Book 10 Chapter 54 - A Devil King that Runs Towards the Path of Life

Lin Xi’s pupils contracted slightly.

He no longer shook his fingers to get rid of the numbness, instead picking up a heavy black metal arrow. He placed it on his bow, starting to stably and coldly draw the bowstring.

Right now, Zhantai Qiantang’s indigo blue longsword was still stuck in that Thousand Devil Nest cultivator’s body, making the body of that cultivator even tougher than the secret technique Lin Xi learned, forcibly holding the longsword in place.

The Demonic Transformation Purgatory Mountain cultivator was already not like an ordinary human. His black iron body was already twice the size of a normal person, completely like a devil that crawled out from hell.

There was also that cultivator that descended from the sky with a huge banner, unknown which Great Mang school he came from. He was extremely weird, but just from the power of that energy stream, he already knew that this person’s cultivation was extremely terrifying.

In that instant, three Great Mang cultivators who were extremely different from Yunqin’s cultivators joined forces to attack one person.

Even though he had seen Zhantai Qiantang take action before, when he saw these three enemies’ decisive stances, Lin Xi didn’t have any faith in him making it through this strike.

This instant was extremely short, but it was full of shocking changes.

A black sphere of light erupted from the hands of that Demonic Transformation Purgatory Mountain cultivator. He grabbed the chain, instantly pulling it perfectly straight. A ring of blood streams began to ripple around the chains.

He and Zhantai Qiantang who were surrounded by the mysterious black banner began a bout of strength.

However, the instant this clash of strength just began, the chains in his hands suddenly became entirely red.

The chains of Zhantai Qiantang’s indigo blue longsword were originally black, the surface crude and dark, to the extent where it wasn’t like metal, but rather like black rocks. The only thing special were the streaks of dark murky yellow runes, the color as if it was about to turn into magma.

However, right now, it wasn’t just these chains. Even that indigo blue longsword seemed to have been burned by flames for many hours, becoming thoroughly red, releasing terrifying heat!

The indigo blue longsword became entirely red. That Thousand Devil Nest cultivator’s flesh that was even harder than iron actually began to melt and burn. He still wanted to try and erupt with strength, continue this struggle, but the flesh between his palm and fingers began to burn to ashes, the chains still loosening up, starting to move.

At this time, the cultivator who descended with a great banner also released a scream of horror.

His feet were still pressing down on the top of the ‘black tent’, all of his body continuously pouring in, but the black banner’s large surface that was covered in monsters couldn’t endure the sudden explosion of terrifying strength, producing countless openings.

What rushed out from these openings wasn’t black radiance or black streams, but rather surging tongues of flame!

In that instant, Lin Xi’s mind was also extremely shocked.

The feeling this type of scene gave him was as if Zhantai Qiantang in the black large banner already completely ignited himself. However, even in this type of intense scene, his hands still remained absolutely steady.

The instant that cultivator above displayed a moment of absent-mindedness from fear, the black metal arrow already left his fingers.


In the sky, another black line appeared in the air, adding another wave of death aura.

The cultivator above the great banner had an arrow nailed into his chest, his entire body was like a flying stone, falling fiercely.

The large black banner that already split apart completely ruptured, starting to split like pieces just like a burning paper lantern.

Rushed breathing sounds came out from that Demonic Transformation Purgatory Mountain cultivator’s mouth and nose.

Everyone’s eyes instantly froze.

There was already an expanse of scorched earth on the split open banner surface, . Meanwhile, the one who stood in the middle of the scorched earth already wasn’t Zhantai Qiantang… or to be more precise, he already bore no resemblance to the previous Zhantai Qiantang.

The one who stood in the middle of the  scorched earth was just like the Demonic Transformation Purgatory Mountain cultivator, a dark figure that was twice the size of a normal person, a devil-like existence.

A layer of red fiery light continuously flickered about around his body. The white-colored cotton gown had already completely split, and under the high temperature, already became like a burnt shell-like substance.

The moment the large banner completely split apart, everyone’s attention concentrated here, looking at the thoroughly red flying sword that finally completely separated from that Thousand Devil Nest cultivator’s chest. It turned into a fiery red comet, directly striking the middle of the Demonic Transformation cultivator’s back.

The Demonic Transformation Purgatory Mountain cultivator released a great roar.

With an explosive hong noise, he actually turned around, sending a fist smashing into this entirely red longsword, allowing the longsword to penetrate his fist. His other hand pressed against the sword, still trying to prevent this longsword that became even more terrifyingly fiery red from leaving.

However, in this instant, the entirely red chain trembled. Like a fiery snake, it immediately flew about, binding around his body three times.

Under chi chi noises, this Demonic Transformation Purgatory Mountain cultivator’s flesh began to melt like hot oil, releasing waves of clear smoke.

This was already an unimaginable scene for the people of this world. However, this Demonic Transformation Purgatory Mountain cultivator still didn’t lose his fighting spirit. His feet trampled down, still wishing to drag Zhantai Qiantang over.

This was completely a battle between two devil kings.

However, Zhantai Qiantang didn’t engage in this contest of strength with the Demonic Transformation Purgatory Mountain cultivator. His massive body borrowed this pulling strength, rushing forward. The entirely red chain immediately wrapped another five rings around this Demonic Transformation Purgatory Mountain cultivator.

The terrifying power that surged out from within him poured into the thoroughly red longsword.

His entirely red longsword immediately penetrated a few inches deeper. With a pu sound, it fiercely nailed itself into the middle of this Demonic Transformation Purgatory Mountain cultivator’s back.

A ring of ashes and black blood rushed out from this Demonic Transformation Purgatory Mountain cultivator’s back, as if a black monster flower blossomed.

The Demonic Transformation Purgatory Mountain cultivator’s body went rigid. With a hong sound, the massive body finally couldn’t resist anymore, kneeling before Zhantai Qiantang.

“Why were you also able to cultivate Demonic Transformation?!”

This Demonic Transformation Purgatory Mountain cultivator’s head hung, his vitality and will both quickly fading. However, even in the final moments of his life, he still forcibly spoke these words.

Since they were all from Great Mang and because of their respect for each other, at this type of time, Zhantai Qiantang still didn’t look down on the other party’s request, quietly replying, “Don’t forget who my master is… Purgatory Mountain can obtain some of Thousand Devil Nest’s highest secrets, Li Ku and my teacher, can naturally obtain some of Purgatory Mountain’s highest level secrets as well.”

When this Demonic Transformation Purgatory Mountain cultivator’s body that didn’t seem human leaned down, those iron-blooded Yunqin people all produced a hint of fear.

It was because they saw that when this Purgatory Mountain cultivator carried out Demonic Transformation, just his body alone sent an officer and his military horse below flying. Now, when they saw Zhantai Qiantang, they were completely sure that this was precisely a high level cultivator from Great Mang. A hint of powerlessness of not being a match appeared in their hearts.

The only one who didn’t display too many changes in expression was Zhen Kuai.

When this Demonic Transformation Purgatory Mountain cultivator was killed, the instant he fell, he only took two steps back.

Apart from him, all of the other cultivators who came with him and were still alive rushed decisively at Zhantai Qiantang.

At this time, an officer rushed over to the prisoner carriage, quickly helping Mo Qingfeng tend to his injuries, at the same time giving a military order.

Right now, everyone could see the internal struggle between those Great Mang cultivators. All of the heavy armored soldiers began to move a bit further out.


The first cultivator who rushed out at Zhantai Qiantang had all of his bones smashed by a palm strike, flying backwards. All of his clothes began to burn, turning into a scorched person.

At the same time, the entirely red longsword flew behind Zhantai Qiantang’s body, directly cutting through a cultivator that rushed at him from behind, severing him in half at the waist.

This type of absolutely dominating presence made Prefecture Office Manor’s Lei Jing and Judicial Sector’s follower Sir Luo’s expressions completely change. They only felt like if they went up themselves, they would definitely be completely powerless, directly cleaved in two under this strike.

However, the devil king-like Zhantai Qiantang instead produced a hint of a bitter smile on the corners of his lips.

It was because both him and the opponents he faced understood that even though Purgatory Mountain’s Demonic Transformation was powerful, it couldn’t be maintained forever. These cultivators here were all sacrificing themselves, using all of their soul force. That quick bladed powerful cultivator was going to be the one to deal the true final blow.


Right at this time, a terrifying aura of death appeared in the air once again.

A black line appeared in the air.

However, this time, this black metal arrow didn’t take anyone’s life.

It was because this black arrow didn’t hit anyone, instead flying high into the air, freely landing onto an open space in the official path.

However, this black metal iron was actually a signal for Zhantai Qiantang. He immediately understood the intentions of this powerful archer. Right now, a bit of radiance flashed past his pitch-black eyes again.

Zhantai Qiantang began to break out!

Like a fiend that crawled out from hell, he began to crazily charge towards the small mound Lin Xi was at.

Right now, when his exceptionally thick legs landed on the ground, the ground seemed to swell and ripple with his every step.

Those well trained heavy armored horses all entered complete chaos, not daring to stand before him. It was because a layer of flames that could instantly burn steel bright red still burned around Zhantai Qiantang's body.

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