at almost the same speed as the accelerating heavy armored cavalry. They charged in the golden tide, rushing at that hundred meters wide opening.


At the same time, all of the Yunqin Stone Catapult Carts that were still intact sent their boulders flying. Countless blasts of smoke and dust erupted behind the city walls.

Great Mang’s cavalry in Moon Seizing City also moved. Groups of heavy armored troops clashed with Yunqin’s soul weapon heavy armored army and the heavy armored cavalry.

In that instant, there were endless Great Mang heavy armor soldiers who couldn’t endure the force of the soul weapon heavy armor and those giant spears that gathered the charging momentum of four warhorses. They were sent flying outwards, causing blasts of blood to appear.

After suffering more than thirty thousand casualties during the first two days, Yunqin army still had a hundred and seventy thousand men.

Meanwhile, even though they were the defenders, under the overwhelming military equipment transferred over through Yunqin’s tremendous national power, Great Mang’s side’s casualties weren’t less than Yunqin’s at all. The amount of troops in Moon Seizing City who could still participate in the battle already numbered only forty thousand.

This forty thousand sized Great Mang army, under the endless bombardment of military equipment, their stamina and willpower long approached their limit, unknown as to what kind of methods Wenren Cangyue even used to keep them still going. Meanwhile, on Yunqin’s side, they had always been resting these past few days. Now, they were already starting to charge like bloodthirsty wolves, their fighting spirits now completely surging.

That was why this battle situation wasn’t deadlocked like the first day the city was attacked. When the Green King Heavy Armor soldiers at the very front collapsed after exhausting their soul force, the Yunqin heavy armored cavalry that rushed up from the back were already like a golden stream that poured into a deep pit and then quickly began to extend outwards.

The inside of the city, was even more vast, an even better battlefield for Yunqin’s great army.

The bitter battle didn’t continue for that long. Before noon, after abandoning close to thirty thousand corpses again, the remaining Great Mang army began to flee into the city’s alleys in disorder.

Everything went as expected.

Yunqin army infiltrated the city group after group in an extremely orderly manner, starting to enter the alleys in a sweeping manner. Some of the Yunqin army separately climbed the city, starting to occupy Moon Seizing City’s grand city walls.

During noon, when sunlight was most intense, Yunqin’s great army already practically completed its occupation of Moon Seizing City. More than ten thousand Yunqin troops already entered Moon Seizing City. The rest of the battlefield process already reached the final stage where they just had to tidy up, occupy, as well as proceed in the search and elimination of Wenren Cangyue.

The golden war chariot dragged by several dozen Salt Frost Apes pulled the golden war chariot over the collapsed city wall rubble, entering Moon Seizing City.

Just like last time when they attacked Devil Altar City, Hu Piyi who stood on the second floor of the war chariot raised his head slightly, examining this giant city he had taken over.

He wore golden armor, hanging at his side was a golden sword, these things seeming exceptionally radiant under the scorching sun. When the golden war chariot entered Moon Seizing City, countless Yunqin soldiers also uniformly released shouts and cheers.

The victors are always righteous.

Right now, all of the Yunqin soldiers who participated in this bitter battle wouldn’t think that this was the result of having several times the forces of the opponent. For them, this was a hard earned victory.

However, right at this time, the reconnaissance cavalry troops who entered carefully to search the city, now already penetrating deeply into the streets and alleys, instead noticed that there was a strange rumbling from the city’s north.

Moon Seizing City’s north was the direction directly facing Yunqin, as well as the place where the most military equipment was permanently fixed in place. Right now, there was only a small region Yunqin’s troops still didn’t have absolute control over.

Meanwhile, right at this time, the heavy northern gates were opened.

When the gates were opened, there were still several Yunqin armies that were waiting seriously.

However, the instant the doors were opened, carrying powerful winds, endless extremely powerful sounds of crossbow arrows and metal clanking noises instantly descended upon Yunqin’s troops at the very front.

Concentrated large scale crossbow arrows instantly tore hundreds of Yunqin soldiers into crushed flesh and blood.

A cavalry troop rushed out from the wide open city gates with shocking speed.

The densely packed Yunqin soldiers immediately released great roars of anger.

It was because the one sitting on a blood red giant horse at the very front was precisely the dark and red-armored, iron-cast Wenren Cangyue.

Even despite clearly knowing Wenren Cangyue’s strength and terror, despite the scene of hundreds of soldiers instantly being turned into crushed flesh, all of the Yunqin soldiers surrounding the northern gate still wanted to prevent Wenren Cangyue from breaking out. All of them instead began to charge at Wenren Cangyue with even greater decisiveness.

The military banner on the arrow tower outside the northern gate began to flutter about, instantly transmitting news of Wenren Cangyue rushing out from the northern entrance together with the shrill military bugle sound.

A light cavalry army, while on alert, its thousands of riders released fierce shouts at the same time. They decisively removed a long needle by their legs, fiercely stabbing it into their warhorses that they normally cherished greatly, viewed as their intimate companions. All of these warhorses released loud cries from pain, raising their speeds to the limit. They didn’t care about the obstructions of the scattered Great Mang soldiers at all, only continuously charging towards the northern gate like streaks of lightning.

However, right at this time, many level areas of Moon Seizing City instead began to strangely bulge, moreover releasing slight sounds.

Then, like erupting volcanoes, the ground surface bulged upwards, split open, and then streaks of black smoke pillars emerged.

There was fiery light that surged underground, shooting out at this time. Black pillars of flame began to disperse, scattering everywhere.

Black fish scale-like fragments scattered down from above, as if there was suddenly snow.

Hu Piyi whose head was originally already lowered, looking straight towards the northern gates, suddenly raised his head.

He saw that there was a black fish scale-like piece of black snow that was drifting towards the war chariot he was at. Then, in his line of sight, under his perception, this piece of black snow quickly became red, burning and releasing terrifying heat.

1. The third of the three great generals is Gu Yunyjng, the Commander-In-Chief of Dragon Snake Border Army

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