Book 10 Chapter 45 - Battle Between Cultivator and Army


Su Zhongwen’s mouth surged with blood, even his back caving in. His entire figure smashed into a residence in the back, the house collapsing under rumbling noises.

Li Anting’s entire body’s blood seemed to have flushed to his face, his cheeks immediately becoming purple red. Under this strike, Su Zhongwen in front of him already had no chance of living.


His mouth seemed to have erupted with an explosive noise, as if all of the air in his lungs was roared out.

At the same time, his feet stomped fiercely on the ground. A bluestone well on the side was sent flying by him, smashing towards Master Painter.

pa noise sounded. With a casual fling of his hand, a piece of bluestone that was at least a hundred jin in weight was blasted into pieces.

However, in this instant, Li Anting took three steps. His body’s aura erupted, every step creating a blast of dust, as if he crushed three gray tents in succession. With a speed that was double that of before, he forcibly rushed over to Master Painter’s side. With a hu noise, the spear in his hands carried terrifying wind noises, no longer looking like a spear, but instead more like a metal rod as it smashed at Master Painter’s waist.

This spear wasn’t an ordinary Black Flower Pike, but rather an entirely bronze, extremely heavy soul weapon pike covered in thistles and thorns shaped fine runes.

Wherever this pike swept past, there would be streaks of bronze radiance left behind, as if there were expanses of thistles and thorns growing quickly in the air.

Master Painter’s body had just risen into the air, trying to jump backwards, seemingly unable to evade this pike’s attack. However, he wasn’t worried at all, only saying with a low voice, “Excellent spear!” His right hand’s two fingers rushed out, looking like a small sword as they swept towards this incoming soul weapon pike.

The iron-blooded and domineering soul weapon heavy armor instantly clashed with those fine fingers!

An explosive boom sounded. Countless visible streams of dust and earth rushed out in all directions.

It was as if two giant beasts were running at full speed, using their bodies to face each other.

Li Anting’s expression became even more scarlet red, even his eyes covered in bloody wisps from this impact.

Without any regard for the feeling of his hands’ ten fingers which were about to break, he forcibly clasped the heavy spear that was knocked flying, about to deliver another strike.

However, at this moment, Master Painter’s hand already shot forward several inches like lightning, striking against his spear’s shaft.

This was precisely the instant where both individuals used all of their strength, and then exerted force once more.

Ka la…

This time, there was only a fine explosion noise around the spear, but it was a true instantaneous battle of strength between the two of them.

Li Anting released a muffled groan, only feeling that even his legs began to tremble. This Yunqin serious criminal’s cultivation was actually this terrifying, far above his own. Perhaps even the most powerful commander in all of Sunrise Roost might not be more than this.

His hands already couldn’t hold this heavy spear anymore. However, his extreme anger and powerful conviction as a Yunqin iron-blooded soldier prevented him from letting go at this time, instead pressing down with his arms, using his arms and body to forcibly press against this heavy spear.

Master Painter’s strength once again shook the area around them.

The disturbance didn’t seem that great, but the dozen or so residents that already had their windows blasted through around them released pa pa noises, the curtains instantly blasted full of holes by the flying sand and stones.

A strand of blood trickled down the corner of Li Anting’s mouth, injuries appearing inside his body. His arms were even more so directly dislocated, falling limp at his sides, unable to hold his spear, his entire figure staggering backwards.

Right at this moment, the ten Green Wolf Heavy Armor soldiers finally arrived at Li Anting’s side. The long blades and hooked claws all began to rain down on Master Painter.

This type of heavy armored soldier was completely like a moving metal fortress. Normal cultivators couldn’t face them at all.

However, Master Painter wasn’t an ordinary cultivator. He was an expert who was already close to the peak of State Master level.

When faced with these heavy armored soldiers’ attacks, he completely imitated Li Anting’s first strike. He gripped the soul weapon heavy spear he seized, released a fierce roar, and then surged with power, pouring it into the soul weapon pike in his hands, using this soul weapon heavy pike as an iron staff.

Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!...

Waves of intense vibrations that made one’s scalp go numb erupted within a single breath of time.

Three heavy armored soldiers’ long blades snapped, while two heavy armored soldiers’ heavy bodies fell down in ruin, fine blasts of blood spraying out from behind their masks.

More than ten fragments of blades, heavy armored hooked claws and spears shot through the air in all directions. There were already a dozen soldiers who rushed over from the rear alley. One of the soldiers had just arrived, yet he just happened to be hit between the brows by a piece of metal fragment. Before he could even utter a single noise, he already fell backwards.

Li Anting who fell to a seated posture on the ground released a roar of extreme fury.

He didn’t expect that this Yunqin serious criminal would actually be powerful and domineering to this decree.

As if responding to this military official’s rage, concentrated bowstring noises sounded, ringing through this alley.

Endless concentrated black arrows carried terrifying whistling noises, instantly filling the sky and descending.

Master Painter let go of the heavy spear in his hands. Even though as far as he knew, right now, there wasn’t a single cultivator who could contend against him in all of Clear Distant City, he understood extremely clearly that there has never been a cultivator in this world who could face an entire army. Even if it was Principal Zhang that day in Meteor Lake, it was only through relying on a dozen of powerful cultivators who moved with him that he could defeat three thousand soldiers.

He already sensed that the army already completely surrounded this alley. That was why right now, he didn’t feel any sense of complacency, only powerful fear and anger.

Just which part was it that someone schemed against him, revealing his whereabouts.

When this thought flashed past his mind, his entire figure was just like Su Zhongwen just now, smashing into a residence to his side.

Thud thud thud… Endless black arrows penetrated thin tiles, entering the houses one after another. Meanwhile, blasts of dust erupted beneath one after another, as if a carriage was crushing everything in its path with astonishing speed.

Su Zhongwen still hadn’t died right now. However, under Master Painter’s strike, his important organs had already become a lump of crushed things. He was already at his deathbed.

Li Anting leapt out in fury, rushing into the half collapsed house he was in.

When he saw the Yunqin commander who rushed in, Su Zhongwen opened his mouth, wishing to say the two words Chen Feirong.

However, when he opened his mouth, he already couldn’t say anything. His head hung down. This Liu Family advisor that was greatly relied upon, thus took his last breath.

Li Anting didn’t share any feelings with Su ZHongwen before, to the extent where they never even met before. However, when he saw Su Zhongwen take his last breath, this Yunqin officer thought that Su Zhongwen was the type of person who didn’t hesitate to put himself at risk to pursue important criminals. His eyes immediately became crimson red, once again releasing a fierce roar, “Kill him!”

This was already not a military order, but rather a roar of pure venting.

If this type of serious criminal escaped from this city, then all of Clear Distant City’s military would completely lose all face. Even if their superiors didn’t punish them, Li Anting would definitely ask to resign himself.

Even though several decades after Yunqin’s political situation stabilized, the royal court already reaching a point where the people were anxious, where Lin Xi felt like it was indescribably filthy, under the glory and faith established by martial spirit and predecessors’ achievements, in the several decades of continuous battles, Yunqin’s military didn’t decline in the slightest, still having an invincible army that had terrifying strength and willpower.

Moreover, because there was only a single enemy today, moreover this enemy being a powerful cultivator, the orders from above were also extremely simple: kill this person.

That was why for the army, this battle was extremely easy to carry out.

The extremely fast cavalry army already carried out a blockade of this alley, while large amounts of infantry created a three-layered encirclement. Moreover, several branches of the city defense were also transferred over. What accompanied this City Defense Army were powerful crossbow military equipment specially used to deal with cultivators.

The speed and power of cultivators far exceeded ordinary warriors. However, in this daytime situation, cultivators had no places to hide themselves.

That was why when Li Anting released that furious roar, there were already over a hundred cavalry troops and several hundred infantry that charged over, already completely surrounding the residence Master Painter rushed into.

Several dozen shield and blade carrying infantry immediately rushed into the collapsed residence. The battle between this cultivator and the army now truly reached its climax.

However, what made the entire body of Li Anting who quickly leapt onto a house tremble, was that there was no blood or ruined limbs that flew out.

When facing a powerful cultivator, Yunqin’s military never felt fear. That was because Yunqin’s military didn’t hesitate to pay the price of blood and death.

Even if cultivators slaughtered the soldiers like grass, regardless of how terrifying they were, most of the outside soldiers couldn’t see how frightening they were at all. Normally, they all polished iron-blooded wills, making it so that even if these soldiers knew they were facing death, they would still charge in without any fear.

In this type of city region, this type of flat terrain, in this type of daytime, a powerful cultivator like Master Painter could still only kill several soldiers in a breath of time. However, there were at least a few dozen soldiers waiting to rush in outside.

That was why  the densely packed soldiers who surrounded cultivators wouldn’t become fewer because of rapid deaths, but instead become greater and greater. This type of circle would become more and more condensed, larger and larger.

This type of group would always surround that cultivator, all the way until that cultivator’s soul force was exhausted and he was killed.

This was precisely where the true terror of an army lied for a solo cultivator.

However, right now, Master Painter didn’t kill a single ordinary soldier, not exhausting any soul force in killing these soldiers, instead only using it to run, only relying on shocking speed and reactions exceeding normal soldiers to frantically escape in a certain direction between these soldiers’ gaps.

Since his speed was even faster than a speeding horse’s, the encirclement that could lock down a cultivator of his level never truly formed.

Meanwhile, at this moment, Li Anting could also tell Master Painter’s true intentions.

Master Painter wanted to rush towards the city’s main market! That was where traders and shopping ordinary civilians gathered, a place that had at least two to three thousand people.

“Will I be able to scatter them in time?” In that instant, this was the only thought that appeared in Li Anting’s brain.

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