Book 10 Chapter 8 - The Human World

In that instant, Meng Bai suddenly reacted to something. His arms reached out, wishing to pull something.

Even though his body was fat, his movements were normally extremely fast. However this time, he didn’t see anything.

It was because when his arms reached out, not protecting his face, a golden fragment that bounced off his body entered through the gap in his helmet. Blood red color immediately suffused his view.

In that instant, Lin Xi also suddenly realized something. Under the great collision, his entire body seemed to be immediately suffused with countless hornets releasing rumbling weng weng noises, shaking up his entire consciousness.

In that instant, he only felt a mysterious pain. Under his consciousness that was quickly becoming blurry, he seemed to have returned to Green Luan Academy, returned to that self-reflection room.

This moment was extremely short, short to the point where not even Wenren Cangyue who was exerting all of his strength could react to what happened, unable to think.

When the tent split apart, Lin Xi and the others were all covered in heavy armor. This was the first thing completely out of his expectations after starting Jadefall City’s war. Meanwhile, Bai Yulou’s completely reckless strike was the second thing that was completely outside his predictions.

However, in the groups of vultures beneath him, Xu Qiubai didn’t show the slightest trace of sluggishness.

Those golden lights that shot into the sky didn’t pose him any threat, completely unrelated to him.

He was Wenren Cangyue’s blade.

He was also Wenren Cangyu’es other extreme weapon apart from that golden long blade.

The one Wenren Cangyue wanted to kill the most in this tent was the future Yunqin emperor, the crown prince Changsun Wujiang.

That was why the instant Wenren Cangyue’s golden long blade exploded into countless streaks of golden light, he drew the massive dark red bow in his hands, the power within his body also surging to the limit. His hand’s ten fingers all split apart, revealing white finger bones. However, despite this being the case, his hands still preserved absolute stability.

His single ash-brown arrow already descended with a speed even faster than the golden long blade, the devil eyeball runes on the metal arrow’s surface seemingly seeping out of the arrow, looking like nine devil king eyes that opened in the sky.

This arrow was the most powerful arrow Jadefall City’s number one archer released in his life.

Moreover, this arrow also practically had the protection of Wenren Cangyue’s golden long blade, so it was even more so powerful to the extreme.

However, the instant this arrow was fired, the expression of this man who experienced the most battles in all of Jadefall City, his body and spirit extremely cold, more important in Wenren Cangyue’s eyes than even Cheng Yu suddenly changed.

It was because he obviously had no idea that Bai Yulou would take action at this moment.

In his world, those endlessly fluttering golden lights completely vanished, only his arrow and Changsun Wujiang remained. That was why he didn’t know about the things that happened between Bai Yulou, Lin Xi and the others.

Only, the instant his arrow was released, another person appeared in his arrow path’s trajectory.

Lin Xi.

Because of the powerful collision, Lin Xi was smashed flying. The instant Meng Bai’s hands reached out, everything before his eyes becoming blood red, he appeared in Xu Qiubai’s arrow path.

With crippling his ten fingers as the price, Xu Qiubai’s arrow exceeded his limit, so not even Sacred Experts could necessarily react in time. However, this was not a decision Lin Xi made, he was only suddenly sent flying by Bai Yulou’s strike.

The nine devil eyeballs landed on his body.

The academy teacher closest to Changsun Wujiang and Lin Xi was Li Wu. The instant this arrow descended from the sky, Li Wu’s hands also already left his face.

He released a vicious scream, his arms landing on this arrow with great precision.

There were metal fragments that rushed at his eyes, penetrating his eyeballs, but his hands still gripped this arrow with incomparable precision.

No words could describe the bitterness of this instant.

Blood flew out from Li Wu’s eyes, but his hands completely turned into metal, a burst of sparks and true flames erupted between his hands and the arrow.

This arrow actually seemed to be directly suppressed by him.

Even so, this arrow instead split apart.

This was a mother arrow that couldn’t be destroyed even under the resistance of this type of power.

A similarly dark brown small arrow shot out from the split open arrowhead, piercing towards Lin Xi’s body.

This was Wenren Cangyue’s ultimate decisive blow.

The dark brown small arrow penetrated Lin Xi’s chest armor, passed through his body, came out of the back of his armor and then penetrated Changsun Wujiang’s armor.

This fine dark brown small arrow nailed Lin Xi and Changsun Wujiang together.

Changsun Wujiang also vaguely sensed that there was warm blood flowing within his armor. He couldn’t open his eyes to see, but he could mysteriously feel that the one in front of him was Lin Xi.

He thought about everything Lin Xi did for him, grateful for everything he did, but he could also feel the sharp arrow pierce through his own body while carrying armor fragments. That was why right now, he could only release a bitter smile.

When Changsun Wujiang knew that even if these people paid their lives as the price to save him, he was still going to leave this world, smiling bitterly, Gu Xinyin released a light sigh inwardly.

He felt sadness. He looked at these youngsters who were just like himself that year, feeling as if he was watching himself be separated in life and death. However, his attention had also been drawn by Wenren Cangyue and that arrow, so he couldn’t block Bai Yulou’s strike. When Bai Yulou’s blade was released at the cost of his life, after he smashed into Jiang Yu’er and Lin Xi’s body, he already knew that he couldn’t take action again.

It was because he knew Vice Principal Xia’s condition, he knew that the academy definitely had to have a pillar, that they couldn’t all die.

Lucky was hidden in the two heavy shields Lin Xi prepared for it.

These two heavy shields that protected it like a tortoiseshell protected its little body well.

Right now, it didn’t know what was going on outside either, its ignorant self also ignorant of the ways of the world. However, at this moment, its four claws couldn’t help but become tightly clenched like fists, feeling an indescribable pain.

Zhang Ping and Qin Xiyue watched as golden thunder erupted and disappeared.

In that instant, the two of them could only serve as bystanders, only feeling the bleakness within the sun eruption-like golden thunder.

The golden thunder completely disappeared.

High up in the air, those giant vultures who became even stronger and even more restless screamed, rising into the clouds, bringing Wenren Cangyue and Xu Qiubai away.

Wenren Cangyue coldly gave the tent below that already didn’t exist a look. 

Then, he turned around and nodded toward Xu Qiubai, expressing praise for this arrow of his.

Xu Qiubai also coldly nodded in return.

The two’s figures disappeared in the sky full of vultures, disappearing from Jadefall City’s skies.

Jadefall City’s skies gradually brightened and sunrise radiance began to shine.

Within Yunqin Empire, the most powerful empire in history, within this new day, many things happened.

Wang Buping, Lin Xi’s acquaintance in East Port Town, the umbrella craftsman who helped Lin Xi make an umbrella, under Government Sector imperial sector’s recommendation, passed through the Ministry of Appointments’ exams, becoming a minor tenth ranked Ministry of Appointments official.

The past major fifth rank Yunqin statesmen Liu Xueqing who was intelligent and had a retentive memory, the one who splashed tea on Hong Shenwu for the past East Port Town case, this individual who wouldn’t stand for injustice became well-known in the original East Forest Province because of this officially entered Yunqin’s Justice Sector, becoming one of Justice Sector’s most authoritative officials, assuming the position of Justice Sector’s Imperial Censor.

That day, there were two Great Mang Sared Experts who fell within a certain place in Jadefall City. In the next few months, the amount of Sacred Experts from Great Mang who died was the greatest in history.

That very day, Auspicious Virtue Company acquired Great Unity Company, the amount of wealth they quickly amassed leaving many of Yunqin’s great merchant companies in shock again. Great Unity Company mainly worked in the tea business, their caravans reaching Yunqin Empire’s northern and western extremities. Now that Auspicious Virtue purchased Great Unity Company, not only did they take in another great business, it also meant that Auspicious Virtues caravans now had access to the empire’s northern and western trading channels. Now, Auspicious Virtue’s goods already spanned across a larger half of Yunqin.

That day, in front of East Port Town’s Fish Market, the dark skinned Fish Market young master Xu Sheng was currently smiling as he watched people row boats. 

It wasn’t the season of dragon boat racing yet, so according to normal reasoning, after watching boats come and go, there was naturally nothing special to see. However, today, Breath River’s two shores were filled with people, waves of cheers sounding from time to time.

It was because the one who was rowing the boat was Zhang Longwang.

Along Breath River’s shores, who didn’t know about Zhang Longwang’s reputation? This was especially the case after Zhang Longwang helped the Young Sir Lin everyone adored do so many things that made them clap in praise and admiration, making his name even more brilliant. Only, it had already been many years since Zhang Longwang came to the river surface to row a boat. When he rowed the boat in front of everyone, as soon as news went out, everyone immediately applauded in admiration, cheering loudly in encouragement… They could only see that on the river surface, Zhang Longwang was smiling brightly in an open manner, the two wooden paddles in his hands dancing like whirlwinds, the small boat moving like an arrow that left a bowstring, drawing out a long white streak behind it. It truly was as if a white dragon passed by the water surface.

That day, throughout Yunqin, there were who knew how many things unrelated to Lin Xi that were happening.

However, Lin Xi was instead in an endless darkness, not having any consciousness, unaware of anything that was happening in the outside world.

He was like an ignorant infant, didn’t know where he was, didn’t know if he was alive or dead.

It felt just like when he first descended upon this world.

From the distance, a sigh filled with pity entered his ears.

This sigh seemed to carry the endless joys and sorrows of the world into his endless darkness.

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