Book 10 Chapter 40 - Moving Through the Night


Within an official residence within Clear Distant City, a loud and clear wood fracturing noise sounded.

A red sandalwood table was struck by Zhang Lingyun’s hand, a corner of the table exploding.

Zhang Lingyun’s expression was ashen, grinding noises audible from between his teeth.

“Just a trifling merchant company shopkeeper, yet you dare try to deal with me instead? You actually made me suffer such extraordinary shame and humiliation!” He felt endless rage, as well as the feeling of being struck viciously in the face by someone, yet he was completely powerless to return the favor, leaving this young official who originally had boundless prospects feeling as if his entire body’s blood began to burn with venomous flames!

The opinion of the public wasn’t that easy to change, moreover, his good friend Feng Zhengming was originally supposed to be of great assistance for him in Sunrise Roost Province’s provincial bureaucracy. However, after today, Feng Zhengming’s path in the royal court was already equivalent to being completely cut off, at most serving as his follower in the future, serving him as an ordinary cultivator.

“Originally, I just wanted her to listen obediently and be used by me. However now, it seems like if I don’t kill her, it will be hard to erase the hatred in my heart! Not only will I kill her, I will make her completely lose her standing!”

After his palm smashed apart a corner of the table next to him, Zhang Lingyun’s expression instead became even more sinister.

When he heard these words, the brows of the youngster who sat across from him, the other good friend who was drinking with him on that pleasure boat immediately furrowed, wishing to say something.

However, at this moment, the edges of this youngster with a faint birthmark above his left eyebrow and Zhang Lingyun’s ears both twitched slightly. Their bodies suddenly trembled, jumping out like tigers at nearly the same time. With just a few steps, they already pushed open the door and entered the courtyard.

Under the faint moonlight, the two of them looked towards the eaves. There was an ordinary black cat whose eyes released green light that was currently quickly running past.

“Just a cat.”

The expression of the youngster with the birthmark above his left eyebrow relaxed, quietly saying this.

Zhang Lingyun turned around and returned home, his ashen expression decreasing slightly. However, rage continued to burn in his eyes. “An ordinary merchant company who had just begun to become prosperous, if they dare try to monitor an official residence, then they are truly courting death! I reckon Auspicious Virtue doesn’t have the guts to do so!”

“Since Feng Zhengming couldn’t withstand her at all, then Chen Feirong’s cultivation has reached the peak of Soul Master level at the very least.” The youngster with the birthmark over his left eyebrow looked at Zhang Lingyun, saying in advice, “Your carriage has been framed by someone, so Auspicious Virtue might have other cultivators, killing her might be difficult. Moreover, even if you take the risk to do so, at this type of time, killing Chen Feirong will only link the matter onto you. This will be extremely unfavorable for you.”

“This is not something you need to worry about. Since I dare have this notion, then there are ways.” Zhang Lingyun said coldly. “I know who I need to talk to in order to find the Master Painter.”

“Master Painter?” The youngster with the birthmark over his left eyebrow was shocked. “Could it be that he is in a nearby city?”

Zhang Lingyun nodded, saying with a sneer. “Cultivators won’t refuse the finest food. People like him can’t live by relying on food and sex either. Even though his price is high, it isn’t much of an issue for me. He is a cultivator close to the peak of State Master level. Since even that great beauty we all called senior sister, a mid stage State Knight expert suffered viciously under him, Chen Feirong at most just entered State Knight level, how could she possibly be his opponent?”

When the youngster with the birthmark over his left eyebrow heard this, he immediately broke out into a cold shiver. “Could it be that…” He looked towards Zhang Lingyun, only, the moment he saw the expression on Zhang Lingyun’s face, he knew that things might be just like how he thought. He immediately stopped speaking.

On the eaves, within the shadows, a figure that was much more agile than a cat silently left, not releasing any noise.

Within an Auspicious Virtue guest room.

Chen Feirong sat in front of a peacock design screen, seated on the other side of her was precisely Liu Family’s important strategist Su Zhongwen.

On the tables next to both of them was a cup of first-rate black tea.

Sunrise Roost Province’s black tea was most famous in Yunqin. The two’s black teas were the most famous and precious Red Sparrowtongue, but neither of them took a single sip.

“Since it wasn’t Sir Liu who wanted Sir Su to seek me out, what matter does Sir Su have in meeting me today?”

Chen Feirong’s brows furrowed slightly, looking at Su Zhongwen who had a smile that was also not a smile on his face.

“Even though he has made some progress, in the end, he is still too young and immature. There are some things that after he finds out, his heart softening, will make many things more troublesome to deal with.” Su Zhongwen calmly said, “That is why I decided I might as well not let him know first, that it will be fine as long as I come to meet great shopkeeper alone first.”

Chen Feirong sighed inwardly, knowing that the worry she intuitively felt might soon play out. However, the words Lin Xi told her before gave her confidence. She also had confidence in Lin Xi, so at this moment, she still remained calm inside, only indifferently looking at Su Zhongwen, saying, “Since it is a matter that is inappropriate for even Sir Liu to know, then what kind of matter is it exactly?”

Su Zhongwen revealed a faint smile. “Great shopkeeper really is surnamed Chen?”

Chen Feirong gave Su Zhongwen a look, saying, “I do not understand what Sir Su is trying to say.”

“After our meeting last time, I looked through great shopkeeper’s past.” Su Zhongwen said calmly, “According to normal reasoning, great shopkeeper should only be an uncouth village girl, there is no way you can have this type of ability and wisdom, so I developed even greater suspicions, had people examine the places you lived in before. In the end, I quickly uncovered quite the interesting matter, only finding two people who knew the person ‘Chen Feirong’. The description they gave really were just far too different from great shopkeeper’s current self, could be considered two completely different people. That is why there is only one possibility, great shopkeeper is falsely using the identity ‘Chen Feirong’. As such, I became rather curious as to who great shopkeeper really is, just what kind of things you have done to use another person’s identity?”

Chen Feirong thought for a bit. She looked at Su Zhongwen and said, “Then did you manage to find what you were looking for?”

“Great shopkeeper’s traces were all within some border trade markets in Dragon Snake Border Pass, crooks mixed in with the honest folk. There are too many people moving about there, but if we search slowly, I’m sure the truth will be found soon.” Su Zhongwen looked at Chen Feirong and said, “However, great shopkeeper is also an intelligent person. You should understand that by cooperating with me, the results will be much better than letting Judicial Sector or Liu Family continue investigating this matter.”

“Liu Family?”

Chen Feirong used a type of confused expression as she looked at Su Zhongwen. “Could it be that you wish to leave Liu Family?”

“I merely cherish talent.” Su Zhongwen released a sigh. He looked at Chen Feirong, saying sincerely, “If it was just an ordinary person, an ordinary great merchant company, I naturally wouldn’t be moved. However, the ability great shopkeeper has displayed until now is worthy of my faith. Auspicious Virtue’s potential is greater than even Liu Family. Instead of relying on Liu Family, why don’t I rely on Auspicious Virtue?”

“I only sincerely wish to cooperate with great shopkeeper… I believe with great shopkeeper and myself’s cooperation, this can definitely help out great shopkeeper greatly.” After a slight pause, Su Zhongwen said this while looking at Chen Feirong.

“I am only a great shopkeeper, I am not the master.” Chen Feirong shook her head. “Auspicious Virtue isn’t mine.”

“I already looked into it. The masters are Xing Derong father and son. However, I also already clearly found out that they didn’t make any decisions, Auspicious Virtue is solely under your management.” Su Zhongwen said with a smile. “Auspicious Virtue was raised up through great shopkeeper’s hands. With great shopkeeper’s ability, secretly making another business and circulating some silvers through that channel outside of Auspicious Virtue is something I do not believe to be too difficult, just that it needs a bit of time.”

Chen Feirong looked at Su Zhongwen and said, “Your intention is to use Auspicious Virtue to fatten up another merchant company, while you will be the master of the other merchant company?”

Su Zhongwen nodded, saying sincerely. “It isn’t me, but us. In the future, we will be the masters of a merchant company far greater than the current Auspicious Virtue.”

Chen Feirong thought for a bit and then began to laugh, saying, “Then this will have to wait until you find out who I am before we continue this conversation.”

Su Zhongwen’s expression became fierce. “Great shopkeeper, you do not wish to cooperate?”

Chen Feirong shook her head and said, “You have to give me a few days to consider things over at the very least. This type of matter, I believe you are not in that much of a rush to deal with it either.”

Su Zhongwen stood up, coldly nodding. “Alright, I will give you a few days of time… During these few days, I will be waiting in Clear Distant City to await your reply.”

Chen Feirong’s brows moved, currently about to stand up. However, right at this time, a cold wind blew into the room.

A green figure pushed open the door and entered, moving aside the curtains. Then, without speaking a single word, a long shadow was immediately dragged out behind him. His right hand’s fingers were like blades, directly hacking towards Su Zhongwen’s neck!

When this figure quickly rushed in, the entire room erupted with wind noises. It was as if a flash thrashed out in midair, the right hand flickering with metallic luster, truly like a blade!

“Brazen! However, aren’t you looking down on me, Su Zhongwen a bit too much?!”

When faced with such a domineering assault, the scholarly appearance Su Zhongwen released a sneer, taking a step forward. His right hand’s two fingers formed a blade, striking towards the chest of the assassin.

This green shadow was precisely Lin Xi who was dressed in an ordinary green cotton gown.

Su Zhongwen’s strike didn’t seem that amazing, but when his foot stepped on the ground, Lin Xi’s body trembled, instantly like a kite with its string cut, floating into the air, feeling as if he couldn’t stand steadily.

Lin Xi was already extremely experienced in fighting. During this half year where he couldn’t move too much, apart from his soul force reaching State Knight level, his control over soul force and fine perception over vital energy already made powerful progress. In this instant, he knew that this was Su Zhongwen’s mastery over timing. The moment the bottom of his foot exerted force against the ground, fiercely surging with power, the bottom of his feet immediately touched nothing, forcing him to take a step on nothing.

It was also through this step that Lin Xi tested out Su Zhongwen’s strength. He also allowed Su Zhongwen’s fingers to penetrate his body.

With a pu noise, Lin Xi’s chest was completely penetrated, Su Zhongwen’s fingers stabbing deeply into his body. At the same time, Lin Xi only inwardly shouted ‘return’!

Time only returned to half a halt ago.

Lin Xi who silently leapt off the eaves entered another room to the side.

Only when Su Zhongwen walked out from the room where he had a conversation with Chen Feirong, leaving the courtyard, did Lin Xi ‘once again’ push open the door, open the curtain and then enter the guest room.

When he saw the startled and pleasantly surprised Chen Feirong, he directly said, “I arrived a bit earlier, I heard the conversation between you two.”

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