Book 10 Chapter 43 - Why Would the Army Fear Cultivators

Since the distance was extremely clear, Master Painter could clearly see and sense that there wasn’t anything connected between Lin Xi’s hand and flying sword. It was completely because of the infusion of soul force that this flying sword hacked in reverse.

This was true sword control!

However, in the world of cultivators, only Sacred Expert level cultivators could use true sword control.

He was already near the very peak of State Master, but the more he reached this type of cultivation level, the more he could sense that there was still an unimaginable distance from reaching that ‘sacred’ level.

This ‘sacred’ level that was above normal cultivators, their powerful strength able to even overlook many of the laws of this world, for him, still wasn’t a gate, but rather a massive mountain.

Could it be that the other party was a Sacred Expert?

This type of ordinary merchant company, how could they possibly have the existence of a Sacred Expert level cultivator?

Moreover, if he was a Sacred Master, why would he deliberately hide his cultivation, carry out this type of battle against him?

However, if he wasn’t a Sacred Expert, then how did the other party accomplish sword control?

Also, that golden lightning that blasted half his body until it was numb and covered in burnt injuries, what was going on here?

In this world, among all cultivators, only Central Continent’s Changsun Clan could turn soul force into powerful golden lightning.

In the extremely short amount of time where this battle situation underwent a crazy transformation, countless thoughts of shock filled Master Painter’s head.

Extreme shock left his brain empty, making his transferring of soul force from his body display true sluggishness.


Lin Xi’s sword directly flew across his face.

His mottled mask split in half, falling off his face.

A terrifying sword wound extended from his left cheek to the right. However, not even the blood gushing out from the wound could conceal the extreme shock on his face.


The soul force in his body finally erupted once more.

Lin Xi released a muffle groan. His body once again flew backwards with an even more astonishing speed, his back smashing into the wall at the end of this corridor, a muffled groan released from the collision between his back and the wall. His body also released quite a few powerful bone splitting noises, but his expression was always locked onto Master Painter’s face.

He saw extremely clearly that Master Painter was originally a middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance, some beard left on his face. His cheekbones were a bit high, his appearance like a somewhat worn-out teacher.

“How is this possible?!”

“Just who are you exactly?!”

Right now, Master Painter definitely saw that the condition of Lin Xi who smashed into the wall was much worse than him, but he still roared out continuously, as if he went mad.

The rain eaves above him had already completely collapsed from the tremendous power he erupted with. Right now, icy rainwater trickled down his face, mixing with the blood on his face as it descended, his wound appearing even more sinister and terrifying. Unknown as if it was because of the pain or the icy coldness or the fear, his body began to shake uncontrollably.

“You don’t need to know who I am.”

“As long as I remember the aura on your body and know your face, it is already enough.”

Lin Xi began to cough, coughing out a bit of bloody suds. However, his expression was extremely relaxed. He already fought to his heart’s content, understanding that with his current strength, if he went all out, there was already a chance of crossing levels and killing this type of powerful enemy. He also already achieved his objective.

Since he wanted to use this Master Painter to deal with Su Zhongwen, he needed to at least know this Master Painter’s true appearance and be able to find him in Clear Distant City.

While looking at Master Painter who couldn’t understand anything at all, his body shaking uncontrollably, Lin Xi didn’t say anything else, only quietly saying ‘return’.

Time returned to several halts ago.

Apart from Lin Xi, no one else knew what already happened in this courtyard Lin Xi and Chen Feirong were at.

Icy cold rain scattered down from the sky.

The brown-robed masked Master Painter was currently making his way through a muddy road.

While looking at the extremely quiet lingering garden in the distance, this cultivator who was already extremely powerful in this world began to feel even more restless, his body starting to tremble in excitement.

After all, this woman was not only beautiful, she was also the mysterious Auspicious Virtue great shopkeeper whose reputation already reached far and wide.

A woman of this type of status naturally possessed even greater appeal.

It was just like how Yunqin Imperial City’s imperial princess had endless men carry dirty thoughts towards her, wishing to viciously defile her, just that they didn’t dare speak these words out loud. For him, if he had a cultivation powerful enough, able to freely move about even the Imperial City, then the appeal the imperial princess carried would also be number one. He would definitely enter the imperial palace and properly play with the imperial princess, moreover turn her body into the most elegant painting for the world to see, publicly proclaim to all in the world that the girl others only dared fantasize about, had already been toyed with by him.

When this cultivator whose entire body was shaking a bit from his desire was only a few li from lingering garden, Lin Xi already arrived outside Chen Feirong’s door, knocking on it.

“We are leaving?”

Chen Feirong asked from inside the room.

She didn’t take off any clothes, only sitting on her bed while fully clothed. When she heard Lin Xi’s knocking sound, she also already stood up.

“Yes.” Lin Xi nodded in a manner that wasn’t too fast or too slow.

Chen Feirong didn’t show the slightest hesitation, not asking Lin Xi about any reasoning, directly pushing open her door and quickly following Lin Xi to a carriage that was already prepared on the side.

Lin Xi tightened the clothes around himself, wearing a bamboo rain hat above his head and putting on a thick raincoat. Following a low shout, this carriage pulled by two of the highest quality steeds shot out like an arrow, rushing out from lingering gardens and into the street, crazily rushing into the city.

The black carriage rushed through the shower of rain.

The thunderous sounds of hooves shattered the peace of this rainy night.

When he was still several li from lingering gardens, Master Painter who was currently moving quickly stood still in shock.

He could vaguely see this carriage rush out and then depart from his line of sight with astonishing speed.

“What is going on?”

Master Painter looked in the direction this carriage disappeared to. He just couldn’t understand why that woman who was resting perfectly fine in her home would suddenly decide to leave so quickly.

The pattering cold rain continued until daybreak before it stopped, Clear Distant CIty’s military training field also becoming a bit muddy.

Martial Sector’s Chief Observer Li Anting looked at the hard earth in front of him, his brows deeply furrowed.

It was because it didn’t freeze.

Without any ice, it meant that for the military, winter was now officially past, meaning that a great battle between two countries was about to unfold.

The more ignorant the Yunqin civilians were, the more hot-blooded they were in fighting this battle,the more they wished to bring back the traitorous Great General Wenren to be beheaded. However, a mid-ranking commander like him understood what kind of price had to be paid to fight this type of battle even more clearly , how many lives loyal to the empire had to be paid.

An official quickly rushed over from the barracks entrance, arriving at his side. He immediately showed a greeting of respect. “General, just now, someone named Su Zhongwen, claiming to be Provincial Supervisor Liu’s family advisor came to bring a message.”

“Su Zhongwen? He is indeed that advisor who follows Liu Ziyu. The city defense previously told me about him, so I am aware that he is in this city.” Li Anting turned around, completely assuming an iron-blooded commander’s presence as he quickly said, “What matters does he have?”

This official didn’t dally either, saying, “He said he discovered a serious criminal, sure that this is ‘Master Painter’. Only, that Master Painter’s cultivation should be far above his, so only if our military moves out, can we have a chance of surrounding and taking out this serious criminal. He said that right now, he is trying to lure that serious criminal to Sky Chaste Lane’s alleys, but he isn’t confident that that serious criminal can be kept there for long. If our army has some misgivings, unable to quickly arrive, then there is no point in heading over.”

Li Anting’s brows fiercely jumped, a hint of a cold smile appearing on his face. “Su Zhongwen wishes to establish contributions… but our duty is to maintain peace to begin with. If a cultivator can even threaten us, then what is the purpose of our army’s existence? Why is there a need for this type of botched indirect method to incite us?”

“Give the orders for Erlang and the others to immediately prepare horses, mobilize the entire heavy armored army and crossbow army! We are heading to Sky Chaste Lane to surround and cut off this serious criminal!”

A serious shout erupted from Li Anting’s mouth.

In just a few breaths of time, fierce military orders erupted in this camp. Countless metal noises began to ring through this garrison army.

A thin middle-aged teacher who held an ordinary oil paper umbrella, dressed in a green cotton gown walked through the alleys.

His brows slowly furrowed, the expression between his brows also becoming fierce. It was completely unlike the gentleness others saw when he was in public.

This lean middle-aged man who kept a bit of a beard was precisely Master Painter who made a useless trip last night.

He didn’t know why Chen Feirong would suddenly leave, only feeling like something was a bit off.  What made him inwardly feel a bit of mysterious killing intent and shock today was that there was actually someone who learned of his identity, someone who knew where he resided, actually having the tavern servant bring a message for them to meet in this alley.

Who was it that leaked out his information?

What did this type of person want from him?

Right now, he was in the light and the other party was in the dark, so he had to find out who exactly it was.

According to the location the tavern worker told him, this inwardly bewildered, but extremely prudent cultivator slowly moved forward. Suddenly, he stopped.

It was because up ahead was a dead end. What he faced was a wall without any way out.

Right when his expression became a bit uglier, his mind starting to consider whether he should remain here or quickly leave Clear Distant City, he sensed something, turning around.

He saw a middle-aged scholar show himself from the distant alley entrance.

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