Book 10 Chapter 7 - Conscious, Unconscious

Wenren Cangyue, under the escort of countless vultures, looked down on this tent like a demonic god.

All of his power poured down in an unending stream, first into the rune covered chain and then into the long blade. The long blade turned into a streak of thunder, hacking down among countless swirling bird feathers.

He saw that the top of the tent below suddenly split open, also sensing a powerful sword intent piercing out. This powerful sword intent arrived a bit faster than he anticipated, but his expression didn’t display the slightest change.

It was because he had absolute confidence and also because he knew that in all of Jadefall City, not a single person could block this attack of his.

However, the moment the tent split open, the flying sword that seemed to bring the cold of winter tearing through the air, the instant it hacked down on his golden long blade’s chain, his brows that were thick like ink fiercely furrowed, his blood red lips also pursed into a fine line.

He saw that there were heavy armor cold reflective lights flickering in the tent!

Because of Lin Xi’s series of incomprehensible actions and because of Nangong Weiyang’s sword that suddenly flew out, compared to last time, everyone sensed Wenren Cangyue’s strike a bit earlier.

Bai Yulou’s eyes temporarily left Lin Xi’s body. He also clearly saw that thunderous golden blade earlier than before, he also saw the chain covered in red runes he was extremely familiar with behind that blade, the chain that belonged to Thousand Devil Nest and Purgatory Mountain’s highest secrets.

This instant of time was extremely short.

The moment he clearly saw this blade and those chain links, Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword already hacked into the chain.

The ice-cold flying sword carried dark blue flames produced from air friction and then the blue flames were scattered by the great power on the chain. The flying sword then began to hack down on the tangible golden threads that were created from the chains’ power.

Nangong Weiyang was just like last time, reaching straight into the sky, her entire arm’s skin already splitting, as if there were streaks of blood vines growing from her arm.

When Gu Xinyin sensed Wenren Cangyue’s aura and Lin Xi raised his head towards the sky, she already thought through some things. What she knew might not be as much as Tang Yuren and these other academy elders, but the world in her eyes was simple. She had a type of intuition that allowed her to clear the haze easier than many people, letting her associate many things together. In that instant, her extremely shocked self was also shocked towards Lin Xi… She knew that what Lin Xi spoke out were things she had to believe in, which was why she already erupted with soul force before she truly perceived Wenren Cangyue’s attack. This type of choice allowed her sword to seize quite a bit of precious time.

However, when she sensed her own flying sword’s sluggishness and Wenren Cangyue’s tyrannical aura, she who definitely wasn’t willing to yield once again erupted in a furious roar. She knew that she should preserve a bit of strength, but she didn’t hold back… once again erupting with power exceeding her limit!


Blood gushed out from her mouth like an arrow, her right hand’s five fingernails completely blasted flying by her soul force.

Her flying sword powerfully cut through all of the golden threads, hacking down on the golden chain.

A vicious shout no one could hear was released from Wenren Cangyue’s mouth at the same time.

The moment he realized almost everyone in the tent was covered in heavy armor, a wave of heavy shock filled his mind.

He knew that even if someone like Bai Yulou died, he definitely wouldn’t betray Great Mang… Moreover, even if he took ten thousand steps back, if Bai Yulou exposed his secret of slaughtering his way over because of some methods from the academy, Bai Yulou definitely wouldn’t know what kind of methods he would use to ambush these people.

In this world, he was the only one who knew that he had this golden long blade!

Even Ghost Advisor who knew almost everything about him didn’t know that he had this type of golden long blade.

If Ghost Advisor knew, he might not even have vowed loyalty and devotion to him, instead breaking off all relations.

It was because this golden long blade came from the holy land of Xiyi’s Fifteen Divisions.

Even though Xiyi’s Fifteen Divisions weren’t unified at all, even fighting constantly among themselves, all of Xiyi’s people acknowledged that they originated from a similar ancestor.

In a certain place within Jadefall City, there was a nameless tomb, precisely the holy land of Xiyi Fifteen Divisions. It was rumored that Xiyi Fifteen Divisions’ ancestors, as well as the deity Xiyi Fifteen Divisions’ believed in rested there.

However, only Wenren Cangyue knew that what slept there was merely a powerful Xiyi cultivator from who knew how many years ago… Because even though he sent out troops to protect that Xiyi holy land in name, he long entered that grave alone. That was why only he alone knew that apart from the rotting remains of a powerful expert, there was only a golden long blade left behind from ancient times, as well as several pieces of cultivation methods from Xiyi’s ancient past.

The ancient Xiyi of many years past might have recognized this golden long blade.

In this present world, he was the only one who knew what kind of soul weapon this golden long blade was. Since no one knew anything about it, then no one should know about the way to defeat it.

However, now, why did the people in the tent not only know of his arrival, but even all put on heavy armor? Could it be that it was only a coincidence?

Ever since the battle against the world began, everything was still within Wenren Cangyue’s control. Now, for the very first time, he felt true shock and a bit of fear. However, what immediately made him feel even more fury was that Nangong Weiyang’s sword once again exceeded his expectations.

It was because when he wanted to retract this golden long blade, Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword already landed on his long blade’s chains. Moreover, even with his strength, he actually couldn’t stop this sword from cutting through.

He didn’t have any choice left.

That was why under a furious roar, the instant the chain was hacked through, he poured all of his strength into the golden long blade.

The instant the chain was severed by the small sword, this graceful flying sword lost control, flying into the night sky.

In that instant, the golden long blade erupted with great radiance, exploding in the air like blazing lightning.

The very moment the blade exploded, Lin Xi released a ferocious roar: “Protect your faces!”

When this instant passed, the golden long blade turned into golden fragments, exceeding the limits of everyone’s reactions. They stabbed through this tent like countless streaks of golden sunlight.

The entire tent was completely shattered.

Everyone’s bodies flickered with countless golden sparks.

No one else could make any greater reactions, they could only face everything head-on.

The instant Gao Yanan and Jiang Xiaoyi saw Nangong Weiyang take action, they already blocked around Nangong Weiyang like a wall. In that instant, most of Nangong Weiyang’s body was blocked by two giant shield-like bodies. However, the hand she reached out was exposed, instantly penetrated by the countless streaks of fine golden light.

Lin Xi knew that the best thing to do in this type of situation was to hide his head in his arms, do his best to reduce the surface area exposed to the golden fragments. However, he also knew that Bai Yulou who wasn’t completely protected was behind him.

That was why he instead did his best to straighten his body and lean backwards, doing his best to protect Bai Yulou.

However, what he didn’t know was that in Bai Yulou’s heart, there was an unspeakable deficiency fire burning.

The moment the golden long blade was about to explode, under Lin Xi’s ferocious roar, everything in his mind went black. The only thought left in his head was that he had to kill Lin Xi.

It wasn’t for any person, but rather for the country in his heart.

In that instant, in his heart, Great Mang’s greatest threat already wasn’t Li Ku, neither was it Gu Xinyin, but rather this Soul Master level Green Luan Academy first year new student Lin Xi!

Lin Xi blocked in front of his face, but he didn’t know that when facing the endless golden light that all cultivators would feel fear before, Bai Yulou didn’t do his best to hide his body behind his shield, instead drawing a blade from his body, a black and red blade!

In that instant, his absolute loyalty to Great Mang, as well as the fear he felt towards Lin XI already exceeded everything else, even exceeding Wenren Cangyue and the endless golden light that could penetrate his body.

He had two blades, but right now, he only had time to draw a single blade. That was why all of his attention and all of his power entered this single blade in this instant.

The black and long blade instantly erupted with volcanic heat, thrusting viciously towards Lin Xi’s back.

This most outstanding Great Mang spy was someone already at the very peak of State Master level, only a step away from Sacred Expert level. At this time, he completely disregarded his body’s soul force eruption, doing his best to turn this strike of his into a Sacred Expert strike.

Before this type of strike, one already didn’t have to consider the Green Wolf Heavy Armor.

If Nangong Weiyang and Gu Xinyin could take action, or if they could intercept this blade, they might step in, but the two of them already couldn’t do anything.

Lin Xi suddenly sensed something, but he couldn’t react at all.

Countless golden fragments penetrated Bai Yulou’s body.

However, this blade that Bai Yulou already disregarded everything to release carried a type of obstinate will, hacking towards Lin Xi.

Between Lin Xi and this blade, was a single Jiang Yu’er.

Jiang Yu’er and Meng Bai were originally both extremely close to Lin Xi. The moment Lin XI released a roar, this timid and bashful ordinary Medicine Department female student, perhaps out of fear, subconsciously moved closer to Lin Xi’s back. In her subconscious, Lin Xi was worth relying on, she felt comparatively safer by Lin Xi.

She also sensed Bai Yulou’s blade, but in this instant, this ordinarily cowardly and timid Medicine Department female student didn’t evade in the slightest, she instead blocked this blade’s path with a speed that was normally impossible for her to reach.

She only felt that Lin Xi was in danger, even she didn’t know that she would do this right now… however, in this instant, she did it.

Bai Yulou already didn’t know she was blocking in front of Lin Xi, because he already lost his remaining consciousness.

This blade, because of the tremendous power poured into it, still trusted out ferociously, not stopping at all as it smashed into Jiang Yu’er’s body.

A tremendous boom noise sounded.

When this great noise sounded, Bai Yulou only felt like he returned to Great Mang, returned to Thousand Devil Nest. He saw the special Scarlet Glass Flowers unique to Thousand Devil Nest, his mouth and nose filled with their fragrance.

Within a world covered in Scarlet Glass Flowers, he lost his final bit of consciousness.

During this tremendous noise, Jiang Yu’er only felt as if she returned to Green Luan Academy’s entrance examination in Summer Spirit Lake, that night by the lakeside. There were small tents everywhere, fluttering fireflies everywhere.

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