Book 10 Chapter 26 - Snowy Mountain Range, General Gazing North

The expression of Wenren Cangyue inside the camp was indifferent. In the amount of time an ordinary cultivator couldn’t even utter a single syllable, he already took a step forward.

His figure that was steady like an iron mountain blocked in front of the medicinal pot covered under the helmet.

The red faced middle-aged man’s black and red thin flying sword was already only a few inches from his body. In the eyes of a normal cultivator, this was already not much distance at all, but in his eyes, the movements of this thin flying sword that continuously released black and red sparks were extremely slow. He had enough time to face the situation before him.

“Zhao Honglei, Li Ku’s junior, we’ve already waited a long time for your arrival.”

He said in disdain. Even before the first syllable officially sounded, the air in front of him suddenly trembled, as if releasing the sound of muffled thunder.

Under the extremely powerful instantaneous eruption of his soul force, the coals in front of him were completely sent flying. Not only the fiery red charcoal, even the bronze plate where all of the charcoal was placed was instantly ripped apart by the great power, blasted into countless granule-sized fragments.

Under this rippling, even Purgatory Mountain’s most powerful flying sword, the Seven Planets Devil Sword that was sheathed in silver-white colored meteor steel, also floated upwards, the sword body and scabbard instantly separating.

This black and red flying sword that was similarly black and red-colored, in the battle against Li Ku, already had its tip forcibly cut off, now looking like an ugly flat ruler. However, this ugly flying sword seemed to be just like Wenren Cangyue, its entire body releasing an aura of mockery and contempt.

In this instant where normal cultivators already couldn’t react, to the extent where because their perception reached their limit, they already couldn’t even detect the other party’s flying sword’s position, this flying sword surged with incomparable power, domineeringly intercepting the red faced middle-aged man’s flying sword a few inches in front of it, striking heavily on the blade.


It was as if a flat ruler struck against a black and red dragonfly.

The noise created wasn’t that loud, but in reality, it was only because the surrounding air was condensed into substance from the collision’s tremendous power, unable to transmit outwards.

The thin flying sword that continuously released countless black and red sparks suddenly trembled. Under this light pa sound, this flying sword that seemed like it could cut apart the void formed a perfectly straight black and red line. It was then smashed into countless fragments by overwhelming power.

Almost at the same time, the entire central military tent released an ear splitting noise. The other areas of the tent also completely burst.

The powerful air was like sharp blades as it hacked against the red faced middle-aged man’s body, instantly leaving behind countless cuts on this sword controlling Sacred Expert’s yellow armor.

The Seven Planets Devil Sword whose entire existence seemed to carry a type of mockery and contempt advanced unstoppably through the flying sword fragments. It descended like a falling star, smashing fiercely into the red clothed middle-aged man’s chest.

An arrow of blood shot out from the red faced man’s mouth. His chest caved in like a crater, but his expression instead became even more resolute. At this moment, all of his soul force was concentrated towards his chest.

The instantaneous soul force eruption of a Sacred Expert instantly smashed apart many of his important inner organs. However, it was also at this moment when his skin tore and bones snapped that his chest no longer seemed like flesh, but instead more like a type of substance that was tougher than most metals used to refine soul weapons, forcibly clamping down on Wenren Cangyue’s Seven Planets Devil Sword.

When they came here to assassinate Wenren Cangyue, regardless of whether they succeeded or not, neither him nor the two younger cultivators from Thousand Devil Nest had any plans of coming out alive.

From the very start, their plan was to use the death of the first cultivator to draw Wenren Cangyue’s first strike. Then, he would use his life to stop Wenren Cangyue’s flying sword.

The Seven Planets Devil Sword that was extremely tyrannical a moment ago, its entire body releasing a strong feeling of contempt and disdain began to shake continuously, but couldn’t free itself from Li Ku’s junior disciple.

Because they already practiced countless times, the other young cultivator’s hand reached out from between the red faced middle-aged man’s left underarm, as if this red faced middle-aged man whose life force was quickly fading extended out another hand.

Right now, this red faced middle-aged man who used his body to stop the sword was also this young cultivator’s shield.

The moment this hand reached out, this young cultivator already died.

His face was even darker than the medicinal liquid Wenren Cangyue drank before, his seven apertures all releasing ink-colored thick blood, his breathing also completely stopping. However, his hand that reached out condensed power far exceeding his cultivation, fiercely exploding. It was as if a black snake’s void figure rose from within, but was then instantly shattered to pieces by an even greater power.

In the instant it took for this flying sword to move an inch, this extended hand already completely disappeared. It turned into a terrifying black stream that shot fiercely at Wenren Cangyue.

This wave of power was even more powerful than the red faced man’s strike.

This was the third assassin, the true final blow.

Right now, that archer Xu Qiubai who almost killed Lin Xi already had enough time to fire a second arrow. However, this powerful archer didn’t fire again, because he also knew that the power of his arrow couldn’t stop this terrifying black stream at all.

The very tip of this black stream unexpectedly formed a skull head shape, the black stream behind it like the long hair of this skull.

The body of Li Ku’s junior, this Thousand Devil Nest Sacred Expert named Zhao Honglei already began to perish. However, just like a dying man’s flash of inspiration, at this instant, his consciousness and perception were even clearer than normal.

He could sense that even if Wenren Cangyue could withdraw his flying sword, with the power the Seven Planets Devil Sword displayed before, it still couldn’t stop this black stream.

In his opinion, there was already no chance that Wenren Cangyue could block this attack.

However, what appeared in Wenren Cangyue’s eyes right at this instant was instead an expression mixed with a bit of pity and mockery.

When faced with this black stream, he didn’t try to retrieve the Seven Planets Devil Sword stuck in Zhao Honglei’s chest. Instead, his left hand reached into his cotton clothes and then extended outwards.

In his hand was a small bone cremation sword.

Don’t tell me that this two toothpicks sized fine small sword was even stronger than the Seven Planets Devil Sword Purgatory Mountain refined from Meteor Iron’s powerful vital essence?

In that instant, this thought suddenly unknowingly flashed past in Zhao Honglei’s brain.

However, right at this moment, a wave of boundless and incomparable, crazy heaven-defying power surged from that small bone spur.


This explosive noise sounded.

Starting from the very front, the black stream was completely destroyed by the berserk sword energy erupting from this small sword. The vital energy power from the explosion swept out in reverse, sending Zhao Honglei’s body backwards. While flying through the air, not only did all of his flesh apart from his chest area began to disintegrate, the powerful vital energy continued to sweep backwards.




Three tents completely collapsed in succession.

Zhao Honglei’s consciousness and perception also instantly froze. He could sense his senior Li Ku’s aura. This sword was just like the sword Li Ku released.

He understood just what kind of sword this bone spur was. Then, the taste in his mouth became extremely astringent, his heart also extremely bitter.

He never expected that in the end, his assassination that was originally supposed to take down this tyrannical general who didn’t care about the lives of Great Mang’s soldiers at all would be neutralized by this type of method .

Alarms continuously sounded in the camp, groups of Great Mang soldiers rushed over from all directions. When they saw the already collapsed central military tent, as well as the three tents that collapsed in front of Wenren Cangyue and the spider web like crater beneath Wenren Cangyue’s feet, these soldiers could all sense just what kind of power was displayed just now. Their expressions all changed.

Wenren Cangyue put away the bone spur small sword.

He first gave the three cultivator corpses that were already in horrible states a look, and then he turned his gaze at the surrounding soldiers. He shook his head and said, “Too slow… in Jadefall Border Army, the soldiers must be within a hundred steps within five alarm sounds. I do not know how you all were trained before, but starting from now, we will carry out an alarm training once a day. After three days, all officials who are unable to accomplish this will have their rank stripped. They will be moved to the vanguard camp, standing at the very front in battle.”

When they heard Wenren Cangyue’s words and then recalled that this marshal previously already issued a series of extremely strict rewards and punishments, these Great Mang yellow tent soldiers whose fighting strength and willpower were definitely not beneath that of Yunqin’s elites all couldn’t help but tremble.

No one dared inwardly mock Wenren Cangyue as a stray dog from Jadefall City, they were all once again shocked by Wenren Cangyue’s awe and might.

Wenren Cangyue didn’t say anything else.

Several individuals who didn’t seem to be Great Mang people coldly began to issue orders in his place. Some soldiers began to withdraw in an organized manner and some soldiers started to rebuild the tents.

Wenren Cangyue turned around. He moved aside the heavy helmet, lifting up the perfectly intact warm medicinal bowl. Then, he slowly turned around again, looking towards the distant snowy Thousand Sunset Mountains’ outlines.

“The old emperor’s people have already pretty much been rooted out.”

“This time, the opposition faction from Thousand Devil Nest have also been completely exposed, they can be cleaned up quickly… now, troops can be sent out.”

While looking at the silhouettes of the distant Thousand Sunset Mountains, this powerful existence whose condition was improving day by day felt a hint of feverishness within him. With a voice only he alone could hear, he slowly said, “This soldier prefers to act when others least expect it. Changsun Jinse, I reckon you wouldn’t think that I would actually send troops north. Hu Piyi, you brat… don’t tell me you think you are my match?”

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