Book 11 Chapter 8 - Revolving Black Clouds, Giant City

Countless ravens and vultures flew through the sky, forming an extremely terrifying black vortex.

Whenever anyone saw these dark cloud vortices formed from endless ravens and vultures, they would feel extreme horror.

However, these flocks of ravens and vultures in the sky were also continuously crying out in alarm and fear.

Beneath these densely packed spiraling dark clouds of ravens and vultures was an imposing city with gates reaching more than thirty meters into the air.

Endless densely packed Great Mang soldiers and Yunqin soldiers surrounded this city, fighting and killing each other.

Looking at it from above, it was as if endless ants surrounded a towering cake, carrying out an intense battle and slaughter here.

This city’s walls originally had a moat, but this moat had already been completely filled up by all types of ruined military equipment, rolled logs, giant boulders and corpses of soldiers from both sides. In the surrounding wasteland, the corpses of both sides had already piled up together. Right now, all of the battles were already carried out on layers and layers of corpses.

These corpses, for those ravens and vultures within the rotating terrifying giant black clouds, were exceptional delicacies. However, these ravens and vultures didn’t dare descend, only daring to greedily cry in alarm and impatience. From time to time, vultures and ravens whose strength were completely exhausted, yet were reluctant to leave dropped from above.

It was because there were two more black curtains between the black swirling cloud of vultures and ravens and the city.

They were arrow rains released from within and outside the city.

They were also the crossbolts, heavy objects and even giant burning logs that were released from both inside and outside the city.

The density of these things that were flying through the air was concentrated to the point where all ravens and vultures that flew down would quickly be crushed into feathers and crushed flesh.

This battle that surrounded this imposing city had already reached its climax.

Without including the soldiers who already died from both sides, right now, the total number of fighting troops still clearly exceeded a hundred thousand.

Both sides had archer armies of terrifying numbers, all of these archers continuously releasing arrows.

Under the bombardment of Stone Catapult Carts and Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts, Great Mang’s imposing city’s western walls already had a huge opening exposed.

For the sake of preventing Great Mang from plugging up this hole, together with this besiege that had already continued for many days, Yunqin’s army already began to show weariness. That was why the tens of thousands of Great Mang troops in the city instead slaughtered their way out, starting a crazy retaliation.

In this type of crazy chaos, the archer troops in the city and military equipment already couldn’t distinguish friend and foe, only frantically reaping lives. Everyone already became completely crazy, didn’t know the meaning of fear, only frantically waving their blades at the enemy, this continuing until their own strength was exhausted or when they were cut down by an enemy’s weapon.

The ground continuously trembled under the impact of heavy objects and military tools.

Layers after layers of corpses continued to bounce on the ground, as if they were still alive.

A Yunqin cultivator held a soul weapon giant sword that was about as tall as a person’s height. The bird feather shaped runes on the sword body released a dazzling deep green radiance, none of the Great Mang soldiers around him could stop his sword. However, the instant his sword cleaved through three Great Mang soldiers, when this Yunqin army cultivator raised his head towards the sky, the sky before his eyes darkened.

A piece of the city wall was flung out by a Stone Catapult Cart in the city, smashing down towards him.

The instant this giant sword wielding cultivator raised his head, he began to crazily run forward. However, a crossbow arrow that was even thicker than the arm of an infant flew over while carrying a terrifying aura, passing through his chest and nailing him fiercely to the ground.


This broken wall that weighed who knew how many jin smashed down viciously, crushing this Yunqin officer and several Yunqin and Great Mang soldiers around him, a wave of blood gushing out from underneath.

This was only a small corner of the cruel battlefield surrounding this city.

Regardless of whether it was the Stone Catapult Carts, the giant boulders or the crossbow arrows, they might not have been truly aimed at this cultivator. However, because the amount of things descending from the sky was too concentrated and because there were waves of blood and weapons everywhere, this battlefield instead became filled with too many uncertain elements of death. Even the strength and uses of cultivators were greatly reduced on this battlefield, even these powerful existences became extremely weak.

However, right at this time, two abnormal cultivators who still seemed extremely powerful appeared by the city’s west opening.

This was a pair, one young and one old, cultivators whose skin both gave off a unique dark blue color.

On their bodies were long black and red leather robes.

Embroidered on the shining black robes were small red mountain runes.

Both of these individuals had a blue and green colored long zither swirling with black energy, the zither itself covered in many devil king shaped runes.

Great Mang soldiers who held giant shields and dragged war chariots surrounded these two Great Mang cultivators like lotus flower petals.

These two Great Mang cultivators’ hands quickly moved across the long zither in front of them. Under the infusion of their soul force, the long zither in front of them didn’t release any sound, only releasing swirling black energy. The zither strings were like black hair, shooting out and making their way into the corpses of already deceased Yunqin or Great Mang soldiers.

Then, these corpses, under the control of these two two Great Mang cultivators’ zither strings, would become like marionettes and fight the surrounding Yunqin soldiers.

These two strange Great Mang cultivators could control more than ten corpses each. Only when these corpses’ legs were cut, unable to stand again, or their bodies were completely crushed, would they lose fighting strength. Meanwhile, when one corpse broke apart, they would use the zither strings to control a new corpse.

Soul force naturally wasn’t endless. This type of special corpse control method was still just a special way of using soul force.

However, corpses that already had their guts spilling outwards, but still killed enemies… especially when soldiers who were killed by these corpses would immediately become a new corpse soldier, this type of scene still made many Yunqin soldiers who had already gone completely crazy from blood and slaughter feel fear

These Yunqin soldiers, under continuous days of besieging, already became extremely weary. Right now, this type of fear also had a type of battlefield changing effects. A wave of defeated aura began to spread from this area like ripples.

The soldiers who were currently experiencing this cruel battle instead became even more sensitive towards this type of aura.

In that instant, many Great Mang soldiers began to release mad roars. It was as if they saw a glimmer of hope in the darkness, feeling that there was a chance of life in this battle.

The battle situation that had entered a stalemate, Yunqin’s side which originally seemingly had a slight advantage, was about to completely change.

Suddenly, around the entire imposing city’s surroundings, this battlefield became sluggish simultaneously, as if time itself suddenly stopped.

A dazzling golden light surged from the distant horizon.

The Great Mang defenders on the extremely wide walls saw it immediately. Endless golden armored cavalry charged across the horizon, rushing crazily like a tide.

Within this dense tide that was made up of at least ten thousand golden-armored cavalry was a divine king giant boat-like, two layered war chariot.

What pulled this war chariot weren’t ordinary military horses, but rather several dozen Salt Frost Apes that were as tall as cave barbarians, their bodies covered in white frost!

Above this carriage stood a military officer dressed in golden heavy armor, a golden cloak on his back.

At the very front of the war chariot was a sharp crane mouth-like giant battering ram. Within the lower level were seated priests dressed in Yunqin Priest attire who controlled these Salt Frost Apes.

Salf Frost Apes possessed astonishing strength. They were Soul Expert level fiend beasts.

It was clear that these priests were all Spiritual Sacrifice Priests!

This war chariot, when needed, could clearly turn into a besieging carriage under the control of these Spiritual Sacrifice Priests!

Spiritual Sacrifice Priests represented the purest glory. They were extremely rare existences in Yunqin. However, right now, there were actually so many of them here!

Together with so many golden heavy armored cavalry, this meant that there was only one possibility. The large and tall officer who stood on top of this war chariot, his entire body flickering with golden brilliance, as if he was going to seize all of the light of this world, was precisely Yunqin’s Commander-In-Chief of this war against the south, Generalissimo Hu Piyi!

In that instant, all of the Yunqin soldiers around this imposing city naturally knew who it was that arrived. Meanwhile, all of Great Mang’s soldiers, in that instant, also knew who it was that arrived from this war chariot’s powerful arrival.

In that instant, the battlefield’s situation completely changed.

That was why the Great Mang soldiers who had just seen the light of dawn became overwhelmed with despair. They all began to howl madly and helplessly, many Great Mang soldiers who already found it hard to hold on even threw aside their weapons, their hands on the ground, awaiting their death.

The golden tide began to charge.

Horse hooves struck against the ground, forming waves. The golden armor flickered with golden light, reflecting radiance, making it so that one couldn’t open their eyes at all.

The direction this golden tide rushed towards was precisely this imposing city’s opening.

When the two eccentric Great Mang cultivators faced the world covering golden tide, their faces revealed bitter smiles.

Immediately afterwards, these two Great Mang cultivators were penetrated by countless golden spears that descended from the sky.

A massacre began.

The golden war chariot pressed forward towards this imposing city, charging through the opening like a hot knife through butter.

A golden flying sword shot out from the golden war chariot like a streak of golden lightning, instantly cutting through the throats of dozens of Great Mang soldiers who were operating crossbows.

The controller of this golden flying sword was Yunqin’s Generalissimo Hu Piyi,  after Wenren Cangyue betrayed the country, only Dragon Snake Border Army’s Gu Yunjing could be placed on equal footing with him. He raised his head, narrowed his eyes slightly, calmly examining this giant volcano-like imposing city.

The thirty-second day after the southern war began, under the endless battle of tooth and nail, Yunqin army whose numbers carried an overwhelming advantage, already starting to achieve victory segment by segment, finally officially occupied Devil Altar City, seizing a great victory in this battle against the south!

Devil Altar City was Great Mang’s most important military pivot in the entire southern region.

By taking over Devil Altar City, not only would they occupy large amounts of Great Mang’s southern provisions, the most important thing was that the large amounts of plains and streets in the back could allow Yunqin to easily push the armies Great Mang arranged in the southern border back. This way, most of Yunqin’s forces could directly face Moon Seizing City, Great Mang’s most important city in the south, the city that Wenren Cangyue personally watched over.

This was to say, this Devil Altar City was like a button connected to many threads. Not only did cutting off this button sever many military troops and provision transfer routes, this Devil Altar City was also a shield that stood in front of Wenren Cangyue.

With this shield removed, military strength several times that of Wenren Cangyue’s would quickly directly face him!

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