Book 10 Chapter 38 - Almost Time My Enemy

“The truth must be brought to light, someone is definitely trying to frame…”

In this type of situation, if an official wanted to maintain their public reputation, they definitely had to speak some words like these. On top of this, they should display a bit of devotion to righteousness, have Judicial Sector’s officials arrest themselves, moreover state that the matter should be investigated until the water recedes and the rocks appear. However, right now, while looking at Chen Feirong whose face was full of mockery, Zhang Lingyun instead couldn’t speak these types of words at all.

The other party used the exact same methods to deal with him.

He was instead actually toyed around with by a merchant woman without any background in the royal court?

Zhang Lingyun’s pupils contracted slightly, saying with an extremely low and cold voice, “You will definitely regret this… because you have no idea what kind of opponent you have angered.”

Chen Feirong laughed, declining to comment.

“Sir Zhang…” The face of that Judicial Sector official on the side was already bitter to the point where bitter water was about to seep out. Just now, he finally managed to seize back a bit of points from public opinion, yet now, something else happened to Zhang Lingyun… In the eyes of these commoners, wouldn’t it be difficult for him to separate his connection from them? His public opinion points were definitely completely lost now.

“Just bring me to Judicial Sector’s interrogation room.”

Zhang Lingyun didn’t speak too much either. After giving Chen Feirong a cold look, he directly said this.

As if this Judicial Sector official received amnesty, he gave the Judicial Sector bailiffs to the side a look. These bailiffs understood his intentions, two bailiffs immediately rushing up to escort Zhang Lingyun and Feng Zhengming like criminals. Then, another bailiff walked over to the collapsed carriage, removing the White Guanyin Talcum Powder from within.

When they saw that these pouches were similar to those from before, the public immediately erupted into waves of furious roars again.

The people of the seventeen allied merchant companies watched as this matter concluded.

News of Auspicious Virtue being framed by officials under everyone’s eyes was definitely going to spread out of Clear Distant City. Not only would this completely erase the negative influence it had on Auspicious Virtue, it would also make Auspicious Virtue’s reputation even more glorious, instead draw even more customers.

It was because in the eyes of normal commoners, those officials and bigwigs were naturally not people of the same level as themselves. Now, they would naturally carry sympathy for Auspicious Virtue, feel more like Auspicious Virtue were one of them.

This type of result, for these seventeen allied companies who were still fighting an intense battle of business, was naturally disadvantageous.

However, as businessmen, what they hated the most were still the dark methods from officials.

On this aspect, unless it was a government managed company, their interests were the same, all of their resentment directed at a common enemy.

That was why these seventeen merchant companies’ people who didn’t even greet Chen Feirong when they first came to the water mill, when they left, they all carried true admiration as they bid Chen Feirong farewell.

None of these businessmen knew that the one who was of decisive use in the background was actually Lin Xi. They only saw an extremely dangerous scene become easily neutralized by Chen Feirong, this great shopkeeper who was even more frightening than the rumors. Now, it was as if an invisible great mountain weighed down on their minds.

Flourishing Heights’ two provinces shopkeeper Wu Qiutian was wiping at his sweat with a handkerchief, in admiration and pleasant surprise as he walked towards Chen Feirong.

Today, he discovered that Chen Feirong was actually also a powerful cultivator. However, he still felt a bit of vague uneasiness. Zhang Lingyun, this type of official still felt secure in the knowledge that he has backing, so there might be an extremely deep background, he feared that things wouldn’t end here.

Chen Feirong wasn’t in a rush to immediately leave.

Just like how that Judicial Sector official knew that his performance under the view of this huge crowd would affect his yearly assessment, she also knew extremely clearly that this was the time where she could win even more favorable impressions and public praise.

As such, she calmly showed all of the commoners a respectful greeting. After she spoke some words of gratitude, she explained that Auspicious Virtue’s rice crops were all higher quality rice crops made from Qiantang Province and other places’ produce.

“You can tell them that for the sake of ensuring that there are no issues with our Auspicious Virtue’s goods, every day, we can allow two households to each send over one person to help with the work, supervise the grinding and transport of rice and flour. We will also give them a salary similar to an Auspicious Virtue worker. If there are those who are interested, they can come to our Auspicious Virtue’s branch to register, and then we will send people over in turns one family after another.”

While she was calmly saying these things, Lin Xi who already walked up to her side quietly said this by her ears.

Chen Feirong smiled, completely parroting the words Lin Xi just said.

The surrounding civilians were originally feeling happiness over Auspicious Virtue’s victory over those two corrupt officials. When they saw that Auspicious Virtue’s great shopkeeper was so amiable and approachable, and then heard these types of words, there were immediately cries of alarm and praise.

For some families that were in a difficult situation, even if they had just a bit more money to buy some rice, it was a good thing. The workers of a great company like Auspicious Virtue enjoyed salaries much higher than local farm work and manual labor to begin with. Even if it was just helping out a single day, many people taking turns, this still carried great attraction. Moreover, this meant that Auspicious Virtue’s goods were definitely of superior quality.

While watching the crowd’s cheers and pleasant surprise, Lin Xi whose head was hung felt the icy coldness within him gradually become replaced with warmth.

The people of this world, compared to his world, most of them were far simpler. To put it simply, this was a world where he could clearly sense more kindness and sincerity than malice.

Being able to help some of these people, watch them feel joy… for him, this was also a joyful thing.

Chen Feirong also smiled warmly.

Suddenly, she felt like there was a gaze that was a bit strange directed at her from the crowd.

She couldn’t help but turn her head, becoming a bit stunned.

This was a middle-aged scholar, his face extremely familiar. He was standing next to an ordinary willow tree by the road, quite far away… When they exchanged a look, this middle-aged scholar nodded his head and smiled in greeting, then turned around to leave.

Chen Feirong’s brows immediately furrowed.

She only felt like this middle-aged scholar’s expression and smile both seemed a bit strange.

“This is…” After her brows were furrowed for a few breaths of time, she immediately realized something. This middle-aged scholar was that advisor who was at Liu Ziyu’s side when they met.

Liu Ziyu already held a post in Vast Abundance Province, so according to normal reasoning, this strategist should have followed him. Why was he here?

In that instant, Chen Feirong’s brows were furrowed even more tightly, feeling that Su Zhongwen’s actions just now were strange.

The crowd slowly scattered.

When they returned to their carriages, starting to move towards Auspicious Virtue’s branch store, inside their carriage, Chen Feirong was just about to explain this matter that gave her a strange feeling to Lin Xi. However, before she even had time to speak, Lin Xi was already looking at her, quietly saying, “The wall in the waterwheel spare parts storage needs to be repaired… this Zhang Lingyun has a Rong Family background.”

Because she didn’t know the things Lin Xi did with his abilities, when she heard what Lin Xi said, Chen Feirong’s expression immediately became completely serious. “Rong Family of the nine senators?”

“This type of framing is of extreme criminal charge for an official, but for normal people, it isn’t much at all. That young Taxman might find it hard to keep his position, but even if Zhang Lingyun only used the most simple method of shifting blame onto someone else, finding someone to admit that he placed it onto Zhang Lingyun’s carriage, then he could easily escape punishment.” Lin Xi nodded, calmly saying, “Right now, even if it is the nine elders, they aren’t having it that easy. Moreover, someone like Zhang Lingyun, for the nine elders, is still just a small fish. That is why if things become a bit larger, Rong Family instead cannot interfere at all… Zhang Lingyun is so young and full of vigor. Since he can easily free himself from punishment, he probably won’t let things end here… That is why I won’t let him go. As for the future, there will inevitably be some battles  between Auspicious Virtue and Rong Family as well. That is why you shouldn’t be too worried about offending Rong Family.”

“With you standing at my side, I really am not all that worried.” Chen Feirong nodded, looking at Lin Xi and starting to smile.

“Just now, I saw that advisor who came with Liu Ziyu.” After smiling, she became serious, saying this while looking at Lin Xi.

“Liu Family’s advisor?” Lin Xi’s brows immediately furrowed. “Did you see Liu Ziyu?”

Chen Feirong shook her head. “I didn’t… previously, I heard you say that Liu Family might also be related to Rong Family. Could the arrival of this Liu Family strategist have something to do with this Zhang Lingyun? Just now, when I saw him, he also saw me, but I just feel like his expression is indescribably strange.”

Lin Xi didn’t immediately say anything. After remaining quiet for a moment, he lowered his head, looking at his hands.

“How is your condition?” Chen Feirong knew that Lin Xi definitely made a hole in the spare parts storage wall. She didn’t ask what Lin Xi did there, she was just worried, wondering if there were any injuries left on his hands after he did this.

“It is a bit numb and itchy. I thought that there might be some problems just now, but it now seems like it is fine. It should just be that I haven’t exerted force in so long… the surging of qi, blood and soul force a bit strange.” Lin Xi raised his heads, looking at her and quietly adding, “I am almost healed.”

Almost healed.

It was just these simple words, but Chen Feirong understood the meaning within these words clearly. She recalled how bitterly Lin Xi cultivated, the pain he suffered. While feeling happiness for Lin Xi, her eyes also became a bit moist. “It was a bit faster than what you thought… You told me before that you might only be completely healed by spring.”

Lin Xi took a deep breath and then slowly nodded. “Indeed, it is a bit faster than I thought… In a bit, you will return to the branch store to deal with some matters first, while I will head over to Zhang Lingyun’s side. If Su Zhongwen and Zhang Lingyun really have some connection between them, I will immediately find out.”

“Sir, lend me a shoulder to lean on.”

Chen Feirong nodded, but she instead looked at Lin Xi. As if she was crying, she then laughed, saying this.

Lin Xi was stunned.

“I don’t have any other intentions. Zhang Lingyun has someone backing him, Liu Family does as well… I previously didn’t have anything to rely on.” Chen Feirong looked at Lin Xi, lightly biting her lips as she said, “You are almost healed and with the war against the south already not far off, I know that you will leave soon. I wish to borrow your shoulder to truly lean against it for a bit.”

Lin Xi looked at Chen Feirong. He could see some weakness and misery Chen Feirong wouldn’t completely reveal from her current expression. He didn’t show too much hesitation and nodded.

Chen Feirong leaned her head against Lin Xi’s shoulder.

She closed her eyes extremely peacefully, waiting for the carriage to slowly arrive at Auspicious Virtue’s branch store.

“You previously never asked me why I was always alone, a rogue woman with no one to rely on. I never told you either… However, just now, I suddenly felt a bit of fear. When I thought of that strategist’s expression, I felt a bit scared, so I hoped that Liu Family strategist really has some type of relationship with Zhang Lingyun… But the reason why I am worried is still only because of myself.” When the carriage was already close to Auspicious Virtue’s branch store, Chen Feirong opened her eyes. She left Lin Xi’s shoulder, her expression becoming a bit pale. “My enemy is Chen Family.” She raised her head, her expression bitter as she looked at Lin Xi.[1]

1. Rong Family and Chen Family have a joint venture, namely the Rong Chen Company B6C33 

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