Book 10 Chapter 53 - Fiend Casts Out a Tent

The two cultivators’ bodies were both extremely fast.

One of them continuously rushed left and right, long afterimages appearing behind him, as if a large snake was moving about extremely quickly along the official path.

The other figure was lying close to the ground, this figure was a bit curled up, both hands continuously moving about on the ground. From the distance, it looked as if a pellet was quickly bouncing along the ground.

Perhaps only a hundred manned archer army could completely cover this area, hit these two cultivators. If it was only a single cultivator, how could they possibly lock down on these two individuals’ locations, hit them?

The female cultivator Lei Jing already felt the urge to chase after these two cultivators since she realized that the previous archer had already been assassinated, while the one who was firing arrows was already someone else. Meanwhile, right now, her heart was radiant, knowing that this archer was extremely important to their current battle, he definitely couldn’t be allowed to die.

However, before Lei Jing even truly moved, under the eyes of everyone here, another harsh aura suddenly appeared in the sky.

All of the cultivators knew that this archer who came from who knew where already released an arrow.

All of these cultivators’ eyes couldn’t help but concentrate towards the two rapidly charging cultivators.

However, what was horrifying was that a black metal arrow locked onto that snake-like cultivator’s figure with incomparable precision, descending upon that cultivator’s body!

The weapon in that cultivator’s hands were two ivory-like short blades.

In this instant, that utterly horrified cultivator’s blades were both raised, hacking towards that black arrow. However, this arrow arrived just too quickly. The two blades only drew out a blinding string of sparks, and then the spinning arrow still smashed heavy into this cultivator’s body.


This cultivator came to a heavy stop, not falling, only his charging momentum stopped, his figure kneeling on the ground. However, a black arrowtip already produced a blast of blood from his back.

An even greater feeling of shock appeared in the eyes of that slender quick bladed cultivator.

This black masked slender cultivator whose blade technique was extremely fast was precisely the secret spy Zhen Kuai who separated with Xu Qiubai after Jadefall City’s battle. From then on, he tracked down Zhantai Qiantang here all the way from Central Continent City. He was the leader of this assassination.

He understood extremely clearly that their archer Wu Quan, even despite being inferior to Xu Qiubai, Jadefall City’s number one archer, was already one of Great Mang’s best archers. However, right now, this archer who killed Wu Quan was even stronger than Wu Quan!

This type of judgment only quickly flashed past Zhen Kuai’s head.

In the sky, another harsh aura already descended.

That cultivator whose hands continuously exerted force on the ground, continuously charging with extreme speed, raised his head in horror.

However, he discovered that he had already been locked onto by that descending black metal arrow.

This was a unique feeling only cultivators could have.

He could feel his body being locked onto by this arrow, yet didn’t have the ability to evade it.

It was because one’s speed of perception would forever be restricted by the speed of one’s body.

As this black metal arrow descended, entering from his shoulder, he was filled with horror. Then, the intensely spinning arrow tore through his internal organs, making blood gush everywhere, causing his vitality and strength to quickly disappear.

When many of the Yunqin heavy armored soldiers saw those two cultivators fall, only seeing the black metal arrows after they impaled the bodies of those two cultivators, even though they knew that the archer might very well be another Great Mang cultivator, Yunqin revered martial might. When they saw the cultivators who were like afterimages in their eyes directly struck down by two arrows, most of them still released a roar of cheering.

Lei Jing’s body stopped in place, the shock in her eyes exceeding her pleasant surprise.

She only knew for sure that in all her years at Thunder Academy, not a single students’ archery skills could reach this level.

Zhen Kuai’s body produced a bit of sluggishness at this moment.

A bit of chilliness began to spread from his heart… He knew that starting from this moment, the battle situation was already outside his control.

From now on, only by using death as the price, could he exchange for the death of the enemy.

Zhantai Qiantang naturally didn’t know Lin Xi’s identity either. However, these two arrows made his somewhat dim eyes suddenly produce a bit of radiance.

His originally slightly hunched body that seemed to retain a bit of strength also stood straight.

The instant he stood straight, his indigo blue longsword directly stabbed through a cultivator who rushed at him.

This cultivator also held a long blade in his hands. Under the infusion of soul force, this black simple long blade suddenly released many crimson red sparks.


The indigo blue radiance struck down on this long blade with crimson sparks, releasing an extremely ear-splitting metal smashing sound.

This cultivator used the thickest back portion of his blade to block the incoming sword tip.

However, immediately afterwards, this long blade that concentrated his surging soul force actually still couldn’t stop Zhantai Qiantang’s sword, directly shattering.

The indigo blue longsword continued with shocking speed , penetrating through the metal fragments and digging into this cultivator’s flesh.


The sword tip passed through this cultivator’s flesh, actually not releasing any smooth flesh cutting noises, but rather a muffled and difficult striking sound, as if it was a giant tree that smashed into dozens of layers of cowhide paper.

After this cultivator released a muffled groan, all of his exposed skin instantly became a vermilion color.

The indigo blue longsword entered a foot into his body, but it was then jammed in place, impossible to struggle free.

Zhantai Qiantang’s now bright eyes produced a hint of sadness.

This was a high level cultivator from Thousand Devil Nest… Thousand Devil Nest was originally under Li Ku’s control, they should be loyal to him, loyal to a new flourishing Great Mang. However, right now, this Thousand Devil Nest cultivator instead forced him to use a blade to deal with him.

Zhantai Qiangtang, while feeling a bit of sadness, quickly took a breath. It was because he knew that the most bitter moment of this battle had already arrived.

A cultivator who was slaughtering his way through the heavy armored army suddenly stopped.

His black clothes began to quickly surge, as if he was inflating.

When he saw this cultivator stop, a military officer released a fierce shout. His legs pressed against a horse, the heavy spear in his hands fiercely thrusting towards this cultivator the moment this individual stopped.

However, what made this officer’s pupils immediately contract was that this cultivator who originally held a strange sawtooth blade only took a single step back.

The speartip in his hands made contact with this cultivator’s clothes, but couldn’t stab through his flesh.

In that instant, all of the black clothes covering this cultivator’s body exploded. They exploded by the bulging muscles and vessels underneath.

This cultivator’s figure quickly enlarged. In an instant, it actually became twice the size of normal. Moreover, his exposed flesh completely became black, the swelling blood vessels like winding runes, exposed on the skin surface.

“Demonic Transformation!”

When these words had just appeared in this officer’s brain, his entire body already flew out backwards, blood rushing out crazily from his mouth.

It wasn’t just him, even the horse beneath him was directly smashed flying.

In Lin Xi’s eyes, this Purgatory Mountain cultivator who seemed to have just underwent a Hulk transformation was like a tank, smashing over. Then, his hands landed on the indigo blue longsword’s chains.

He already noticed this cultivator’s Demonic Transformation, but after those two arrows, he didn’t fire another one.

It was because the Demonic Transformation restraining medicine was Green Luan Academy’s highest level secret. That was why even though he always carried it on him, there was no way he would use it in this type of place. Moreover, his hands needed some time to recover.

The most crucial thing was that Yunqin’s control over cultivators was extremely strict to begin with. Government Sector’s Cultivator File Library was precisely a place for recording information about cultivators and their whereabouts. Not only would the cultivation level and whereabouts of royal court and some cultivators who didn’t roam about be recorded, even some serious criminals’ approximate cultivation and related resources would continuously be updated.

It was extremely difficult for cultivators to cross over from Great Mang into Yunqin to begin with. Moreover, these cultivators not only had cultivators from Thousand Devil Nest, they even had Purgatory Mountain elites who were capable of Demonic Transformation… This type of arrangement and this type of power even more so made Lin Xi confident that Zhantai Qiantang’s status was extraordinary. Lin Xi also felt like this type of figure definitely wouldn’t be easily killed.

That was why he could wait until a more pressing situation before taking action again.

The Purgatory Mountain cultivator who used Demonic Transformation gripped the chains connected to the indigo blue longsword.

At the same time, another cultivator flew out.

This cultivator was like a fiend from legends, there was swirling black mist around him.

A giant black banner that had giant monster-like runes embroidered on it carried him over like a flying carpet.

In that instant, this giant black banner’s edges continuously fluttered about, descending like a tent, surrounding Zhantai Qiantang within.

In that instant, this ‘black tent’ surged with endless energy. Countless bulges of all different types rushed out from the banner surface, as if there were countless monsters’ faces that appeared from the banner’s surface, wishing to rush out from within.


Meanwhile, the hands of that Purgatory Mountain cultivator who had already carried out Demonic Transformation shook greatly with soul force. A blast of black radiance erupted, he already started to carry out the most basic soul force condensing of strength!

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