Book 10 Chapter 5 - He Has to Take Action

An Keyi’s voice made Lin Xi calm down a bit. He raised his head to look at An Keyi, starting to do his best to adjust his breathing, doing his best to calm down.

Since An Keyi understood him, and also because he had enough faith in An Keyi, her words carrying enough weight before Tang Yuren and the others, he didn’t hesitate any longer, directly saying by An Keyi’s ears, “Wenren Cangyue will arrive soon.”

An Keyi’s face became even more pale. She looked at Lin Xi, tightly pursing her lips, waiting for his following words.

This scene, in the eyes of everyone else, seemed extremely strange, but Tang Yuren, Lan Qifen and the others all understood An Keyi’s nature. This type of expression meant that there was definitely something extremely serious happening. That was why they all retained enough patience, not immediately speaking.

“Teacher, is there any way to strike down something several hundred steps, no, over a thousand steps in the air, do you have a poison that can instantly kill vultures or bird species?” Lin Xi asked by her ears immediately afterwards. Right now, when facing An Keyi’s pearl-like ears, his heart didn’t feel any intention of hiding anything. The moment he said this, he felt pain again, because even though he could deduce from the feathers and some bird cries that Wenren Cangyue borrowed a certain bird species to arrive from above, even if they could instantly kill those giant birds before Wenren Cangyue descended, Wenren Cangyue’s strike would still be released and everyone here would still die, at most making Wenren Cangyue fall down from above. With his Sacred Expert cultivation, he might not even die from the fall. Even if he did, for Lin Xi, this was completely useless.

“I don’t. Apart from Blue Apricot, once it reaches over a thousand steps into the sky, there is no way of ensuring that the poison won’t scatter and that it won’t be blown away by the winds, impossible to ensure that it remains in a certain place.” An Keyi’s reply directly ended his incomparable loss.

Poison didn’t work… should they just directly leave now?

Lin Xi coughed absentmindedly, but he immediately rejected this thought as well.

Even if he began to run now, who could ensure that Wenren Cangyue wouldn’t notice their whereabouts?

Wenren Cangyue would still take action. Regardless of whether it was the death of Gu Xinyin or his friend Changsun Wujiang, these were not things he wished to see.

He wanted everyone at his side to live.

Should they directly dig into the ground beneath this tent and go into hiding?

Without those giant bugs from Great Desolate Swamp, how deep could they even dig? Moreover, no one could ensure that Wenren Cangyue’s golden long blade couldn’t dig into the ground and then explode. After all, there was no way they could bury themselves deep enough into the earth.

Even though Lin Xi’s will far exceeded that of a normal person through cultivation, before the true threat of death, he still couldn’t help but panic a bit, quickly thinking through possibilities one after another.

Bring the army over and surround them?

Would they be able to stop the thunder descending from heaven?

Prepare with Little Black?

He previously didn’t sense the position of the other party at all. Moreover, that golden chain directly fell from the heavens, he had no idea how high up above Wenren Cangyue was. Under this type of height, his arrow couldn’t pose any threat to Wenren Cangyue.

Should they gather large amounts of heavy military equipment and hide below it?

This should be able to block that strike of Wenren Cangyue, but if Wenren Cnagyue discovered that things are wrong, would he still take action in this type of manner? Perhaps he might use a different type of attack and many of them would still end up dying.

The most crucial thing was that nobody else knew that Wenren Cangyue would actually give up on the sword and instead use this type of chain and blade. Moreover, that soul weapon long blade wasn’t an ordinary good… as long as this blade existed and as long as Wenren Cangyue was still alive, they would still be in fatal danger.

It was precisely because Wenren Cangyue still had this type of method that he dared appear here at this type of time, prepare to kill them!

That was why even if they couldn’t immediately kill Wenren Cangyue, they had to at least bait him into taking action, make him use up this terrifying long blade that could still retain such terrifying power the moment it exploded.

As time flowed on, Lin Xi’s brain became more and more clear. He quickly wiped off the cold sweat that already reached his eyes. Under the strange expressions of those around him, he took a deep breath, and then with the most sincere voice he had ever spoken with, he spoke quietly by An Keyi’s ears, “Teacher… you know my true identity, I also know you are worthy enough of my trust, so you must convince them to follow my every word… I can tell you that I have seen our deaths. I saw Wenren Cangyue borrow some giant birds to fly through the sky. He has a golden long blade that can explode into countless fragments, this blade connected to a long chain, the power tremendous, not even Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword able to block it… I don’t know if teacher has any better ideas, but if not… teacher, please immediately listen to my suggestions, because Wenren Cangyue will arrive soon.”

An Keyi’s face that was already incredibly pale now lacked the slightest trace of color.

She didn’t doubt Lin Xi’s words, because in her understanding, the ‘Divine General’ ability was a type of terrifying intuition. Moreover, the greater the danger they faced, the greater this ability became, to the extent where they might even sense some things that were about to happen.

“Sky Wolf Guards, as well as armies several times our strength will also follow him and arrive.” Right at this time, Lin Xi added this by her ears.

“That long blade of his really is something even Nangong Weiyang cannot stop, even Tang Yuren and all of us will die?” An Keyi’s body trembled slightly. She also took a deep breath, asking this like a lost young lady by Lin Xi’s ears.

“Yes.” Lin Xi forcefully nodded.

“Then even if there were Sacred Experts chasing him, with this type of long blade, they would still be killed by him… also, when he tried to assassinate Changsun Wujiang back then, why didn’t he use this long blade?” An Keyi continued to speak, as if in doubt. However, she quickly replied to her own questions, “He didn’t want to waste this long blade on one or two Sacred Experts chasing after him, because he knows even if he kills one or two academy Sacred Experts, it wouldn’t change the current situation… He didn’t use this blade when killing Changsun Wujiang because he felt that he didn’t need to use it at all, or perhaps… he already made the calculations, deciding to wait until Gu Xinyin and us met, and then use this type of blade to kill more people. He really is this world’s most terrifying military strategist.”

“We can only let him take action, make him use up this blade, or else there will definitely be more people who die under his hands.” After An Keyi finished talking to herself, she took another deep breath, saying this by Lin Xi’s ears.

Lin Xi nodded, his mind relaxing a bit. However, his entire body erupted into more sweat.

“You should do things as you have planned, I will definitely convince them.” An Keyi didn’t hesitate in the slightest, saying this.

This voice wasn’t only spoken by Lin Xi’s ears, everyone in the tent heard it.

Lin Xi immediately clenched his teeth, quickly saying, “Yanan, Xiaoyi, Meng Bai, Jiang Yu’er, all of you immediately head to the army, prepare a set of heavy armor with the best defensive properties for everyone here , even for Senior Gu Xinyin and his majesty! Remember to return within five halts of time. Within five halts of time, do your best to find heavy armors with the best defensive armor. If there are giant shields, do your best to bring some of them over as well!”

“However, remember to try to not to be noticed by anyone. If it really is difficult, use the people from our ten wolves from before, disguise these armors into other things and bring them in!”

When Lin Xi’s words sounded, everyone stared blankly, but Gao Yanan immediately reacted. Without any hesitation, she only gave Lin Xi a deep look, and then fiercely said, “Go!”

Four youngsters directly leapt out of the tent, even disregarding the expressions of the teachers here.

“Teacher An, what happened?” Tang Yuren’s brows furrowed tightly. He looked at An Keyi and Lin Xi, asking with a calm voice.

An Keyi looked at Tang Yuren and asked seriously, “I am only going to ask all of you, do you trust me or not?”

Tang Yuren’s expression went rigid. “This is only natural.”

“I cannot explain the reason, but please cooperate with Lin Xi.” An Keyi looked at Tang Yuren and the others, speaking these words one after another.

Tang Yuren became speechless.

Lan Qifeng and Li Wu couldn’t help but exchange a look. They never saw An Keyi have this type of expression before either.

Gu Xinyin was always carefully examining Lin Xi and An Keyi, and then he carefully observed Gao Yanan and the others’ expressions. He seemed to have understood some things, just that he didn’t seem to have revealed any changes on the surface. At this time, he also spoke earth-shattering words. “I trust Junior Sister An... all of you have to listen to her as well, or else I will kill Changsun Wujiang and then commit suicide.”

His words seemed to contain a bit of frivolousness, making one feel a bit laughable.

That was because he couldn’t use large amounts of soul force right now at all. If he killed Changsun Wujiang, he didn’t have to commit suicide at all, he would quickly die soon himself. However, Tang Yuren, Lan Qifeng and Mo Mingqi who were extremely familiar with Gu Xinyin knew that Gu Xinyin’s current mood and expressions were definitely not joking around, but absolutely serious.

Tang Yuren, Lan Qifeng and the others’ eyes couldn’t help but gather on Lin Xi’s body.

They didn’t know Lin Xi, they only heard that Lin Xi was a Windstalker. They didn’t see Lin Xi’s performance in Jadefall City. Moreover, because the academy purposely concealed it, they didn’t notice anything at all. They only silently nodded, bewildered as they wondered what he said to An Keyi that would actually make An Keiyi act like this.

Time passed by second by second, minute by minute. The sounds of carriages rumbling could be heard outside.

Lin Xi knew that it was definitely Gao Yanan and the others who returned. His mood loosened a bit. However, right at this time, Gu Xinyin was the first to release a light sigh. Then Nangong Weiyang’s brows furrowed.

Afterwards, Tang Yuren and the others’ bodies trembled, once again full of amazement as they turned around to look at Lin Xi.

Only at this moment did Lin Xi also sense the light trembling of the ground.

He couldn’t help but tighten his fist. A wave of coldness surged from his heart. Compared to before, Wenren Cangyue’s attack started a whole halt earlier than before.

Could it be that he could see the movement of the carriages, thinking that they were leaving, so that was why they launched the attack earlier?

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