Book 10 Chapter 13 - Li Ku Walks Within a Rain of Blood

The carriage that carried Lin Xi was still continuously advancing. While inside the dusky carriage, Lin Xi still couldn’t move at all.

Time instead passed quickly, continuously flowing on.

The height of summer had already passed, it was now late autumn.

Only during the period where summer turned into autumn, did Yunqin’s people begin to learn that many world shocking great things had taken place in this massive empire.

The events that happened in Jadefall City that guarded the empire’s westernmost border were too shocking, Great General Wenren Cangyue who previously forced Tangcang Ancient Country to completely withdraw behind Sanskrit Hall and forced Xiyi’s Fifteen Divisions to not dare enter Jadefall City again actually secretly colluded with Xiyi’s bandits, he even assassinated the crown prince.

All of Martial Sector, which was also what Yunqin’s people were used to calling the military, carried out a great purge.

Seventeen major third rank and higher officials were removed from their positions, twenty one major sixth rank and higher officials were executed, some cases of frontier inhabitants being slaughtered and falsified as military service in Jadefall Border Army were reexamined, hundreds of extremely ordinary officials below sixth rank were executed or imprisoned according to the law.

It wasn’t just Martial Sector, there were quite a few movements in Yunqin’s other sectors.

In Yunqin’s entire royal court, everyone knew that the current emperor lost his rationality because of the crown prince’s death, to the extent where even the nine senators voiced out their opposition in the Discussion Hall, not willing to take half a step back. The ultimate result was that they used the death date of that elder surnamed Huang as the deadline.

This meant that this Elder Huang who overlooked most of Yunqin’s production matters, as well as controlled many ore mines in Yunqin, supported by the locals of various lands, was only able to make Yunqin Emperor take half a step back by using his life as the reason.

As early as last winter, when Yunqin’s emperor set out from Central Continent Imperial City for Green Luan Academy, all of Yunqin’s royal court already knew that this elder surnamed Huang was already close to the end of his life, already about to open up his space behind the layers of curtains. All of Yunqin’s royal court had already secretly fought for a long time. Under the efforts of various powers, the one who was going to ultimately sit in this position was also already clear. It wasn’t Wen Family, but Leng Family.

That was why everyone who was smart in Yunqin’s royal court knew that Elder Huang who mentioned ‘closed eyes’ already didn’t have many days left in this world. That was why they were only waiting, waiting until either Wen Family or Leng Family ultimately sat on that position, waiting to see what kind of storm would arise after this Elder Huang died.

The emperor’s rage and loss of rationality, his disharmony with the pillars of Yunqin, and ultimately even breaking of relations left the entire massive Yunqin Empire in an unstable situation. This autumn left one’s heart feeling exceptionally anxious, while the chief culprit of all of this, Wenren Cangyue, was still not executed.

Everyone knew that if Wenren Cangyue was captured alive or lynched, it could at least lessen the emperor’s wrath a bit, restore a bit of his rationality. However, Wenren Cangyue completely vanished from under the pursuit of Yunqin Empire.

Great Mang’s autumn always arrived a bit earlier than Yunqin’s.

In many areas within Great Mang, the land within forests and by rivers already had wheat and barley grown. Within many villages that had walnut trees and apple trees surrounding them, farmers who had already finished their farmwork were fixing up fencing used to keep livestock in the winter. Some of the villagers began to draw massive white and gray auspicious diagrams on the walls.

Winds pushed along the long clouds, these clouds stretching across the simple but similarly majestic Great Mang King City.

On a certain frontier border extremely far from Great Mang King City, within a village that grew wheat and barley, there was a meager middle-aged man dressed in old cloth robes. He wore straw sandals, currently walking past a threshing floor.

Suddenly, this middle-aged man whose appearance was a bit slow sensed something. His entire figure was just like a flowing cloud, flying forwards.

“Li Ku!”

That same moment, a faint aged voice sounded.

All of the dry grain piles on this threshing floor began to burn under this faint shout, turning into blasts of blazing hot balls of flames.

Tongues of flame swept about freely, the intensity of the fire strange and fleeting. Dense burdock grew along the threshing floor’s borders. Under the sweeping of the tongue of flame, they turned into streaks of golden flame whips.

The hard ground surface was also burned until it cracked apart. Sand and stones released bubbling noises as they jumped about, gathering in the flames, rushing at Li Ku’s body.

Densely packed pi pi pa pa explosive noises sounded.

Flames and countless fine yet terrifying red grit smashed into his body. The ordinary moon white old cloth robes he wore were immediately blasted full of holes.

His body’s skin also immediately produced some scorched black traces.

However, his face didn’t have any expressions, he didn’t even turn his head in the slightest. Instead, by borrowing this force, with a speed hard to imagine for the people of this world, he flew backwards while sticking close to the ground, leaving the raging flames far behind him.

A piece of bamboo shot over from the side, rushing at his face.

When it first appeared in the sky, it only seemed like an ordinary fine green bamboo stick. However, when it reached a dozen or so feet from his face, this bamboo branch became entirely scarlet red, starting to burn. The flames condensed into bamboo leaves, as if a burning devil bamboo appeared in the void.

Li Ku’s brows furrowed slightly, but he still didn’t look straight at this devil bamboo.

A finger from his right hand gently tapped outwards, releasing an explosive bang sound. A blast of air surrounded this devil bamboo, making it explode to pieces, even the sparks completely sweeping outwards in reverse. 

A furious and miserable scream sounded in the distance.

Li Ku’s figure still didn’t show half a trace of sluggishness, his body still shooting straight forward. This devil bamboo didn’t even seem to do much to hinder his movements.

Following a strange rumbling noise, countless scarlet red beads began to fall down from above like hail.

Then, every single bead began to shake, turning into blasts of flames. They were like small devils, falling down, forming an unimaginable rain of flames.

Li Ku still didn’t make any evasive movements, continuing to rush straight forward, or perhaps this could be called fleeing.

Whenever a flame smashed into his body, they would release a light noise. His cloth clothes that already seemed to be blasted full of holes were completely turned into black scorched ashes. However, under the pressure of his body and the surrounding great power, his clothes were crushed into pebble like objects.

The skin on his body became a bit fiery red, as if this was a rough ceramic product that had been cooked for several days and nights.

Only… these were still not enough to stop Roadside Shrimp Watching Li Ku.

His speed still didn’t decrease in the slightest.

Right at this time, all of the flames in front of him were completely blasted aside.

A revolving flying sword carried a wave of incredibly berserk aura, directly hacking towards him.

This flying sword’s appearance was extremely ordinary, black and red-colored, the two edges not even sharpened, looking like a sword core polished from Purgatory Mountain’s ordinary rock.

This flying sword didn’t even have a handle, yet what was embedded at the very tip of the sword was a silver-colored meteorite sphere.

There seemed to be naturally produced sun, moon, and star runes on this silver-colored meteorite sphere .

This was Purgatory Mountain’s most powerful flying sword, the Seven Planets Devil Sword!

Li Ku raised his head.

The instant he raised his head, his brows and eyelashes were instantly burned to ashes by raging flames.

A wave of extremely great power surged from within his body, gathering towards his hand.

A special disk appeared in his hand, the slightly silver and slightly red simple and ancient disk was covered in streaks of silkworm shaped runes.


The disk and the Seven Planets Devil Sword smashed together. The noise that was released was completely not that of metal colliding, but rather like two demonic gods’ flesh fiercely smashing together.

The Seven Planets Devil Sword was smashed flying.

However, Li Ku’s body also trembled slightly for the first time. Even the air around him was shaking. His momentum stopped slightly.

The Seven Planets Devil Sword powerfully stopped in the sky. Just from this momentary halt, Li Ku knew that this Wenren Cangyue was just as powerful as the rumors stated after all.

He knew that there was no way he could free himself from this sword or from this individual’s pursuit. The power he accumulated within his body was no longer preserved, instead released crazily from within him.

The speed of his advancing body doubled once more!

The disk on his hand released a strange red radiance, the dazzling brilliance exceeding the blazing radiance in the sky, making even the scorching sun in the sky seemingly dim, becoming a blood moon.

The flames in front of him completely scattered as if they were scared. His eyes stared at Wenren Cangyue’s iron cast body up ahead.

Wenren Cangyue’s brows that were thick like black ink also deeply furrowed.

Great General Wenren Cangyue who cultivated the world’s most tyrannical close body sword dao, for the first time in his life, didn’t take the initiative to approach, instead choosing a defensive stance. The instant Li Ku broke through the flames until now, he also sensed life threatening danger. The power within his body surged crazily once more, Blue Apricot’s power once again entering a bit deeper into his body, making his face seemingly having many Blue Apricot Flowers blooming on its surface.

Under the crazily pouring power, this Seven Planets Devil Sword in front of him was no longer like a sword, but rather like the rod of heavenly judgment, smashing down viciously towards Li Ku.


The air between him and Li Ku completely exploded in all directions, forming circles of spinning storms.


However, what made his pupils instantly contract was that when Li Ku’s ring and his flying sword collided, the flying sword that condensed his great power actually couldn’t stop the other party, it was instead once again smashed outwards from a single strike.

Li Ku’s complexion paled slightly, a bit of blood trickling out from his nose. However, his charging body didn’t stop in the slightest.

Wenren Cangyue released a fierce shout, the Seven Planets Devil Sword hacking out.


The Seven Planets Devil Sword was smashed out who knew where. Wenren Cangyue’s body staggered, taking two steps backwards. A mouthful of blue blood sprayed out from his mouth.

Right at this time, a light shout sounded from the distance.

A flame lotus rushed over from behind, carrying a wall of flames with it.

Seventeen figures rushed out in front of Wenren Cangyue.

Pu! Pu! Pu!...

Li Ku’s ring maintained an attacking stance, cultivators wielding powerful soul weapons standing in his way falling one after another. In that instant, seventeen soul weapons and seventeen blasts of crushed flesh exploded, forming a path of bloody rain for him.

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