Book 10 Chapter 52 - Cultivator Archer’s Return

Mo Qingfeng wrapped up his injuries with great difficulty, but he was powerless to stand back up from the ground.

He saw someone float over like a feather from above the heavy armored soldiers. The iron stream of heavy armored soldiers couldn’t stop him.

He saw an iron devil-like figure releasing a giant bell-like ringing noise, flying out backwards and falling fiercely to the ground.

This was a cultivator dressed in Green Wolf Heavy Armor. However, under that cultivator’s blade that was fast like lightning, even this type of heavy body was actually smashed flying.

He refused Zhantai Qiantang’s request from the very start. According to normal reason, someone whose will was firm like steel, someone extremely loyal to the empire definitely wouldn’t change his previous decision, they wouldn’t release an important cultivator of an enemy country. However, when he saw the scene before him and heard Zhantai Qiantang’s extremely sincere plea, his heart trembled greatly. He struggled up, wishing to undo the heavy hackles of the prisoner carriage.

However, he didn’t know that the archer hidden on a mound not far from them was never in a rush to fire arrows, always calmly watching this place’s activity.

This was a black leather clothed, medium build figure whose face was also covered under a black mask.

In his hands was a giant bow that was much larger than a Yunqin standard strongbow. The bow flowed with dark radiance, carrying a layer of yellow light, not like metal, but rather like a type of giant bone object. The bowstring had a metallic glint, black-colored, but there was a type of sleek feeling, as if fine water droplets continuously flowed along its surface.

The instant Mo Qingfeng forcefully supported himself up, this cool-headed archer’s eyes already locked onto his body.

This archer who was dressed in skintight black leather clothes steadily pulled back the bowstring. However, right at this moment, this archer’s eyes also flickered intensely, his entire figure rushing to his left. The instant he turned in the air, the arrow already left his fingers, shooting behind him.

Lin Xi who was already not far from this archer lowered his body, continuing forward.

The dark black fine metal arrow flew over Lin Xi’s head, continuously snapping three thick branches before losing momentum.

The archer released another arrow. Before his body landed on the ground, the second arrow already left his hands.

Lin Xi moved to the side, continuing to rush forward.

The arrow brushed past his body.

The archer landed on the ground. After taking a step back, his stabilized figure immediately shot another arrow.

Lin Xi still continued forward. The third arrow actually passed between his arm and ribcage. Not only was it unable to injure him, it didn’t even tear apart the ordinary cotton clothes he wore.

In the time it took to fire three arrows, Lin Xi already arrived in front of this archer.

This archer’s eyes were completely filled with shock and disbelief. Even though the arrow’s greatest threat came from long distance, under this type of rapid fire, the closer he was to the enemy, the harder it was to evade his arrows. This cultivator whose identity was unknown actually seemed to have seen through his trajectory before he even fired, his three arrows unable to hinder this individual in the slightest!

Under his powerful shock, this archer didn’t hesitate at all. The bow slashed out, the black bowstring becoming like an extremely fine longsword, cutting towards Lin Xi’s neck. At the same time, his left hand shook. A black fine metal arrow was already flung out by him like a spear, stabbing towards Lin Xi’s chest.

Lin Xi’s powerfully charging body suddenly stopped.

Because of the surging of soul force, the earth beneath his feet began to surge like boiling water.

This sudden stop made the archer’s bowstring completely miss when it was still a foot from his body.

At the same time, the longsword in his hands borrowed the slashing momentum to throw out the black fine metal arrow in his hands.

Archers were normally not suited for close distance combat. In this instant, he subconsciously took a step forward, wishing to continue forward, but he saw that the longsword in Lin Xi’s hands actually already left his hand, flying outwards after knocking his arrow aside.

In that instant, this archer only felt shock. He felt like with Lin Xi’s cultivation that was capable of such evasive maneuvers, this person who could control his soul force to the degree of avoiding his strike definitely wouldn’t let his longsword be knocked out of his hands by his arrow’s power.

In this instant, he didn’t understand why Lin Xi would let go of his longsword. His eyes subconsciously swept towards this sword.

It was also in this instant, before he had time to swing out his bow, that he sensed the soul force in Lin Xi’s body surging with unimaginable speed.

Lin Xi’ entire body became like a leather bag that leaked air in all directions.

That sword that left his hands suddenly gathered tremendous power. Its speed suddenly increased several times, cutting through his throat.

This archer only felt as if a thick and sturdy wooden stump smashed into his throat. An indescribably uncomfortable and scared feeling immediately flooded his brain.

His body took two steps back, subconsciously looking down.

He only saw a fan-like spray of blood gush out crazily from his throat. An extremely dazzling cockscomb flower seemed to have suddenly bloomed before his eyes.

He wanted to raise his eyes again to look at Lin Xi, see just how the other party accomplished this.

However, he was powerless to raise his head again, his figure collapsing to the ground.

Lin Xi grabbed his own longsword, quickly inserting it into the ordinary wooden scabbard on his back.

This was a State Knight level cultivator, an archer of the same level as himself.

Judging from this archer’s previous firing situation, apart from the fact that there was no way this archer grasped the Windstalker special archery from the academy, in terms of his normal firing precision, it was definitely not inferior to Lin Xi at the peak of his archery skill before at all.

However, in this type of situation where Lin Xi felt he had to deal with this archer, after obtaining this bow and arrows, he felt a bit of joy.

When he left Jadefall City, the academy’s ‘Little Black’ was already with Bian Linghan. Moreover, right now, even if he had ‘Little Black’, if he publicly used it, then there was a high chance of his true identity being exposed.

Right now, this type of dark giant bow was a soul weapon that didn’t belong to any Yunqin academy or workshop. However, just from holding it in his hands, sensing the feeling of the bow, as well as a bit of the aura flowing through the runes on the bow and bowstring, he was sure that this was definitely quite a good bow as well.

With this type of powerful bow, he might be able to prevail in the current situation.

In this interaction between Lin Xi and the archery master that was extremely alarming, but extremely short, a great change already took place on the battlefield where Yunqin army and cultivators fought.

When facing Mo Qingfeng who struggled to his feet, that cultivator who, regardless of whether it was his movements or his fast blade, they were both extremely quick, didn’t stop him at all. He only forcibly struck two Green Wolf Heavy Armor soldiers until their mouths were gushing with blood, unable to stand back up.

However, what made this slim figured powerful enemy cultivator’s brows suddenly furrow… was that the arrow he expected didn’t come.

Mo Qingfeng should have suffered another arrow strike. However, when he arrived by the prisoner carriage, there wasn’t another black fine metal arrow that passed through his body, nor were there any fine metal black arrows that shot anywhere else.

Even though it was only a simple assassination, it was unknown just how much preparation went into this, how much reliable information was gathered. Towards the composition of the escort army’s troops, the strength of the cultivators that were traveling with them, all of this information was already within their grasp. That was why for this enemy cultivator, even if that archer was releasing arrows in broad daylight, there was no way he would be ambushed, no way he would suddenly disappear.

However, this type of unreasonable thing instead suddenly happened.

Without the slightest hesitation, this cultivator who held a pure silver thin long blade, not a single person able to withstand a strike from him, began to quickly withdraw.

A light dang noise sounded.

The prisoner carriage’s doors were pushed open. Zhantai Qiantang walked out from within.

At this time, it was also when Lin Xi had just gripped that powerful bow in his hands.

Mo Qingfeng opened his mouth, yet was powerless to say anything. However, from his expression, from where his eyes were looking towards, Zhantai Qiangtang already understood what he was trying to say.

Mo Qingfeng’s eyes looked towards a carriage behind the prisoner carriage, the carriage Lei Jing was previously in.

Zhantai Qiantang nodded his head slightly towards Mo Qingfeng. Immediately afterwards, his body turned into a gust of wind, instantly entering that carriage.


The instant his figure entered that carriage, a deity-like scarlet red spear passed through that carriage. However, Zhantai Qiantang’s body already smashed through the back of the carriage.

That indigo blue sword was already gripped in his hands again.

Powerful winds immediately swept next to that smashed carriage.

Following the itinerary of that scarlet red spear, Zhantang Qiantang’s indigo blue longsword drew out a streak of light, shooting straight towards the tall and sturdy cultivator who released that spear!


A cultivator holding a dazzling white axe shouted, the giant axe smashing towards this streak of light.

However, in that instant, a shrill arrow noise suddenly sounded from the sky.

The pupils of the cultivator who held the dazzling white giant axe immediately expanded, his body suddenly going rigid. A blast of blood shot out from his chest. An arrow that was still spinning intensely came out from his back.


At the same time, the indigo blue longsword passed through the throat of that tall and sturdy cultivator’s throat with incredible precision. When it quickly retracted, that tall and sturdy cultivator’s body began to fly like a kite.

Lei Jing protected Sir Luo while withdrawing. When she saw that cultivator whose blade was shockingly fast withdraw, the pressure in her mind decreased a bit. Right now, when she saw this type of scene, the two of them couldn’t help but freeze up a bit… It was clearly an enemy archer, why did he instead fire at his own people?

At the same time, an expression of great shock appeared in the eyes of that enemy leader who quickly fended off Luo Wu and Lei JIng with a few slashes, quickly retreating. He knew that his archer was definitely already assassinated… However, he didn’t expect that the one who killed their archer, was actually another archer, moreover an archer that was also this powerful.

However, while feeling shock, he still didn’t back down. He released a roar.

Following his roar, two cultivators rushed out of their formation, starting to crazily run towards the mound Lin Xi was at.

On the mound, Lin Xi was shaking his fingers, doing his best to get rid of that numb, itchy and unfamiliar feeling that came from deep within his bones. Then, his fingers picked up another heavy black metal arrow.

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