Book 10 Chapter 51 - Zhantai Qiantang’s Plea

There was only a muffled noise that could be heard. Under the press of this elder, this large boulder sunk a bit into the earth, and then slid forward a few more feet before stopping.

However, as soon as this large boulder was stopped, this heroic elder’s face didn’t show the slightest bit of complacency. Instead, there was a bit of a horrified expression that appeared on his face, his eyelids starting to jump fiercely.

Putting aside that cultivator who controlled the carriage, there were already other demonic god-like figures that rushed out from the side of the official road one after another.

In this instant, in everyone’s first impression, the reason why these figures looked like demonic gods wasn’t because they all wore black masks, but rather because their speeds were too fast. The power their bodies carried while rushing out was too shocking as well, carrying waves of terrifying aura and air shattering sounds.

These people who rushed out from the forest were all cultivators!

The reason why the military could remain proud and aloof before cultivators was because they had powerful military equipment, as well as overwhelming numbers.

In this world, the amount of cultivators was still extremely few after all.

However, at this moment, there were seventeen people who rushed out at the same time.

“Who exactly are you?”

In this instant, even Mo Qingfeng who was the commander of this escort fleet felt an indescribable dizziness from extreme shock. Even though he knew there was no way he would obtain an answer for this question, he still couldn’t help but shout towards the prisoner carriage behind him.

After all, this wasn’t Dragon Snake Border Army or Thousand Sunset Border Army, but rather Yunqin Empire’s territory.

An enemy country cultivator who could infiltrate deeply into their empire was far more precious that an enemy cultivator wandering about the borders.

Moreover, the most crucial thing was that these seventeen cultivators who rushed out from the trees on the side of the road didn’t seem to be low level Soul Knight or Soul Expert level cultivators!

With so many cultivators here, it was enough to completely eradicate their three hundred man escort fleet.

“Release me.”

While Mo Qingfeng was feeling a bit dizzy, he heard a sigh sound from within the prisoner carriage. “This has nothing to do with you all. They didn’t come to kill you… they came to kill me.”

In that instant, a bit of hesitation appeared on Mo Qingfeng’s face.

He felt that he should trust the words of Zhantai Qiantang in the prisoner carriage, but he was a Yunqin soldier… Regardless of whether these cultivators came to kill Zhantai Qiantang or to save him, Zhantai Qiantang was definitely a Great Mang cultivator with a different identity.

With the slightest bit of hesitation, a shrill arrow tearing noise sounded from the skies above.

A black fine metal arrow immediately descended, shooting towards his heart!

Apart from that Prefecture Office Manor Thunder Girl and Judicial Sector Sir Xu’s follower Sir Luo, Mo Qingfeng was the most powerful expert here. However, when facing this arrow, he actually couldn’t directly dodge it, he only had enough time to shift his body slightly upwards.

The black fine metal arrow smashed fiercely into his left ribs. Under the powerful spinning force, the arrow’s sharp arrow grooves directly cut through his armor and then continued to crush his flesh, quickly digging in.

It was just as if he was smashed by a metal hammer. Mo Qingfeng fell from his horse, producing endless dust like a collapsed house.

A fist-sized hole appeared in his metal armor, the flesh inside badly mangled, blood pouring outwards crazily.

If it wasn’t for this set of armor, even if he avoided the hit to his vitals, his internal organs might have still been completely ripped apart, dying on the spot.


Mo Qingfeng collapsed, seriously wounded, so several officials immediately received authority of command, issuing orders.

Steel nets flickering with cold radiance were flung out one after another.

The skies immediately darkened. The instant the nets were cast, all of the heavy armored cavalry charged in the direction those seventeen cultivators rushed out of, firing the crossbows on their arms.

Under a wave of terrifying metal ringing noises, there were suddenly endless strands of metal that appeared in the sky.

The densely packed metal threads formed a steel web even more quickly, some of them nailed to the steel nets, bringing the nets down towards those seventeen cultivators even faster.

Zheng! Zheng! Zheng!…

Blasts of sparks instantly erupted.

An extremely fast figure actually continuously broke through six or seven nets, directly rushing out of the region these nets were cast over, rushing to the edge of this fleet.


Sir Luo who wore a white jade scholar hat first felt fear, but when he saw this scene, he knew that if these cultivators weren’t killed, then none of them might be able to live today. He immediately went for broke in that instant. With a great roar, his hands withdrew from his waist, turning two short rods into a long staff.

He rushed into the air, striking towards this incoming cultivator.

He was a State Knight level cultivator the military temporarily transferred over through the military’s relationship with Judicial Sector. Under the strike of this staff, when this golden staff released rings of auspicious cloud-like patterns, just descended, the dust on the ground was already blown away by the powerful air blast, the scene truly shocking.

For him, he had to stop a single blow from this cultivator before those soldiers casting nets and firing crossbows could have a chance to fire curved sickles.

However, when his staff just descended, a streak of blade radiance swept out in reverse like a silver stream, fast to the point where he couldn’t even react in time.


It was like cutting through a sheet of paper.

This Judicial Sector Consecrator’s arm was directly cut off, his remaining arm couldn’t hold this shockingly heavy staff. A golden staff flew out together with a severed arm.

Fortunately, in that instant, Sir Luo subconsciously rolled backwards, arriving near two heavy armored soldiers’ horses, and only then did he avoid the following sword radiance that continued to scatter out.

The instant this consecrator just felt lingering fear, sensing that his broken arm was in pain, that streak of blade radiance flickered. The two heavy armored soldiers’ heads above him already flew out, two bursts of blood gushing like a spring.

Right at this time, that valiant female cultivator, Clear Distant Prefecture Office’s Consecrator Lei Jing released a fierce shout, already arriving behind that cultivator, a blade hacking out.

When her blade hacked out, her entire arm was shaking, producing a huge blast of blade sparks. The extremely thick golden long blade flickered with electricity, forming a golden shower of lightning arcs. It was precisely Thunder Academy’s ‘Thunder Rush’ blade form.

Thunder Academy’s higher level soul weapons were all refined using True Dragon Mountain’s[1] True Dragon Thunder Metal, all of them capable of releasing lightning and thunder radiance. Thunder Academy’s fighting techniques were all domineering, not only because of the destructive force of soul force, but because the electricity that ran along the weapons would immediately leave behind considerable damage.

When facing this female cultivator’s blade that clearly came from Yunqin’s Thunder Academy, this cultivator whose blade techniques were extremely fast didn’t face it head-on, only taking a step back, avoiding it.

Lei Jing’s blade missed. Her entire body trembled with an explosive noise, taking a step forward, wishing to display Thunder Academy’s Mad Thunder Nine Strikes.

This Mad Thunder Nine Strikes was precisely taking nine steps in an instant and continuously delivering nine strikes. Not only was through Thunder Academy’s special technique every blade stronger than the last, the most powerful part of it was that after continuously hacking out nine times, the thunder radiance that was stirred about, once it reached a certain degree, it would naturally turn into thunder spheres. When these thunder spheres were directed at the opponent, even if it was a cultivator who was a level higher, they still might not necessarily be able to stop it.

Only the most outstanding elite students who had accumulated large amounts of achievements could learn this type of battle skill that originated from the imperial Changsun Clan and obtain a thunder soul weapon crafted from True Dragon Thunder Metal.

However, the instant Lei Jing took this step, her mind suddenly trembled. She immediately became alarmed, her entire body leaning downwards.

Chi la!

The moment her figure leaned over, a black fine metal armor flew past her back, drawing out a two inch long shallow wound on her back.

An explosive pa sounded.

Sir Luo who was currently below a horse saw that the situation was extremely bad. He couldn’t tend to his bleeding arm right now, frantically exerting force, using his shoulder to forcefully smash into the horse above him.

It was unknown just how many of this heavy armored military horse’s bones broke under this full force smash . It began to run as if it went crazy, charging straight into the blade radiance that cultivator directed at Lei Jing.

Under the blade radiance that was fast to the point where not even Sir Luo could see it clearly, the military horse’s head seemed to have been sliced by a straight line, and then split in half.

Even though Lei Jing wasn’t struck by this blade, the two flying hooves almost struck her body. The instant she used a single hand to support herself on the ground, rolling out, this valiant female cultivator’s complexion already became extremely pale, her entire body breaking out into cold sweat.

She understood extremely clearly that even if there wasn’t the threat of that archer, just this cultivator whose blade technique was unimaginably fast alone was already an opponent both her and Sir Luo had no chance of defeating.

Chi! Chi! Chi!...

Under air shattering sounds of hooked sickles being thrown out, all of the heavy armored troops already began to charge at these seventeen cultivators.

This type of clash was not normal at all, completely fighting with their lives on the line.

Even under two waves of cast nets and hooked sickles, there was actually not a single cultivator that fell. Right now, this type of heavy armored cavalry was completely ramming straight into these cultivators. Because there were curved sickles and other things all around them, the instant they approached these cultivators, there were already many horses’ hooves that were instantly crushed, releasing miserable cries.

However, the expressions of all of the heavy armored riders were still extremely grave and stern. They still controlled the horses beneath them to use the fastest speed possible, using the bodies of the horses and their own to ram into the enemy cultivators. Even when the front hooves of the horses were cut apart, falling forward, the heavy armored riders continued to thrust out their heavy weapons towards the cultivator in front of them with all their strength.


It was as if a black iron wall smashed into those seventeen cultivators’ bodies.

In that instant, even if it was the cultivators who could break free from the iron nets and rope arrows, there were still several of them who couldn’t avoid the incoming iron stream, smashed until blood flew out from their mouths, their bodies sent flying.

However, at the same time, there were even more horses that collapsed with miserable cries, even more heavy armored soldiers’ blood and broken limbs flying everywhere.

Under this type of miserable scene, Zhantai Qiantang who was still in the carriage couldn’t help but release a low sigh.

He was someone from Great Mang, however right now, it was instead these iron-blooded Yunqin soldiers who didn’t hesitate to give up their lives to stop these people who wanted him dead.

“Let me out!”

After this unrestrainable sigh, he looked at Mo Qingfeng who was seriously injured by an arrow through his prisoner carriage ventilation opening, releasing this serious plea again.

1. True Dragon Mountain is an isolated peak in Central Continent City where a temporary imperial residence is located

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