Book 10 Chapter 50 - Turn into a Stone Catapult

Early in the morning, Auspicious Virtue’s carriages passed through Clear Distant City’s gates, leaving Clear Distant City.

Compared to before, the inspection of the city defense was clearly much more strict.

After departing through Clear Distant City’s city gates, Chen Feirong moved aside the curtains in the carriage, taking a look outside. While watching the crowded masses, she turned around to look at Lin Xi, saying with a smile, “Sir… those city defense guards were looking at you like a pretty boy.”

Lin Xi said, “My face right now is indeed extremely white.”

“Seems like your mood is quite good.” Chen Feirong released a pu chi laughing sound. “Only, this joke is a bit cold.”

Lin Xi also revealed a faint smile, saying with a nod, “My mood is really good, because I feel like I am currently becoming the kind of person Vice Principal Xia hopes that I become, also the kind of person I am happy to become.”

Chen Feirong became serious. She looked at Lin Xi and said, “What kind of person is that?”

“A person who can teach one reverence.” Lin Xi looked at Chen Feirong and said, “Someone like Principal Zhang, someone who can let people understand what reverence means.”

Chen Feirong nodded. “You are actually comparing yourself to Principal Zhang, these words seem to be a bit bold.”

“Only in front of my own people.” Lin Xi also nodded. “My cultivation is still not enough… But if I become strong enough to kill Wenren Cangyue, then I believe at that time, I wouldn’t be far off.”

Chen Feirong thought for a bit and said, “That indeed wouldn’t be far.”

Lin Xi looked at her and said, “I am going to leave alone in a bit. The garrisoned army sent out an escort troop. If my suspicions aren’t mistaken, they should be escorting yesterday’s Great Mang cultivator. I wish to follow them and take a look.”

“Then are you still going to return to Great Ascent Town?” Chen Feirong’s expression suddenly became calm, looking at Lin Xi while saying seriously with a gentle voice.

Lin Xi nodded. “If nothing unexpected happens… as long as my identity isn’t leaked, I will return. I still need to make some arrangements for Nangong Weiyang’s side.”

“Then I’ll wait for you at Great Ascent Town.” Chen Feirong immediately laughed, her expression incredibly bright and beautiful.

Lin Xi looked at her brilliant expression, quietly saying, “Whether I leave earlier or later… is there a huge difference?”

“Of course there is.” Chen Feirong understood that Lin Xi was still going to come and go in the end. However, she still seriously nodded, gently saying, “This half year might be an extremely dark period of time for sir, but for me, it was instead a glorious period.”

Located at Clear Distant City’s east was a small lake.

The lake water was just as bright and beautiful as Chen Feirong’s expression at certain times.

Lin Xi was precisely near this small lake. He caught up to this troop that was escorting Zhantai Qiantang.

Because of Zhantai Qiantang’s cooperation, the respect the military felt towards him, as well as the fact that he hadn’t been completely proven to be a Great Mang cultivator yet, the military didn’t apply any black iron heavy shackles used specially to deal with cultivators. However, because of the power Zhantai Qiantang displayed when killing Master Painter, he still couldn’t avoid being ‘invited’ into the specially made prisoner carriage.

This prisoner carriage’s entire carriage was made from a foot thick fine steel, only a small ventilation window left open. Only three people could remain inside, and one couldn’t even stand inside. It looked just like a rectangular chest used to hold soul weapon heavy armor.

However, this ‘chest’, due to its excessive thickness and weight, needed six alternating horses to pull it, and only then could they maintain a comparatively faster speed.

Yunqin’s military never feared cultivators, but they never underestimated the power of cultivators either.

There were always four carriages scattered about in this prisoner carriage’s surroundings.

Respectively sat on these four carriages were four heavy armored soldiers clad in Green Wolf Heavy Armor.

If there was even the slightest change in situation, these four heavy armored soldiers would immediately act.

There were several sets of Moon Piercing Crossbow Carts in front and behind these four carriages. The crossbolt carts were already adjusted, all of them aimed at this prisoner carriage.

Moreover, apart from this, there were more than two hundred heavy armored cavalry armed to the teeth. Not only did they have things like casting nets and curved sickles which were specially used to deal with cultivators, they also had special crossbolt firing devices on them. What this type of crossbow fired weren’t ordinary crossbow bolts, but rather hooked arrows linked with steel wire. This type of hooked arrow, even if they couldn’t directly hit a quickly moving cultivator, in that instant, they could form an expanse of criss-crossed steel web, greatly restricting the cultivator’s movements.

Yunqin’s most commonly seen method was to first throw out nets and then fire these hooked curved arrows.

Apart from the visible power, there were also two ordinary carriages that followed this fleet.

These types of carriages normally all signified the existence of cultivators.

It was because cultivators would forever be the most effective weapon when dealing with cultivators.

Lin Xi was precisely in the small forest beside the lake, watching over this group that was currently escorting Zhantai Qiantang.

His attention couldn’t help but shift towards the official path in front of this fleet. Next to the official path that was already not far from this fleet, was an earth mound that wasn’t that tall, but full of bamboo. To its other side was an uncultivated forest.

With his perception, there was no way he could sense that place’s aura. However, scanning this with his eyes, he concluded that was a place extremely suitable for an ambush.

He had seen Zhantai Qiantang take action before. In his opinion, a cultivator who was close to the Sacred Expert level like Zhantai Qiantang will definitely have an extraordinary identity. Regardless of what kind of reason Zhantai Qiantang came to Yunqin for, there was no way he was willing to be imprisoned like this. Meanwhile, if he wanted to flee, the only chance of escape was on this type of path.

The moment Lin Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but look towards the sides of the official path up ahead, a hint of movement could be sensed from within the two ordinary carriages. Then, the curtains of one of the carriages moved, a woman appearing at the front of the carriage.

This woman looked like she was twenty-seven or eight. She was dressed in a faint yellow coat and a pair of light green boots, embedded on their surface were even some pieces of jade, looking quite extravagant.

Her facial features were sharp, giving off a type of heroic and threatening aura.

The most alarming thing was that behind her was a long blade that seemed a bit too large, the golden-colored metal scabbard flickered with cold radiance. This formlessly removed a bit of her gentle beauty, instead adding a bit of a tough and icy arrogant feeling.

“Thunder Girl.”

The one leading this fleet was precisely Clear Distant City Army’s number two figure Mo Qingfeng. As soon as he saw this woman walk out from the carriage, he who was clad entirely in heavy armor immediately moved out first, greeting her respectfully, and prepared to ask her what was wrong.

“Have the army be on alert.”

This girl’s style was extremely straightforward. After just giving Mo Qingfeng a single look, not even waiting for him to speak, she immediately explained quietly, “With my cultivation, even though I still can’t sense anything strange, I can feel that the aura of the cultivator who is locked up fluctuated a bit. His cultivation is higher than all of ours, so he might have already sensed something.”

Mo Qingfeng only got less than two hours of sleep tonight, but no trace of fatigue could be seen from his face. When he heard this woman say this, his expression immediately changed slightly. Without saying anything more, he raised a clenched fist, giving the orders for the entire army to remain vigilant.

Right at this time, a wave of thunderous horse hooves suddenly sounded from the official path up ahead.

A carriage with astonishing speed appeared before their line of sight.

This carriage pulled by four steeds was a flatbed cart. What was carried on it was a huge boulder.

Steam was rising from these four steeds, their muscles swelling chunk by chunk, clearly already approaching their limit while crazily pulling this carriage.

This type of large boulder, just how much did it weigh?

What was this perfectly intact large boulder going to be used for?


The official at the very front released a strict shout the moment this carriage appeared, and then directly drew the black long blade at his side without any hesitation, immediately rushing out to face this carriage.

In his opinion, regardless of what this large boulder was going to be used for, with this type of speeding carriage only used to carry such a large rock, it was extremely abnormal.


The driver who was leading this carriage along was extremely cooperative. With a pull of his hands, the four horses suddenly stopped, their front hooves rushing high into the air. However, the moment the carriage suddenly came to a stop, the cart driver at the front instead instantly released a ring of faint yellow color from his body, a radiance only cultivators should have.


A wave of powerful aura instantly erupted from his body. His entire figure jumped slightly, and then all of the power smashed out in front of the carriage.

The four horses simultaneously released cries of pain.

Under the full force of this cultivator, the carriage in the back released a metallic keng noise. That large rock on the carriage suddenly roared out as it was flung into the sky. Then, while carrying terrifying wind noises, it smashed viciously towards the fleet.

This carriage was actually a disguised catapult. Meanwhile, the powerful driving force didn’t only come from this cultivator and the four horses’ momentum, but also from some mechanisms that activated in the carriage.


Two heavy armored soldiers who couldn’t evade in time were directly crushed into smashed flesh. The sounds of flesh being easily crushed even covered the sounds of the armors on the riders and horses shattering.

After instantly killing two heavy armored soldiers, this stone’s momentum didn’t stop, still rolling forward.

Meanwhile, what was no in front of this large stone, was precisely the prisoner carriage that carried Zhantai Qiantang.

The brows of the valiant woman next to Mo Qingfeng jumped, currently waiting to take action.

With a hong noise, the doors of the carriage behind her instead already exploded.

A formidable elder dressed in a light gray jacket, wearing a scholar cap that had a piece of white jade embedded within instantly arrived between the prisoner carriage and the giant stone. Following a loud shout, his hands pressed against the boulder.

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