Book 10 Chapter 23 - Give a Taste of Success

Lin Xi was watching the snow from the porch.

Sunrise Roost Province’s weather was a bit warmer than that of Central Continent, only that this year’s winter seemed to be a bit colder than previous years. Just a week after Central Continent experienced its first snow, Great Ascent Town also began to experience snow.

This snow wasn’t all that great, only covering the distant mountains in a thin layer of white. However, it was precisely because it wasn’t completely white-colored, the fact that the alternating dark and white colors made it look like an ink painting, that it was extremely beautiful.

Lin Xi was a bit skinnier, his complexion a bit overly fair. He currently had a large white fox tail scarf around him, dressed in beautiful light colored robes, his figure giving off a bit of a wealthy family’s young master feeling.

While looking at the distant shallow and deep snowy mountains that were picturesque like ink and wash paintings, the stalks of ink chrysanthemums that, despite being covered in a layer of snow, only bloomed even more beautifully, he reached out his hand. Several strands of gentle energy rose from his fingertips, making the snowflakes that landed on his palm move upwards and then slowly form a loose sphere of snow. It floated above his five fingers, its appearance extremely mysterious.

When Yunqin first entered autumn, that was the first time he truly set his heart to running Auspicious Virtue, made his decision that looked like what a red-eyed gambler would do, using up almost all of Auspicious Virtue’s free silver. However, because he knew that those operations would definitely succeed, he didn’t feel much pressure at all.

Reality was also like this. In just two months of time, Auspicious Virtue’s rice business was already on the right track, Auspicious Virtue’s flow of silver also no longer as strained as before.

Moreover, only him and Chen Feirong knew that just two weeks ago, in the empire’s east, the black market business that couldn’t be seen in the light, but was always continued methodically underground suddenly stopped for a few days. The black market’s frozen period didn’t have anything to do with Yunqin’s royal court. Right now, with the southern war already decided, all of Yunqin’s royal court was vigorously concentrating all of their power south, they didn’t have any time to worry about this type of matter that wasn’t urgent for the empire at all. The halt of the black market business was because a transaction location suddenly went missing -- the bandit groups to Yunqin’s east seemed to be experiencing conflict, in chaos for a few days.

Meanwhile, a few days later, there were several bandit groups that seemed to have merged, their way of doing things also more organized than before.

In the following days, the number of bandits that died in Dragon Snake Border Pass was high, but it didn’t have anything to do with the border army. Instead, it was that largest bandit group who continuously killed bandits who didn’t agree with them and did business without their permission.

It was because even though there were many bandits along Yunqin’s borders, they were all like the rats in Yunqin imperial city’s sewers, never seeing the light. As such, the outside world had no idea what was going on with these rats in the barren hills and wild rivers.

Only Lin Xi and Chen Feirong knew that in the past autumn, Auspicious Virtue’s developments were far greater than others’ imaginations.

Lin Xi’s cultivation was also rapidly increasing.

Xu Zhenyan always believed that Lin Xi was seriously injured, especially after the matters of the crown prince and Jiang Yu’er, he thought that even Lin Xi’s mind would have suffered greatly, so his cultivation would definitely be much slower than usual. However, him and Lin Xi were entirely different types of people, so there was no way he could understand what Lin Xi was thinking. He didn’t know that under Lin Xi’s madness, his soul force cultivation was constantly growing at several times that of usual.

Lin Xi’s body was extremely weak, according to Lin Xi’s observations, he knew that he had to wait until this cold winter passed, until next spring before there was a chance of him fighting against another again. However, under this bitter cultivation that continued an entire autumn, he already had half a foot into the State Knight level. Perhaps after just another two weeks, before winter’s second snow, he would be able to fully break through into the State Knight level.

He could only treat his body gently, unable to practice any martial skill, to the extent where large transferring of soul force to cultivate sword control dao was impossible. Under this condition where he felt like his entire body was covered in rust, yet he still couldn’t do anything, only able to focus on cultivating soul force, Lin Xi became more and more skilled at utilizing soul force.

What Gu Xinyin imparted onto him wasn’t only that Sanskrit Monk’s Self Exorcism, but also his own sword control method, other martial skills, his understanding towards soul force cultivation and the operation of soul force.

If previously, we were to say that Lin Xi was a cultivator who only knew how to erupt with soul force to acquire power and speed, then now, under the manipulation of soul force, he already began to enter a mysterious realm. He was just like those true experts, comprehending the dao of using soul force.

The loose sphere of snow rose and spun about between his fingers, moving according to his will. Under the stimulation of his palm and fingers, it was then compressed into a small thin snow sword. With a light chi noise, it stabbed into a cluster of ink-like chrysanthemums.

This type of beautiful painting-like scenery that seemed to have been painted by a great master was enough to leave most ordinary cultivators of this world shaken, but Lin Xi only released a light sentimental sigh.

This type of light snow made him recall the snow in Ten Fingers Ridge, moreover, it made him think about Green Luan Academy and Green Luan Academy’s people.

After being isolated from Green Luan Academy and the world of cultivators, spending his time as an ordinary merchant in this world, he didn’t receive any news from Green Luan Academy, nor did he know how Gao Yanan, Jiang Xiaoyi and the others were doing, moreover, he didn’t even know if Gu Xinyin returned to the academy peacefully, or if he was also arranged to stay in a different place by Vice Principal Xia.

Even though his soul force already reached this level, he hadn’t practiced archery for such a long time. He didn’t know if his archery skills declined at all either.

Lin Xi knew that he still had a lot of loneliness to endure. After releasing a light sentimental sigh, he turned around to look at the corridor that led to the outer courtyard, as if he was waiting for someone to arrive.

A moment later, soft footsteps sounded. Chen Feirong dressed in a red cotton coat, her appearance seemingly even a bit younger appeared before his line of sight.

“Sir, it seems like your cultivation has made great progress again.”

Chen Feirong was holding an exquisite wicker basket. She walked up to Lin Xi, and then after showing Lin Xi an extremely respectful bow, she said with a smile, “I happened to stumble upon some Red Swallow Nests, so I prepared some other things together with it. Please enjoy this now while it is still warm.”

“Let’s chat while eating inside.”

Lin Xi nodded, receiving the food basket. He walked into the house, removing a scalding hot pot from inside the food basket, and only then did he look at Chen Feirong who sat down across from him, asking, “Is there something that you are confused over?”

“Flourishing Heights great shopkeeper Mu Zongli just requested to see me, expressing their desire to work with our Auspicious Virtue.” As Chen Feirong watched as Lin Xi ate heartily, her smile also became a bit brilliant. “This is a decision that obviously must be made by you.”

Lin Xi paused for a bit, holding his spoon in his mouth as he thought for a bit. He said, “Our Auspicious Virtue just happens to already have expenses planned, but I don’t want to have any relationship with the royal court. If I am going to use money, I will still choose to work with clean businessmen.”

“I understand your intention.” Chen Feirong nodded and said with a smile, “Flourishing Heights’ background is extremely clean, the local wealthy overlord of Mountain Yin Province, the businesses they manage are mostly the major ones in Mountain Yin Province. It is instead Peaceful Wealth of the three great banks that is backed by Rong Family of the nine senators, their main businesses are helping Central Continent Imperial City transport silvers and goods, as well as  lending to government officials.”

“Flourishing Heights’ great shopkeeper came personally, and they even came before our rice business could expand out of Sunrise Roost Province. This means that not only has the other party truly come in good faith, it also means that they have good eyesight.” Lin Xi continued to eat while mumbling, “Right now, Flourishing Heights has far more silver than Auspicious Virtue, so if they invested a large amount of silver, then it doesn’t seem that appropriate, their share will be too large. Ask them if they are willing to invest a bit less, instead lend most of the silver to us. All of the strategic decisions are still to be made by us. If they cannot accept this, then you might have to work a bit harder, find some smaller banks. Auspicious Virtue’s development isn’t something that can only be achieved through the help of major banks. For those smaller banks to climb higher, they will naturally be a bit greedier with their bets, so we don’t have to worry about a lack of funding.”

After a slight pause, Lin Xi seemed to have thought of something else, quickly adding, “Right, if Flourishing Heights accepts our conditions, happy to cooperate with us, then we can share our plans to purchase large amounts of land in Jadefall City to grow grains with them. Jadefall City’s weather is great and also near Tangcang, so it will soon instead become the safest place. Investing large amounts of silver there will be the safest choice. When creating fields and planting grains, the most important thing is actually the amount of silver investment in the beginning. The scariest thing right now is the current unstable political situation. If farmlands turn into battlefields, the people will become destitute and homeless, all great hopes will turn to nothing. Flourishing Heights, this type of large bank, is definitely more clever and precise than us, and we are even using their money, so they will definitely know if Jadefall City is going to be established as a province even more clearly than us .”

Chen Feirong’s eyes never moved away from Lin Xi, only when she saw Lin Xi become surprised did she release a chuckle, saying, “Sometimes, I really wonder if sir is a monster… You clearly never served as the shopkeeper of any company before, yet you understand so much, more formidable than any business genius shopkeeper. If I didn’t know about your arrangements and heard that after your rice business in Sunrise Roost Province had just begun, you already planned to borrow such a shocking amount of money, I would definitely think that you are too crazy, you are trying to take steps that are too wide.”

“Don’t worry, the eggs won’t be pulled.” Lin Xi said in a carefree manner.[1]

Chen Feirong stared for a long time and then immediately realized the meaning behind this sentence, her jade face immediately flushing red. “Sir, are you provoking me with these words?” A bit of the expression she had from when she first met Lin Xi now appeared on her face, like a smile, yet not a smile. She quietly said, “If sir really feels that I am worthy, then I am deeply honored, willing to serve sir.”

Now, it was Lin Xi’s turn to stare blankly. He realized that this world, compared to his previous one, was who knew how many times more conservative. The words he previously spoke so carelessly in this world, were extremely flirtatious and ambiguous. He immediately felt a bit distressed, continuously waving his hands and saying, “This is just some slang we are used to saying back home, please don’t misunderstand.”

Chen Feirong looked at the embarrassed Lin Xi. After pursing her lips and laughing for a bit, she then became serious again. “Your reputation is gradually growing. During this period of time, I heard quite a bit of information related to you. I heard that Qin Family’s famously beautiful young miss also favors you, and that was why she turned down Xu Family and Wen Family’s requests for marriage. Also, it is rumored that Liu Family’s young master also favored this Qin Family young miss, which led to him treating you quite unfavorably?”

“Wen Family? I only knew that Qin Xiyue rejected Xu Family, I had no idea regarding Wen Family.” Lin Xi frowned slightly and then he shook his head. “However, this doesn’t have much to do with me. The reason why that Liu Family’s Liu Ziyu doesn’t get along with Qin Xiyue or myself, most of it was because of bitterness from some conflict.”

“Seems like it was half true half false.” Cheng Feirong said with a smile, “Only, this Liu Ziyu doesn’t know you are the true owner of Auspicious Virtue behind the scenes, he is currently outside wishing to see me. Since you really do have some conflict with him, should I meet him or not?”

Lin Xi was a bit surprised. He looked at Chen Feirong with a slightly stunned expression. “Liu Ziyu sought you out? Why would he do that?”

Chen Feirong said, “The evaluations of Government Sector officials were shifted ahead of schedule. This fellow student of yours seemed to have done quite well, moreover taking the place of someone who was purged, so he rose up quite a bit in rank, now holding a post in Internal Affairs Sector. Liu Family loves dealings with merchants, so this fellow student of yours most likely wishes to be on good terms with Auspicious Virtue as well, wishing to borrow each others’ authority in the future.”

Lin Xi thought for a bit and then said with a bit of mockery, “In that case, if you can give him a bit of a taste, then give it to him. When the time comes, we can use him to do some things for Auspicious Virtue.” 

1. Eggs here refers to testicles. When one takes a step too wide, a wedgie is possible.

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