Book 9 Chapter 86 - You All Don’t Understand, But I Do

Unknown as to whether it was because she naturally didn’t like to be together with many people or because she wanted to quietly examine the longsword in her hands, Nangong Weiyang walked a bit further away from everyone else.

Lin Xi followed at Nangong Weiyang’s side. She directly asked, “What did you want to ask me about?”

“Sword sense.”

Lin Xi was now a bit more familiar with Gu Xinyin and Nangong Weiyang’s nature. Gu Xinyin always liked chatting about things in a lighthearted mood, but Nangong Weiyang was someone without any temper whatsoever… this type of no temper wasn’t saying that her temper was good, but rather that Lin Xi couldn’t sense any special temper. When faced with this type of person who seemed to be of the same sort as An Keyi, but was also indescribably different, Lin Xi knew that the most simple and clear way was best.

“I only just reached mid stage Soul Master level cultivation, producing the feeling of liquid forming in my dantian… according to normal reasoning, I shouldn’t have sword sense. There was one teacher who said that it should be this sword of mine that was special, and that’s why it was like this.” After directly saying the two words sword sense, Lin Xi looked at her and directly said this.

Nangong Weiyang didn’t even take a moment to think, directly saying, “It has to do with this sword’s materials and runes, but also the fact that you are naturally suited to cultivating flying swords. Your perception is stronger than that of normal cultivators. I believe you most likely cultivated some type of Green Luan Academy secret method that isn’t circulated outside.”

When he heard how the other party made so many accurate deductions from just a single sentence from him, Lin Xi sucked in a cold breath of air. He looked at Nangong Weiyang like he was looking at a monster. Lin Xi’s expression became serious, and then he reached out his hand, allowing his soul force to flow out of his fingers.

“Since I already have sword sense with this sword… would I be able to control a sword earlier than others?”

This time, Nangong Weiyang stopped. She reached out a hand. After a light flick, only feeling the recoil of air under Lin Xi soul force, without any type of mockery, she replied in a deadly earnest manner, “You should already be able to, just that your soul force can only extend two feet of distance around your body. Moreover, your body’s soul force is still too small when compared to a Sacred Expert, too weak. Only by maintaining your soul force’s eruption can you order a sword to fly. Moreover, you can only continue this for a dozen or so breaths of time, so you can only treat it as a weapon and not some overwhelming power.”

“I already can?”

Lin Xi first felt pleasant surprise and then his expression became a bit bitter. “I can only continue for a dozen or so breaths of time… it isn’t only the power of soul force, even the amount of soul force that can be stored in the body, there is that huge of a difference between Soul Masters and Sacred Experts?”

Nangong Weiyang replied seriously, “If the soul force of a Soul Master is a large water jar full of water, then a Sacred Expert has at least a thousand large water jars of water.”

“That is why Sacred Experts are known to be sacred, that is why the higher one goes… the more unimaginable the amount of water that needs to be accumulated through meditation cultivation. No wonder Sacred Experts are so few, those above Sacred Experts even fewer.” Lin Xi couldn’t help but say this with a sigh. He seriously looked into Nangong Weiyang’s eyes. “Can you teach me a sword control method?”

Nangong Weiyang’s brows jumped slightly. This time, she didn’t directly reply whether she could or not, instead asking in return, “Why aren’t you asking Gu Xinyin? He is much more formidable than myself.”

“His injuries are extremely serious. Even ff he is willing to teach, it will still exhaust quite a bit of his energy.” Lin Xi said, “Moreover, being able to learn from more people is always a good thing.”


Nangong Weiyang nodded, handing the longsword in her hands to Lin Xi.

Lin Xi didn’t expect the other party to agree so easily. When he saw the other party return the longsword, he stared blankly for a moment. “Didn’t you want to examine this sword a bit longer? There is no rush in teaching me the sword control method.”

Nangong Weiyang said, “There’s no need. While talking to you, I already thought through everything.”

Lin Xi stared blankly again. She could even think about other things while replying to his questions, what kind of brain did she have? He shook his head in a speechless manner and then he couldn’t help but become curious, asking, “What did you figure out?”

“I felt like I saw this sword before, but couldn’t recall where.” Nangong Weiyang looked at Lin Xi. For her, the people of this world only needed to be separated into the simplest like and dislike. However, towards Lin Xi, it was a bit strange even for her. She couldn’t say for sure whether she liked or disliked Lin Xi, just feeling like Lin Xi was also an extremely strange and extremely unique person.

“My memory is extremely good.” Nangong Weiyang unconsciously furrowed her brows and continued, “That means there can only be one possibility, which is that I saw this sword before I could remember, before I understood things.”

Lin Xi unknowingly thought to himself and said, “This seems to be a possibility.”

Nangong Weiyang said, “I’ll tell you the sword controlling method first, and then in the future, you’ll show me where you found this sword on a military map .”

Lin Xi didn’t speak any more useless words, merely saying, “Okay.”

The moment Lin Xi began to study knowledge regarding sword control, the other youngsters from the academy finally gathered together, having some time to chat alone.

“Meng Bai, you seem to have gotten fatter again?” After not meeting for so long, especially after so many instances of life and death, when Li Kaiyun saw these friends and began to speak, there were some tears that began to cloud his eyes.

“I already slimmed down quite a bit…” Meng Bai muttered. He patted Li Kaiyun’s shoulder, but instead said with a bit of pity, “Why did you end up becoming so much darker, moreover so much skinnier now?”

Li Kaiyun looked at the exceptionally pale faced Gao Yanan, as well as Bian Linghan who also sat down on a stretcher at Tang Yuren’s instructions. He took a deep breath and then chuckled, “Regardless of whether we are fat or skinny, it is great that we are fine.”

“How long has it been since you all got here?”

Gao Yanan couldn’t help but pull on Jiang Yu’er’s hand, asking quietly.

She really never expected this cowardly female student who was so timid and bashful she would cry just because she was scolded a bit by a teacher would actually also enter Jadefall City.

Jiang Yu’er’s face became a bit red. “We were already here for seven days.”

“I wonder what other classmates entered Jadefall City.” Jiang Xiaoyi’s mood was also a bit complicated, unable to help but quietly say this.

“The one who is talking to Lin Xi… really is a Sacred Expert?” Bian Linghan couldn’t help but look at Li Kaiyun and Gao Yanan, asking this. “Just what kind of background does she have?”

“Her name is Nangong Weiyang, a cultivator who has always followed at the imperial princess’ side. Even though it is a bit inconceivable, she is indeed a Sacred Expert.” Gao Yanan gave Lin Xi and Gao Yanan a look, saying this.

“I’ve heard senior’s conversation with her, she is a natural dao heart individual.” Perhaps because he felt like talking about others behind their back wasn’t too polite, he suppressed his voice.

“Someone who was able to sense soul force, understand cultivation from birth?” Gao Yanan and the others all exchanged a look, all of them feeling a sense of defeat.

Li Kaiyun also gave the distant Nangong Weiyang a look of admiration, asking, “What does Lin Xi want to ask her about?”

Gao Yanan said, “Probably something related to sword control.”

Li Kaiyun felt relieved and then asked without thinking, “Isn’t he a bit too impatient… we haven’t even had a chance to have a good chat, yet he already went to ask about distant cultivation matters.”

After Li Kaiyun said this, he discovered that Jiang Xiaoyi and the others’ expressions were a bit strange, especially Meng Bai’s which was the strangest, as if he almost felt like crying. He was a bit stunned. “What is it?”

“I fear that it isn’t that far off.” Meng Bai reached out a chubby finger, pointing at Lin Xi and saying with a voice that was about to break into tears, “Li Kaiyun… Lin Xi is also a cultivation idiot, he has already produced sword sense.”

Li Kaiyun was stunned, in complete disbelief.

While the academy’s youngsters were chatting among themselves, the academy’s older generation were also discussing some private things between themselves.

“Mo Mingqi, you’ve always followed Teacher Mingxuan, can you understand why the academy only sent this many first year new students here?” Lan Qifeng said with a frown, “Even though they reached this far, in mine, Tang Yuren and Li Wu’s eyes, our opinions are the same, this was no different from sending them to their deaths. Mo Mingqi, I believe you definitely thought about this issue as well.”

When faced with Lan Qifeng’s questioning, Mo Mingqi shook his head with a vexed smile. “I have thought about this before as well, but I couldn’t understand Vice Principal Xia and the others’ intentions either.”

“You all cannot figure it out, but I can.”

A somewhat complacent voice sounded.

“Gu Xinyin, are you going to start something again?” Lan Qifeng said angrily, “You can tell that they are outstanding as well, but this matter is related to their lives and deaths.”

“This time, I’m really not just causing trouble.”

Gu Xinyin chuckled. He gave the currently whispering Jiang Xiaoyi and the others a look, quietly saying in a leisurely tone, “It is just like how you all and I went out on the most difficult missions before… this can only mean that among them, there is someone like me, someone who was attached extreme importance by Vice Principal Xia and the others. Moreover, Vice Principal Xia and the others already have great confidence in this person, willing to place the lives of some of his friends in his hands.”

Lan Qifeng, Tang Yuren and the others were stunned. Their eyes couldn’t help but stop over the distant Lin Xi’s body.

“Even the little girl Nangong Weiyang has some type of relationship with him… this is also his opportunity.” Gu Xinyin said with a light sigh. “Have you all noticed the expressions with which these youngsters look at him… if it isn’t absolute trust, how can they possibly have those expressions?”

“But in the end, he still only has Soul Master level cultivation! Together with a Three-Tailed Black Foxcat who hadn’t matured yet, he has nothing more than State Knight level strength at most… Moreover, he is only a Windstalker, how can he compare to you?” Mo Mingqi looked at Gu Xinyin, asking this.

“Windstalker, Spiritual Sacrifice Priest and I have seen that he is at least a Braveslayer as well… is this still not formidable enough?” Gu Xinyin chuckled. “Tang Yuren, your fingers are formidable, but my perception is stronger than yours. You cannot see the condition of his injuries inside his clothes, but I can sense it. His injuries heal faster than those of normal people. This doesn’t have anything to do with medicine.”

“Your intention is that even Protector Luo…” Tang Yuren’s expression immediately changed, Lan Qifeng and the others’ breathing also couldn’t help but momentarily stop. Immediately afterwards, Tang Yuren reacted to another matter, he took a deep breath and then looked at Gu Xinyin, saying, “You could even sense that his injuries heal faster than others… this means that you indeed obtained Sanskrit Temple’s cultivation method?”

Gu Xinyin nodded.

After Gu Xinyin nodded, he became a bit quiet. Tang Yuren and the others all thought that he recalled some matters related to Tangcang, thought of that woman who made him determined to kill Tangcang’s imperial uncle.

In that instant, Tang Yuren and the others didn’t say anything either, wishing to prevent Gu Xinyin from feeling more pain.

Only, what none of them knew was that Gu Xinyin was sighing because of another matter.

“Vice Principal Xia… seems like your respected self’s body truly is in an extremely terrible state, already to the point where Yunqin and some people in the academy dare act against your respected self and the academy, or else even if you didn’t personally come to Jadefall City to discipline Wenren Cangyue, why would you worry about my return… why would you be in such a hurry to bring so many outstanding students before me?”

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