Book 10 Chapter 10 - Self Exorcism

The carriage continued forward, its inside remaining quiet for a long time.

“How did you push on through all these years?” After who knew how much time passed, Lin Xi looked at Gu Xinyin, speaking out and asking.

Gu Xinyin looked at Lin Xi, releasing a laugh of self-mockery. “Revenge.”

“The so-called forgetting, responsibility… before this world’s most basic love and hatred, they are superficial and weak.” Gu Xinyin gave Lin Xi a look, seriously saying. “I do not want those I hate to live well in this world, I want to kill them, this is the true reason why I was able to continue through all these years, able to live until today.”

Lin Xi’s voice began to become calm. “Who was that archer?”

Gu Xinyin looked at him, replying with a calm voice, “I heard Tang Yuren and the others say that it was Xu Qiubai, a cultivator who participated in Green Luan Academy’s entrance examination in the past, but wasn’t chosen, someone who always wanted to settle things with Tong Wei.”

Lin Xi began to cough lightly. “Where did he and Wenren Cangyue go?”

Gu Xinyin didn’t reply to Lin Xi’s question this time, seriously shaking his head. “This isn’t an issue you need to consider right now.”

“The academy has never placed all of their eggs in one basket, but Vice Principal Xia has seen your potential. Moreover, by sending you here, it means that you have already passed all of the tests he has given you. That is why I will also place my egg into your basket.” While looking at Lin Xi who didn’t immediately speak, Gu Xinyin continued and said, “As long as you are alive, Wenren Cangyue and Xu Qiubai will definitely die under your hands.”

“How long will it take for me to recover from my injuries?” Lin Xi asked this and then remained silent for a long time.

Normally, cultivators understood their body’s condition better than others, but right now, his entire body was rigid, he was unable to sense his exact condition at all. This type of injury was just like what Gu Xinyin said from the start. He originally should be dead, but it was only because of Glorious King Destroys Restraints as well as Tang Yuren and Lan Qifeng, these people being right there, that he could survive.

“Tang Yuren and Lan Qifeng used Witch Splendor Dew and Dragon Seeking Water on your body, so it won’t be long before you can stand up and walk again, but your body will still feel like crushed wooden fragments that were just bound together… If you want to use large amounts of soul force and attack someone, you need to wait at least half a year.” Gu Xinyin looked at Lin Xi and said, “But soul force cultivation doesn’t have anything to do with the body.” 

Lin Xi raised his head slightly with difficulty, looking at Gu Xinyin. He wanted to say something, but immediately began to cough because of the bloodiness that surged from his body.

“I already asked An Keyi and the others about your cultivation speed. Your speed of cultivation advancement can be said to be extremely fast.” Gu XInyin instead smiled, saying with a smile of praise, “I reckon you’ve truly understood what cultivation is, and you cultivate extremely bitterly, or else even if you fought on the battlefield every single day, with your aptitude, there is no way you would be able to reach your level today.”

“Since you already understand what true cultivation is, especially when your body’s soul force amount is much greater than a normal person’s, I believe there is definitely something you’ve definitely considered before.” After a slight pause, Gu Xinyin looked at Lin Xi and slowly continued, “If you do everything you can to release all of your soul force, the power of that single strike will naturally be much greater.”

Lin Xi did his best to adjust his own breathing. Previously, he was already a ‘cultivation idiot’. After waking up from the endless darkness, living in this world once more, his desire towards cultivation and power far exceeded the past.

“However, the body of a cultivator is a vessel, as well as the channel in which soul force moves through. Excessive soul force surging is the same as damaging your own body, killing yourself.” He looked at Gu Xinyin, his voice shaking a bit. “Could it be that what your respected self brought back from Tangcang is a method that allows the use of soul force exceeding the limit?”

A faint expression of grief appeared on Gu Xinyin’s face. He slowly nodded and said, “Indeed.”

Lin Xi didn’t say anything else, his body also unable to move, unable to show Gu Xinyin a bow of respect.

However, at this moment, Gu Xinyin understood his intentions, and he understood Gu Xinyin’s intentions.

The carriage became quiet once more again. Then, Gu Xinyin’s voice that was calm and extremely low, a voice only the two of them could hear sounded.

“Putting aside fighting skill, what measures the strength of a cultivator is three fold. The power of soul force itself, the cultivator’s body and the speed of soul force transfer.”

“What you said is correct. The objective of soul force cultivation is the ability to release more soul force in an instant, because this will bring about greater destructive force.”

“For the sake of achieving this, Purgatory Mountain’s cultivators all do their best to increase the endurance of their bodies. Their Demonic Transformation is precisely to make the body’s flesh and vessels tougher, able to endure greater surging of soul force.”

“Tangcang’s Sanskrit Temple, for normal cultivators, aren’t all that well-known, but this is only because the number of their cultivators that come into worldly affairs is extremely few. From what I know, they have a ‘Sanskrit Vajra’ Body Refinement Technique that is even better than the techniques of Thousand Devil Nest and Purgatory Mountain. There is also what the little monk Yun Hai cultivated, able to condense his soul force into a layer of crystal wall, protect his own body’s blood vessels and even allow the other party’s power to pour in, and then counterattack, this ‘Sacred Mountain Wall’. There is also the self anesthesia, making one completely oblivious to fear and pain ‘No Fear No Terror’. What I’ve obtained, is ‘Self Exorcism’”

“Soul force cultivation, in the past hundreds and thousands of years, according to the findings of countless cultivators, even after historical sites that were excavated, the ancient records didn’t display any tricks, it has always been accumulated through meditation cultivation. Meditation cultivation is like a complete ‘erase’ while cultivating, not using one’s own spirit to accumulate spiritual power.”

“That is why the accumulated ‘soul force’ will naturally gather in the dantian. This might be related to the natural composition of the human body, the same for any faction’s cultivator. This means that the soul force of all cultivators is naturally accumulated in the dantian. However, this Sanskrit Temple’s ‘Self Exorcism’ doesn’t restrict soul force to the dantian, but instead the entire body, treating it like a bowl…”

“Normally, soul force will be evenly distributed throughout every part of the body. Soul force doesn’t travel through meridians, but rather through all parts of the body, moving through the skin and hair, flowing along the surface of the body, and is then condensed into a wave… For other cultivators, the dantian is a bowl, but it is also like a well. The transfer of soul force must come through this well. Meanwhile, for us who cultivate ‘Self Exorcism’, our entire body becomes a bowl, so when soul force is used, it will be directly released.”

“This way, not only can we pour out water faster, because this bowl is large, the amount of water that can be poured out will also be much greater.”

“Moreover, Sanskrit Temple’s cultivation method has another benefit, precisely that when facing others of the same cultivation level, your perception will be much stronger than the opponent’s.”

“The most crucial thing is that this cultivation method is something only the two of us know in this entire world. This means that for all other cultivators in this world, even for Principal Zhang and Vice Principal Xia, their soul force is accumulated in the dantian, but for us, it will be dispersed throughout the entire body.” Gu Xinyin looked at Lin Xi and continued to explain patiently and in great detail. “Even in Sanskrit Temple, no one knows this cultivation method now… because even though this cultivation method’s scriptures exist in Sanskrit Temple’s buddha caves, no one can understand it. It is because what I obtained was precisely the personal notes of the only ascetic monk who cultivated this cultivation method.”

Under a bright sunny afternoon, in this dusky carriage, an Internal Study Department senior began to pass on the secrets of Sanskrit Temple’s ‘Self Exorcism no one else in this world knew about to a Self Defense Department junior.

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