Book 10 Chapter 11 - He Will Go Crazy

The carriage continued day and night.

Within the inside of the carriage that was always dark, Lin Xi who was lying still like a chunk of wood evenly dispersed his soul force across his entire body.

Previously, because of the various blockades within his body, soul force couldn’t flow out at all. Lin Xi who couldn’t sense his own body’s injuries could now finally examine his own condition.

He sensed that within the depths of his heart, there was a blossoming flower like injury. He could sense that the flesh, bones and other areas were all damaged.

He knew that his chest’s injury was because of that archery master Xu Qiubai. He knew that the reason why almost all of his bones were shattered was because of the force of Jiang Yu’er smashing into his body.

He could sense that there were several waves of medicinal strength swirling about, waves of bloodiness and medicinal fragrance tangling about his tongue and consciousness.

In the neighboring carriage, Gu Xinyin lifted aside the curtains, nodding towards the people near the carriage.

The entrance to Lin Xi’s carriage was opened.

Gao Yanan entered the carriage.

Compared to Lin Xi’s previous world, she was an extremely traditional and conservative girl. However, after entering the carriage, she didn’t say anything first, only holding Lin Xi’s hand.

Her hand was extremely soft and extremely warm.

She knew that the current Lin Xi needed her warmth.

“What about Meng Bai?”

Lin Xi’s eyes were a bit moist. He looked at Gao Yanan from within his blurry vision and asked quietly.

“He will come to see you soon.” Gao Yanan’s eyes were a bit red, but she could see that Lin Xi was trying to be strong, knowing that she had to try and be strong as well. Moreover, she knew that Lin Xi already made it through the most difficult times, so she didn’t hide anything, quietly saying, “His condition isn’t that good. Ever since that day, he hasn’t spoken much.”

Lin Xi remained silent for a moment. “Where are we headed?”

“We will go back to Green Luan Academy. According to the information Vice Principal Xia passed over, many people will return to Green Luan Academy.” Gao Yanan looked at Lin Xi and said. “But you won’t return to Green Luan Academy. Vice Principal Xia will arrange for you to recover in a safer place. We have to be separated for half a year.”

Lin Xi looked at Gao Yanan’s hand that was holding his, mumbling, “The academy is still not safe enough?”

“The more people who know where you are, the less safe it will be. The academy has countless pairs of other eyes as well, so only by temporarily separating you from the academy, from all of the conflict, will you be safer.” Gao Yanan knew that Lin Xi didn’t need this explanation, but she also knew that at this type of time, speaking more was always a good thing.

As such, she looked at Lin Xi and continued, “Wenren Cangyue didn’t die, he should be able to deduce your potential from Bai Yulou’s final strike and those clues… right now, the news that is going around outside is that you already died, he should be convinced that you have died as well because your injuries were deadly enough, moreover, both him and that archery master saw that scene personally… However, the news reported back to the emperor will be real, he will know that you didn’t die.”

Lin Xi said, “Why do we have to tell him the truth?”

“Because you definitely still need to make an appearance and there is no way you will be an ordinary cultivator in the future, no way you can be completely hidden. As long as you appear, others will know that you, or rather Lin Xi, is still alive.” Gao Yanan said quietly, “Green Luan Academy isn’t scared of deceiving a noble, but they must consider the emperor’s feelings… his opinion of you has always been unfavorable and he only had a single son. Since you brought Chen Mu into Lost Forest, he will definitely view you as Chen Mu’s chief protector. In this type of situation, you are alive, yet his son is dead, so in his mind, he definitely won’t be able to accept this. If we tell him that you are dead as well, but he discovers that you are still alive, he will definitely find it even harder to accept, similarly feel rage… the rage of the latter might be even greater than the former.”

When he heard Gao Yanan call Changsun Wujiang Chen Mu, Lin Xi knew that she definitely shared his opinion. No matter what kind of unreasonable things Chagnsun Jinse did, Chen Mu was always Chen Mu, his friend.

“I promised Chen Mu… I understand Changsun Jinse’s feelings.” Lin Xi slowly said, “As long as he doesn’t target you all, even if he does some things that are too far against me, I will forgive him because of Chen Mu.”

“We’ve already left Mountain Sun Path. The one Vice Principal Xia arranged to pick you up will arrive soon.” Gao Yanan looked at Lin Xi, clenching her lips as she said, “Our conversations with you now are equivalent to goodbyes.”

Lin Xi’s fingers moved slightly.

Gao Yanan’s face revealed a bit of happiness. When she saw the expression in Lin Xi’s eyes, she quietly said in consolation, “Vice Principal Xia and my father will make arrangements, and senior Gu Xinyin will leave first. Because of Chen Mu’s relationship, some powers that were originally unfavorable towards Gu Xinyin already went after Wenren Cangyue, so you don’t have to worry about us, you only need to worry about yourself.”

Lin Xi remained silent for a bit. “I wonder what Yunqin will be like half a year from now.”

Gao Yanan nodded. She didn’t say anything. Instead, after a bit of hesitation, she reached out her other hand, gently stroking Lin Xi’s face.

The carriage curtains were moved aside and then closed again.

After Gao Yanan left the carriage, Meng Bai walked in.

Meng Bai’s head was hung.

Lin Xi looked at him. After a long time, Meng Bai who didn’t say anything instead opened his mouth, starting to sob, crying his heart out.

“I hate myself.”

Only after crying for a long time, did Meng Bai finally speak these words while looking at Lin Xi.

“Why?” Lin Xi looked at this fatty who still didn’t lose weight, his appearance looked like he became a few years older. He knew that since Meng Bai didn’t say anything all this time, he definitely had many things to say. That was why he didn’t speak too much either, only asking this, only listening.

“You all know that I am timid… I never felt that being timid was some bad thing. Ever since i was little, my grandmother always told me that the timid will always live a bit longer.”

“Battles will always have to be fought… having one more me or one less me doesn’t make a difference at all, so I didn’t hate the fact that I didn’t have the courage to fight others… but I liked her, and I was so cowardly I couldn’t even tell her I liked her… I didn’t even have time to tell her I liked her.”

“I always wanted to be a bit closer to her, but I didn’t dare… if at that time, I stood a bit closer to her, maybe I would’ve been able to save her.”

Meng Bai raised his head.

Lin Xi saw that his forehead had a deep wound that had just formed a scab, as if he had an extra curved brow of pain.

“I want to kill Wenren Cangyue.”

This timid fatty whose forehead had a scar that might never disappear, his face covered in snot and tears, instead looked at Lin Xi and said this.

“It will happen.”

Lin Xi promised seriously. “We will definitely kill him.”

Meng Bai left the carriage. He was crying, looking like he was still a cowardly fatty.

Jiang Xiaoyi walked into the carriage.

“You are doing a bit better than I thought.” Jiang Xiaoyi sat down at Lin Xi’s side, looking at Lin Xi and saying, “We all know that you wanted all of us to live. With Wenren Cangyue’s powerful methods, there will definitely be people who pass away. You already did everything you could, there is no need to have a guilty conscience.”

Lin Xi looked at this good friend who was the most intimate with him. He slowly released an exhale, calmly saying, “I know.”

“Bian Linghan said she didn’t know what to say to you, she is also scared that separating like this would instead make you feel a bit more sadness, so she had me tell you she won’t come. When you recover from your injuries, we will all naturally meet again.” Jiang Xiaoyi revealed a slight bitter smile and said, “I think this is just an excuse for her as well. Even though that girl’s nature is tough, when encountering this type of thing, she is still a bit weaker than us. I reckon she still doesn’t know how to come and face this matter, how to face your pain and suffering.”

Lin Xi gave an en of agreement, and then asked, “Is there news about anyone else?”

“From what we know so far, Hua Jiyue also entered Jadefall City, already not in any danger.” Jiang Xiaoyi said, “Zhang Ping and Qin Xiyue just happened to not be far from us that day, so they regrouped with us. They are outside right now and will quickly come in to see you... As for the others, we do not know yet.”

“Let them come in as well. Even though this place is small, for better or for worse, it can seat a few more people.” Lin Xi said with a forced smile. “Coming in one by one like this is almost like visiting me for a terminal illness, as if I’m going to die soon.”

“You have to be a bit more patient.” Jiang Xiaoyi nodded, instead looking at Lin Xi and saying this.

These words were extremely abrupt, but Lin Xi understood this good friend’s intentions well. His rigid forehead moved slightly, this could be considered nodding in promise. “On matters of revenge, I will think them over more patiently than you all.”

“That’s good.”

Jiang Xiaoyi now completely relaxed. He moved aside the curtains, sticking out his body and lightly calling out.

Lin Xi saw the even steadier Zhang Ping and Qin Xiyue who, even though she became a bit skinner, was still shockingly beautiful. He took the initiative to say, “I never expected this trip to be this much of a mess… I practice archery every day, yet I almost ended up being killed by an archer myself.”

Zhang Ping had never been one of many words. When he heard Lin Xi speak these seemingly carefree words, his chest felt tight, finding it even harder to speak.

Qin Xiyue looked calmly at Lin Xi.

Even though right now, Lin Xi didn’t look like he felt all that bad, she knew that Lin Xi’s current pain was great to the point where it couldn’t be dissolved.

“I know Meng Bai is blaming himself.” She helped Lin Xi sort out his hair without much misgivings, quietly saying, “These days, I have been blaming myself too… Because if I could have moved a bit faster and arrived a bit earlier, I could have warned you all to make preparations a bit earlier.”

Lin Xi revealed a forced smile. “All of us lost.”

“Jiang Yu’er is your friend, as well as our friend.” Qin Xiyue looked at Lin Xi and said, “So this isn’t something you should shoulder alone, but rather something related to all of us. Regardless of when it is, you cannot forget that you still have us.”

“I understand.” Lin Xi seriously looked into her beautiful eyes, saying, “It is just like how Senior Gu Xinyin still has Professor Lan and Professor Tang, that is why he didn’t completely become overwhelmed by hatred.”

Twilight slowly descended.

The carriage continued to advance. However, Gao Yanan, Jiang Xiaoyi and the others instead already stopped, standing on a mound, watching as the carriage that carried Lin Xi continued in a lonely manner.

“I just have a feeling that he will go crazy.” While watching Lin Xi leave, Jiang Xiaoyi suddenly said this quietly.

Qin Xiyue nodded. “I agree.”

Gao Yanan watched the carriage carrying Lin Xi leave in a solitary manner. She thought about Jiang Yu’er, not saying anything, only feeling pain.

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