Book 10 Chapter 12 - Wait Until I Close My Eyes

A black dot spun about in the boundless world.

This was a young eagle that had just learned how to eat and hunt alone. Flying high up in the air like this was still an extremely novel thing for it.

Suddenly, an expanse of tall yellow walls appeared before its eyes. The walls were extremely high like a mountain precipice, blocking half the sky and the blazing sunlight before its eyes. What laid behind the endless walls were the city outlines that stretched out further than what it could see from its height.

This young eagle who flew this high for the first time didn’t know that this was precisely Yunqin Empire’s most majestic Central Continent Imperial City. It only felt shock, wondering how this world could have a city that left it in such shock and alarm.

While flying in the sky, it arrogantly considered itself the ruler of this world. However, just a corner of this giant city already made it feel completely insignificant.

While feeling shock and alarm, this young eagle continued forward, wishing to clearly make out this city’s outlines.

After flying past for a long time, right when even its stamina was about to run out, a mountain appeared in its line of sight. In front of the mountain was a palace even more dazzling than the radiant sun.

This young eagle flew down in alarm, wishing to see a bit more clearly, wishing to find a place to rest.


The moment it was about to descend on the eaves of a tall corner, a powerful thunder rumbling noise sounded within the depths of this palace.

At the same time, an arrow that didn’t release much sound penetrated its body.

This was Yunqin’s Imperial City, a place even flying birds weren’ allowed to enter.

Within the Discussion Hall within the depths of Imperial City, the golden silk redwood great pillars had golden dragons embedded into them. The thick and heavy golden bricks were like a great golden wave that completely trapped dozens of officials within.

Half of the pure gold dragon throne split apart. There was faint lightning radiance that continuously flickered between the golden cracks.

The one on the dragon throne had never lost control like this, neither had he ever felt such anger.

“I only had a single son! Yunqin only had this single crown prince!”

“But you all couldn’t even protect this single son!”

“Since my son is dead, why is Lin Xi still alive?! What right does he have to still be alive?!”

“Are the lives of Green Luan Academy’s Sacred Experts and Gu Xinyin’s life more important than Yunqin’s future emperor?! In all these years, how much of Yunqin’s wealth has been provided to Green Luan Academy? Yet this is the ultimate result? This type of Green Luan Academy, what meaning is there left for it to exist in Yunqin?! What meaning is there in sending Yunqin’s precious medicines and precious weapon refinement materials from all of Yunqin to Green Luan Academy?!”

At the two sides of the half destroyed dragon throne, within this extremely spacious and dignified great golden temple, there were several layers of curtains, every single curtain like a deep tent.

Every single curtain was extremely light, allowing one to vaguely make out the figures of the nine elders seated within. However, because the layers were great, it was impossible to see their faces clearly, their figures only giving off a type of deep awe.

The number of officials present in the Discussion Hall wasn’t great, but the most important figures from the various sectors were all here. In the last few dozens of halts, Yunqin Emperor Changsun Jinse who already completely lost control of himself due to shock and anger already released many imperial orders that were too strict. If these imperial orders were all carried out today, then more than twenty officials in the various sectors who didn’t exert themselves enough would be sentenced to death.

Because the matter of the crown prince being killed by Wenren Cangyue was too severe, the moment Changsun Jinse lost himself and gave these imperial orders, all of the officials in the hall, including the nine elders within the layers of curtains all showed restraint. However, when they heard the emperor speak these words, clearly expressing the intention of the execution of Lin Xi and cutting off his relationship with the Green Luan Academy out of grief towards the death of his son, all of the officials in the hall and the nine elders within the layers of curtains were all shocked, shocked as to why the emperor would actually lose his rationality this much.

During these years, all of the true influential figures in Central Province Imperial City all had bright eyes. In their opinions, even though the emperor was too extreme, he should at least be intelligent and understand how to weigh pros and cons. In their judgment, the emperor will naturally be enraged over this manner, there will definitely be many people who would die because of this matter. However, the rage that made the emperor lose his rationality like this instead exceeded all of their imaginations.

When they heard these words with which the emperor completely lost his rationality, these words that were completely outside everyone's expectations, all of the officials in this hall knew that there would definitely be someone who would speak out.

“Your highness is wise and brilliant.”

Just like how these officials expected, an aged voice sounded from the heavy layers of curtains.

This voice wasn’t that loud and clear, even carrying a bit of indescribable lethargy, but when this voice sounded, ripples were made in the curtains around his body, making him look unspeakably dignified, making the aura of the entire great hall immediately become cold.

“If we examine Lin Xi’s actions, he first killed Gongsun Quan, then killed Qin Qinghuang, also showing unmatched loyalty and bravery while trying to rescue the crown prince. Later on, he took that final arrow in front of the crown prince as well, taking this arrow first… A genius like this, not dying is my Yunqin’s great fortune, he instead ought to be rewarded. How can our anger be taken out on him?”

“Green Luan Academy is after all still separate from my Yunqin. The reason why our Yunqin respects Green Luan Academy is firstly due to Principal Zhang’s contributions towards Yunqin, the second because of Green Luan Academy’s contributions to Yunqin over these past few years. In reality, this isn’t all they have done for our Yunqin. They’ve already done everything they could, so how can we instead blame Green Luan Academy for not doing enough just because we feel like they haven’t done enough?”

This was extremely simple reasoning.

This was especially when right now, apart from Wenren Cangyue possibly doubting Lin Xi’s potential, no one in Central Continent Imperial City, not even Gao Yanan’s father Grand Secretary Zhou who was standing in front of everyone else in the palace knew what kind of shocking talent Lin Xi had.

In the eyes of most people, Lin Xi was still an insignificant little figure. In their eyes, the emperor specially mentioning a small figure like this, to target him to this degree was already something that was greatly lacking in prestige and rationality. Moreover, he even directly spoke about his intent to break relations with Green Luan Academy, this was completely not like what a Yunqin monarch should say, but rather what a Yunqin child might say.

Changsun Jinse suddenly turned his head, carrying eyes filled with endless rage and might, staring viciously at that elder surnamed Huang behind the curtain, slowly speaking one word after another, “This one has never doubted Principal Zhang’s contributions, but my Yunqin… would it really not be able to exist without Green Luan Academy? All of those young talents, so much resources and wealth, if we placed them in other academies, could it be that they wouldn’t be able to produce outstanding Yunqin talents?”

This was a question that made everyone’s eyelids jump, making their hearts feel even colder.

Everyone’s minds produced the same thought. “The hatred the emperor feels towards Green Luan Academy… was actually already accumulated to this degree?”

“I refuse to believe that… without Green Luan Academy, my Yunqin cannot stand tall in this world!”

However, Changsun Jinse didn’t stop. He looked at the nine layers of curtains, looked at these individuals that were like nine dark clouds in his heart, saying this to them one word after another.

“His majesty is wise.”

It was still that aged voice, but it was already shaking a bit from anger and shock. “When the late emperor was near his end, his last sentence was precisely to rule the country through laws and etiquette. Even if your majesty feels dissatisfaction with Green Luan Academy, you must think things thrice over before taking action.”

Changsun Jinse’s cold voice slowly replied, “I’ve already thought things out extremely clearly… Towards Green Luan Academy, I will retain respect and uphold etiquette. However, not even you all and Green Luan Academy themselves feel that Green Luan Academy ought to be under the jurisdiction of the emperor… then we can treat Green Luan Academy’s people as true outsiders. I will designate Four Seasons Plains and Heaven Ascension Mountain Range as their own cultivation pure land.”

When they heard these words that were like those of a child’s, but actually came from this world’s most influential monarch in an extremely serious manner, filled with suppressed anger, in that instant, the entire hall’s temperature dropped to the lowest point.

“This subject does not agree with emperor’s decision.” That elder surnamed Huang coughed in pain. He knew that the emperor already wouldn’t see reason, so he didn’t say anything else, only saying this alone.

Changsun Jinse understood the powers every single elder represented clearly. However, this time, he didn’t want to reach any type of compromise.

With an almost low roar like voice, he said extremely coldly, “I, the emperor do not need your agreement, I only need you to listen to my commands.”

The elder surnamed Huang behind the layers of curtains released another painful cough. “This subject still wishes for your majesty to think things thrice over.”

“This subject also asks his majesty to carefully reconsider things.” A voice sounded from behind another curtain.

“I ask your majesty to think things thrice over.”

Then, there was another voice… without rest, grand and dignified voices sounded within this hall one after another.

This type of voice sounded from all nine layers of curtains.

The voices were like divine mountains, crushing down on the dragon throne’s monarch and all of the officials in this hall.

Changsun Jinse stood up.

Grand Secretary Zhou turned around and gave everyone a look. All of the officials lowered their heads, withdrawing from this hall.

In that instant, the only people remaining in this spacious great golden hall were Changsun Jinse, Grand Secretary Zhou and the nine elders behind the layers of curtains.

“This time, I will not concede.”

Changsun Jinse took a deep breath, his expression becoming extremely cold as he looked at those nine layers of curtains, standing his ground.

“This subject has no intention of tarnishing your majesty’s dignity, but this matter has gone too far… Otherwise, no matter how much this subject doesn’t care for my own life, there wouldn’t be a need for everyone to be standing against your majesty.” The voice of that elder surnamed Huang sounded again. “This subject asks your majesty to reconsider once more… even if your majesty makes some concessions, it will still be better than doing something all of us definitely cannot accept. If your majesty insists on doing this, it must be at least until this subject closes my eyes. Once my eyes close, then I would no longer be able to tend to anything, and I wouldn’t be able to do anything either.”

Changsun Jinse raised his head, remaining quiet for a moment.

“Fine, this one will first wait for you to close your eyes.” This Yunqin Emperor, after saying this with an extremely cold and dignified voice, directly turned around, walking out of this spacious golden great hall.

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