Book 2 Chapter 18 - Not an Arrow to the Knee

The allure of a course point and the achievement of gathering five emblems weren’t something only Lin Xi felt.

Mu Shanzi had a Wolf symbol on his chest, a long poleaxe in hand, arrogantly roaming through the training valley.

However, he had every right to be arrogant.

He hoisted this black poleaxe ‘Mountain Destruction’ on his shoulder, this long handle poleaxe a standard heavy infantry weapon in the border army. It was sixty jin in weight, the length roughly the same as Mu Shanzi’s himself. This type of heavy weapon was something Mu Shanzi’s batch of new students only recently obtained enough strength to use. If it was any heavier, these new students who had just joined the ranks of cultivators wouldn’t be able to wield them at all.

The great weight, together with the domineering length and the wide dual blades, made Mu Shanzi feel like this was the most powerful, most suitable weapon for him in this training valley.

He had just encountered an opponent not long ago, but after having his waist smashed into twice by this axe, the other party couldn’t escape, already admitting defeat.

That was why right now, he also had four golden pentagon emblems on the grooves of his black armor.

In order to prevent the reflection of light, as well as the empire’s unique workmanship from being recognized, almost all of the standard weapons were black.

Black was the color that left the enemies of the militaristic Yunqin Empire with the deepest impression. Right now, even the strutting Mu Shanzi, while dressed in the black armor and wielding a black poleaxe, also seemed full of coldness and killing intent.

Suddenly, Mu Shanzi’s back shuddered, as if he was being targeted from behind. He suddenly turned around. Wind whistled about, but there was no one in sight.

“Why is there no one? It would be better if there was someone there, then I would’ve struck them down with a single blow…”

However, the moment Mu Shanzi turned around, arrogantly muttering this to himself, a whoosh sounded. A black arrow attacked from the forest. With a pa sound, it smashed fiercely into his left thigh!


The tearing pain immediately made Mu Shanzi release a miserable scream, falling to the side. The poleaxe that was supported on his shoulder also slid off of his shoulder, falling heavily onto the ground.


Mu Shanzi clenched his teeth, immediately looking backwards. However, he discovered that even though he was struck by a black arrow, he had no idea where it came from.

On a large tree less than sixty steps from where Mu Shanzi was, Lin Xi, who had already switched to his right hand holding the bow, had no idea that this black-armored soldier who was arrogantly searching for opponents was precisely Mu Shanzi who he didn’t get along with.

After shooting an arrow, he held his breath, left hand moving to the bowstring to prevent the bowstring’s vibration from releasing any sound.

After maintaining this stance, not moving for over twenty seconds, he saw that the still completely confused Mu Shanzi was starting to search around, continuously cursing.

His left hand had already smoothly moved away from the completely still bowstring. Then a black arrow was silently removed from the quiver on his back, quietly added to the bow, but he wasn’t in a rush to draw it back.

When Mu Shanzi hobbled over to the left of the large tree he was camping in, with even his back facing him, Lin Xi already coldly drew the bow, took aim, and fired the second arrow.


The black arrow shot out like a streak of lightning, accurately smashing into Mu Shanzi’s right thigh. Lin Xi, who had two fingers hooked around the bowstring, immediately couldn’t help but feel a bit proud of himself.

Mu Shanzi definitely didn’t feel as happy as Lin Xi. While his left leg was still twitching with pain, his right leg suffered another arrow, making his entire body fall backwards. His voice changing mask planted headfirst into the earth, with even the heavy poleaxe crushing down on his body.

“Who is it?! Coward, you only know how to fire these types of arrows!”

What drove Mu Shanzi even more crazy was that he still didn’t know where the second arrow came from!

“Can you really even call yourself a Green Luan Academy student? You are a completely gutless scoundrel!”

“Is your dad a fucking turtle? Is that why the kid he gave birth to only knows how to hide, not even daring to show his face?!”


Mu Shanzi’s curses were extremely vile, but Lin Xi didn’t seem affected at all.

The black horn bow and the wind that blew between the leaves made Lin Xi feel like he really was a windstalker.

This was just like an extremely interesting game.

He only quietly aimed at Mu Shanzi. When Mu Shanzi finally cursed to the point where he didn’t want to anymore, standing up from the ground again, he then drew another arrow with incomparable elegance, and then fired it with incomparable stability.


Mu Shanzi fell with another miserable scream.

This time, Lin Xi shot at his left thigh again, adding another inhumane blow to the same wound.

“Who exactly are you?! Do you dare tell me your name? I will definitely find you and get revenge!”

“Do you know who I am?! I am Mu Shanzi!”

Mu Shanzi still couldn’t find where Lin Xi was hiding. As a golden spoon, he really couldn’t take it anymore, screaming out, losing all rationality.

“Mu Shanzi?”

Lin Xi was immediately a bit stunned.

Originally, he saw that Mu Shanzi already lost his fighting strength, so he was about to reveal himself, slide down the tree, directly have Mu Shanzi hand over a golden pentagon emblem. However, when he heard Mu Shanzi shout out his own identity, recognizing the similarity between Mu Shanzi’s normal way of speaking and temperament, that there should be no mistake, the corners of Lin Xi’s lips curled slightly upwards. He continuously removed arrows from the quiver behind him, shooting at the screaming Mu Shanzi who was clutching one of his legs.


Mu Shanzi rolled all over the ground, screaming in misery as he was bombarded by arrows.

This time, he finally saw that the arrows came from a large tree not far from where he was.

However, he was already shot at by Lin Xi until his face turned ashen, hard for him to even breathe.

Only after Lin Xi carefully removed the poleaxe, then removed a golden pentagon emblem from his shoulder, did Mu Shanzi finally recover a bit from the pain, screaming, “You are dead for sure, I will definitely…”


When Lin Xi, who had originally already left and was more than ten steps away, heard him shout out like this, he sneered, and then drew his longbow, firing another arrow.

Lin Xi, who was originally a bit mischievous, wanted to fire at Mu Shanzi’s knees, but because of Mu Shanzi’s movements, the arrow deviated a bit from its destination, instead landing on Mu Shanzi’s calf.


Mu Shanzi squealed once more, sounding like a wounded pig.

Lin Xi chuckled again, this was like slaughtering an animal. He shook his head with a bit of regret, and then left towards the mountain forest like a gust of wind.

“I remembered you! Silver Fox! I will definitely get my revenge!”

Only when Lin Xi’s figure completely disappeared did the miserably screaming Mu Shanzi dare curse out.

“I also remembered you, Wolf, huh…” When the carefully moving Lin Xi heard Mu Shanzi’s shouting, he couldn’t help but smile.

Mu Shanzi screamed hysterically. He was just about to pick up his poleaxe.

“You came again?”

However, when he turned around, he saw that a pair of hands were currently wrapped around that poleaxe.


Mu Shanzi thought that it was still Lin Xi, but when he saw the small sword shaped pattern on the other party’s chest, as well as the two daggers thrown to their sides, he immediately couldn’t say anything, knowing that this was a new opponent who was provoked by his own reckless screaming, not Lin Xi.

While watching this enemy walk over with his own poleaxe in hand, Mu Shanzi’s entire body shuddered. However, he didn’t dare act recklessly, only able to watch as the other party removed a golden pentagon emblem from his body.

Not long after the student with the small sword pattern removed an emblem and the poleaxe from him, before the still cursing Mu Shanzi could pick up the daggers the other party dropped, his eyes narrowed. A black-armored warrior wielding a Black Flower Pike walked over from the mountain forest, pointing the spear point at his chest, and then removed another golden pentagon emblem from his shoulder.

After the Black Flower wielding black armed student with a Rose Flower emblem on his chest left, Mu Shanzi was so angry his entire body was shaking. Now, there was only a single golden pentagon emblem left. He finally picked up the two daggers on the ground.

However, when he hobbled to his feet and turned around, the two short blades fell onto the ground with clanking sounds.

A black-armored student wielding the heavy weapon ‘Black Wasp’ wolf tooth club was not far from him. With a bang sound, unknown whether it was intentional or not, the wolf club smashed into the ground, smashing a bluestone rock into pieces.

When he saw Mu Shanzi’s momentarily petrified reaction, this black-armored student with a Fierce Tiger symbol on his chest silently took a step forward. The wolf teeth club swung through the air, releasing whistling noises.

Mu Shanzi removed the last golden pentagon emblem from his shoulder, throwing it over.

Ah!!! I remembered all of you! I will definitely get revenge!”

When the student with the ‘Black Wasp’ wolf teeth club disappeared, Mu Shanzi screamed out, but then suddenly became stunned, scared that he might attract more people. However, a moment later, he instead realized something, everything before his eyes darkening as he screamed, “You all are shameless bastards!”

It was because he didn’t have a single golden pentagon emblem on him anymore. Even if others wanted to steal from him, there was nothing left to steal.

Towards Mu Shanzi’s later experiences, Lin Xi had no idea.

Originally, after obtaining five emblems, he was already preparing to leave, starting to look for a wooden path in the training valley.

However, when he already saw a wooden path, Lin Xi instead changed his mind.

It was because he noticed an expanse of yellow -- a yellow wall surrounding this valley.

He clearly remembered that the yellow walls surrounded the martial skills special training region. Meanwhile, if he could break a record left by new students of the same department, just like five successive five emblem results, he could obtain a course point of reward.

“What is it like inside exactly?”

While carrying this type of question, Lin Xi silently headed towards the yellow wall.

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