Book 10 Chapter 6 - The Deficiency Fire in One’s Heart

“They are all Green Wolf Heavy Armor.”

Gao Yanan was the first to move aside the curtains and enter the tent, looking at Lin Xi while saying this.

Lin Xi recalled the power of the golden fragments when the golden long blade exploded, thinking that it shouldn’t be enough to penetrate this type of soul weapon heavy armor. However, Wenren Cangyue’s attack seemed to have been a bit earlier than before, so he didn’t know how much earlier Wenren Cangyue would launch his attack. As such, he was still extremely nervous, immediately saying, “We all need to change into heavy armor… within one halt of time… the faster the better.”

In the meadow, the great archery master with the dark red longbow behind him, Xu Qiubai, watched the group of sky covering vultures behind him as they brought Wenren Cangyue into the skies, watched as Wenren Cangyue disappeared into this flock ahead of him.

He expressionlessly binded many leather robes around his body and was then quickly brought into the air by the next group of vultures that took off, rising into the sky.

The massive longbow he carried was made of intertwining metal, the bow body and bowstring covered in rose flower runes still gave off an intimidating aura. However, the thick leather arrow quiver he carried didn’t have many dark red fine metal long arrows, also only having a single ash brown long metal arrow with nine circle shaped runes, just like nine devil king eyeballs.

The tent was completely filled with light metal ringing noises.

Even though Lin Xi and the others had experience in equipping heavy armor, they were complete strangers to these main battle standard heavy armors. Even though Li Wu, Tang Yuren and the others were familiar with this type of heavy armor, putting them on in such a short amount of time still made this tent immediately seem a bit chaotic.

Right at this time, a hurried and cold voice sounded. “Reporting!”

Lin Xi who already put on a small half of his heavy armor immediately recalled that it was Bai Yulou who came to report military intelligence. He immediately acted without thinking, shouting, “Sir Bai, please hurry and leave.”

In Lin Xi’s opinion, Bai Yulou was an upright official deserving of respect. When he was in East Port Town and Swallow Descent Town, this person also protected him. When he thought about the danger of Wenren Cangyue’s impending arrival, he naturally didn’t wish for Bai Yulou to enter this type of dangerous situation. It was because he understood extremely clearly that under Wenren Cangyue’s strike, even Tang Yuren, Li Wu and the others couldn’t do anything. Sacred Experts were Sacred Experts, especially before a full powered attack of an unmatched Sacred Expert like Wenren Cangyue, all those under Sacred Expert level wouldn’t be of any use.

However, when this line entered the ears of Bai Yulou outside the tent, Bai Yulou’s body instead became slightly rigid.

He was the leader of this entire army, so right now, no one else in the army knew of Lin Xi and the others’ arrival, but there was no way he didn’t. He also noticed that Gao Yanan and the others seemed to be transporting something extremely heavy into An Keyi’s tent. It was precisely because he was worried that Lin Xi and the others would use some kind of plot to leave that he put out those flames earlier.

Lin Xi didn’t know that Bai Yulou was Wenren Cangyue’s eyes and ears.

Bai Yulou’s body went slightly rigid, his hands becoming a bit cold, his heart feeling traces of inauspiciousness. In this instant, he felt as if the tent before him was an abyss, as if just by taking a step inside, he would be devoured. However, the mission he carried still made his heart immediately become calm. He took a deep breath, making his own expression cold and grave in a single breath of time. He stepped into the tent in an extremely rushed manner, “An enemy army several times ours is attacking from three sides, with Sky Wolf Guards and heavy armored troops at the front…” The moment he stepped into the tent, Bai Yulou shouted out fiercely. The words he prepared to speak in his heart were precisely ‘there is no way we can stop them, so we must bring the crown prince out as fast as possible’. However, when he only spoke halfway, he couldn’t help but stop.

It was because he saw that in this tent, there was heavy armor all over the ground. He saw that almost everyone was frantically putting on Green Wolf Heavy Armor.

Bai Yulou forcefully entered the tent.

However, Lin Xi didn’t have the extra time to tend to him right now, because in this tent, it was almost everyone, not everyone who was equipping Green Wolf Heavy Armor.

It was because Nangong Weiyang wasn’t willing to put on the Green Wolf Heavy Armor.

Jiang Xiaoyi already helped her break down the Sky Wolf Heavy Armor, but she wasn’t willing to put it on.

Lin Xi didn’t feel the slightest annoyance towards Nangong Weiyang refusing to put on this armor, in his mind, there was only the bitter scene of Nangong Weiyang intercepting Wenren Cangyue’s strike. That type of scene would make anyone who saw it feel shock and admiration. The moment Bai Yulou charged in, Lin Xi who still didn’t completely finish putting on his equipment walked up to Nangong Weiyang, looked at her and then said with the most sincere voice, pleading, “I definitely won’t make you do meaningless things… just treat this as helping me once and put on this set of heavy armor.”

Nangong Weiyang looked at Lin Xi, still shaking her head. “Putting on the heavy armor will hinder the flow of soul force… towards my sword control, there will be great hindrance.”

Lin Xi was stunned.

If it was purely because of the reason of mental stubbornness, Lin Xi was willing to continue pleading, perhaps able to convince her, but what Nangong Weiyang spoke of were reasons that carried logic.

If they didn’t have Nangong Weiyang’s interception, not cutting that golden chain, would Wenren Cangyue’s blade produce any changes? Would the entire blade cut down and penetrate someone’s body?

He could foresee some things that were about to happen through his special ability, but he didn’t have a grasp over changes in what might happen.

He looked at Nangong Weiyang, thought for a bit and then nodded bitterly, no longer asking Nangong Weiyang to put on the Green Wolf Heavy Armor, only quietly saying with an extremely serious voice by her ears, “If Wenren Cangyue arrives… when facing him, you must at least preserve a bit of strength.”

Nangong Weiyang’s brows furrowed slightly. She gave Lin Xi a look, not expressing anything.

Lin Xi knew that time was extremely pressing, so he didn’t say anything else, doing his best to equip the heavy armor as fast as possible. Moreover, he quietly said to Gao Yanan and Jiang Xiaoyi at his side, “In a bit, when Wenren Cangyue arrives… you all have to help her a bit. After she faces Wenren Cangyue, she might not necessarily have the ability to protect herself.”

Gao Yanan and Jiang Xiaoyi both knew that Lin Xi’s previous arrangements definitely had his reasoning behind them. However, when they heard Lin Xi say this, their expressions couldn’t help but change.

Turns out everything he was doing was because Wenren Cangyue was about to come?

Wenren Cangyue was actually still coming?!

Bai Yulou’s palm was completely soaked in cold sweat.

He didn’t hear the second sentence Lin Xi spoke to Nangong Weiyang or Lin Xi’s conversation with Gao Yanan and Jiang Xiaoyi, but by looking around in these short few moments, as well as by looking at Tang Yuren and the others’ expressions, this most outstanding Great Mang spy immediately deduced that the current Lin Xi was the heart of everyone here.

Then, everything that happened along the way flashed by his mind, the scene of how Lin Xi killed Gongsun Quan, how Lin Xi gave miraculous orders, making them immediately avoid Wenren Cangyue’s subordinates’ blockade, allowing them to arrive in Jadefall City safely.

A thought couldn’t help but appear in his mind. Meanwhile, this thought made almost all of his blood completely freeze, and then it was as if it completely ignited.

A wave of irresistible fear, horror and disbelief flooded his entire body.

Lin Xi didn’t stop equipping the Green Wolf Heavy Armor. Right now, a larger half of his Green Wolf Heavy Armor was already equipped. As for Gu Xinyin and the others, under the help of Li Wu and the others, they already fully equipped the Green Wolf Heavy Armor.

The moment he saw how Bai Yulou’s expression was a bit pale as he stood there, Lin Xi immediately spoke out, saying, “Sir Bai, we have our own arrangements right now… you should hurry and leave this tent first, the further away the better.”

When he heard Lin Xi’s words, Bai Yulou snapped back to reality. However, he only felt as if the blood in his body became strands of solids, sliding through his body, his mind extremely uncomfortable. He licked his lips that became a bit dry, about to speak out, wishing to remain here. However, right at this time, Gu Xinyin instead released a light sigh, saying, “Lin Xi, you all have to hurry up. The enemy has arrived.”

“They’re coming?”

In this most crucial moment, Lin Xi instead became completely calm. “Sir Bai, please move behind us.” After his cold and resolute shout sounded, he kicked with his feet, kicking a heavy shield that could block most of one’s body to Bai Yulou.

Then, without any hesitation, he put on the Green Wolf helmet. The moment he put on the final few pieces of the heavy armor, he shouted with a low and fierce voice, “Always protect your face no matter what!”

The Green Wolf Heavy Armor’s face region was still the weakest part. With the power of the golden fragments, it would still be fatal if the brain was penetrated.

Right now, no one could truly understand the meaning of Lin Xi’s words, but everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but look towards the top of the tent.

It was because Lin Xi already raised his head upwards.

Gu Xinyin also already raised his head up.

Bai Yulou felt as if there was some kind of deficiency fire burning within his heart, the feeling even more uncomfortable. It was because among everyone here, according to normal reasoning, he was the only one who should know in what manner Wenren Cangyue was going to descend here.

He didn’t know how he walked behind Lin Xi with the heavy shield, right now not even aware of the weight of the thick steel shield in his hands. Even though he raised his head, he still couldn’t help but land on Lin Xi’s back.

Only the single Nangong Weiyang who didn’t wear heavy armor seemed different, but right now, no one noticed her either.

She also raised her head, her brows also furrowing deeply. Her hand reached out.

Right now, she didn’t truly sense any auras, so if anyone knew her true situation right now, they would feel that her taking action was unreasonable. However, right at this time, her sleeves exploded into fluttering butterflies, a wave of biting cold sword radiance already decisively flew up, cutting through the tent above her.

Cold winds roared like blades, filling every inch of this tent.

Lin Xi’s hands blocked in front of him. Since he already made preparations, he could see through the gaps far more clearly than last time.

He saw that right at this moment, high up in the sky, a streak of golden lightning suddenly erupted.

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