Book 10 Chapter 59 - We’ll Definitely Meet Again

“You should understand that many legends that pass through the mouths of the people, but apart from having some fairy tales mixed in, they often carry even more information than records passed down in history.” While looking at Lin Xi who was always listening seriously, Zhantai Qiantang added this.

Lin Xi understood what Zhantai Qiantang was trying to say.

The prosperity and decline of every single empire, every alteration of dynasty, whenever a monarch ascended to the throne, they would always try to leave behind some of their own wills in some history books, alter some original truths.

Since he was the only one in this world who knew where Principal Zhang was, he didn’t carry the slightest bit of doubt towards Zhantai Qiantang’s words. As early as when he first saw Principal Zhang’s stele, he already knew that Principal Zhang had the same speculations as Li Ku.

Once an originally prospering dynasty or cultivation land declined… They would leave behind some inheritance. After being abandoned and left unchecked, but then eventually flourishing again, producing a new civilization, some things from the already destroyed world would be obtained.

For someone like Lin Xi, this type of rise and fall was easier to understand.

“What are the principles behind it?” He thought for a bit, and then with a probing voice, asked, “All cultivation methods need to have some type of principle behind them… If we are saying that this world has a superior or original true Devil Transformation that exists, then what are the principles behind it?”

Zhantai Qiantang said with a slightly bitter smile. “I also asked my teacher this before. Teacher said the reasoning might be extremely simple. The Devil Transformation from Purgatory Mountain right now is at best the result of medicinal stimulation, not truly changing the cultivator’s own body. However, the true Devil Transformation might be equivalent to a superior body refinement technique, to cultivate a cultivator’s body completely into a soul weapon.”

Lin Xi muttered to himself, “It is just like how one’s genes are completely changed, no longer being human.”

Zhantai Qiantang was a bit stunned. “Gene? This is the first time I heard of this word… but I understand that your interpretation is the same. They will no longer be human, but rather become devils.”

Lin Xi nodded. “Then with this type of true Devil Transformation, most of the strength instead comes from the body.”

Zhantai Qiantang said, “That should be the case.”

“This is indeed an extremely powerful cultivation method, only, after chatting for so long, everything is still useless.” Lin Xi said, “Not even Purgatory Mountain was able to obtain the legendary Devil Transformation even after so many years. If they wished to obtain it, wouldn’t they need to head into the demonic plains behind that Sky Devil Mountain?”

Zhantai Qiantang laughed and said, “Even though it is useless, I felt like you would still be interested.”

Lin Xi frowned. “Just what are you even doing in Clear Distant City? What kind of plans do you have now?”

Zhantai Qiantang shook his head, looking at Lin Xi while saying, “You might not believe me, but I really cannot think of what to do to return to Great Mang. Later on, I heard about a merchant company’s various things. It sounds absurd, but after hearing those things, I felt like that great shopkeeper, at least in the realm of business, is the most talented individual in this world. That was why I wondered if I should try to get close to that great shopkeeper, see if she really is as outstanding as my expectations, see if I can obtain a bit of her support, obtain some of her help.”

Lin Xi stopped. He gave a small village up ahead that already wasn’t far a look, lowering Zhantai Qiantang. He turned around, and then looked at Zhantai Qiantang without moving. “It really is absurd.”

Zhantai Qiantang pulled off the already incredibly tattered and scorched cloth fragments, knowing that Lin Xi definitely wanted to help him find some clothes in the village first. He released a dry cough, not saying too much either.

However, Lin Xi instead didn’t immediately continue, he kept looking at Zhantai Qiantang and asked, “That merchant company, is it called Auspicious Virtue?”

Zhantai Qiantang was a bit stunned, but this wasn’t too unexpected. He nodded his head.

“What if I told you that I was precisely Auspicious Virtue’s master, would you feel that it is even more absurd?” Lin Xi said calmly.


Zhantai Qiantang choked on his own breath. He looked at Lin Xi with disbelief, wishing to say something, but just couldn’t get any words out of his mouth.

“You are being serious?” Zhantai Qiantang finally caught his breath after great difficulty. He looked at Lin Xi and said this.

“Looking at your scorched Xuanzang appearance, it really is hard for me to not laugh. Why would I bother joking around with you more?” Lin Xi looked at him, directly saying. “If you don’t have any other plans, I planned to pay Chen Feirong another visit. At that time, you won’t have any reason to doubt me anymore.”

Zhantai Qiantang looked at Lin Xi, momentarily speechless.

A moment later, he raised his head to look at Yunqin’s skies. He thought about how his teacher had him escape to Yunqin when the palace gates closed early, thus releasing a slight sigh and saying, “This might be my destiny.”

“Perhaps you can also be considered my destiny.”

Lin Xi looked at him, fishing out a silver ingot and handing it to Zhantai Qiantang. “For me, I now at least have a bit more strength in facing Wenren Cangyue.”

Zhantai Qiantang looked at the silver ingot Lin Xi gave him with a slightly blank expression, momentarily confused. “Why are you giving me a silver ingot for? If you are paying me wages, then this is a bit too little… could this be some type of Yunqin etiquette?”

Lin Xi curled his lips, shooting Zhantai Qiantang a look like he was looking at an idiot. “This silver is obviously for you to get some clothes in the village.”

“Why do I have to go?” Zhantai Qiantang’s face immediately became bitter.

“Your face and identity have already been exposed either way, but I don’t want people to see my face, it’ll bring some trouble. Also, I have so many weapons on me. Yunqin is normally quite alert, so they might immediately make a report.” Lin Xi looked at Zhantai Qiantang and said, “You can just find some random excuse, that you went to take some test, but ended up accidentally burning up your clothes and books. These kind villagers should happily give you some clothes.”

Zhantai Qiantang helplessly nodded. He took two steps forward, but then turned around again, looking at Lin Xi who sat down for some rest and asking seriously, “Since no one outside knows that you are Auspicious Virtue’s master, this means you don’t want people to know Auspicious Virtue is related to you. Then why did you tell me this so easily?”

“This way, both sides can trust each other more.” This time, Lin Xi really wasn’t joking around. He looked at Zhantai Qiantang and said, “Since you originally planned to ask Auspicious Virtue for help, telling you this will make it easier for you to understand some of my following plans, so we can take care of some matters together.”

Zhantai Qiantang nodded, no longer saying anything else. He began to walk towards that small village.

The moon rushed into the sky, the night already deep.

Within a quiet room in the tavern, Chen Feirong who was seated on her bed heard a slight tapping noise by her window.

She knew who the one who came was, she was also waiting for this person to return. However, when she heard this sound at this time, her heart instead trembled for no reason.

She didn’t light a lamp, opening the window silently in the darkness.

Then, she saw Lin Xi carry Zhantai Qiantang inside.

She understood some kind of expression in Lin Xi’s eyes, Lin Xi also saw that she knew what he came to tell her  from the expression in her eyes.

“This is?”

Chen Feirong closed the window, and then showed Zhantai Qiantang a bow of respect, quietly saying, “Even though the military has sealed up all information, judging from the signs of some urgent military transferring, I know this sir’s background is definitely extraordinary.”

“What background? I am nothing more than a scorched Xuanzang who had to use silver to buy some clothes.” Zhantai Qiantang said inwardly in self mockery, greatly moved as he returned the greeting. “Great Mang’s Zhantai Qiantang pays his respects to Great Shopkeeper Chen.”

“He is that student who Zhantai Mang wanted to pass on the imperial position to. You might think that it is absurd, but he originally already wanted to try and get close to you, so that’s why he came to Clear Distant City.” Lin Xi added while looking at Chen Feirong.

“Your respected self was actually the monarch of a country.” Chen Feirong showed Zhantai Qiantang another bow of respect.

Zhantai Qiantang returned the greeting with a forced smile. “I am merely an exiled outcast.”

“I came here to say goodbye, and also to bring him here to see you, prove that I am indeed Auspicious Virtue’s master… He admires you greatly, it was because of you that he came to Clear Distant City.” Lin Xi looked at Chen Feirong, quietly saying, “We need to leave immediately. If we leave any later, we might not be able to get away.”

Chen Feirong shot Lin Xi a look. “You are actually still in the mood to joke around… I can tell that you are going to leave. Only, was the main reason you wanted to say goodbye to see me, or just to bring him to see me?”

“We’ll definitely meet again, I didn’t want the mood to be so gloomy.” Lin Xi laughed and then said seriously. “I mainly came to say goodbye.”

“Then that’s enough.”

Chen Feirong also smiled. “Where are you planning to take him?”


Lin Xi looked at Chen Feirong and said, “Vice Principal Xia still hasn’t contacted me, so I reckon he wants me to do as I wish. I was about to sort out our black market business, as well as deal with some issues related to Liu Family and you.”

After a slight pause, Lin Xi turned around to give Zhantai Qiantang a look, continuing, “With Nangong Weiyang and Zhantai Qiantang… Dominating the black market, becoming the leaders of the bandits and even entering Great Desolate Swamp in the future shouldn’t be too much of an issue anymore.”

“In all of Yunqin, it is the eastern region between Dragon Snake Mountains and Great Desolate Swamp where the bandits are the highest in number. There are large amounts of roving bandits, their numbers reaching several thousand.” Zhantai Qiantang didn’t hear about Lin Xi’s following plans previously yet. When he heard Lin Xi say this at this time, he was immediately shocked. “Lin Xi, could it be that you want to control all of the bandits in Yunqin’s east… you even wish to exploit the cave barbarians?”

Even though Zhantai Qiantang wasn’t a Yunqin citizen, the things he knew were far greater than most Yunqin military personnel. He naturally understood clearly how astonishing the cave barbarians’ strength was. If they could have a cave barbarian army… that would truly be a terrifying force.

“Please don’t make me sound that ambitious.” Lin Xi looked at the extremely shocked Zhantai Qiantang, shaking his head. “Controlling the bandits, have them mine or carry out transactions, even create a bandit army… these are things I have thought about. As for drawing support from the cave barbarian armies, I didn’t think that long term yet. Moreover, Yunqin and the cave barbarians still view each other as enemies. Even if the cave barbarians are willing to help Yunqin for my sake, how can Yunqin possibly be willing to fight on the same side as the cave barbarians? Moreover, I know how the cave barbarians live… I don’t wish to drag them into an entire war purely because of my personal grudges.”

Zhantai Qiantang nodded, smiling. “That is why in many ways of thinking, we are actually standing on the same side.”

“There was already someone who enthusiastically took on the role of becoming the bandits’ leader… and you probably cannot win against her.” Lin Xi looked at Zhantai Qiantang. “That is why if you are interested, you can become a bandit general and black market king.”

Zhantai Qiantang couldn’t help but laugh again. “These two titles are indeed not bad… However, Lin Xi, were you previously worried about not being able to find a suitable candidate like me? After all, regardless of whether it is the black market or leading the bandits, both go against Yunqin law. Now, in the future, your opponents cannot try to drag you down because of these matters.”

Lin Xi gave him a look of ‘as long as you understand’, that there was no need to say things that explicitly.

Chen Feirong chuckled. She produced a traveling bag, handing it to Lin Xi.

“Since you don’t want to make the mood that gloomy, I won’t see you out.” She looked at Lin Xi, her eyes flickering like pearls. “Take care of yourself.”

Lin Xi gave her a deep look, not saying anything else, about to turn around to leave. However, after taking a single step, he still turned around, walking up to her. He gave her shoulder a pat, and then said by her ears seriously, “Actually, the reason why I came to say goodbye is mainly to tell you to take care of yourself as well, that we will definitely meet again.”

“Of course, everything is yours.” Chen Feirong nodded seriously. “I am yours, so of course I have to take good care of myself.”

Lin Xi didn’t say anything else. He carried Zhantai Qiantang, opening the window again. While carrying the room’s delicate fragrance, he leapt out.

Chen Feirong didn’t close the window for a long time, letting the cold night winds blow against her beautiful hair.

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