Book 10 Chapter 14 - Death

While walking as these seventeen Purgatory Mountain experts were instantly cut down, Wenren Cangyue released a fierce roar. He gave up on the Seven Planets Devil Sword he had just barely recalled, instead releasing all of his body’s remaining power through his toe tips.


Great Mang’s Purgatory Mountain’s most powerful Seven Planets Devil Sword was once again sent flying by the disk in Li Ku’s hands. In addition, this time, the sword’s tip broke, this legendary Purgatory Mountain guardian sword that had been passed down since the age of gods and devils becoming a true ugly iron rod.

The ground beneath Wenren Cangyue’s feet was instantly covered in countless spiderweb-like cracks, his body flying backwards like a pellet.

At this time, the flame lotus that carried world engulfing flames descended on Li Ku’s back.

In this sea of flames, a tall elder dressed in red divine robes, a tall crown on his head could also be vaguely made out.

The red robes surged with flames, an endless blaze rushing out from within these robes.

Li Ku knew that he already didn’t have time to kill Wenren Cangyue, he also knew that he was already no longer the match of this Great Mang’s most powerful Purgatory Mountain Patriarch Shentu. However, his expression still didn’t change in the slightest, turning around in the air.

He didn’t stop the flame lotus that rushed at his body, only calmly and indifferently throwing out the precious disk in his hands.

The flame lotus spread on his body, completely wrapping him within.

Countless fierce shouts and cries of alarm sounded from the distance. A black and red-colored pagoda that was almost the same size as Purgatory Mountain’s Patriarch Shentu rushed out from behind him.


An explosive noise sounded.

A blast of flames and crazy winds swept over. Many cultivators in the distance cried out miserably, their ears and nose all releasing blood.

The black and red pagoda in front of Purgatory Mountain’s Patriarch Shentu flew backwards. Purgatory Mountain Patriarch Shentu’s two fiery red hands reached out from the spacious sleeves’ blazing flames, holding his black and red pagoda in place.

The black and red pagoda instantly stopped, but Purgatory Mountain Patriarch Shentu’s hands produced countless cracks. The long divine robes that gave off endless dignity, as well as the ancient crown on his head instantly produced many sword cuts like cracks.

Several coughs carrying bitterness and shock others could not hear sounded from Purgatory Mountain Patriarch Shentu’s mouth.

Purgatory Mountain cultivators dressed in either blood red armor or blood red long robes rushed out from all sides, gathering towards the sea of flames in front of Purgatory Mountain Patriarch Shentu.

Every single one of these Purgatory Mountain cultivators were normally devil masters in the eyes of Great Mang’s people, their statuses extremely respected. However, at this time, these individuals couldn’t help but tremble, inwardly carrying deep fear and apprehension.

The flames were extinguished.

The ground had been completely burned into colored glass.

That Shrimp Watching Li Ku who stood by Great Mang Old Emperor’s side already no longer existed in this world.

However, when the flames were completely extinguished, when they looked at the place where he disappeared, all of these Purgatory Mountain cultivators whose eyes were blood red couldn’t help but release trembling cries of alarm.

The cultivators of Thousand Devil Nest and Purgatory Mountain, because they cultivated some body refinement secret methods, their bodies and bones were completely different from normal people and normal cultivators. That was why after the flames passed, there would be some special bone cremation ashes left behind.

Li Ku also left behind a grain of bone cremation ashes.

However, this bone was especially long and narrow, towering on a pile of fine whiteness, actually in the shape of a small sword. The sword tip pointed towards the sky, releasing an extremely proud aura, as if it wanted to make a cut in the skies.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch Shentu waved his hand. The red-armored and red-robed Purgatory Mountain cultivators instantly withdrew like a tide.

There were several Purgatory Mountain elders dressed in black divine robes, their bodies swirling with flame and black energy that arrived behind him.

One of the Purgatory Mountain elders who gripped a black gemstone embedded staff stared at that bone sword, bowing slightly and asking respectfully, “Patriarch… In this situation where Li Ku already decided to bring down Wenren Cangyue with him, why did you still not hesitate to pay this type of price to save Wenren Cangyue? Could it be that Patriarch really is going to grant Wenren Cangyue the Great Marshal Seal?”

The other Purgatory Mountain elders also bowed slightly, seconding this motion.

In their opinion, Wenren Cangyue, this type of person, couldn’t be controlled at all. Moreover, they had to use the lives of seventeen powerful Purgatory Mountain cultivators just to stop Li Ku for an instant. This type of price really was too great, too miserable.

”From the battle of Meteor Lake until now… the battle between Yunqin and Great Mang has actually become that of Green Luan Academy against my Purgatory Mountain.” 

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch Shentu slowly restrained the flames around him, saying with a faint voice, “Regardless of how much wind and rain there is in this world, if we look at it a bit simpler, it is still a battle between Purgatory Mountain and Green Luan Academy. Leaving him behind is equivalent to having a shield in front of us. By letting him do more things, this way, Yunqin and Green Luan Academy will definitely try to kill him first. As for his uncontrollable ambitions and wildness… we don’t need to think too much about it. He definitely isn’t stronger than Green Luan Academy, while Green Luan Academy and Yunqin will definitely kill him…”

The black divine robed Purgatory Mountain elders all entered a state of silence and then they slowly nodded.

“Yunqin is open to attacks from all sides, no longer as powerful as before. However, our Purgatory Mountain, under the pressure of Li Ku and Green Luan Academy these past few years, how could we truly be as impressive as we look on the outside?” Purgatory Mountain Patriarch Shentu slowly shook his head, saying quietly with a bit of mockery, “Our Purgatory Mountain needs a bit of time to rest… We need someone like Wenren Cangyue to grind away some foreign powers. As for Great Mang, what we need is only absolute respect… As for the world beneath, who momentarily assumes control over it, what does it have to do with us?”

“Patriarch is wise.” The Purgatory Mountain elder who held the black gemstone staff bowed respectfully again, giving that pridefully standing bone spur a look of disdain.

Great Mang Imperial Palace.

The old emperor Zhantai Mang’s burial palace, under the starlight, seemed especially quiet and secluded, as if no one had entered this place after countless years.

Zhan Taimang was reclining on the dragon throne.

Just like how all of Yunqin’s royal court knew that the elder surnamed Huang was going to leave this world soon, all of Great Mang’s royal court also knew that this emperor who slaughtered his way out from the wilderness was also about to leave this world.

The student who was given the name Zhantai Qiantang was standing in front of him.

“I heard the sound of the palace gates closing.”

Zhantai Mang looked at this student who he forcefully thrusted into the struggle for imperial authority, shaking his head, his face carrying a bit of self mockery. “Seems like I am still in fear… so this type of sound that I am normally already used to hearing, now still seems so clear.”

Zhantai Qiantang’s heart suddenly felt heavy.

It hadn’t been long since he entered Great Mang Imperial Palace, so he couldn’t distinguish the countless fine noises from the distance, which sound it was exactly that was the palace gates closing. However, he understood extremely clearly that right now, it still wasn’t time for the gates to close… the closing of the gates should be done according to the emperor’s orders. Closing the palace gates at this time only meant that there were already people who dared go against imperial command, not wishing to let the people in the imperial palace leave.

He also understood extremely clearly that as long as Li Ku was alive, no one would dare close the palace gates at this time, not daring to launch such huge changes.

“Even though I have sent out people to find Wenren Cangyue, I never expected that Wenren Cangyue could truly escape from Jadefall City… in this battle, Chansun Jinse has lost, Green Luan Academy has also lost, I have lost as well.” Zhantai Mang released a light sigh and then looked at Zhantai Qiantang, saying, “However, as long as you are still alive… there is still a bit of a chance to turn things around. You should leave.”

After Zhantai Mang’s calm voice was released, the dragon throne beneath his body released a light sound. Right by Zhantai Qiantang’s side, several thick stone bricks sunk in. Dust rushed in all directions, revealing a hidden passage that had been covered in dust for who knew how many years.

Zhantai Qiantang knew that this was definitely a secret path that could bring him out of the imperial palace, it might even help him escape from Great Mang King City. However, a bitter smile instead appeared on his face. “Teacher, where would I be able to run to?”

Zhantai Mang looked at him, saying with an unquestionable voice, “Where can you go? Naturally Yunqin. Go to Yunqin… and then return to Great Mang.”

Go to Yunqin… return to Great Mang, this was an extremely simple sentence, but Zhantai Qiantang instead understood extremely clearly how difficult doing such a thing was.

However, because of the deepest respect and admiration he felt towards this teacher, this monarch, he didn’t say anything else, only kneeling down and then showing Zhantai Mang a bow of respect. Then, he entered the secret passage, heading towards unpredictable prospects.

Zhantai Mang watched as Zhantai Qiantang left.

Following some light sounds, the secret path was sealed up once again.

In the imperial palace he was familiar with, faint sounds of some weapons cutting into flesh could be heard.

The sky hadn’t brightened yet.

In the final darkness before daybreak, a purple-robed official with a jade belt in Central Continent Imperial City received a Crimson Dragon Scorched Tail level secret report.

The instant he read through the contents of this secret report, this Yunqin military intelligence supervisor couldn’t control the shaking of his hands, his face becoming incomparably pale.

He couldn’t help but raise his head towards the east, not knowing just what kind of storm would rain over this massive empire once the following light of dawn cast itself upon Yunqin Empire.

The sky brightened slightly.

A bit later, in a deep residence not far from the Imperial City, that elder surnamed Huang was wrapped in a silk blanket. He also saw a similar report from Great Mang.

“Purgatory Mountain… actually didn’t kill Wenren Cangyue… it granted Wenren Cangyue a Great Marshal Seal, granting him all of Great Mang’s forces… even someone like Li Ku was…” This Elder Huang could originally hold on for a bit longer, but when he saw this secret report, he closed his eyes in pain, his heart in great pain. The frail sheepskin scroll turned to ashes in his hands.

When the clear and cold light of dawn sprinkled across Central Continent Imperial City, this elder also already took his last breath.

Mournful weeping sounds were released from this deep residence. Many people who were paying close attention to this deep residence courtyard, but still didn’t know about Great Mang’s matters also began to tremble inwardly in nervousness.

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