Book 11 Chapter 6 - New Master

Extremely chaotic noises sounded in the mountain, as if there were suddenly ten million fish that were splashing water in the caves and tunnels.

Guo Dongshen suddenly turned around.

In this cave, all of the gray-armored bandit leaders seated on the black iron seats were also completely at a loss, starting to turn around in alarm.

There were two people who didn’t belong to their group who walked into this room amidst the chaos.

One was a calm faced young lady who seemed to treat all people before her like objects, expressionlessly sizing everything up.

The other was a man with a longsword and a black bone giant bow on his back. On his face was a soft, plum blossom embroidered silver leather mask.

The excessively refined plum blossoms and this man’s vicious dark bone giant bow formed a huge contrast.

“Who are you all?!”

A gray-armored bandit leader couldn’t help but roar out, but his voice shook greatly. When the sound reached the surrounding walls, it turned into countless fine noises.

No one replied to his question.

The man who wore the fine mask calmly swept his eyes over everyone in this cave.

This young lady who didn’t seem to place anyone here in her eyes slowly walked forward, simply saying, “Either kneel down and serve me, or die.”

These words sounded arrogant to the extreme, but not a single bandit leader on those black iron seats said anything, nor did any of them feel exceptional anger because of this, instead becoming even more alarmed.

This sentence alone made all of them sure that this young lady was precisely that rumored female devil.

Guo Dongshen raised his head.

He sat at the highest point of this cave, on the dignified giant golden throne. However, when facing Nangong Weiyang and the masked Lin Xi, he still felt as if he was facing a great mountain, one that he had to raise his head to look at. This type of feeling made him feel extreme danger, understanding that these two’s strength were definitely extremely terrifying.

He just couldn’t figure out how the other party could enter this place either. However, he didn’t immediately reply, not in a rush to respond.

The instant he raised his head, a stone door not far from Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi that was originally closed was pushed open.

Following a loud eruption of air, a fierce man dressed in dark red robes rushed out first.

In the tunnel behind him, there was endless dark red radiance that surged. Countless individuals dressed in dark red clothes poured out like a tide, carrying an even more turbid clamoring as they charged through the tunnel.

Most bandits suffered untold hardships to arrive at the eastern border because they feared death, The eastern border was a place that was most suitable for a hiding and drifting life. Then, after living like rats over the years, these bandits even more so became cowardly like rats.

However, the bandits of Guo Dongshen’s Turtle Edge Mountain weren’t ordinary bandits.

During the past two decades, he operated this Turtle Edge Mountain like a country. Stability and safe living also made him produce quite a few subordinates who didn’t fear death.

Just like the defenses of Turtle Edge Mountain, this was also a source of Guo Dongshen’s powerful confidence.

That was why he only quietly waited.

The moment these personal guards arrived and pushed open the stone gate, a dark red robed fierce man just rushing out, neither Lin Xi nor Nangong Weiyang made any movements.

There was a dark red figure that rushed out from behind them, instantly passing them and charging forward.

This figure was larger and sturdier than anyone here, the dark red metal chained armor covering his entire body flickering with extremely cold radiance.

The instant this deity-like figure appeared, when he saw the exceptionally wide forehead and thick lips that were entirely different from Yunqin people, Guo Dongshen’s breathing already completely stopped. His body already became completely ice-cold.

This was a cave barbarian.

It was a cave barbarian, a race who the world’s most powerful Yunqin Empire had fought an endless war against in the past few decades.

Yet this individual was actually able to make the cave barbarians work for them?

This was something he completely couldn’t imagine, completely couldn’t understand.

When the dark red robed fierce man saw this dark red deity-like figure, his pupils contracted. However, he didn’t hesitate in the slightest. After a fierce shout, the light blue longsword in his hands released dazzling radiance, hacking fiercely towards this tall and study dark red figure’s abdomen.

When faced with the strike of this fearless Guo Dongshen subordinate, this tall and sturdy dark red figure only reached out a hand, gripping the exceptionally sharp light blue longsword.

The instant his palm and fingers made contact with this sharp longsword, a wave of scarlet red magma-like flames carried a terrifying temperature, spreading along the sword.

The longsword froze in the air.

The tall and sturdy dark red figure continued to walk forward. The light blue longsword became a scarlet red color, while this dark red robed fierce man’s hands immediately became scorched black. Before he could even release a cry, this type of scorched black color immediately surrounded his entire body along with this dark red figure’s advance.

His body began to burn intensely, falling to the ground. With a pu sound, it turned into a lump of burning scorched ashes.

Everything in front of this tall and sturdy dark red figure’s body was covered in flames, carrying a terrifying temperature. The other personal guards of Guo Dongshen who rushed out turned into human torches, collapsing to the floor.

Under an expanse of cries of shock and horror, the dark red tide that surged from that tunnel, suddenly stopped.

That tall and sturdy figure completely covered in terrifying flames stood by that entrance, directly blocking this exit. Everyone who approached him was completely turned into human torches, burned to ashes. The tunnel’s entrance and the stone room’s surrounding walls also began to become red, starting to melt, turning into flowing magma.

When faced with this scene, Guo Dongshen only did a single thing.

He lowered his body, leaving his golden chair, directly kneeling before Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi.

A split second ago, Nangong Weiyang already raised her head slightly, giving him a look.

A flying sword that exceeded the reactions of most people here already appeared from the body of Nangong Weiyang who didn’t have much patience, directly shooting towards Guo Dongshen.

The instant Guo Dongshen knelt down, this terrifying handleless flying sword already tore through all the curtains between Nangong Weiyang and him, arriving in front of his throat.

The sword’s biting cold energy already covered Guo Dongshen’s brows with frost the moment he knelt down.

When Guo Dongshen knelt down, this flying sword already stopped several inches in front of his throat. Like an exceptionally fierce gaze, it stared at him, and then withdrew.

The terrifying flames around Fire King’s body slowly disappeared.

The biting cold flying sword returned into Nangong Weiyang’s sleeves.

Nangong Weiyang slowly walked towards the kneeling Guo Dongshen.

All of the bandit leaders seated on black iron chairs knelt down, so scared their bodies were shaking, not daring to look at this new master of Turtle Edge Mountain.

Nangong Weiyang walked past the kneeling Guo Dongshen and then sat down on the large golden chair.

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