Book 10 Chapter 24 - Raised As a Pet Without Even Knowing

Liu Ziyu was sitting in a hall in the outer courtyard, slowly sipping on a cup of tea.

Liu Family’s important advisor Su Zhongwen was sitting at his side.

Compared to when he just left the academy, Liu Ziyu had already matured considerably, also becoming much more patient.

For example, right now, he was waiting to meet Auspicious Virtue’s great shopkeeper, and despite waiting for a long time, he only received the other party’s agreement after having his teacup refilled many times. Now, another few halts of time passed and the other party still didn’t make an appearance, yet he still didn’t feel the slightest bit of annoyance, the expression on his face still extremely amiable.

Right now, he was feeling excitement, nervousness and curiosity.

Previously, in Government Sector’s evaluation, because of his great public opinion, his achievements were quite good. Together with his father putting in quite a bit of effort behind the scenes, he was able to take the role of Vast Abundance Province’s Abundant State City’s Internal Affairs Sector Purchasing Officer. Even though this position currently still carried the ‘substitute’ word, the official rank still only minor eighth rank, this was a lucrative job with real authority in the Internal Affairs Sector. Not only did he have the opportunity to meet with many higher level officials in the provincial capital, it was even easier for him to establish good relationships with trading companies.

In terms of his status in officialdom, this could be considered a huge step forward. Right now, because of his promotion, Liu Ziyu was feeling a bit like the poetry verse Lin Xi was familiar with, ‘spring winds refreshing, horse hooves swift, today’s sight filled with flowers of beauty’, this type of high-spirited and complacent mood.

He heard previously that Auspicious Virtue’s great shopkeeper was extremely mysterious, normally didn’t meet outside guests at all. Originally, he only paid a visit to test things out. Now that the other party agreed to meet with him, perhaps it wasn’t because of his official rank at all, but rather out of favor for his father, a Provincial Supervisor.

Regardless of what reason it was, if he could establish a good relationship with Auspicious Virtue, this type of merchant company, it might lend him a great helping hand in his rise in the royal court.

Light footsteps sounded. His instincts told him that the one he was waiting for was arriving, so Liu Ziyu’s mind immediately trembled. He lowered the teacup in his hands, sitting up from his seat.

He already fully prepared himself, yet when he saw the one who walked in, he still couldn’t help but become a bit distracted, staring blankly, his eyes completely focused on the body of the one who walked in, completely speechless.

Chen Feirong was always a beautiful and alluring individual, moreover the type of fully matured beauty.

After joining Auspicious Virtue, her previous pretty and flirtatious attitude seemed to have vanished without a trace, replaced with only the bearing of a type of dignified great family feeling. This was precisely the graceful temperament of a great company’s great shopkeeper, and it seemed like it was something that was within her to begin with, not something that was done deliberately, as if she had already worked in this industry for many years.

Just from the stunning presence alone, Liu Ziyu already knew that this red cotton long coated woman was definitely the legendary Auspicious Virtue mysterious shopkeeper. Previously, he already heard some rumors that Auspicious Virtue’s great shopkeeper was a stunning woman, but he never expected this famous Auspicious virtue shopkeeper would be even more beautiful and stunning than the rumors.

Su Zhongwen was also momentarily shocked, but he was naturally more experienced with female charms than Liu Ziyu. When he saw that Liu Ziyu lost his composure a bit, he immediately released a light cough.

Liu Ziyu immediately woke up. He stood up in a flurry, cupping his hands in greeting. “Your respected self is Auspicious Virtue’s great shopkeeper, Ziyu lost a bit of my composure from my awe and shock.”

When she heard this, Chen Feirong could immediately tell that Liu Ziyu was already extremely experienced in adapting to changes and dealing with other people. She cupped her hands in greeting, saying with a slight smile, “Thank you Sir Liu for waiting.”

She only responded like this, not even speaking her name. This seemed a bit too prideful and disrespectful, but her beautiful smiling face and gentle tone made Liu Ziyu’s heart instead feel a wave of heat. It was instead him who welcomed her to have a seat. “Great shopkeeper is too polite.”

“I heard that Sir Liu is young and multi-talented, already filling in the position of Abundant State City’s Purchasing Officer at such a young age. Normally, a woman like me finds it hard to show my face in public and my natural temperament is one who prefers peace and quiet, so I do not often meet guests. I heard that sir has already revealed great ability despite being at such a young age, so I couldn’t help myself and had to see for myself. Now that I have met you, I can tell that as expected, sir’s heart is untroubled and spirit pleased.” Chen Feirong took a seat, saying with a faint smile, “Moreover, because I prefer tranquility, I have remained within this courtyard recently. Sir Liu just happened to be passing by, so this is also a type of fate. I wonder what matter Sir Liu sought me out for?”

“This woman is so good with words, together with her dignified and beautiful appearance, her presence of an influential family, expression and tone naturally alluring, if she personally went out to discuss matters, I fear not many people would be able to handle her.” After listening to just these few sentences, Su Zhongwen was already inwardly shocked, directly thinking that Auspicious Virtue’s ascent wasn’t by chance after all.

When even Su Zhongwen felt like this, Liu Ziyu even more so felt as if he ate some type of spiritual pill. Every single pore in his body seemed to be releasing warm heat, his entire body feeling comfortable. “Auspicious Virtue’s rise is unmatched in Yunqin’s history, truly leaving me in endless admiration. I always wanted to see just what kind of stunning figure could guide Auspicious Virtue like this. After learning that great shopkeeper was here, I didn’t think too much, directly rushing over, so I do hope great shopkeeper doesn’t blame me for being too reckless and disrespectful.”

“What reckless and disrespectful, your little mouth is also covered in sugar. Only, I wonder how you would feel if you learned that the true master of Auspicious Virtue is Lin Xi.” Chen Feirong thought inwardly. However, there was still a bright and beautiful smile on her face, not saying anything in response.

Liu Ziyu continued, “Vast Abundance Province borders Sunrise Roost Province. I hold a position in Abundant State City, so I must ask great shopkeeper to look after this humble one a bit.”

Chen Feirong said with a smile. “Sir has things backwards, sir is a Purchasing Officer, so it is instead this great shopkeeper who needs looking after.”

Liu Ziyu’s mind became even more heated, saying, “Before I came, I had an idea, but I don’t know if it is possible. Auspicious Virtue’s soap is number one in the country, Vast Abundance Province’s stationed army also needs to use soaps, just that it doesn’t need to be so elegant. As long as the price is a bit lower, I can try to make the entire garrisoned army use Auspicious Virtue’s soaps.”

Chen Feirong looked at his eyes, saying, “We are indebted to sir in showing such care, Auspicious Virtue obviously doesn’t have any issues with this.”

When he saw that the other party agreed so easily, Liu Ziyu immediately became filled with fervent excitement. The amount of soap an entire province’s military used was extremely great. If every single piece’s price could be decreased a bit, they could save much military funds each year. On top of this, they would be using Auspicious Virtue’s best goods. This would become his achievement, promotion would then be a smooth affair.

“Great shopkeeper is so supportive, how can I return the favor?” Liu Ziyu restrained his happiness and said, “I heard Auspicious Virtue has started a rice business, I wonder if you have any issues in terms of supply. I have heard that Vast Abundance Province had quite a bit of desolate bay area that had tax exempted for five years of taxation as a reward for being cleared for cultivation. It is only the second year this year. Only, because the winded mountain path isn’t too convenient, the production costs of caravans moving through this area would be increased by quite a bit, so the price of rice inside is also lower. If great shopkeeper is interested, I can find a way to send a request for the road to be repaired. If everything goes thoroughly and the funding for repairing the road is secured, I can inform great shopkeeper. If great shopkeeper and those peasant households sign several years of agreement, it should also be something profitable for both sides.”

Chen Feirong said, “Sir truly is considerate. Not only is Auspicious Virtue grateful towards sir, I believe those peasant households will also remember that those roads were repaired by sir, remember sir’s grace.”

When he saw Chen Feirong’s looks of praise, Liu Ziyu’s heart became even more fiery and high-spirited. “Since great shopkeeper is interested, then I will immediately take care of this matter… if great shopkeeper has anything else that is troublesome to deal with, if you find me favorable, then please inform me. At that time, I will see if I can be of any help.”

Lin Xi had his hands behind his back as he stood under the corridor’s eaves, sensing the trajectory of the various snowflakes fluttering through the air.

To treat every single snowflake as an opponent, use your thoughts to face them, this was a type of simple cultivation method Gu Xinyin taught Lin Xi.

It was because for cultivators like Gu Xinyin and Lin Xi, the enemies they faced often weren’t ordinary cultivators.

When facing cultivators of higher cultivation levels, especially sword controlling Sacred Expert existences, the flying sword will be fast to the point where it will disappear from one’s perception, becoming like fragmented perception. They will be like snow that flutters down from the sky. If he didn’t want to be cut down by a flying sword, he had to be able to find which one was the true flying sword among the fragments.

In the rain or under snow, sensing the descent of snow and rain, clearly sensing which raindrop or which snowflake would reach his body the fastest, when this type of training was carried out repeatedly, one’s reactions could become a bit faster when facing higher level opponents, allowing one to defend themselves a bit better.

Even though he was calmly carrying out this type of training, when he sensed the slight movements in the wind, the soul force in his body felt as if they could turn into lightning at any moment. When he heard Chen Feirong’s footsteps and thus knew that this person who was currently secretly preparing many methods to deal with the golden spoon Liu Ziyu currently left the courtyard gates not far from him, he couldn’t help but want to send out a bit of his soul force, create a few streaks of lightning.

If Liu Ziyu was suddenly struck by lightning while strolling about, then that really would be funny and it would also let him vent a bit.

When he saw Chen Feirong appear before his face again, Lin Xi stopped this type of formless cultivation, saying with a bit of mockery, “What kind of benefits did he give?”

“He will have the military use our Auspicious Virtue’s soaps, help us repair some routes to some farmlands caravans normally don’t like traveling to, help us acquire some rice crops with pricing that is a bit lower.” Chen Feirong said with a smile, “I have to admit that this fellow student of yours has quite the brains, the things he suggested are extremely hard to refuse. Moreover, these two matters are already rough enough, it will be hard for him to obtain great reviews in his next yearly evaluation.”

Lin Xi thought for a bit and said, “I know that the military normally all have some empty barracks granaries. Now that preparations for the war south have definitely already started, the local armies and army equipment definitely will be transferred to Thousand Sunset Border Station, the amount of empty granaries will definitely be much greater. Since he was so enthusiastic while chatting with you, you can have him help you out, let you rent out some granaries at a cheap price. This way, our rice business in Vast Abundance Province can save quite a bit of capital.”

“You are quite something as well.” Chen Feirong said with a scolding smile, “This way, even though we obtain material advantages, he will obtain some more silvers for the military, thus obtaining quite a bit of achievement. Are you not scared that if you continue to support him up like this, raise him into a fat sheep, he will be able to deal with you more severely in the future?”

The corners of Lin Xi’s lips curled upwards slightly, but he didn’t say anything.

Chen Feirong looked at his appearance and then laughed. She knew that Liu Ziyu still treated Lin Xi as his opponent, but Lin Xi’s opponents were already figures who were knew how much higher than Liu Ziyu.

Outside the courtyard, on Great Ascent Town’s stone path.

Liu Ziyu turned around to give the deep courtyard a look.

His face revealed an expression of exceptional satisfaction and excitement.

When he thought about his future prospects, he thought to himself, “Lin Xi… don’t become too weak now, or else in the future, when I step on you and look at your face, I won’t be able to feel as much happiness.”

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