Book 10 Chapter 3 - Lightning That Rips Apart the Night Sky

Since all of them felt that the great chaos already ended, that was why the reunion of the academy’s elders and newcomers weas so peaceful under Jadefall City’s moonlit fragrant grassland.

Peace and safety were something Gao Yanan, who was standing next to Lin Xi, really liked.

However, at this time, inside this camp, another person who had similarly been away from home for a long time and wished to go back was inwardly full of suffering.

He was Bai Yulou, a spy who was deserving of respect, but was similarly pitiful.

He slowly walked up to a border sentry post, remaining silent when facing the greetings of dozens of soldiers.

With his aspirations and emotions, he didn’t want to shatter the quietness of this scene right now at all, he didn’t want to smell great bloodiness again. He wasn’t even willing to bring someone like Wenren Cangyue into Great Mang.

It was because he understood extremely clearly that people like Wenren Cangyue were like a double-edged sword. He could be used to kill the enemy, but could easily end up hurting them in the end.

Bai Yulou was just like many people in Thousand Devil Nest, Purgatory Mountain and Great Mang, firmly opposed to Old Emperor Zhantai’s will of letting an ordinary commoner student succeed the throne. However, after coming into contact with Wenren Cangyue, he felt that there should be a better method, he shouldn’t lead someone like Wenren Cangyue into Great Mang, leading this type of wolf into his home.

However, this wasn’t something that could be changed because of his will. He was a soldier, so he should remain loyal to the orders of those above him.

That was why he could only convince himself, let Wenren Cangyue, this type of vulture-like, ambitious and ruthless existence who soared higher and higher from the mountains of corpses and sea of blood beneath him, enter Great Mang. As for what he would do with his great authority after entering Great Mang in the future, that wasn’t something he needed to consider, but rather something Thousand Devil Nest and Purgatory Mountain’s great figures had to think about.

He could only trust that Thousand Devil Nest and Purgatory Mountain’s great figures who possessed the world’s greatest strength and wisdom had the ability to solve this problem, that they would lead Great Mang Dynasty into a thriving and even more prosperous age.

However, countless Great Mang people just like him understood extremely clearly that for Great Mang Dynasty, the greatest threat weren’t one or two ambitious and ruthless figures like Wenren Cangyue, but rather the will of Yunqin Empire under Central Continent Imperial City who wished to continuously expand.

That was why a moment later, this Great Mang spy who was loyal to his own country still made his decision. After a slight sigh, his right hand’s five fingers flicked slightly under the dark of night.

Several strands of wind undetectable by others spun about between his fingers, gently putting out two lights in front of the simple and crude watchtower before him.

In a place quite far from this camp, within a meadow not even those with Sacred Master level cultivation could sense, a grim faced cultivator with a dark red longbow on his back lowered the large Brass Hawkeye in his hands, giving Wenren Cangyue whose body was like iron a bow of respect.

Wenren Cangyue nodded, waving his hand.

From the meadow at his two sides, countless individuals whose eyes flickered like the eyes of true wild prairie wolves immediately roared, starting to charge.

The ground suddenly trembled.

The entire Mountain Sun Path Region’s peaceful grassland became a chaotic sea of green, countless sharks currently moving within this green sea.

Wenren Cangyue’s true final battle in Jadefall City began.

After this place was flooded with killing intent, a large group of vultures rose into the air around Wenren Cangyue, crowding Wenren Cangyue within. After ingesting some type of stimulant drug, these vultures’ eyes were blood red, rising into the sky with speed which was twice that of normal.

Qin Xiyue and Zhang Ping already saw the lights of the camp An Keyi was in, but before the two had time to do anything, they already discovered with incredible shock that they were already caught in a storm. In this type of ocean storm, these two small fish couldn’t do anything.

Green Luan Academy’s lecturers and professors were cultivators who couldn’t be evaluated through normal reasoning. That was why when the ground in the distance just began to tremble, even before the alarms in the camp sounded, these people already sensed something.

Gu Xinyin was the first to release a sigh, the meaning behind this sigh unclear.

Nangong Weiyang’s brows jumped, her eyes flickering with cold light.

Lin Xi and Gao Yanan exchanged a look. They still couldn’t sense the abnormalities outside, but looking at it from Gu Xinyin and Nangong Weiyang’s changes in expression, the two also sensed something.

“What should we do?” Li Wu’s expression was still extremely grim. He gave Tang Yuren a look and asked.

Tang Yuren’s expression was just as stern as usual, only now having a bit of graveness added. He only spoke two words, “Break out.”

The moment these two words sounded, the entire camp began to produce arrow sounds, alarms and drum striking noises, completely shattering the peace of this dark night.

Lin Xi was already used to battles, but from the moment he heard the first round of alarms and noises, he already understood how shocking the enemy army was.

If Wenren Cangyue already left or already died, how could there be such shocking military power being transferred right now?

In that instant, he thought of a possibility. His entire body became cold, at the same time understanding why all of these academy lecturers and professors, even though their expressions didn’t change, their gaze became extremely grave and cold, becoming like unsheathed sharp blades.


Bai Yulou’s voice sounded outside the tent.

Because of the previous battle where Wenren Cangyue attempted to kill the crown prince, Guo Shiqin and the other officers were all killed in battle, so in this camp, Bai Yulou became the chief commander. Only, no one expected that the one who was in command here, the one leading this entire great army, was instead a Great Mang spy, someone who was on the enemy’s side.

“Please.” Even An Keyi remained extremely respectful towards Bai Yulou, quickly saying this word.

Bai Yulou entered the tent, full of admiration as he looked at these academy personnel who one normally would never see in the outside world. He suppressed the emotions he shouldn’t have and quickly explained, “The enemy’s forces are great, attacking from three sides. The numbers of heavy armored troops are great and there are also signs of Sky Wolf Guards. My army’s strength is far from enough to face the enemy. I have already ordered for the army’s best warhorse… for the sake of the crown prince’s safety, I suggest to escort the crown prince out of here by horse.”

“We do not need a fast horse.”

Tang Yuren shook his head, instead turning around to look at Gu Xinyin, asking, “What do you think?”

Gu Xinyin could actually smile in this situation, replying with a smile, “It’s best if we don’t place all our eggs in one basket.”

Everyone could hear the meaning behind Gu Xinyin’s words. Tang Yuren nodded.

An Keyi instead couldn’t help but turn around and look towards Lin Xi.

Right at this time, Gu Xinyin continued, “It is enough as long as Mo Mingqi stays with me.”

“That won’t do.” Tang Yuren instead decisively shook his head. “If Wenren Cangyue really has come… it means that his abilities are still above our suspicions. Mo Mingqi alone cannot ensure your safety at all.”

“I will follow him.” Nangong Weiyang said.

She didn’t care about what anyone else thought. As long as she said this, she definitely wouldn’t change her mind.

“I will also follow you.” Li Wu nodded. He gave Gu Xinyin a look, not tending to Changsun Wujiang who was currently awake, bluntly saying, “Our academy has already made these types of arrangements… if the crown prince still ends up meeting something unexpected, then we’ve already done all we could.”

Changsun Wujiang opened his mouth, about to speak.

However, at this time, the always quiet An Keyi instead spoke up. “Lin Xi, what do you think?”

Tang Yuren, Lan Qifeng, and Li Wu’s brows all furrowed at the same time, looking towards An Keyi in confusion. An Keyi actually didn’t seek the advice of one of the teachers, this was quite the strange thing at this type of time.

“If I was the one making the decision, I would still suggest for everyone to move together.”

However, what left everyone even more confused was that Lin Xi actually didn’t show any modesty or shirking, instead seriously saying this quietly.

Tang Yuren, Lan Qifeng and Li Wu’s brows furrowed even deeper.

“The death of anyone is a bad thing.” Lin Xi thought for a bit, a bit troubled, but said this in a simple manner.

Gu Xinyin looked into his eyes. After thinking for a bit, he then smiled. “Alright, I agree with your opinion.”

For some reason, Bai Yulou’s expression suddenly changed slightly, his hands actually starting to uncontrollably tremble slightly again, his gaze couldn’t help but fall on Lin Xi’s body again.

Tang Yuren took a deep breath, no longer wishing to say anything else. However, Gu Xinyin instead turned around to look at him. He released a firm smile and said, “I trust An Keyi’s opinion, trust my own eyesight.”

Gu Xinyin’s smiling expression didn’t seem all that formal, but Tang Yuren who was quite familiar with him could hear the seriousness and certainty behind his words.

Tang Yuren was still confused and in shock, but he didn’t say anything else, only nodding.

Everyone began to put on black cloaks for stealth movement during the night. At this time, Gu Xinyin’s brows instead suddenly furrowed, releasing a fierce shout, “Careful!”

At this moment, the skies above Jadefall City had a bright moon and sparse stars. Countless blade radiance sword shadows flickered with cold light. Some of the enemy troops that charged at the very front already rushed to the barracks defensive positions, already releasing sky shaking shouts of killing. There was scarlet red blood that splashed everywhere.

A black shadow quickly descended from above the moment Gu Xinyin released a rushed shout. It was like a dark cloud, covering a small half of the bright moon.

This was a large flock of vultures.


It was as if a great gate into the heavens was suddenly opened, but also as if a great dam suddenly had a portion breached, a flood pouring out. An unimaginable aura surged from the sky covering flock of moon covering cultures.

Some of the vultures were completely destroyed by this terrifying wave of power, turning into crushed flesh and feathers, scattering from the sky.

A dazzling streak of golden light tore through the countless pieces of flesh and feathers like thunder, instantly cutting apart the sky, leaving behind an unimaginable impression in the eyes of many soldiers who couldn’t help but raise their heads towards the sky, landing on the top of the tent Lin Xi and the others were at.

Inside the tent, Lin Xi raised his head, seeing the top of the tent split open.


The moment he raised his head, Nangong Weiyang’s sleeves already completely ruptured. Her flying sword already rushed upwards with unprecedented power, shooting into the air!

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