Book 10 Chapter 4 - Foreseeing Death

While teaching Lin Xi previously, Nangong Weiyang already clearly told Lin Xi that any powerful flying sword method in this world was like dancing on ice, one couldn’t go too far.

However, at this time, even before Lin Xi reacted, her flying sword rushed into the sky, already completely using up all of her strength and all of her power because she also sensed the wave of tyrannical and decisive aura descending from above, able to feel that this utterly ferocious aura… She understood that all of Wenren Cangyue’s might was entrusted into this strike alone.

In the eyes of all bystanders in the tent, including Lin Xi, they all thought that this tent was ripped apart by Wenren Cangyue’s thunderous strike, but in reality, this tent had already ruptured a long time ago, it was shattered by Nangong Weiyang’s sword.

The moment this sword blasted apart her sleeves, the inside of this tent felt as if winter descended. A biting cold frost swept through every inch of this tent with chi chi noises.

Nangong Weiyang wanted to face the world threatening Wenren Cangyue a long time ago.

It was because she didn’t like Wenren Cangyue, really didn’t like him… Moreover, Wenren Cangyue was one of this world’s most powerful sword controlling Sacred Experts.

However, at the top of this tent, the moment she saw this descending streak of thunder, her eyes that were always calm like a sea couldn’t help but contract.

The golden thunder came from the heavens above.

However, within several hundred steps of distance, Wenren Cangyue’s figure was nowhere to be seen at all. Only this long streak of golden light cut across the sky.

Because the speed was too fast, after the golden thunder descended, it carried several streaks of golden cloud shaped river streams.

No domineering descriptions were too much to describe this golden thunder’s might. However, this wasn’t a sword, but a blade, a simple and ancient long blade full of golden thunder, engraved on it were square shaped ancient runes.

Others couldn’t see them clearly, but she could. The back of the golden blade was linked up to golden chains covered in red runes.

This chain was extremely long and straight, as if it came from the nine heavens above the clouds.

Nangong Weiyang completely rejected this type of illusion. She could immediately sense Wenren Cangyue’s volcanic eruption-like soul force pouring along this chain.

This chain wasn’t Wenren Cangyue himself, but because of this chain, it was as if Wenren Cangyue was personally holding this blade, as if there was no distance between them. The strength of Wenren Cangyue’s strike already reached the absolute limit of what he could reach.

Originally, Nangong Weiyang’s sword stabbed directly towards Wenren Cangyue, because in her opinion, Wenren Cangyue might just truly go completely crazy and ignore everything else to cut down Gu Xinyin and Changsun Wujiang. However, at this moment, the moment her pupils contracted, her flying sword possessed even greater power than when it rushed out from her sleeves, hacking at the chains.

When her flying sword flew out, she already used all of her strength. In order to possess even greater strength… she could only exceed her limit.

Her right hand reached straight into the sky, her entire arm’s skin splitting, blood pouring out as if countless blood vines were extending from her arm.

Just like how he hid his true identity all these years, Bai Yulou also concealed his true martial skill and true cultivation.

The most outstanding spies, regardless of which aspect it was, would normally always be extremely strong.

He already reached the peak of State Master level, only a step away from Sacred Expert level. That was why he could see this streak of golden thunder even more clearly than Lin Xi.

He was already aware ahead of time that Wenren Cangyue would deliver this strike. Moreover, the moment he saw the golden chains, his breathing completely stopped, even his soul force having difficulties flowing because of his mental shock.

This type of chain was something only Thousand Devil Nest and Purgatory Mountain had in this entire world.

These were ‘Devil’s Chains’, one of the greatest secrets in Thousand Devil Nest and Purgatory Mountain. Only a few craftsmen masters knew the refinement method, able to produce them.

This meant that Wenren Cangyue actually already grasped some cultivation methods from Thousand Devil Nest and Purgatory Mountain, grasping some of their secrets!

Lin Xi didn’t know what Tang Yuren and the others were currently doing. These two entirely different surging sword energies already made his eyes feel stabbing-like intense pain, making it so that he could only barely see that the golden thunder that descended wasn’t a flying sword, but a blade, a blade connected to golden chains.

He didn’t have time to do anything, only able to watch. Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword decisively hacked into the golden chains connected to the blade.

Blood gushed out from Nangong Weiyang’s vine-like arms.

When her flying sword was only a few feet from the golden chains, under its rapid and continuous acceleration, the flying sword grinded against the surrounding air, already producing blue flames. However, the blue flames were quickly scattered in all directions. Her flying sword began to hack into the golden radiance released by the golden chains.

This golden brilliance was like golden hairs, actually extremely tough. Her flying sword’s momentum was actually being resisted.

Nangong Weiyang’s complexion turned snow-white, feeling anger as she stared into the sky.

She didn’t expect Wenren Cangyue to actually be domineering to this degree. Even though her cultivation already rose substantially after being tossed and turned about in the sands behind Sanskrit Passage, in a frontal clash with him without any tricks like this, she was actually still this weak.

However, there was no way she would just give up like this.

With a pu noise, she spat out a mouthful of blood. Her right hand’s five fingernails broke off from her fingertips in a horrifying manner.

Her flying sword domineeringly cut through all of the golden strands, hacking into the golden chain.

The golden chain flowed with golden radiance, looking like it was going to snap. However, at this time, all of the golden light and thunder completely poured into the golden long blade.

The golden chain snapped without any resistance.

The golden long blade produced countless cracking light patterns. In an instant where not even a Sacred Expert could react in time, this golden long blade already completely exploded, turning into countless extremely fine fragments and lightning shards, as if a deity scattered a truckful of golden powder.

Lin Xi couldn’t tend to Tang Yuren, Li Wu and the others. They originally already moved in front of Gu Xinyin and Changsun Wujiang’s body, but at this time, his expression completely changed.

Every single fine metal fragment and lightning shard’s power couldn’t compare to that of a flying sword. However, under Wenren Cangyue’s full powered soul force eruption, every single metal fragment and lightning shard’s speed was even faster than Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword.

No one could react in time.

Li Wu roared furiously and helplessly, his arms reaching forward. Endless metal fragments and thunder crashed down on his hand, erupting with countless blasts of sparks. His hands were completely like iron pillars, not a single fragment able to penetrate inside, but the endless specks of golden light entered his body, penetrating his body, producing countless streaks of blood.

The boundless aura released from Tang Yuren’s hands turned into a Lightning Python’s figure, his merged soul actually precisely the Lightning Python Lin Xi was hoping to meet in Great Desolate Swamp. However, countless metal fragments also penetrated the lightning python that still hadn’t completely condensed, battering his body.

After Nangong Weiyang hacked out with that sword, she didn’t have any more strength she could use to resist. Countless golden pieces directly penetrated her body, passing through and bringing countless streaks of golden and red interlaced radiance.

Golden fragments scattered down like sunlight, impossible to defend against.

Lin Xi also sensed countless fragments digging deep into his body, and then emerge from his back.

Because of the intense pain, everything before his eyes turned dark.

At this time, the only one who could react was Gu Xinyin.

His eyes produced strong grief. A wave of terrifying power formed a transparent barrier of light, wrapping around him and Changsun Wujiang beside him.

All of the metal fragments that could threaten him and Changsun Wujiang were completely blocked outside.

He could protect Changsun Wujiang for an instant, for a breath of time, preserve the most important things for the academy, but he was powerless to stop the deaths of these friends, these youngsters who were just like their past selves, powerless to retaliate, he couldn’t kill that man hidden within the flock of vultures above.

In this instant, he only wished he could redo this life of his.

If he had a choice, he would head to Jadefall City and kill Wenren Cangyue back then. However, he wouldn’t enter Tangcang, because without him, that Tangcang girl whose smile was like a flower might have been able to live a peaceful life.

Lin Xi only felt his vitality quickly flow out, his consciousness rapidly becoming blurry. However, that ‘roulette’ in his mind was clearer than ever before, as if it could sense that he was about to die, about to take the initiative to turn.


Lin Xi used the last of his energy to fully push this ‘roulette’.

Time returned to ten minutes ago, returning to when An Keyi had just entered this tent.

Everyone was still safe and sound.

However, Lin Xi’s arms and legs immediately turned ice-cold and numb, his entire body was instantly soaked through by cold sweat, his expression also extremely pale. A wave of nausea that made him want to vomit flooded his body, making him bend down at the waist and continuously release dry coughs.

It was because the scene from just now was still fresh in his memory, filling his senses. In his perception back then, apart from Gu Xinyin and Changsun Wujiang remaining alive, everyone else was doomed to perish.

What was there that could stop Wenren Cangyue’s strike?

He only had this thought left in his mind. In that instant, the weight on his chest made it so that he couldn’t breathe, his dry coughs almost suffocating him.

“Lin Xi, what’s wrong?!”

Gao Yanan and the others didn’t know what was happening at all. When they saw Lin Xi become like this, they immediately released cries of alarm.

An Keyi deeply furrowed her brows, her breathing also stopping slightly. She rushed forward before Tang Yuren and the others could, placing two fingers against Lin Xi’s wrist.

Lin xi’s meridians immediately made her complexion turn pale. “Don’t be nervous… don’t be anxious, slow down… what exactly happened?” She used an unprecedented gentle voice to speak by Lin Xi’s ears.

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