Book 10 Chapter 32 - Reflection and Thinking

Yunqin Central Continent was the world’s most majestic city of the world.

Every day, there would be countless caravans and tourists who came to admirer this most majestic city’s scenery, enter Central Continent City.

Among these tourists, there was a plain clothed, tall and slender man.

This man carried a long cloth bundle behind him, his appearance not like some noble, moreover should be someone who had just arrived in Central Continent City, hadn’t found a place to stop for some rest yet. His expression was calm, but there was a type of unique peaceful and distant feeling. Within the depths of his eyes, there was also a bit of special sadness and regret.

A central continent young lady holding a basket of sugar coated fruits walked up to try to sell him some of her fruits. Even though she didn’t succeed in selling any, this man refused her extremely gently, the young lady also extremely polite, even introducing some places that were worth visiting. That was why this Central Continent street was extremely lively and harmonious.

This Central Continent young lady never would have thought that this sweet-tempered man was precisely the previous heir to the throne of the enemy Great Mang Dynasty Yunqin Empire was fighting a war with, Zhantai Qiantang.

Even though Zhantai Qiantang received the recommendations of the sugar preserved fruit selling Yunqin young lady, he still continued forward aimlessly.

As early as when he learned to read, could understand what was in books, he was already full of longing towards this world’s most majestic city. He always wanted to see just what kind of majestic sight this place that gathered the masterpieces of countless grand artisans was.

Right now, regardless of whether it was this majestic city’s imposing high buildings basked under the radiance, if it was the smooth road that was grinded smooth by horse hooves and carriage wheels, gave off an ancient feeling, or even this majestic city’s prosperous aura, the sense of culture from the discussions between the surrounding people, all of this left him extremely shocked.

He didn’t need to see everything. Just from this corner alone, he was already completely ruptured by this empire’s backing, national power, and education that was far superior to Great Mang.

This majestic city didn’t leave him disappointed.

This was where the world’s greatest calligraphy, paintings, and sculptures were, where the most beautiful gems and jewelry lied. This place had the most complete goods under the sky, had the most beautiful middle-aged women and young ladies, had endless opportunities.

However, he was instead a bit lost in this majestic city… He knew that when he saw this city before him, he shouldn’t be as amazed and shaken as right now.

This world, in this new year, what made one feel the most miserable wasn’t not being able to go home, but rather not knowing where one’s home was, where to go, what to do.

He was a student taken in by Zhantai Mang, and then given the imperial surname. It wasn’t because Zhantai Mang wanted to challenge the order, reverence, and imperial throne succession, but rather because of this youngster’s character and abilities.

However, what he faced was instead two massive countries, what he faced was Purgatory Mountain, and an opponent like Wenren Cangyue.

When the dying Great Mang old emperor heard the imperial palace gates close, he was already prepared to suffer in defeat together with his teacher. However, Zhantai Mang instead had him come to Ynqin… Great Mang’s enemy, the vast and distant Yunqin Empire, for him, was instead a comparatively safer place. However, for the sake of letting him arrive in Yunqin, to grant him an identity that could hide him from all of those Yunqin and Great Mang people who wanted him dead, allow him to freely move through Yunqin, it was unknown just how many people died, how great of a price had to be paid.

The influence the old emperor left behind was already smaller and smaller. Before entering this imposing city, he also received news regarding Thousand Devil Nest, knowing that Li Ku’s junior brother Sacred Expert Hong Lei failed to assassinate Wenren Cangyue, and then all of Thousand Devil Nest and the military’s powers experienced a great purge.

In this type of situation, he was like an ant moving about a great mountain. No matter how powerful this ant was, they would still feel lost, and it wouldn’t know what exactly it could accomplish.

Was he even considered an imperial heir?

Should he return to his country?

These were all things that already became far too distant for him.

On this stone path that was still full of chilliness, ice stuck between the cracks, Zhantai Qiantang continued forward in a lost manner.

In an extremely ancient street, he saw a glazed tile daoist temple like structure.

However, in that daoist temple’s surroundings, what rose wasn’t the smoke of burning incense, but rather the white steam of food being cooked. He saw the three words ‘Arched North Observatory’ written in black ink on a signboard, and only then did he freeze up momentarily, the corners of his lips producing a bit of a bitter smile.

Originally, he didn’t expect to go to the place where that sugar coated fruit selling young lady introduced, but unknowingly, he ended up at the very first place that young lady introduced.

This ‘Arched North Observatory wasn’t a daoist temple, but rather this Central Continent City’s most ancient, and also most well known noodle shop. Its silver thread noodles were the most famous, the noodle master pulling out noodle strands until they were thin like silver threads with his own hands. Even when cooked, they remained sparkling and intact. Apart from this observatory, no one else in Yunqin could accomplish the same. Meanwhile, this observatory wasn’t that large, not much unique scenery around it. Normal tourists wouldn’t find it, but the locals came here frequently.

That Yunqin young lady was enthusiastic and sincere, what she introduced were all good places that were really worth going to. For Zhantai Qiantang, this down and out foreigner, it might have been a mysterious meeting of fate.

Zhantai Qiantang’s severely worn shoes stepped over Arched North Observatory’s gates.

He ordered a bowl of noodles, a bowl of soup, and then slowly ate while looking at a giant ginkgo tree and some distant majestic building silhouettes.

Right now was precisely the end of a phase between Auspicious Virtue and the seventeen allied companies’ intense battle, news had just arrived in Central Continent Imperial City.

That was why in some lively locations in Central Continent City, the places where the locals gathered, they were all discussing and in admiration towards Auspicious Virtue’s miracle.

Zhantai Qiantang also inadvertently listened.

He heard many details that left even him feeling shocked and in disbelief… He began to doubt if these stories ended up being too exaggerated after being passed around again, making many things that weren’t actually all from one merchant company become piled up together.

As such, after finishing this bowl of silver silk noodles, he began to unknowingly head towards the other places that Yunqin young lady introduced. Along the way, he began to ask around about the true nature of Auspicious Virtue’s matters.

He quickly saw Auspicious Virtue’s soaps, saw Auspicious Virtue’s stands. Then, he discovered that this merchant company’s miraculous rise was true, and this merchant company was still continuing to heroically gamble. This company was just like a ship that carried too much cargo, possibly overturning at any time, yet still braving the wind and billows as it continued.

He learned that the rise of this Auspicious Virtue seemed to be because of a mysterious great shopkeeper.

What kind of person was this?

This type of shopkeeper, if he continued, would he end up greatly affecting this world?

Under an old locust tree, he who had almost lost his ability to think because of how lost he was, began to forget himself and seriously think again.

Sunset Roost Province’s Clear Distant City wasn’t that far from Great Ascent Town where Lin Xi was, only a day and a half by carriage.

This city couldn’t be considered a big city at all in Yunqin, but the city was full of a scholarly air. In the past few decades, it produced many scholars with extraordinary ability and insight, producing many civil officers.

To the north of the city by a secluded lake, on a decorated pleasure boat, there were three young masters who were also discussing Auspicious Virtue’s matters.

However, unlike when others discussed Auspicious Virtue’s matters, among these three half drunk young masters, there was one dressed in a set of dark green embroidered gown, his body adorned with many gems, face foursquare who was full of disdain, speaking out in mockery, “Nothing more than merchants, the lowest profession, yet this company is being called some deity or god, everyone on the streets actually talking about this thing, it’s so awfully annoying. Moreover, that great shopkeeper is actually purposely feigning elegance, not easily coming out. I want to see for myself if this great shopkeeper really is as beautiful and stunning as the legends.”

“Brother Xu, so what if she really is beautiful? From your intentions, you have some thoughts regarding Auspicious Virtue?” The other two young masters also laughed frivolously.

The dark green robed young master continuously sneered as he replied, “Normal people are all thinking that these merchants are so formidable, but they don’t know that for the royal court, if they are told to open, then they open, if they are told to close, then they close. I was about to teach this Auspicious Virtue a lesson, warn it not to go too far. Moreover, this type of fat sheep, once slaughtered, will also become a great assistance for us. As for that female great shopkeeper who insists on acting mysterious, making herself seem all that profound or whatever, if she isn’t as stunning as the rumors, then that’s that, but if she is, I will make her come beg me. Let’s see if she still will be that narcissistic then, if she is still so arrogant.”

When the other two young masters heard this, they were both stunned. A moment later, they both reacted. “Since Young Master Xu has said this, then I believe you already have some type of plan?”

The dark green robed young master laughed complacently, draining the wine in his cup in one gulp. “If you are interested, then just follow me and you’ll see.”

The other two young masters immediately exchanged a look, and then laughed loudly. “Of course we’re interested. At that time, if that great shopkeeper really is as beautiful and stunning as the legends say, I really hope Young Master Xu doesn’t feel too reluctant, also let us have a taste.”

The dark green robed young master roared with laughter. “When have you all ever seen me be selfish?”

The rest of these three young masters’ laughter and discussion were filled with filthy and obscene words.

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