Book 9 Chapter 88 - Sky Covering Vultures

In the depths of a meadow, a middle-aged man whose face was pale like white jade, his aura rather scholarly and refined made his way over a hill.

The plains all around were calm, his expression also extremely calm, but the exceptionally light and quick footsteps were completely different from his normal quietness.

It was because he was already close to returning to the homeland of his dreams, able to meet with those friends he had been separated from for too long.

He stopped. The meadow before him was still peaceful without any signs of human activity, but his mood suddenly became a bit anxious. Right at this time, he noticed something, raising his head to look towards the sky.

There were whistling noises in the sky.

Specks of black appeared In the white clouds, quickly enlarging before his eyes.

When he saw this type of dazzling entrance, his irritable feeling completely vanished, instead revealing the most sincere smile.

A group of giant vultures descended. They then scattered, revealing Wenren Cangyue’s iron cast body.

The current Wenren Cangyue had already changed into an even more lightweight set of white-colored hemp clothes. However, his powerful presence wasn’t decreased in the slightest.

“Bai Yulou, you’ve hidden extremely well.”

Wenren Cangyue’s speed of speaking wasn’t fast, but it was extremely clear, full of power, as if a war drum was being struck above the clouds. The most crucial thing was that as soon as it seemed like he wanted to speak, no one would try to speak before him.

“As early as a few years before the Sky Devil Heavy Armor transactions were exposed, I already knew that there was definitely someone acting in coordination with Great Mang, it was just that even after investigating for many years, I still wasn’t able to find out that it was you.”

“I do not deserve such praise from great general.” Bai Yulou bowed respectfully towards this ambitious and ruthless figure who shook the entire world. “Great general is truly capable, even the matters of East Forest Province are unable to escape your notice. This truly can only be described with the word admirable.”

Wenren Cangyue’s expression didn’t change because of Bai Yulou’s praise, still coldly looking at Bai Yulou and asking, “According to some of the information I previously obtained, you should be from Thousand Devil Nest?”

Bai Yulou nodded. “Indeed.”

Wenren Cangyue’s expression didn’t change. “It was Li Ku who established Thousand Devil Nest’s later rise, but your Thousand Devil Nest now wishes to deal with him?”

“This isn’t only our Thousand Devil Nest, but rather all of our Great Mang’s cultivation lands, something that is tied to the entire Great Mang Dynasty.” Bai Yulou calmly said. “Yunqin is used to calling our Great Mang’s main cultivation methods as devil dao, but right now, the emperor and Li Ku are the ones with true devil nature, actually daring to overthrow this world’s dao, not hesitating to unleash a great massacre for it.”

Wenren Cangyue’s brows jumped slightly. “What is the dao?”

When this line was spoken, two cultivators from different countries discussing the dao, the atmosphere suddenly became a bit more serious. There was even a bit of a great scholar like aura released from Bai Yulou’s body,.

Bai Yulou gave Wenren Cangyue a look, speaking in a manner that was neither servile nor overbearing. “The people of the world have already agreed that the proper truth, is precisely dao.”

Wenren Cangyue asked, “What is so bad about overthrowing it?”

“How could those who overthrow this convince the masses? If even the most basic things are in chaos, there will definitely be great chaos in the world.” Bai Yulou answered.

Wenren Cangyue nodded. “My view is the same as Purgatory Mountain’s Patriarch Shentu.”

Bai Yulou clearly stated that he was from Thousand Devil Nest, the two never mentioned Purgatory Mountain before either, yet Bai Yulou still clearly understood Wenren Cangyue’s intentions, his face once again revealing a sincere smile. “When the principles are the same, we can all carry out a great undertaking.”

Wenren Cangyue gave him an expressionless look. “If I am not mistaken, you should have already reached the peak of State Master level, only a step away from Sacred Expert level.”

Bai Yulou’s expression changed slightly, but he still nodded, saying, “Great general is not mistaken.”

Wenren Cangyue said, “Apart from you, has your Great Mang prepared anyone else to receive me?”

Bai Yulou said, “Xie Wuwei and Daoist Mu, these two seniors are both Sacred Experts.”

“I know about the one named Xie Wuwei. Since he came, pretending to be me and taking action once isn’t something too difficult.” Wenren Cangyue gave Bai Yulou a look. “Where is he? I will lend him my sword.”

Bai Yulou’s expression suddenly became snow-white, his mind also suddenly becoming cold. With a slightly trembling voice, he said, “Great general, your respected self…”

“You should have also noticed that the crown prince is already no longer in your army.” Wenren Cangyue raised his head, looking east.

At this time, the meadow in Mountain Sun Path him and Bai Yulou they were currently in wasn’t far from the great army An Keyi was with. Right now, all of the influential figures of Yunqin were probably guessing at Wenren Cangyue’s whereabouts. Some powerful cultivators might have already entered Mountain Sun Path. However, no one expected him to actually be in this type of place.

Doing what the enemy least expects, this is precisely the stratagem of one of ancient China’s military strategists. Meanwhile, even Gu Xinyin believed Wenren Cangyue to be someone superior to himself in terms of military strategy.

“If my suspicions are not wrong, the crown prince’s injuries should already be extremely serious, so they are doing their best to rendezvous with Gu Xinyin’s group. Right now, they should be hiding in Lost Forest.” Wenren Cangyue still gave off powerful might, his expression cold, speaking in a matter that wasn’t rushed or too slow. “Even if I order my great army to set fire to and burn down all of Lost Forest, there still wouldn’t be enough time. That is why I need more time. While everyone thinks I have already left Jadefall City, already unable to attack again, my chances of success will be higher.”

Bai Yulou was always extremely respectful towards Wenren Cangyue, but right now, he instead took a deep breath, shaking his head. “This won’t do, it is too risky. Moreover, as long as Xie Wuwei and the others tried to pretend to be you, there is definitely no chance of them escaping Jadefall City.”

Wenren Cangyue had an expression of slight mockery on his face. “You have to understand that the things I have decided on cannot be changed by anyone. Moreover, you should understand one other thing, I have never been fond of talking a lot… The reason why I previously explained to you that they are in Lost Forest and spoke so much is precisely out of consideration for a few more of your Sacred Experts dying.”

Bai Yulou immediately became quiet, the aura on his body continuously trembling.

“You don’t need to hesitate, because there is no way you will refuse my request. If you were someone who only considered the people at your side, you wouldn’t have been willing to serve as a spy in Yunqin.” Wenren Cangyue said with a sneer. “Meaningless hesitation and weakness are what I loathe the most. Could it be that you still cannot figure out why Purgatory Mountain and Thousand Devil Nest insist on inviting me to Great Mang?”

“It is because only if I go, can your Purgatory Mountain’s Patriarch Shentu have a chance of detaining Li Ku, have a chance of killing Li Ku. You should understand clearly that no other Sacred Expert in your Great Mang can possibly replace me, only if me and Patriarch Shentu join hands, do we have a chance of killing Li Ku… Since I cannot be replaced, then even if it is ten Sacred Experts, they are not as important as me. What can two or three Sacred Experts be counted as?”

Bai Yulou’s hands began to tremble. He obviously knew that Wenren Cangyue wasn’t joking around. When Li Ku, this type of person ran away, normal Sacred Experts couldn’t serve as any obstruction, only someone like Wenren Cangyue could be of help. However, he never expected… Wenren Cangyue to actually be cold and powerful to this degree, actually not leaving even at this type of time.

“Do you truly have absolute certainty?” Bai Yulou swallowed with difficulty, looking at Wenren Cangyue and saying, “After all, we need a powerful great general to head for Great Mang, we do not need to bring a seriously injured great general, a great general who cannot display power.”

“I will not approach them.” Wenren Cangyue said coldly. “Even though Yunqin is large, those who can prevent me from leaving are only those few individuals. I will naturally ensure that they will go after Xie Wuwei and the others before taking action. I can guarantee that once I reach Great Mang, I can face Li Ku.”

Bai Yulou only felt fear.

This was the first time he felt such fear when facing a person.

Wenren Cangyue didn’t say anything else to Bai Yulou.

Since he already confirmed that Bai Yulou would accept these types of conditions, he wouldn’t waste any more time.

Large vultures began to flap their wings in fear again.

Wenren Cangyue’s body rose, escorted by a huge group of vultures, surrounded within.

Bai Yulou raised his head slightly. Right now, he only felt as if Wenren Cangyue also already became a giant vulture, a vulture that covered the sky… one that stepped on the corpses of countless people to fly into the sky.

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