Book 10 Chapter 55 - Arrow Devil

When Zhantai Qiantang ran, all of the pursuing cultivators chased after him.

These cultivators ran crazily, every one of them like flickering mirages, even faster than military horses.

After just a few ups and downs, Zhantai Qiantang and all of these cultivators already completely pulled open the distance between themselves and the heavy armored cavalry.

When they watched this type of scene, an officer who reacted wanted to give an order, wishing to aim several crossbow carriages at those cultivators, and then have the cavalry charge crazily again.

However, the instant he raised his hand, another heart trembling arrow noise sounded.

A long metal arrow landed an inch before his feet  with extreme accuracy, only the tail exposed, but it was still continuously trembling, releasing a strange metal ringing noise.

All of the Yunqin soldiers here, including Prefecture Office Manor’s Lei Jing, as well as the single armed Sir Luo understood that this was that powerful archer’s warning.

This officer’s expression instantly became purple-red.

The wills of Yunqin soldiers, could it be that it was something that could be subdued by the threat of death?

After a bit of sluggishness, this military officer still decisively raised his head to give orders.

However, at this time, this officer heard an extremely weak order. “Stop!”

This officer froze. Not even the threat of death could make him stop, yet before this type of voice, he had no choice but to retain absolute obedience.

It was because the one who spoke at this time was the heavily injured Mo Qingfeng.

This officer loyally obeyed the orders of the highest commander of this army. However, he found it a bit hard to understand why, thus turning around to look at Mo Qingfeng who was leaning against the prisoner carriage’s wheels.

The expressions of Lei Jing, Sir Luo, and many soldiers who were prepared to continue charging landed on the heavily injured commander who couldn’t even stand back up.

“There is no use in fighting a one-sided battle.”

Mo Qingfeng knew what the people around him were thinking. He explained slowly with a bit of a bitter voice. “Even though this involves national affairs, according to normal reason, even if we die, we should charge… Without this cultivator, we would have long died under these foreign cultivators’ hands.”

“This way, even if we charge up and can win… fighting a one-sided battle isn’t something we should be doing.” Mo Qingfeng coughed quietly and continued. “Moreover, these people’s identities… their cultivation levels originally already far exceeded the ability of our Clear Distant Garrison Army.”

When they heard Mo Qingfeng’s words, thought about the situation before Zhantai Qiantang took action, and then thought about the reason why Zhantai Qiantang ended up in the garrison army’s hands, these officials all shivered inwardly. The blood that surged up to their faces withdrew a bit. They bowed and said, “Understood!”

Lei Jing and Sir Luo, these two who respectively belonged to the Prefecture Office Manor knew that the true reason was because Mo Qingfeng didn’t want to see his troops throw away their lives. However, in this type of situation, the two didn’t feel the slightest bit of disgust, instead, they were still restrained by the shock they felt inside.

After all, not every cultivator could be like Lin Xi, having the chance to meet so many high level cultivators. For most cultivators, the most powerful cultivators they meet might only be State Master level cultivators.

Even Lei Jing who came from Thunder Academy, while in Thunder Academy, she didn’t have any chance to see so many strange and powerful cultivators together at the same time.

Lin Xi moved his bow to his right hand.

In this situation where he didn’t wish to injure his fingers, he could only fire five or six times per hand.

However, for Lin Xi, having five or six more chances of shooting was already enough. Moreover, he wasn’t scared of missing either, because other than Principal Zhang, he was the only archer who could ensure that he could hit his opponent every time.

The instant his left hand picked up a black metal arrow, his eyes already locked onto the body of Zhen Kuai who was at the very back of Zhantai Qiantang’s pursuers.

From how Zhen Kuai attacked before to the following series of movements, he was already sure that this was precisely the leader of this cultivator ambush, as well as the one with the greatest strength. Right now, there were still five cultivators behind Zhantai Qiantang. However, Lin Xi knew that the crux of this battle still lied with Zhen Kuai.

Without the slightest bit of hesitation, the instant his eyes locked onto Zhen Kuai, the arrow in his hands already released a trembling noise, turning into a streak of death-like black light, appearing in the sky.

Zhen Kuai’s running stance was extremely strange.

His feet that landed on the ground didn’t change at all, as if he always continued running straight.

However, his soul force instead seemed to undulate by his backbone, making it so that his body also seemed to sway back and forth like a great dragon.

This type of swaying made it so that with each step, his figure would shift in the end, making his figure mysteriously flicker about while rushing forward.

For normal archers, even if they could predict the opponent’s next position from the fine movements, Zhen Kuai’s erratic movements that used inner force to change his advance was naturally even harder to lock onto.

If it was in that world Lin Xi was familiar with, the world with airplanes and televisions, perhaps not even a machine gun’s sweeping could hit Zhen Kuai.

However, the instant the arrow roaring noise sounded, Zhen Kuai’s neck went numb.

This was his body’s intuition, a state that transcended the human brain.

At the same time, Zhen Kuai saw that the air before his face was already completely distorted. It felt as if several blasts of water smashed into his face.

He knew that this arrow already accurately arrived before him, rapidly crushing the surrounding air, this type of real scene.

When one’s sight was distorted, their judgment of distance would also be greatly affected… Zhen Kuai felt a powerful feeling of danger, but he didn’t hesitate at all. He directly closed his eyes, and then thrusted out his blade.

A clear ding noise sounded.

Wind rushed in all directions. Under his strike, the black metal blade was actually directly cut in half, both of them flying outwards.

A wave of inhaled cold air sounded from the heavy armored soldiers in the back.

Even though this heavy armored troop suffered severe damage, Yunqin was founded on martial might, they all revered the valiant. These Yunqin soldiers even more so respected strength. At this type of time where they were watching as bystanders, they wouldn’t deliberately restrain their true emotions just because it was their enemy that did this.

In the eyes of these soldiers, arrows that descended from above couldn’t be seen clearly at all. However, this enemy cultivator could actually accurately use a blade to hack the arrow flying, it really was too shocking!

When the first arrow failed, Lin Xi’s emotions didn’t fluctuate in the slightest.

Without any hesitation, like a flowing stream, his left hand already picked up a second black metal arrow. Pulling back the bowstring, controlling the arrow, all of this was instantly completed.

During this half year of time, he was like a human vegetable, unable to make any great movements. He was already used to training archery every day, but he couldn’t practice at all. This type of desire that came from deep within was also hard to control. Meanwhile, even he himself didn’t know that when he had just reappeared in the cultivation world of archery, he would immediately shoot to his heart’s content in a single battle.

The black metal arrow rushed through the air, descending upon Zhen Kuai with incomparable precision again.

Zhen Kuai’s blade sent Lin Xi’s second arrow flying.

A third arrow immediately arrived.

Zhen Kuai sent it flying again.

Then, a fourth arrow arrived.

According to normal reasoning, right now, the one who should draw the most attention should be the massive hell born devil king like Zhantai Qiantang who rushed at the very front.

It was because during the time it took for these four arrows to descend, a cultivator who used a long banner, closely following behind Zhantai Qiantang, was already completely ignited after being wrapped under Zhantai Qiantang’s entirely red chains. He became like a torch and was immediately flung out behind Zhantai Qiantang.

However, most people’s eyes were concentrated on the foot of land in front of Zhen Kuai.

It was because the black metal arrows’ stability and precision, for these soldiers, already reached a mysterious and terrifying level.

Moreover, these black metal arrows’ speeds were extremely fast. Each arrow seemed to tear through the tail wind of the previous arrow, instantly arriving before Zhen Kuai’s face. In the eyes of these soldiers, these four arrows were like one long arrow. Only, when these four arrows were sent flying, their speed slowing, they were they sure that that archer already continuously released four arrows.

Right now, in their eyes, Lin Xi, this archer, was completely not human, but rather a military equipment that wouldn’t show the slightest deviation.

Zhen Kuai continuously hacked down the four arrows. However, when he cut down the fourth arrow, his expression already became a bit pale, bits of blood flying out from his arm.

It wasn’t because the flesh between his fingers and palms split from the great power, but rather because under the transferring of soul force that exceeded the limits of what his body could handle, the skin covering his entire arm already produced many cracks. His arm’s flesh and meridians also began to suffer some damage.

Zhen Kuai already understood that just like he was using the deaths of the other cultivators to exhaust Zhantai Qiantang’s power, Lin Xi was also using these four arrows to whittle away at his strength.

This was a bitter mutual exhaustion.

However, what he just couldn’t understand was how the other party could transfer soul force so fast, able to fire continuously with such speed?

The terror of a powerful archer originally laid in the power of their arrows, the strength exceeding the strength of the archer’s own cultivation. Right now, his strength exceeded the power of these arrows, proving that his cultivation was definitely greater than his opponent’s. In that case, when the other party rapidly transferred soul force to fire like this, wouldn’t his arms already become crippled?

Another ghost-like arrow howling noise sounded from above, the threat of death descended once more.

While he was in disbelief, this fifth arrow already arrived.


It was still a sharp and clear noise. Zhen Kuai still sent this arrow flying with incredible precision. However, his entire right arm began to shake intensely for the first time, to the extent where even half his body began to tremble greatly.

On the hill, Lin Xi’s cold eyes seized this type of trembling, and then he released another arrow.

In order to ensure that his fingers and arms didn’t suffer severe damage, this was the last arrow he could fire.

It was still accurate without mistake.

This black metal arrow rushed forward, arriving in front of Zhen Kuai.

Zhen Kuai who was already injured couldn’t send this arrow flying. In this moment, he could only release a low groan of pain, using his own right arm to face this arrow.

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