Book 10 Chapter 2 - My Return Under the Clear Moon

The moon was bright.

Clouds of mist rose from Heaven’s Lens Lake. On the water surface that was calm like a mirror, there was also a bright moon.

The group Lin Xi was currently in, regardless of whether it was for all of Yunqin or Green Luan Academy, was extremely important. They already made their way around Heaven’s Lens Lake under the darkness of night, advancing towards Mountain Sun Path’s meadow.

Qin Xiyue and Zhang Ping were already extremely tired, even their entire bodies’ bones releasing a type of soreness.

With the support of soul force, even though cultivators could erupt with explosive power and speed far exceeding that of steeds for a short amount of time, after running for a long time, they naturally couldn’t compare to steeds who were naturally adept at continuous galloping.

Fortunately, the weight these fine horses carried was extremely heavy, also needing some time to rest. Moreover, this heavy armored army was clearly in a hurry to carry out some type of mission, not having any time to wipe out any of the traces they left behind along the way, which was why these two always did their best to not get left behind by this army.

When the bright moon rose from the distant mountain ridge, Qin Xiyue and Zhang Ping discovered that they were already in the depths of Mountain Sun Path.

This was the place they wanted to hurry towards to begin with, because this Jadefall City’s eastern region, for them, should be the safest place.

Then why did this heavy armored army under Wenren Cangyue rush here with full speed, what did they wish to do?

Qin Xiyue forcefully suppressed the soreness coming from all of her bones, doing her best to keep her brain clear and think about this issue… while thinking over this matter, she couldn’t help but wonder, if it was that fella Lin Xi who was here, he might have a way to figure out some things. However, what she never expected was that right now, she and Zhang Ping were already not far from the great army where An Keyi was stationed, not that far from Lin Xi who she subconsciously thought about either.

Lin Xi sniffed the fragrance of the grass and then looked into the stars and at the moon. While walking through Jadefall City’s dark night, he suddenly silently smiled, smiling in an extremely satisfied manner. He revealed a smile that was so brilliant others couldn’t help but feel moved when they saw it.

“Lin Xi, what are you smiling about?”

Changsun Wujiang on the stretcher was also currently looking at the stars flickering in the sky. Out of the corners of his eyes, he saw the brilliant smile Lin Xi at his side revealed, thus also producing a warm smile, asking this quietly.

Compared to two days ago, even though there was still pain while speaking, it was already no longer that unbearable.

“You are still lying down, so you cannot see it yet.”

Because Changsun Wujiang insisted that Lin Xi treated him as the previous Chen Mu, along with Lin Xi not having the innate reverence like the people of Yunqin, he also treated Changsun Wujiang as Chen Mu who he met that day in front of Self Defense Freshman Dormitory, not addressing him in an overly respectful manner. He only casually explained in a quiet voice with a smile, “But I can tell you right now that on a hill right before us, there are quite a few lights.”

“That is our side’s camp. However, in this situation where Wenren Cangyue’s remaining dangers are not eliminated, why do they have so many lights on, revealing their own traces on purpose?” Changsun Wujiang who was lying on the stretcher was a bit confused, looking at Lin Xi while asking.

Lin Xi chuckled and said, “You took some medicine and slept for too long before, so you might not be aware that we’ve already entered deeply into Mountain Sun Path. That camp should be the camp of the army we previously left.”

Changsun Wujiang was a bit stunned. In reality, looking at it from the positioning of the moon in the sky, he also already deduced that it was the latter half of the night, already knowing that he slept for quite a long time, guessing that this was the camp where Rear Heaven’s Lens Army and other armies were stationed. However, he still couldn’t understand how this was connected with having so many lights on.

While looking at Changsun Wujiang who was still confused, Lin Xi smiled brilliantly as he said, “Only Teacher An knows that we have returned.”

Changsun Wujiang immediately reacted, suddenly seeing the light. “Only Teacher An knows the approximate time in which we will return. The lights she lit were so that we could easily find where she is stationed… these lights mean that Teacher An is safe and sound.”

Lin Xi smiled, nodding his head.

Changsun Wujiang also began to smile. “Teacher An is indeed quite the lovable and beautiful woman.”

Lin Xi immediately began to sweat a bit. “I think you’ve misunderstood.”

“Am I wrong?” Changsun Wujiang immediately said apologetically with a smile. “Then I really must apologize.”

“There is no need for an apology, it’s fine as long as you don’t fight me in the future.” Lin Xi gave Gao Yanan who wasn’t too far from him a look, lowering his body and saying this quietly by Changsun Wujiang’s ears.

Changsun Wujiang stared blankly, not understanding the meaning behind these words, thinking that a monarch obviously wouldn’t fight over things pettily with a commoner. However, when he thought about how Lin Xi should have deeper meanings behind what he said, he didn’t say anything, looking at Lin Xi with a stunned expression.

“Gao Yanan is Grand Secretary Zhou’s daughter.” Lin Xi said this quietly by his ears, “Inside and outside Jadefall City, this shouldn’t be a big secret. However, you haven’t seen her truly take action yet because of your serious injuries, so you still do not know.”

Changsun Wujiang was stunned again, his eyes couldn’t help but sweep over Gao Yanan’s rear figure.

He suddenly laughed, laughing quite loudly, laughing to the point where he couldn’t help but cough lightly, giving Du Zhanye a fright, her hands pressing down on his body out of fear that he would trigger some of his own injuries, worsening his condition.

Now, it was Lin Xi’s turn to be stunned.

While looking at Du Zhanye’s face that became more and more pale, knowing that he really wasn’t in the condition to laugh like this, Changsun Wujiang forcefully restrained his laughter. “Junior Brother Lin… turns out the fire you set in front of Medicine Department was precisely to dig a corner out of my wall.”

Lin Xi could tell that the other party didn’t mind that much, so he curled his lips and said, “You two never even officially met before, what kind of wall digging can this be counted as… what’s mine is clearly mine.”

Changsun Wujiang wanted to laugh again, but he held himself back in the end.

He looked at Lin Xi, able to tell that this was completely the words between friends, so he felt even more relaxed inside. “Don’t worry… those are my father’s intentions. If I truly met Gao Yanan before and already produced admiration inside, then I definitely wouldn’t step aside for you. For better or for worse, we would have had to have a fair competition. You set up that fire, so I would have tried to think of some other methods… However, I indeed didn’t have any type of private thoughts with any woman before. Since you two already admire each other wholeheartedly, how could I step in between? If my father brings it up to me again in the future, I’ll just try to find a way to refuse from this head of mine.”

“That’s more like it.” Lin Xi was extremely satisfied, wishing to pat Changsun Wujiang’s shoulder, but when he reached out his hand, he realized the other party’s injuries really might become worse because of his pat, so his hand immediately froze, retracting in embarrassment.

This type of acting without thinking, something only good friends would do to each other made Changsun Wujiang smile again.

“What is worth you guys being this happy about?” When she turned around to look at the silently approaching Lin Xi, Gao Yanan put on a dissatisfied expression, taking a step to the side and saying this coldly.

Lin Xi laughed again. “I just knew you would get upset.”

Gao Yanan became angry, saying quietly, “How did you know I will get upset.”

“Just look at how you are already about to hit me, is this not being upset?” Lin Xi laughed quietly and said, “Alright, don’t be upset… I know that you are always thinking about how the emperor wants to match you with him, so now that I am chatting happily with him, you will get upset. However, in reality, I scared him away.”

Gao Yanan was immediately stunned. “Scared him away?”

“Yup.” Lin Xi put on an appearance as if this was only natural. “I threatened him, saying that he shouldn’t even think about it… or else I will smack him to death right now. After my threat, he wished us a happy life together, to give birth as soon as possible, so everyone became extremely happy, heh heh…

“Lin Xi, do you treat me as an idiot… would he be as senseless as you, say words like give birth as soon as possible?” Gao Yanan almost clenched her teeth and smacked Lin Xi flying. However, her appearance, in the eyes of Jiang Yu’er at her side, was clearly the teasing between sweethearts. Her face was bright red, the true anger from just now already vanishing without a trace.

After turning around in a bit of envy, senselessly counting her steps with her fingers, Jiang Yu’er watched as the distant lights got closer and closer.

There was someone who separated from this group, quietly disappearing into the darkness first.

She recognized that this was Lecturer Li Wu who she didn’t meet previously, but Lin Xi said that he should have always been within the training valley.

She didn’t know as clearly as Lin Xi that this black-robed lecturer was definitely heading out to seek out the hidden sentries ahead of time, wishing to inform them that they were on the same side to prevent alarm. She only felt that after Li Wu separated from their group, everything was still extremely peaceful, Li Wu not returning. Then, after quickly moving for a long time, counting to a number she herself even lost track of, she saw the military tents, trenches, horse resisting stakes and other defensive fortifications.

There were some soldiers already waiting for their arrival, but they all remained quiet, not startling the other soldiers who were already resting.

After walking past hundreds of tents and entering the depths of this camp, the first time she truly walked into this type of great army camp, a bit fearful as she examined her surroundings, she saw that lecturer named Li Wu greet them. At his side was a slightly curly haired, somewhat bookish aura beautiful woman.

“Professor An…” As a Medicine Department student, she naturally immediately recognized who this beautiful woman was. Her timid, but extremely scared of teachers self immediately subconsciously wanted to greet her respectfully, but she also didn’t know if hastily greeting her was proper, so she bowed respectfully, her voice instead stuck in her throat.

What made her even more nervous was that An Keyi seemed to have noticed her respectful greeting, also bowing slightly, returning her greeting.

The shining clean moonlight shone on An Keyi’s face. Lin Xi only felt like she seemed to have become a bit more wan and sallow, but he began to smile extremely happily.

Both sides entered a momentary silence.

“Wow, Junior Sister An really has grown even prettier!”

A muttering voice only Mo Mingqi and Lan Qifeng could hear said, this voice that really deserved a beating sounded from a certain important figure’s mouth.

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