Book 10 Chapter 15 - Going Crazy

A carriage moved under autumn brilliance.

Inside of the dusky carriage, Lin Xi still didn’t know what was going on in the outside world.

However, his soul force grew with each passing day. His body’s condition also improved.

He was extremely calm, almost sleeping the whole day daily, not releasing any sounds.

However, if anyone knew his true condition these days, they would know that he already went crazy.

It was because he was cultivating every single day, continuously doing meditation cultivation.

When he woke up from meditation cultivation, he would close his eyes again and continue meditation cultivation… as days went by one after another, he was always like this.

Conducting meditation cultivation without being disturbed was something blissful for cultivators… but continuous, nonstop cultivation, was an extremely bitter and extremely lonesome thing… this type of thing was the same as locking up an ordinary person in a dark room that didn’t see any sunlight for their whole life.

Many of Green Luan Academy’s records stated that if an ordinary person was locked in a dark room, once it exceeded three days, their minds might collapse. Similarly, if cultivators continued meditation cultivation nonstop for over three days, their wills would also become easily shattered. At this time, because of extreme loneliness and some other negative emotions, every halt of time spent in cultivation would be extremely difficult.

If this continued for even longer, cultivators would feel as if they might forever sink into this type of darkness, unable to ever escape, many instances of violent behavior might happen… once it exceeded ten days, most cultivators would start hallucinating, they would go crazy.

However, from when Lin Xi woke up and found out what happened until now, it already far exceeded ten days.

Only a madman would carry out this type of mad cultivation.

Even if it was the past Roadside Shrimp Watching Li Ku from Thousand Devil Nest, he at least had the canals and the various crowds that came and went along the streets.

Autumn winds blew about. Several yellow leaves landed on the carriage’s rooftop.

Inside the carriage, Lin Xi slowly opened his eyes, releasing a breath of turbid air. Then, he turned his body, extremely rigidly supporting himself with his arms, slowly sitting up.

The moment his arms made contact with the carriage’s thick soft carpet, the instant he began to sit up, his entire body released countless fine noises, as if his body was covered in a layer of frost that was now coming off.

This was the noise released by countless chunks of bones and flesh in Lin Xi’s body.

Lin Xi didn’t know what kind of medicines Tang Yuren and Lan Qifeng used, but these medicines were definitely precious to the extreme.

Under Bai Yulou’s strike and Xu Qiubai’s arrow, not only did most of his bones fracture, the arrow that penetrated his body even ripped open quite a few cracks in his internal organs.

Under the use of these medicines’ medicinal strength, after just twenty something days, some of his body’s injuries already truly ‘adhered’ together.

Moreover, unknown if it was because of the medicinal strength’s supplementary effects or if it was because of Tang Yuren and Lan Qifeng, after discovering his potential, they used some other pill medicines that could raise his cultivation strength. In these twenty something days of time, there was some fine medicinal strength that slowly melted into soul force, increasing his cultivation.

The soul force in his body already went from the original air stream feeling into a completely water stream feeling.

This meant that his soul force cultivation, under these days’ crazy cultivation and precious medicinal strength’s two-fold effects, already brought him to the peak of Soul Master level.

This type of cultivation speed was something not many people in this entire world could compare to. If others found out, it was unknown just how many young talents would feel envy and jealousy.

However, because of the light noises caused by these yellow leaves falling, noticing the arrival of autumn, Lin Xi finally sensed the passage of time. However, he didn’t feel the slightest trace of happiness over the fact that his body could move, not even feeling happy that his cultivation advanced so greatly. Right now, he only wanted to sit up, walk out of the carriage and take a look.

Because if he didn’t go out and take a look, he knew that he really would go crazy.

Moreover, what truly woke him up from meditation cultivation wasn’t the fluttering of yellow leaves or the feeling of autumn, but rather a wave of a mysterious feeling from within his body.

It was as if there was something unfamiliar, something that didn’t belong to him that merged into his body, merged into his life.

Lin Xi sat up. Even though the sounds released from the countless bones and muscle areas were as quiet as peeling frost, the one who was driving the carriage still sensed it. The carriage that originally wasn’t moving all that fast immediately stopped.

Lin Xi slowly nudged his own body, opening up the carriage door and moving aside the curtains. While facing the daylight radiance, he took a deep breath. He sat by the carriage entrance, his legs landing on sturdy ground.

He stood up while staggering, seeing that the driver was a yellow faced old woman he didn’t recognize.

“I am Nangong Weiyang.” However, this yellow faced old woman looked at him, directly saying, “Green Luan Academy not contacting you and throwing you into the world is instead safer for you, so everyone in Green Luan Academy will be disconnected from you… I am familiar with most paths in Central Continent Imperial City, but apart from the imperial princess, no one understands me. That is why as long as I don’t take action, I will forever be someone separate from Green Luan Academy and Central Continent Imperial City.”

When faced with this serious explanation, knowing that those academy professors had enough methods to change a person’s appearance and aura, Lin Xi could only nod his head.

This was also the first time he could truly nod his head.

The part of his neck connected to his body once again released many light noises.

“What are you trying to do?” Nangong Weiyang looked at him, asking seriously.

“I want to take a look outside.” Lin Xi who felt that the surroundings were a bit too bright narrowed his eyes. He saw that they were currently on an ordinary official path, an expanse of low groves growing on both sides .

“I am going to go wash my face and then spend some time alone.” He saw that there was some water radiance within an expanse of small trees, that it was small stream. As such, he said this to Nangong Weiyang.

Nangong Weiyang nodded, not saying anything. She could tell that Lin Xi wanted to be alone, but she still quickly moved the carriage over towards that river. It was because she knew that right now, Lin Xi and herself were only ordinary people.

For the people of this world, being an ordinary person was instead the safest.

Lin Xi began to move, walking in this Yunqin autumn.

He walked extremely slowly, his body continuously shaking.

A hint of bitterness began to spread from the corners of his lips.

Even though he was confident he could walk, it was just like what Gu Xinyin told him before. In the following half year, he most likely wouldn’t be able to fight, to the extent where he couldn’t even make any movements that were too intense.

In Lin Xi’s current perception, he felt like his body was a flimsy paper mache, as if he was a paper person who might be blown over by a single gust of wind.

When he sensed his body’s weakness, Lin Xi’s heart surged with an even greater feeling of bleakness.

Under the fluttering yellow leaves, Lin Xi slowly sat down by the stream.

Just like a true madman, he began to speak to some yellow leaves that fluttered down the small stream.

“What Divine General talent, actually, I am just a pitiful person who accidentally ended up in this world, someone with some special ability. Moreover, the most pitiful thing is that even if I wanted to talk about it, no one would be able to understand me, no one would believe me.”

“Before, I always treated myself as a tourist who was thrown into this world, only having the attitude that since I am here, I should just do what is comfortable and enjoy this world. It wasn’t because I wanted to be like this… but it was because me and this world, in the end, are still inharmonious. The principles that couldn’t be simpler in my eyes, the words I am used to speaking, in this world, they are unreasonable, even more so a disgraceful nonsense.”

“I previously tried my best to tell those around me what kind of person I am, where I came from, but everyone in Deerwood Town treated me as an idiot, as ‘Second’ Lin. No one can understand me, no one will look at me with the eyes of looking at a normal person. Of course there is no way for me to blend into this world.”

“Even after entering Green Luan Academy, I still always felt like the matters of this world had nothing to do with a tourist like me. Yunqin’s prosperity and decline, all of the so-called glory, what does it have to do with me?”

“But I have more and more people I care about… mom, pop, sis… and all those Green Luan Academy students, friends and seniors.”

“The amount of time I shared with Chen Mu was extremely short, but we indeed became good friends… and there was Jiang Yu’er… when I think of a girl like her, my heart feels like it is splitting… when I woke up again, I knew that I was already no longer a tourist, there is no way I can view the matters of this world with the cold eyes of a bystander again. Because of these people I care about, because of Chen Mu, Jiang Yu’er and the others… I’ve already merged into this world.”

“I could originally speak these words of meaningless nonsense to Lucky, it wouldn’t understand, but it also wouldn’t feel that they are incomprehensible either… wouldn’t feel that I have truly gone completely mad… just that I had it follow Gao Yanan into Green Luan Academy. It’s not even here anymore, so I can only speak to a river like you, or else I really will go crazy.”

Lin Xi calmly said these words that didn’t have much logical flow, these words that felt like he was cutting his own skin, breaking his own liver.

“I will definitely kill Xu Qiubai, kill Wenren Cangyue, get revenge for you all.”

Lin Xi picked up a rock, forcefully holding it in his hand and then threw it towards the calm river surface.

The rock entered the river surface, producing a splash.

Lin Xi heard the sound of bones in his hand cracking, feeling that some bones that had already healed cracked again because of his excessive force. He could feel that the skin on his palm had a bloody gash cut open by the rock’s sharp edges.

This type of paper man frailness made him feel even greater anger and bleakness.

However, under the sunlight, that thing that made him feel strange, that uncomfortable thing that didn’t feel like it belonged to him, instead already completely merged into his body. He looked at his bleeding palm and saw that in his blood, there seemed to be bits of extremely fine golden radiance.

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