Book 10 Chapter 35 - Go Back and Call Your Mom

Lin Xi whose head was hung, his brows instead gradually rising, thought of the imperial princess at this moment. 

During this larger half of a year, as his view of the world brightened, he was also able to vaguely make out some trajectories of this massive empire.

He knew that the emperor’s journey north, his personal visit to Green Luan Academy, as well as his pressure on Jadefall City’s Wenren Cangyue and even the quelling of Jadefall City’s great chaos after Wenren Cangyue’s rebellion, the source of all of this was the assassination directed at the imperial princess that day in Rudong City.

The emperor precisely used the imperial princess’ seriously wounded state from the assassination attempt to act out, throwing the originally still rather calm Yunqin Empire into a great storm.

The regulation of governing was originally Justice sector’s business, not something the imperial princess was in charge of. That was why towards Yunqin’s imperial princess, many people in the royal court, some people who had already become corrupted and degenerated to an extremely great degree and even some old subjects who had to be severely regulated all had unfavorable impressions of the imperial princess going above her authority.

Even though it was only because of the imperial princess’ recommendation that he entered Green Luan Academy, Lin Xi never considered himself one of the imperial princess’ people. Together with how the emperor acted, he didn’t have too many good impressions of her either.

However, at this moment, Lin Xi who could now hear Zhang Lingyun’s voice because of his cultivation breakthrough, now developed a bit of a different opinion regarding the imperial princess.

East Port Town’s officials, Xu Ningshen father and child, Military Prison’s officials, and the current Zhang Lingyun… After Yunqin Empire became this world’s most powerful and wealthy empire, in just a few decades of time, because there wasn’t too great of a threat of danger, the way of governing had actually already reached this type of level. Auspicious Virtue was now already a merchant company with a large amount of wealth, yet a minor eighth rank official actually spoke such direct words. It wasn’t only because of his background that he acted like this… but rather that in these decades of time, many officials, because of their authority, already became so arrogant they already felt that they were far above ordinary civilians and Yunqin’s laws.

Under Yunqin’s dazzling glory, many place’s officials instead already fell to such a corrupted state, this kind of filth extending across all lands.

When he thought about the imperial princess, about how they were quickly going to carry out a war against the south, Lin Xi began to think inwardly that could it be that it was the same concept as the juiciest persimmons rotting the fastest?

He felt a bit of anger inside, his breathing becoming a bit heavier, reaching the neck of Chen Feirong who was a bit shorter than him.

Chen Feirong didn’t know his current emotions, she only knew that he was reminding her that she didn’t have to feel worry herself… These breaths on her neck were a bit ticklish, she also felt like Lin Xi’s method of reminding her was extremely amusing, so as such, under Zhang Lingyun’s undisguised threat that didn’t contain any conspiracy, she instead couldn’t help but start to giggle quietly.

Her laughter became a bit louder, making the people nearby all turn their heads to look at her and Zhang Lingyun. The seventeen allied families’ merchants all felt inward displeasure, thinking that she was having a good chat with Zhang Lingyun.

“What is it that is making great shopkeeper laugh like this?” Zhang Lingyun felt a bit of indescribable displeasure. He was confident that after performing the skit just now, making things clear, this merchant company shopkeeper who didn’t have any background should be flustered and at a complete loss, helplessly accepting some of his conditions. However, Chen Feirong’s reactions were instead always outside his expectations.

Chen Feirong twisted her neck a bit, removing that slight itchiness, saying with a faint smile, “I wonder what kind of shocking status sir still has?”

Zhang Lingyun’s expression became even more unpleasant. He gave Chen Feirong a cold look, saying, “I believe Great Shopkeeper Chen should know of Rong Family.”

“Rong Tianyi’s Rong Family?” Chen Feirong’s smile disappeared.

Zhang Lingyun said quietly with an expressionless face. “I came from Thunder Academy, precisely the one who Rong Family arranged in Sunrise Roost Province.”

Chen Feirong seemed to be in fear, taking a step back.

Lin Xi raised his head slightly.

This empire’s most famous Rong Family was precisely Rong Tianyi’s Rong Family.

Rogn Tianyi was the one who was in charge of the Imperial City’s inner affairs when Yunqin’s late emperor still ruled. Even though after the late emperor established a great territory, formally establishing the empire, Internal Affairs Sector was no longer under his management, he instead indeed sat behind the layers of curtains, becoming one of the nine senators. Rong Family still had a shocking amount of land, many workshops for making weapons, as well as the support of many older merchant companies.

Under Lin Xi’s understanding, Rong Tianyi was precisely the one who grasped the economic lifelines of some people. Based on the information he previously obtained, Liu Ziyu’s father’s quick ascent might very well be because of Rong Family moving behind the scenes… Meanwhile, his Auspicious Virtue was trying to do this type of thing, moreover do it even greater than Rong Family.

Judging from Zhang Lingyun’s undisguised threats, he already understood that Zhang Lingyun definitely still had other backings. However, he didn’t expect that Zhang Lingyun came from the emperor’s Thunder Academy, moreover, he was someone chosen by Rong Family.

With this type of backing, even if it was a high ranking official like Bai Yulou, he still wouldn’t necessarily dare provoke him.

Only, it was a pity that Zhang Lingyun encountered an already crazy Lin Xi.

Before killing Wenren Cangyue, regardless of who it was that stood in Lin Xi’s way, Lin Xi would crush them without any hesitation.

If one were to say that the previous Lin Xi was still a bit mischievous, a bit soft, after jadefall City, his figure became like Nangong Weiyang, having a bit of an ‘unreasonable’ element.

Chen Feirong who took a step back was already near him, almost touching him.

He knew that Chen Feirong wasn’t truly shocked, but rather wishing to hear his opinion.

“Have him go to hell, tell him to get lost.”

He was extremely direct, saying this by Chen Feirong’s ears.

Chen Feirong naturally knew that even if she told Zhang Lingyun to go to hell and to get lost, there was no way the other party would go to hell or get lost, he would definitely retort furiously, publicly retrieve those bags of hidden White Guanyin Talcum Powder. However, Lin Xi’s words contained fury and killing intent, these words were exceptionally ruthless and decisive, instead making her feel a sweetness she hadn’t felt for a long time inside. As such, she smiled sweetly, and just like what Lin Xi told her, she looked at Zhang Lingyun and said, “Go to hell! Get lost!”

Zhang Lingyun’s face immediately looked like it was stepped on by someone. He looked at Chen Feirong in disbelief, a bit in doubt if he heard correctly.

“What did you say?” Only after several breaths did he completely react. He narrowed his eyes, his expression becoming a bit ashen.

Could it be that these people who obtained a bit of authority really would become more weak-minded, become more stupid?

When he saw Zhang Lingyun no longer carrying his previous indifference, Lin Xi vented a bit of his resentment. He sneered inwardly, continuing to speak with Chen Feirong with a voice only the two of them could hear, not moving his lips.

Chen Feirong’s smile became even stronger.

The words that entered her ears right now extremely quietly were a bit overly vulgar.

However, because what she said was precisely what Zhang Lingyun previously heard, she thus decided that she had to speak what Lin Xi said word for word for Zhang Lingyun to hear. Her expression became a bit red, covering her mouth’s laughter as she said, “I think you should first go take a piss and see what you look like yourself… You are this lacking in moral integrity, if you want someone to accompany you, go back and tell your mom to accompany you.”

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