Book 11 Chapter 4 - We Agree

One had to admit that the bright red lips on that face flickering with gemstone radiance were extremely beautiful, easily drawing eyes.

Even though he knew that this might draw some misunderstandings from Chi Xiaoye, perhaps even angering the cave barbarian leaders who carried utmost respect for Chi Xiaoye, Lin Xi’s eyes still couldn’t help but remain on those bright red lips for a long time.

Chi Xiaoye didn’t feel anger towards this, because she already had enough trust in Lin Xi. In her mind, even though Lin Xi represented Yunqin, he at least represented Yunqin’s radiance. She didn’t greet Lin Xi first either, only carrying a complicated expression, but as she walked by Lin Xi’s side, her face was exceptionally calm. She sat down in front of all of the cave barbarian leaders, facing Lin Xi and sitting down.

There were still many cave barbarian soldiers who stopped. In this type of atmosphere that seemed a bit too serious, Nangong Weiyang instead thought that if the underground caves collapsed, these cave barbarian soldiers would definitely dig out this cave with extraordinary speed, quickly dig out everyone here like radishes.

The entire cave became quiet. Chi Xiaoye didn’t know that right now, Nangong Weiyang’s brain actually had such ‘talented’ thoughts.

When her eyes swept over Lin Xi and the tender faced young lady beside him, this green-eyed young lady’s eyes produced a bit more turmoil.

In the situation where cultivators didn’t use their soul force yet, it was hard for any cultivator to deduce the exact cultivation of the other party. Chi Xiaoye couldn’t deduce Nangong Weiyang’s cultivation. However, that feeling of danger that rose involuntarily made her sure that Nangong Weiyang was definitely extremely powerful. Apart from being powerful, for some reason, Nangong Weiyang’s body seemed to give off a type of aura that made her feel extremely strange.

This type of aura was like a strange plant that she suddenly discovered, one she never saw before, yet couldn’t communicate with. It left Chi Xiaoye in quite the puzzlement.

“I previously told you that when we meet again, we will still be enemies.” While carrying these strange emotions, Chi Xiaoye’s picturesque brows furrowed slightly as she looked at Lin Xi, slowly saying this.

That cave barbarian elder quietly muttered, quickly translating her words to the ears of all of the other cave barbarians.

With Chi Xiaoye’s words, the atmosphere of the entire cave suddenly became tense. The hostility behind those eyes immediately increased, penetrating Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang’s bodies like blades.

Lin Xi looked at this young lady who looked extremely powerful in front of the cave barbarian leaders, calmly nodding. “Correct, we are enemies.”

Chi Xiaoye first looked at Lin Xi, and then looked at Nangong Weiyang, saying, “You should have come alone. You should understand that if another person knows about Great Desolate Swamp’s secrets, it will add another share of danger to us.”

Lin Xi looked at her, and then simply and seriously said, “She is worth trusting.”

“You need to understand,” Chi Xiaoye looked at Lin Xi and said, “that even though I do not know why you guys came… regardless of what reason you came to seek me out, the things we discuss cannot be with me alone. I have to listen to everyone’s opinions, I will always represent the wills of everyone.”

Lin Xi looked at Chi Xiaoye, understanding the meaning behind her words and also understanding the meaning of the words Fire King said before.

When it involved the interests of the cave barbarians, regardless of whether it was Chi Xiaoye or Fire King, they didn’t represent themselves, but rather the cave barbarians as a whole, the cave barbarians who stood against Yunqin.

“I understand.” Lin Xi nodded. He knew that after experiencing that great battle, the unforgettable trial of life and death, Chi Xiaoye already became more mature.

“Then we can start.” As if she was infected by Lin Xi’s calmness, Chi Xiaoye’s expression also became more calm. “Why have you come today?”

“I have the ability to enter Great Desolate Swamp and carry out trade with you all.”

Lin Xi didn’t waste time, officially starting. He looked at Chi Xiaoye and all of the cave barbarian leaders who were able to come, saying slowly and calmly, “I can offer you food in exchange for some resources in Great Desolate Swamp.”

The cave barbarians immediately erupted with roaring voices.

If it wasn’t because Chi Xiaoye was here, the shouting would have suddenly erupted into thunderous rumbling, and not this type of noise from heavy breathing.

“You are able to do this?” Chi Xiaoye thought for a bit. She raised her head and said, “You are a Yunqin military officer. Do these words represent the will of Yunqin’s military, does the military wish to negotiate peace with us?”

Lin Xi shook his head. “I also wish that this was the intention of all of Yunqin Empire, but this is merely something I alone wish to do.”

“If you represent Yunqin Empire, we might not be able to accept it. If it is purely your intention, this is something beneficial for us.” Chi Xiaoye looked Lin Xi in the eyes, her eyes flickering a bit.

Lin Xi was inwardly moved. “Indeed.”

Chi Xiaoye slowly said, “If you wish to do this matter, what we first need to face is Dragon Snake Border Army. It sounds simple, but in practice, it is extremely difficult.”

Lin Xi already knew that Chi Xiaoye didn’t say this for him to hear, so he nodded again and said, “Yes.”

“For people of this Great Desolate Swamp, Great Desolate Swamp’s resources are precisely food, but food is extremely lacking. Normally, we need everyone to do everything they can, and even then, we might not be able to obtain enough food. If we focus our efforts on collecting and transporting things for exchange, we might not have to use much manpower.” Chi Xiaoye’s voice became a bit cold as she said, “If the transaction fails… or in other words, you cannot ensure the successful exchange of goods, it wouldn’t only be those people who are killed by Yunqin’s military that will die, there will be even more people who will die. How can you obtain our trust, prove that you have the ability to do business with us?”

Lin Xi looked at Chi Xiaoye, Fire King and the other cave barbarian leaders. “Actually, I do not have that ability yet. The reason I am paying you a visit so quickly is because there was a matter I still need your help with.”

Chi Xiaoye’s brows suddenly furrowed, the gemstone-like radiance on her face turning even stronger, as if a deity was releasing splendor.

Behind her, countless metal striking noises sounded. Cave barbarian soldiers surged with fighting intent, their faces filled with expressions of anger.

“However, requesting for your help, I do have the ability for this.” Even so, the expression on Lin Xi’s face didn’t change at all. After saying this, he nodded to Nangong Weiyang.

Nangong Weiyang thought for a bit, but she still gave up on the idea of collapsing this cave. Her expression didn’t change at all, but a streak of sword radiance only a few individuals in this cave could see clearly rushed out from her sleeves with domineering might.

With a chi noise, sword light only flickered, and then it returned to her sleeves. However, in the air in front of her, that wave of powerful strength still existed. A clear sword trajectory flowed past, still condensed in the air. Only in the next breath was there a loud noise, turning into rings of powerful winds, sweeping through this cave.

Chi Xiaoye released a light cough.

This was naturally not damage from the sword winds and icy coldness, but rather because of the powerful out of sorts feeling this type of sacred level power naturally gave cultivators.

The forehead of that cave barbarian great elder who was always translating became a bit damp, still feeling lingering fear as he looked in the direction that sword stream disappeared into.

Even though in these past few decades, the cave barbarians had always faced Yunqin’s various cultivators, before this type of true Sacred Expert level cultivator, it was still a type of power they could not understand. It was because before Chi Xiaoye appeared, the cave barbarians were all like scattered sand, at most a few hundred people moving together. These several hundred membered cave barbarian fleet, for Yunqin, were already an extremely terrifying force, but for a Sacred Expert level cultivator, it was hard for them to hinder them much.

Sacred Experts, especially those who could retain a set distance from the cave barbarians, a sword controlling Sacred Expert who isn’t easily surrounded by cave barbarians, for these cave barbarians, were the symbol of unrivaled.

Moreover, this sword was so domineering, it wasn’t something a newly arisen Sacred Expert could compete against.

“Sending goods from Yunqin’s interior to Dragon Snake Border Army’s black market is something we already have within our grasp.”

Lin Xi gave Nangong Weiyang a look of praise. While most of these cave barbarians were intimidated by the absolute power of this blade, he directly said, “We wish to completely control all of the bandits in Dragon Snake Border Army, Nangong Weiyang here is in charge of leading all of them. Normally, you all definitely face Yunqin’s bandits oftens as well, so you should know that Yunqin’s east is a place where a large number of Yunqin criminals flee to. That is why their numbers exceed ten thousand, and there are still more exiled individuals joining.”

After a slight pause, giving that cave barbarian elder who was still in a bit of shock some time to translate, Lin Xi calmly and clearly said, “We now already control over a third of the bandits, already have quite the strength on the border. However, the current situation is that there is a group of bandits that have taken us on as enemies, so this will definitely affect the black market outside and our efforts to do business in Great Desolate Swamp. Those bandits occupy a major crossroad with operations that are already extremely complete, not even Dragon Snake Border Army is willing to pay the price to attack it, and they might not even be able to take it down. That place is an overlooked dead corner the border army does not manage… that is why as long as that place is seized, the trade route between Yunqin and Great Desolate Swamp will be completely connected. Moreover, that path, the inner stronghold those bandits established can serve as a transfer storehouse, as well as our stronghold to control the bandits. After all, even if the trade route is opened, sometimes, for the sake of avoiding the border army, we have to wait. Moreover, with an extremely stable location and a cozier place to stay, there will be more bandits who will be willing to surrender and pay allegiance. With Nangong Weiyang’s ability, controlling all of the bandits shouldn’t take too long.”

Chi Xiaoye listened extremely carefully. She thought to herself and then said, “You are saying that you alone aren’t even enough to take down that stronghold occupied by those bandits? That crossroad has many formidable bandit cultivators, so you wish for us to help you out, to take down that stronghold first?”

Lin Xi nodded. “That location is equipped with a lot of powerful military equipment, not even we can take it down. However, with your help, it is possible.”

“We already carefully examined that location before coming.” Lin Xi knew what Chi Xiaoye, Fire King and the others were thinking right now, directly saying, “I naturally cannot use your lives as the price. We might be able to enter from underground. You all have the giant bugs, so as long as we can enter inside, there is no way there will be too many casualties.”

Chi Xiaoye nodded.

Then, she stood up, turning to face all of the cave barbarian leaders behind her.

“I need your opinions.” She seriously and respectfully looked at all of these cave barbarian leaders, saying this.

“He has already proven that he is someone worthy of trust.” Then, she added this.

When all of the cave barbarian leaders heard this, they all bowed down, releasing a similarly cryptic voice.

“We agree with your request.” Chi Xiaoye turned around, looking at Lin Xi and saying this.

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