Book 9 Chapter 85 - Pertaining to the Sword

Because Gu Xinyin thought of many things he deliberately tried not to think about, he closed his eyes.

In the distance, Li Wu’s figure appeared from the forest again.

Lan Qifeng saw Gu Xinyin silently close his eyes, nervous regarding his condition, unable to help but want to say something.

Tang Yuren remained quiet. While looking at the somewhat plump Green Luan Academy lecturer at Gu Xinyin’s side, he also wanted to say something.

Right at this time, Gu Xinyin instead opened his eyes again, pointing towards Nangong Weiyang and saying, “She is one of us… there is no need to ask her to withdraw. Also… if she doesn’t want to step back, yet you all still try to chase her away, you might not necessarily be able to.”

When he heard Gu Xinyin say this, Lin Xi’s eyes widened, unable to help but exchange a look with Jiang Xiaoyi and the others. They all understood extremely clearly that guiding Gu Xinyin home was something the academy did everything they could to accomplish. Now that Tang Yuren and the others reunited with Gu Xinyin, they definitely had to discuss what to do next. This might touch upon some secrets the academy doesn’t wish for outsiders to know, so they would at least make everyone who isn’t from the academy leave. Gu Xinyin’s line was something easy for Lin Xi, Jiang Xiaoyi and the others to understand… but just from Li Wu and Tang Yuren’s surging auras, they were sure that these teachers were at least more powerful than that Heaven’s Lens Mermaid, all of them perhaps experts who weren’t far from the Sacred Expert level. However, they couldn’t even chase off Nangong Weiyang… could it be that this earnest looking young lady was actually a Sacred Expert?!

Lin Xi and the others were in shock, finding this hard to understand, but Tang Yuren and the others who knew the details regarding Nanshan Mu’s rebellion knew extremely clearly that this tender faced young lady was precisely the one who unleashed a slaughter in that deep alley, that Sacred Expert who even captured Ghost Advisor.

The secrets Gao Yanan knew were naturally greater than Lin Xi and the others. When she saw that Lin Xi and the others were shocked and confused, she quietly said by Lin Xi’s ears, “She is precisely the one who killed many of Wenren Cangyue’s followers and Sky Wolf Guards, the sword controlling Sacred Expert who helped Nanshan Mu escape through Sanskrit Passage… how do you know her?”

“Sword controlling Sacred Expert?”

Lin Xi stared blankly. That day, under Deerwood Town’s ‘Timely Wind and Rain’ decorated archway, that young lady gave him a strange feeling, so he wanted to use his unique ability to give her a try, but ended up having a huge bump produced on his head by a random strike to his head… this female cultivator who looked even younger than himself was actually already a Sacred Expert, someone most cultivators of this world yearned to become?

He couldn’t help but release a bitter laugh, looking at Gao Yanan and explaining quietly, “It was her and the imperial princess who passed by Deerwood Town. She asked me some questions and then the imperial princess recommended me to participate in Green Luan Academy’s entrance examination.”

Apart from Nangong Weiyang, everyone else who wasn’t from the academy remained a few hundred steps away, forming a ring of guards.

In the valley, Nanshan Mu’s army was already clearing up the leftovers, tidying up some spoils of war.

“Mo Mingqi, has Vice Principal Xia given you any special instructions?”[1]

Tang Yuren looked at that round faced fatty who always stood inseparably next to Gu Xinyin, this scholar-like academy lecturer, first asking this.

This lecturer Mo Mingqi who was normally always in Ailao Rear Mountain, but was the one in the academy who ran the fastest shook his head. “If we cannot deal with the enemy, I will carry him on my back and leave first.”

Tang Yuren nodded. They gave Gu Xinyin a look. “He already cannot participate in any battles, or perhaps it should be said that him joining in is completely meaningless, because his body already cannot endure his soul force surging. The instant his soul force surges a bit more intensely, he will die.”

Lan Qifeng said, “According to Lin Xi’s information, Wenren Cangyue suffered from An Keyi’s Blue Apricot poison, Nangong Mo should already be pursuing him.”

“Junior Sister An was this formidable? She found a legendary Blue Apricot?”

Gu Xinyin suddenly interrupted.

Lan Qifeng couldn’t help but feel an urge to beat up Gu Xinyin. The current situation was clearly extremely serious, it was not the time to bicker, but wherever Gu Xinyin appeared, there always seemed to be some problems. This made her couldn’t help but feel as if she returned to the past when she discussed things with Gu Xinyin and the others. For some reason, she couldn’t help but say angrily, “She doesn’t even recognize you, why are you calling her Junior Sister An, as if you are so close?”

“But I really do know all of these junior sisters.”

Gu Xinyin said this line that made Lin Xi and the others look at each other in dismay. Then, he said leisurely, “Actually, during these years, when I passed Jadefall City, I met Wenren Cangyue.”

Everyone’s expressions couldn’t help but become serious again.

“At the time, his cultivation still wasn’t that high, not as ambitious as he is now… in terms of cultivation, he is inferior to me. However, if we are talking about the art of war, I am beneath him.” Gu Xinyin calmly said this.

All of the academy lecturers and professors weren’t ordinary people, so their conversations were different from ordinary people’s, always jumping around. However, Lin Xi’s group of academy youngsters were extremely intelligent as well, able to immediately seize the true meaning behind these academy teachers’ conversation.

Even though Wenren Cangyue’s situation was miserable, in the eyes of Gu Xinyin and the others, he still couldn’t be looked down on, he still had to be treated as a great enemy.

While looking at Gu Xinyin, Tang Yuren and the others’ expressions, Lin Xi knew that they still felt that Wenren Cangyue had a chance of taking action.

Vice Principal Xia and the others didn’t give further instructions because they believed in the adaptability of these academy personnel. Moreover, people like them knew that no matter how they plotted, there was no way they could calculate everything. Only adaptations made based on immediate circumstances were the most effective.

“There are still two days of time at most before Tong Wei and the others can enter Jadefall City and provide support. At that time, Wenren Cangyue can no longer make an appearance.”

Tang Yuren muttered to himself, speaking these words that were almost identical to what An Keyi said.

Mo Mingqi nodded. He came from Ailao Rear Mountain, so his ability to dissect and analyze all types of information was much greater than that of normal people. He gave Tang Yuren a look and said seriously, “Since we’ve already grouped up with you, able to ensure that his condition only improves from here on out, what is most suitable for us in the next two days… is precisely to do absolutely nothing and go into hiding.”

Tang Yuren nodded. “This Lost Forest is the best place to hide in. In the past, the last Xiyi Tribe was residing precisely here, only after using up several years did we finally force them behind Sanskrit Passage… I believe Vice Principal Xia wanted us to receive you all here precisely because of this consideration.”

No one else was opposed to this, including Lin Xi. Everyone felt like remaining in Lost Forest and not doing anything, just hiding for two days, was the best way of concluding Jadefall City’s battle.

Nangong Weiyang also nodded, saying with a deadly earnest voice, “I agree.”

When he heard Nangong Weiyang’s voice and saw her deadly earnest appearance, Meng Bai couldn’t help but want to laugh. However, when he thought about how the other party had Sacred Expert level terrifying cultivation and saw Lan Qifeng seemingly turning to look at him as well, his desire to smile completely vanished without a trace, he was terrified to the point where his entire body was soaked in cold sweat.

Nangong Weiyang never cared about the eyes in which others looked at her with, she only used her own eyes to look at this world.

That was why even though she could sense Meng Bai’s expression that wanted to laugh, but was then horrified, she didn’t care in the slightest. Her mind was like the calm waters of Heaven’s Lens Lake, this type of thing wouldn’t produce the slightest ripple.

Only, her eyes suddenly stopped over Lin Xi’s left shoulder.

Lin Xi’s longsword was carried on his back, the sword hilt exposed over his left shoulder. This way, when he leaned forward and exerted force, his right hand could quickly slash out.

For some reason, she felt like Lin Xi’s sword was a bit familiar. However, as for where she saw it before, she just could not recall.

Because the plan was already set, the academy teachers didn’t dally. Everyone got up, heading straight for the depths of the Lost Forest.

Nangong Weiyang was even more direct, not the type of person to waste time. She had things she was wondering about, so she directly walked up to Lin Xi’s side, saying with a deadly earnest expression on her face, “Lend me your sword for a bit.”

Lin Xi stared blankly for a moment. However, he didn’t show much hesitation either, drawing the sword on his back and handing it to Nangong Weiyang.

Nangong Weiyang held Lin Xi’s longsword, her brows furrowing, walking while examining it closely.

Tang Yuren and the others naturally saw this scene as well. When they saw Lin Xi’s faint green sword with transparent crystal-like runes on its surface, making it look exceptionally streamlined and elegant, Tang Yuren couldn’t help but ask Li Wu at his side with a suppressed voice, “Have you seen this type of soul weapon longsword before?”

Li Wu shook his head.

“I haven’t either.” Gu Xinyin said to himself, asking Mo Mingqi who always stood at his side like a shadow, “Little Fatty Mo… have you seen it before?”

Mo Mingqi felt a bit embarrassed, shaking his head and saying, “I haven’t.”

Nangong Weiyang’s brows furrowed extremely tightly. Right at this time, Lin Xi saw that her hand was releasing a bit of radiance. As a majestic wave of aura rippled outwards, his longsword was immediately suffused with a waterfall flowing silver radiance, as if a fountain was going to rush forth out of the sword tip. It then returned to the sword hilt, cycling through like this.

“Quite the special longsword.” Gu Xinyin was a bit stunned, saying this to himself.

“Where did you pick up this longsword from?” Just like under the Timely Wind and Rain decorated archway, Nangong Weiyang seriously looked at Lin Xi and asked.

“In an old battlefield within Great Desolate Swamp.” Lin Xi looked at her curiously. “You recognize this sword?”

Nangong Weiyang didn’t reply to Lin Xi’s question, only asking further, “If you had Dragon Snake Border Army’s military map, could you point out the exact location?”

Lin Xi said, “I can. That place is not far from Great Magnetic Swamp.”

“Does any of you have a Dragon Snake Border Army military map on you?” Nangong Weiyang asked everyone here.

Everyone shook their heads, inwardly thinking that this was Jadefall City, why would they bring a completely useless military map with them.

Nangong Weiyang didn’t seem that disappointed. She looked at Lin Xi and said, “Can you lend this sword to me for a bit longer?”

“That’s fine.”

Lin Xi agreed in a rather natural manner. Then, he suddenly thought of something, immediately looking at her and asking, “I just happen to have some things I want to ask you about… I wonder if you have any time?”

Nangong Weiyang also nodded, “That’s fine.”

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