Book 10 Chapter 44 - Slaughtering Under the Army

This middle-aged scholar was naturally Su Zhongwen.

His brows were also furrowed, walking into this alley in a bit of doubt.

Why did Chen Feirong specially agree to meet him in this alley today?

In Su Zhongwen’s opinion, Chen Feirong naturally didn’t dare do anything against him. If something unexpected happened to him in Clear Distant City today, Chen Feirong definitely wouldn’t be able to free herself from getting involved.

Chen Feirong was an intelligent person. The more intelligent one was, the more they wouldn’t do something like directly killing him to close his mouth.

Moreover, if one wanted to kill, they could choose nighttime where it was harder for others to notice.

That was why the more he felt like it was impossible, the more confused Su Zhongwen became. He didn’t know why Chen Feirong would send someone over to deliver this message, mysteriously arranging for them to meet here.

The moment Master Painter turned around to look at him, he also immediately saw Master Painter.

Su Zhongwen was someone who was normally full of scheming. Right now, he didn’t know that everything was because of Lin Xi’s scheming, he didn’t know who this slim stern teacher-like man at the end of this alley was either. However, with a single look, he sensed a feeling like being picked by a needle, knowing that this slim teacher-like individual wasn’t a normal person.

‘Master Painter’ was a first class criminal in Yunqin. This type of serious criminal, if he was captured, would definitely be publicly executed, a death by a thousand cuts. That was why normally, he naturally restrained his aura extremely well.

However, he could tell that Su Zhongwen was not a passing bystander. In his eyes, Su Zhongwen was definitely the one who knew his identity, the one who arranged to meet here.

It was naturally hard for him to hide his hostility and his intent to take action.

“Who exactly are you?”

He narrowed his eyes slightly, his eyes flickering with cold radiance, inwardly on guard, instead slowly facing Su Zhongwen.

Su Zhongwen was immediately stunned.

This was a question that was originally supposed to be asked by him, yet it was the other party who asked him instead.

In that instant, he vaguely sensed that something was a bit off, yet he couldn’t remain completely rational, unable to figure out as to what exactly was off.

“This one is Su Zhongwen, I only arranged to meet with someone here.”

After a bit of hesitation, Su  Zhongwen first spoke some words that he found appropriate.

Right at this time, a wave of unique sounds transmitted through the air.

These sounds were still extremely light. In this alley, only cultivators like Su Zhongwen and Master Painter could hear them.

However, Master Painter’s expression suddenly changed.

It was because he could tell that these were cotton padded horse hooves, the noises of rapid and concentrated sounds of the great earth being trampled on.

This type of noise came from several different directions. It could only come from Yunqin’s powerful army, the sound of a sudden assault!

“You are an official?”

Master Painter spoke, quickly speaking these four words.

At this type of time, Master Painter who was surrounded by this type of death pressure noise immediately came to the first conclusion anyone would make. Su Zhongwen was a Yunqin official who, for the sake of lessening the amount of civilian deaths, was deliberately stalling for time, guiding him to an alley with few people, and then using the army to take him down!

Su Zhongwen’s brows jumped fiercely.

At this moment, he also came to the first decision most people would make.

The other party was a great criminal!

Chen Feirong actually wanted to borrow this great criminal to kill him! She most likely already prepared her own escape route, able to allow others to know who it was that killed him, proving that Auspicious Virtue and this great criminal had no connections at all.

Only, he didn’t know how news of this great criminal leaked out, to actually have already startled the army!

In that instant, Su Zhongwen didn’t make any reply. Following a low shout, his soul force surged from the bottom of his feet. His entire body already released rapid air shattering noises, rushing backwards!

In reality, regardless of what kind of thoughts Su Zhongwen had right now, even if he knew these were Lin Xi’s arrangements, immediately fleeing was the best choice.

However, Master Painter didn’t want to let him easily escape. It was because the Yunqin army that was quickly approaching didn’t know about his face, while Su Zhongwen did. Regardless of whether Su Zhongwen had other colleagues or not, for a Yunqin serious criminal like Master Painter, killing a Yunqin official who knew his true appearance was an extra layer of protection.


The instant Su Zhongwen didn’t say anything, directly retreating, Master Painter moved his left hand over his face. A mottled mask covered his face. At the same time, his right hand was like a long whip, lashing forward and releasing an explosive noise.

The instant this explosive noise sounded, red light flickered between his palm and fingers, as if a flame bird rushed out. With a chi  noise, the air in front of him seemed to have been completely hacked open. That light brown short blade of his was directly flung out like a hidden weapon.

When Su Zhongwen had just turned around, he already sensed an extremely terrifying power pressuring him. Only at this time did he realize that the other party was a powerful cultivator who was normally extremely rarely seen in all of Sunrise Roost Province!

In that instant, he whose expression was changing rapidly didn’t have any time to think about it in detail. His soul force erupted fiercely from beneath his feet. His body shifted to the side, avoiding Master Painter’s strike. With a bang noise, he smashed into a home’s alley wall, blasting open a large hole.

After barging in, he found that this seemed to be a kitchen, no one inside. There was some dried firewood piled up, the lighting dim.

Su Zhongwen who could sense the other party’s powerful cultivation couldn’t tend to his shoulder’s pain at all, only blocking his eyes with his hands. After a fierce shout, he continuously broke through windows, looking like a freed vicious beast as he bashed about through homes, crazily fleeing towards the main street outside.

However, after moving just a dozen or so steps, Su Zhongwen already heard continuous explosion sounds from the homes behind him. Master Painter who was following him looked like a vicious beast that was jumping crazily, his falling body even more so looked like a giant boulder, instantly arriving not farm behind him. 

“So fast!”

Su Zhongwen’s scalp immediately felt waves of numbness. He released another fierce shout. Right when he was about to erupt with even greater soul force without regard for his injuries, a great bang noise sounded. He only felt as if the air behind him seemed to have instantly surged, as if he suddenly arrived before the sea, a giant wave smashing down on his back.

The instant he turned around, Su Zhongwen was horrified to the point where his entire body’s fine hairs were releasing biting cold chilliness.

Half of the wall behind him had already been blasted out by Master Painter’s strike, now smashing towards him.


Su ZHongwen was also a cultivator who excelled at fighting. In the time it took for sparks to fly off a flint, his body fiercely leaned forward, almost flying out. His feet stepped backwards, actually pressing against this wall, wishing to borrow this force to rush out.

However, he still underestimated the power contained within this broken wall.


The thick cloth bottom of his shoes completely split open, his figure was sent flying forward until he couldn’t stand still. He tumbled along the ground, about to exert force to continue rushing forward.

However, Master Painter’s figure already appeared from behind the crushed wall. The instant Su Zhongwen rolled out and stepped on the ground again, Master Painter’s figure also already leapt out, diving down from the air. His figure was like a leaping speeding horse that was about to trample down viciously.

Su Zhongwen could no longer evade. Following a horrifying scream, his arms blocked in front of him in a crossed manner, all of his soul force pouring into his arms without any care for his body’s injuries.


The power of a State Knight, compared to a State Master, couldn’t be compared at all. His arms were immediately snapped, his entire body like a giant boulder flung out of a catapult as it flew out, smashing into a wooden window and falling down.

Martial Sector’s Chief Observer Li Anting was quickly approaching the area where Su Zhongwen was fighting Master Painter. Following closely behind him were ten soldiers dressed in standard Yunqin Army Green Wolf Heavy Armor.

When he led the first mounted army, and then several other armies began to surround this alley, all of the soldiers within several li of this alley already heard the terrifying explosion and rumbling noises.

This type of noise was like two carriages smashing together and also like the collision of two giant beasts.

When they heard these sounds and saw the dust and flames erupting in the alleys, all of the soldiers knew that this was the scene of a battle between high level cultivators.

For Li Anting, this meant that what Su Zhongwen said should be true. Meanwhile, Su Zhongwen was already discovered by Master Painter, already being pursued by Master Painter. That was why he and his army had to act a bit faster!

Right now, Li Anting and the ten Green Wolf Heavy Armor soldiers who already began to use their soul force were extremely close to the alleys that erupted with smoke and flames.

It was also at this time that another great rumbling noise sounded. The wall of a home in front of Li Anting and the ten Green Wolf Heavy Armor soldiers collapsed, countless fragments flying everywhere. A figure carrying afterimages and an extremely bitter stance rushed outwards.


Li Anting immediately released a fierce roar, all of his soul force surging with even greater power. The stone road his feet stepped on produced many cracks. He rushed towards the figure that was smashed out with astonishing speed .

Even though the report of the city gate defenders only said that a Liu Family cultivator like Su Zhongwen entered the city, he never saw Su Zhongwen’s face before. However, he knew that the one who rushed out should be Su Zhongwen, or else there was no way he would escape in their direction.

When he released a roar, he was already only twenty something steps from Su Zhongwen. However, right at this time, the wall behind Su Zhongwen collapsed again!

Several dozen bricks poured down like a waterfall. An exceptionally valiant figure carried terrifying streams of dust as he rushed out. A fist smashed out towards Su Zhongwen’s lower back like lightning!

Li Anting’s heart suddenly became ice-cold. In that instant, he determined that he didn’t have time to rush over in time.

In this instant, he only had enough time to see that the second cultivator had a mottled mask on his face.

Then, he felt incomparable rage. He was furious that this happened in broad daylight, this serious criminal was actually brazen to this degree, actually in a situation where they already arrived, yet he still dared to rush out and kill Su Zhongwen! His fury lied in the fact that Su Zhongwen used such a clumsy indirect method to incite him to surround and kill this cultivator criminal, yet he was actually still a step late! He actually didn’t have the chance to berate Su Zhongwen. As a Yunqin soldier, no matter how powerful the cultivator he faced, he didn’t fear giving up his life, so why was there a need for this type of indirect approach?

“Criminal! You dare?!” Under extreme rage, he released a heaven overflowing vicious roar.

Under his vicious roar, Master Painter gave him a cold look. His hand erupted with tremendous power. With a hong noise, a blast of red radiance exploded on Su Zhongwen’s back.

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