Book 11 Chapter 12 - Contempt

This was completely a true historic level scene.

Over a hundred war drums continuously struck down.

Under the world shaking war drums and war cries of two hundred thousand Yunqin soldiers, more than three hundred sets of Stone Catapult Carts continuously sent out chunk after chunk of house-sized rocks into the air.

In just a few halts of time, Yunqin who amassed such a shocking amount of large scale military equipment began to seize the absolute advantage.

The large scale crossbow machines that were fixed in place were smashed apart by the giant boulders, the steel crossbows and capstans fell from the city walls one after another.

Some giant Stone Catapult Carts even exceeded the height of the city walls. Under the bombardment of the giant boulders, they released scalp numbing exploding noises, coming crashing down and producing sky reaching blasts of smoke and dust.

On Yunqin’s side, there were giant heavy supporting Stone Catapults that came roaring down. However, the other Stone Catapult Carts still continued to move forward, bombarding the enemy.

The house-like giant boulders moved through the air, falling down, releasing terrifying collision sounds and horrifying scenes. This continued for many hours.

Under the continuous bombardment which lasted hours after hours, Moon Seizing City’s southern gate wall was already smashed until it was scattered and smashed to pieces. All types of giant boulders and crushed boulders piled up. The city wall that was several dozen meters in height completely split apart, coming crashing down.

The Yunqin officials who had already waited for a long time simultaneously released a vicious roar. The sounds of war drums that had already shaken heaven and earth became even more intense, as if the feet of countless giants trampled down.

The twenty thousand heavy armored Yunqin cavalry that were already waiting at the very front of the troops, awaiting further orders, released a sky shaking great roar: “For Yunqin!”

Under incredibly loud rumbling noises, the ground shook fiercely. Twenty thousand Yunqin Green Wolf Heavy Armor soldiers maintained an orderly formation. The heavy armor covering their bodies flickered with sunshine, these troops charging towards the city up ahead like a moving imposing mountain.

There were immediately endless metal ringing noises and loud footsteps behind Moon Seizing City’s collapsed city walls. Endless dust began to pour down from the entire wall.

Under the guangdong guangdong metal striking sounds, endless Great Mang infantry ‘Owl’ Heavy Armor’s figures continuously appeared from the collapsed city walls, instantly forming a sea of metal.


Following the appearance of these steel giants, extremely fierce military orders sounded at the same time.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!... Sounds of metal clashing and air penetrating sounds rang through the air. Countless crossbow arrows fired from powerful crossbow carriages formed a dark cloud of steel, smashing viciously into Yunqin’s twenty thousand heavy armored troops.

Many Green Wolf Heavy Armors on these soldiers’ bodies shattered under the impact of these massive crossbow arrows, the flesh within also smashed apart. After flying backwards, they could no longer climb back up again. However, this Yunqin heavy armored army’s momentum was still like a landslide, not stopping in the slightest. They brought crazying roaring winds with them to the city’s opening, clashing with the other party’s great army.


In this instant, the vicious roars of these soldiers seemed to have overwhelmed the war drum sounds and the clash of countless steel figures that shook everything within ten li.

The soldiers that were charging at the very front were instantly drowned out by the wave of metal, but there were heavy armored soldiers that continued to charge forward from behind, using all of their strength to brandish the weapons in their hands forward. In this opening that was tens of meters thick, there were immediately over a thousand people that completely filled it, steel figures and blades completely jammed together, clashing with each other. Meanwhile, the steel flood continued to pour in, filling up this entire region, becoming even more dense.

The two sides were completely charging forward with the price of lives, using the force of impact, tearing, grinding and trampling each other, carrying out this type of chaotic battle.

There were large amounts of crossbow carts in Yunqin’s rear lines, the blade carts and other military equipment also already caught up. While the Stone Catapult Carts still continuously sent massive boulders into the city wall and behind it, countless giant crossbow arrows, like giant spinning blades the size of tables also rained down, pouring down on the troops behind the wall opening.

Both sides’ heavy armored army were crammed together, fighting under the barrage of metal.

The sea of metal instantly turned into a sea of badly mangled flesh. Bodies, armors, weapons, all of this were continuously crushed and smashed apart, huge waves of blood continuously splashed everywhere.

Both sides’ heavy armored troops were rapidly decreasing, both sides’ military equipment also being continuously destroyed.

Yunqin’s Stone Catapult Carts all began to lighten the weight of the stones flung out to ensure that these boulders could reach behind the city, thus not inflicting any damage on their own heavy armored army. The Stone Catapult Carts in the back also began to shift forward. However, at the same time, while the Great Mang army on the city wall continuously rushed out, sending the giant rocks on the city walls smashing down on the heavy armored troops, these Great Mang soldiers also began to send giant logs rolling down towards the wall’s gap.

On the sixty or seventy archery towers Yunqin already set up, over a thousand archers also began to fire arrows.

Concentrated black arrows already created a new torrential rain, descending towards the city wall.

This type of cruel slaughter continued from noon all the way to dusk.

The corpses of both sides, as well as the various arrows, steel crossbow arrows, blade carts’ giant blades and boulders from Stone Catapult Carts already piled up the opening of this wall until it reached six to seven meters in height again.

Before nightfall, the heavy armored Yunqin heavy armored troops that were completely exhausted mentally and spiritually, to the extent where even the weight of their heavy armors was difficult to bear, began to retreat.

During this retreat, the original twenty thousand Yunqin heavy armored troops were now only six thousand.

Great Mang’s losses were definitely not lower than those of Yunqin Army that still had a military equipment advantage. In this first day of the official city siege, the casualties from the battle around this opening of both sides already totaled to at least thirty thousand lives.

At nightfall, countless bonfires were lit in the wilderness around Moon Seizing City. The heavy armored army that was already powerless to fight again retreated, getting some rest right now. However, both sides’ large scale military equipment still continuously bombarded the enemy.

After a night of bombardment, the greatly fortified Moon Seizing City had several more chunks that collapsed. However, the damaged wall still had ten or so meters of height, so it was still not as good as the opening made the first day that almost completely collapsed, the main army couldn’t directly pour in. However, after experiencing an entire night of large scale military equipment bombardment, all of the large scale crossbows on Moon Seizing City’s city wall were already blasted into a pile of metal fragments. All of the large scale Stone Catapult Carts in the city that could still retaliate were also bombarded until they were destroyed.

However, on Yunqin’s side, apart from the Stone Catapults that were destroyed by Great Mang’s Stone Catapults or the ones that broke apart from excessive use themselves, there were still close to a hundred sets of Stone Catapult Carts that were still standing.

When facing these Stone Catapult Carts, Moon Seizing City’s southern side could only resign itself to its fate, silently allowing the giant boulders to smash against the city walls, into the residences behind the city wall.

Under the cover of the Stone Catapult Carts that still continuously rumbled, Yunqin’s infantry troops that numbered several tens of thousands began to press towards the wall. They began to construct archer towers closer to the city wall, allowing their archers’ line of sight to cross over the extremely wide city wall and land inside the city. At the same time, some large scale escalades began to push forward as well.

However, even without the cover of large scale military equipment, Great Mang’s troops still carried out an incredibly tenacious resistance.

Rows of shield bearing soldiers and archers began to gather on the city wall, braving the concentrated rain of black arrows and advancing Yunqin army in retaliation. Whenever several Stone Catapults’ boulders smashed into the shield bearing soldiers and archers, crushing them into bloody paste like cockroaches, there would still immediately be large amounts of Great Mang soldiers that would take their place.

From sunrise to sunset, blood continuously flowed down from the city wall like a stream, moving along the city wall’s grooves.

A Yunqin general that was riding on a pure black warhorse, his charge through the densely packed Yunqin black armored infantry troops a bit abrupt, coldly looked at the city wall tricking with blood.

For this high ranked Yunqin officer, this type of fighting was extremely beneficial for Yunqin’s great army.

It was because in this type of situation where there were no large scale military equipment to contend against them, allowing Yunqin’s great army to wreak havoc, the casualties of Great Mang’s troops definitely wouldn’t be lower than the that of the attacking Yunqin soldiers who were on the offensive.

This type of exchange of casualties that was close to a one to one ratio, even though it was cruel, it could win Yunqin army large amounts of time. Within a few days, they could break through this Great Mang imposing city.

When Yunqin’s great army of over two hundred thousand surrounded Great Mang’s seventy to eighty thousand, they didn’t have to fear attrition at all. What they feared was only Great Mang’s reserve army, as well as the transport of military equipment and provisions from behind the great army.

These high ranking Yunqin officers had a sharp intuition towards the entire battle situation as well. They could tell that Wenren Cangyue might still have quite the great amount of Great Mang reserve troops that he could use. In their opinion, Wenren Cangyue’s only chance lied in whether Wenren Cangyue could transfer over large amounts of Great Mang reinforcements to carry out an inside and outside pincer attack.

Meanwhile, Yunqin’s southern expedition army’s response was just to use their terrifying military equipment, heavy armored troops and powerful army to overwhelm the other side, not hesitating to use lives to take down this city that could decide the entire military campaign in the shortest amount of time.

Under volcanic eruption-like great shouts and screams, two giant Yunqin escalades were about to reach the enemy’s city gates.

At the same time, the six thousand Yunqin heavy armored troops who had already rested for an entire night and day also started to run again. They turned into a golden metal stream, pouring towards that opening again.

Right at this time, a black-red armored figure with a long indigo blue cloak behind him, his figure as if cast from iron appeared on the city walls covered in broken limbs, bloody paste, and crushed stones.

Right now, there were who knew how many Great Mang soldiers gathered on this city wall, who knew how many arrows flying through the air from both sides, as well as many giant crossbow arrows and boulders smashing down. Compared to the boulders released by the Stone Catapult Carts, this iron cast figure seemed extremely insignificant. However, this figure seemed to possess endless demonic power, making all of the Yunqin high ranking commanders riding on horses and many Yunqin soldiers immediately notice this individual’s appearance.

The grave and stern Yunqin high ranking military officer’s pupils immediately contracted.

With a boom noise, the tens of thousands of Yunqin soldiers closest to the city walls quickly released an even louder ocean wave like war cry.

Wenren Cangyue!

Even though most people never personally saw Wenren Cangyue’s face before, right now, everyone was sure that this iron cast figure, this powerful Great Mang Commander-In-Chief, was precisely Wenren Cangyue!

Wenren Cangyue was precisely in this Moon Seizing City!

The traitor who killed the crown prince was precisely in Moon Seizing City!

Wenren Cangyue’s face remained expressionless as he walked within the bloody earth and ruined corpses. The instant he appeared between two escalades, the air in front of him shook greatly. Endless blood and crushed flesh flew from the city wall. The Seven Planets Devil Sword[1] that carried an aura of contempt released explosive waves of air, instantly blowing away all of the black arrows aimed at him, and then hacked down on those two escalades.

These Yunqin escalades were completely covered in a layer of finger thick brass, making them extremely durable and hard to break. This ugly flat ruler-like flying sword seemed extremely insignificant compared to this escalade that could allow several people to climb up side by side, but the instant this streak of sword radiance rushed past, the top half of the two escalades was completely cut through, coming crashing down.

At the same time, Wenren Cangyue stood still without moving, silently looking towards the distance behind Yunqin’s great army of tens of thousands, ignoring the hundred sets of Stone Catapult Carts that were still standing. He raised his hand, turned over his palm and then gestured downwards.

In that instant, all of Yunqin’s great army erupted with heaven overflowing roars of incomparable fury.

The high ranking Yunqin officer riding on the pure black warhorse was also angered to the extreme, his entire body even shaking slightly.

Wenren Cangyue’s movement was just like the middle finger of the world Lin Xi was familiar with. In Yunqin, what this expressed was precisely contempt and disdain.

Meanwhile, the direction he looked towards was the golden expanse behind the ocean wave like Yunqin army, that massive and indescribable war chariot.

That was where Yunqin army’s central army was, where the Commander-In-Chief of this Yunqin army, Hu Piyi was.

Wenren Cangyue was expressing his contempt for Hu Piyi, his contempt towards the entire Yunqin great army… expressing his contempt towards the entire massive Yunqin Empire.

1. Legendary guardian sword from Purgatory Mountain, passed down since the age of gods and devils B10C14

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